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Top 10 Sex Demons

Throughout history and all across the world, people have reported sexual contact with all manner of supernatural beings. Many people believe “sex demons” were born out of a need to explain away subjects that were generally considered taboo. More often than not, things such as unexpected pregnancy, abortion and promiscuity were met with anger and persecution. As a result, society came up with a number of mythical creatures, ten of which are listen below.




Popobawa (meaning “bat-wing” in Swahili) is said to be a large, bat-like creature with one eye and a very large penis. It is said to stalk the men and women of Zanzibar, Africa, and surrounding islands. It is a shapeshifter, often taking the form of a human or animal. It usually visits households at night, and it doesn’t discriminate against men, women or children, often sodomising an entire household before moving on. Victims are warned by Popobawa to tell others about the attack, or risk it returning.

Popobawa first appeared on the island of Pemba in 1965, and sightings have been reported as recently as 2007. There are several different theories about Popobawa’s origin. Some say it is an angry spirit created by a Sheikh to take vengeance on his neighbours. In 2007, Researcher Benjamin Radford investigated Popobawa and found that its roots are in Islam, the dominant religion of the area. According to Radford, “holding or reciting the Koran is said to keep the Popobawa at bay, much as the Bible is said to dispel Christian demons.”

Others argue (perhaps more realistically) that Popobawa is an articulated social memory of the horrors of slavery. The way in which Popobawa is said to sodomise its victims may also have something to do with the fact that homosexuality is still illegal in Zanzibar.


Trauco and La Fiura

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Chiloé, an island off the south of Chile, is said to be home to the Trauco, a sexually potent Dwarf with the power to paralyze women with a look, before having sex with them. The Trauco is described as being ugly and goblin-like, often wearing a hat and suit. His feet are stumps and he communicates through a series of grunts. Some reports suggest the Trauco doesn’t even need to have intercourse with his victims, that he can, in fact, impregnate them with his gaze.

Often, when a single woman on Chiloé falls pregnant people assume the Trauco is the father. In these cases the women are considered blameless as the Trauco is said to be irresistible to women.

El Trauco’s wife, La Fiura, is said to be a grotesquely ugly dwarf with the ability to cast a “sickness spell” against anyone who rejects her sexual advances. Her breath is so foul it can physically scar a human and turn animals lame. Despite her appearance, she is generally irresistible to men and, after having intercourse with them, she drives them insane.


Succubus and Incubus


Probably the most well known sex demon, the Succubus is a female demon who takes the form of an attractive seductress in order to seduce men. It is generally believed that the Succubus legend came about as a result of the medieval preoccupation with sin, especially sexual sins of women.

The male version of the Succubus is the Incubus. Like his female counterpart, the Incubus will drain the strength and life energy from his victims. Unlike the Succubus, the Incubus will impregnate his victims with another incubus. The victim will then carry the baby to term, but when she gives birth the baby appears to be stillborn. It will have no pulse and it won’t appear to breath. Then, around the age of seven the child will appear to behave normally, but will usually be very attractive and intelligent. According to some legends, the wizard Merlin is the product of an Incubus father and a human mother. It is also believed by some that the Virgin Mary was de-flowered by an Incubus.

Many believe the Incubi most likely came about as a scapegoat for rape and sexual assault. Both victim and rapist would have most likely found it easier to explain the attack supernaturally rather than confronting the truth.



Z Bosque Encantado

In Brazil, and the rainforests of the Amazon Basin, the Boto river dolphin was believed to have shapeshifting powers. It could turn into a very charming and beautiful man called Encantado, or “the enchanted one.” Encantado would take women back to the river, retake dolphin form, and impregnate them. Young women of the region were wary of any man wearing a hat because, according to legend, Encantado always wore a hat to cover up his blowhole.
In many parts of Brazil it is considered bad luck to kill Boto river dolphins. If you kill one, or in some cases just look them in the eye, it is said you will suffer nightmares for the rest of your life.



450Px-Queen Of The Night Babylon

Jewish folklore tells of Lilu, a demon who visits women while they sleep. His feminine counterpart is Lilin. These demons were a particular source of anxiety for mothers because they were known to kidnap children. Ardat Lili was another succubus who would visit men at night to ensure the continuation of her demonic race. The incubus was Irdu Lili, who would visit human women to ensure they would produce his offspring.



Tumblr La1Foturba1Qcai1D-1

In the Northern regions of Hungary there was said to live a creature called the Liderc (or ludvérc, lucfir, or ördög depending on the region). It hatches from the first egg of a black hen, and is often said to hide in people’s pockets. It enters its victims homes through the keyhole. Once inside, the Liderc shapeshifts into a human, often taking the form of a dead relative of the intended victim. It rapes its victim, and then makes the house very dirty before departing. Some reports say that Liderc becomes attached to its victims and never leaves. The Liderc can be exorcized by either sealing it inside a tree hollow, or persuading it to perform a near impossible task, such as carrying water with a bucket full of holes. It is common even today for children in Hungary to stomp on eggs taken from a black hen, or leave the eggs on doorsteps to cause mischief.


Orang Minyak


In the 1960’s a large number of young women were raped in several Malaysian towns. The attacker was described as a naked man, covered from head to toe with oil. Some said that Orang Minyak could appear invisible to non-virgins. Mass panic ensued, and many young women of the region began wearing sweaty, stinky clothes so the Orang Minyak would mistake them for male and leave them be.

Some speculate that the Orang Minyak was, in fact, a regular human criminal, who covered himself with oil to camouflage himself against the night, and to make him especially slippery to catch.

Sightings of the “Oily Man” have continued through the decades, with the last sighting in 2005.



477Px-Johann Heinrich Füssli 053

Originating from Teutonic or German folklore, an Alp is a small, elf-like creature who is said to have climbed onto a sleeping victim’s chest, turned into a fine mist and entered the body through the nostrils, mouth or vagina. Once inside, the Alp had the ability to control its victim’s dreams, creating horrible nightmares. Its victims reported a breathless feeling when they awoke.

This may have been an early explanation for sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.




According to the Hebrew Bible, the Nephilim were a race of giants who came about as a result of fallen angels having intercourse with human women. Translated from the Hebrew text, “Nephililim” means “fallen ones”. Genesis 6:4 tells us, “Now giants were upon the earth in those days. For after the sons of God went in to the daughters of men, and they brought forth children, these are the mighty men of old, men of renown.”

The story of Nephilim originates with a story of Shemhazau, a high ranking angel who led a group of angels to earth to teach humans to be righteous. Over the centuries many of the angels pined for human women, and eventually mated with them, creating the Nephilim. This unholy union is said to have instilled an inherit wickedness in the Nephilim, making them capable of terrible sin. God was so disgusted by their existence that he ordered the angel Gabriel to ignite a civil war among the Nephilim, which eventually led to their extinction.




A modern-day version of the Incubi myth, there are countless cases of alien abductions, many with sexual undertones. Some reports suggest the use of an invasive anal probe, and others talk of a sexual union with the aliens themselves.

52 year old Jazz singer Pamela Stonebrook claims to have regular sex with a six-foot tall reptilian alien. “My first sexual encounter with an alien was unlike any love-making I’ve experienced before,” Stonebrook claims. “It was so intense and enjoyable and, without wanting to get too graphic, he was so much larger than most men. I remember exactly how I felt when I saw him for the first time. I awoke from my sleep to find myself making love to what appeared to be a Greek god. At first I assumed it was an exceptionally lucid dream. But the sex was very intense and as I closed my eyes I was overwhelmed by how comfortable I felt with this unknown being. The next time I opened my eyes he had transformed into a reptilian entity with scaly, snake-like skin. It was then I realized I was making love to a shape-shifting alien. Sensing I was scared, the reptile whispered, ‘We’ve always been together, we love each other.’ The orgasms were intense. When I tell men about my reptilian experience, they find it difficult.”

There are countless stories involving alien/ human lovemaking. Antonio Villas Boas of Brazil claims that, in 1957, he was abducted by aliens and put in a room with a beautiful, fair-haired woman and forced to mate with her. Howard Menger claimed to have regular sexual liaisons with Marla, a beautiful blond woman from space who claimed to be 500 years old. In the 1970’s, a 19-year-old girl in California claimed to have been gang-raped by six blue-skinned, web-footed humanoids who attacked her after she watched their spaceship land.

Due to the outlandish nature of the claims and the general lack of evidence, most people dismiss such reports. Sadly though, it is likely that many of the people who make such claims, do so as a result of a deep, psychological need.

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      "he was abducted by aliens and put in a room with a beautiful, fair-haired woman and forced to mate with her. "

      –forced? really?

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    Personally believe that incubus and succubus should be higher, especially seeing as orang Minyak is more of a human(s) than a demon

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    So, according to Pamela Stonebrook: “When I tell men about my reptilian experience, they find it difficult.” Lol, ya think? Maybe it’s because you are a freaking nutjob.

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  • finally a useful list. thank you.

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          You just want to do all kinds of nasty and have some demon to blame for it, don't you.

          Mark's lady : "OUCH Mark, what the hell? You know I hate that in there!"
          Mark: "Oh woops, sorry baby. I was possessed by Popobawa for a moment there."

          • bluesman87

            excerpt from news headline 12 Feb 2011 :" Strange stories are flooding the nation concerning the reports of a supernatural entity Popobawa ,its seems couples everywhere have reported invasion and sometimes possession by this supernatural creature (most commonly targeting the male, with women claiming it is seriously a pain in the butt ). Authorities and religious leaders are investigating but they are by no means exempt from this cultural or supernatural phenomenon which has been allegedly experienced by everyone from heads of state to buddist monks . Every day there are more reports but still no clues as to the origins of this strange phenomenon (only the catholic church said they had some experience with this type of activity before ) . Is it mass hysteria or a legitimate threat ? More at eleven….stay tuned .

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            Curious if pegging is on the rise in those nations… might explain a lot. (Not many guys want to admit they're into pegging.)

          • exactly. I've got one of those Popobawa's running around in the air conditioning ducts in my ceiling. not sure what to do.. can't sleep.

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    I swear I used to work with # 9 – Trauco. He was short & ugly but had great success with women. A group of us would go to bars and spend time chatting up the ladies but they usually went home with him. The worst part was he didn't contribute to much of the conversations, he'd just sit there quietly, licking his eyebrows…..

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      Remember, he has the power to paralyze women with just his eyes. He is amazing…

      I wonder if his first and only words were "Howdy…" and he then got what he wanted…

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    Succubus is real. She took on the form of some woman named "Samantha" in a 2 part documentary series called "Sex and the City"

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    This list is one of the most weird and fascinating lists here.
    Loved Trauco, an inspiration. With looks like that…

    But next time someone tells me that aliens are coming, i will definitely run. Technically, some of them will be definitely gay…

  • Awesome List. I love it.

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    I love number 9 – "In these cases the women are considered blameless as the Trauco is said to be irresistible to women". Imagine your wife coming home saying she got pregnant by some magical dwarf! I suppose it keeps the divorce rate down.

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    Quite a lot of cover up stories for promiscuous
    people in the good auld days. Don't think those excuses will pass anymore.

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    i live in tanzania dar es salaam,and i must say popobawa is real,people have confessed in national television bout their encounter with popobawa,so that it cud stop tormenting them. .it is said it belongd to a sheikh who died then it broke loose. .

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        I just love how any comment daring to question the existence of mythical figures automatically gets a million thumbs down, just because people are so scared of admitting how stupid they are.

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          Actually, it’s funny that as soon as a person mentions a historical and/or biblical name, some cynical, know it all a s s clown has to make some kind of ignorant comment meant to ridicule people of a religious nature. That’s the funny thing.

          And then the a s s clowns become more vocal and ignorant. Hey, much like yourself. Pat yourself on the back.

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      What do you care, Jew?

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    it's really hard to believe the alien love making stories..

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      The part I don't get about the Incubus is 1. comes out stillborn, then 2. acts normally about age 7.

      What the hell does it do for those 7 years? Do you bury it or just put it on the mantle?

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    Very weird list.

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      Interesting list – thanks for the read! :)

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  • I, for one, welcome these grand sex demon overlords.

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    'Cos i knew all along that E.T. wanted a piece of Drew Barrymore…

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    I saw this movie about a disturbed guy who claims to have been abducted by aliens when he was a child, and it turns out he was actually sexually abused by some pedophile and suppressed this traumatic memory into alien abduction.

    It was a very strange yet good movie. I forgot what its called…

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      mysterious skin

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      You're right, it was a very good movie. Good reference.

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    Entertaining list. Sort of disturbing too – there are parts of the world that still believe this stuff. Places where Christian ministries are using this fear to drum-up hysterical anti-homosexual hate. Places where it is a capital offence. Places that believe in penis curses and the power of albino body parts. We really need to better disseminate knowledge.

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    I wonder who those people are that think the Virgin Mary was “de-flowered” by an incubi. Does this worlds depravity know no bounds? Perhaps it’s the publisher of this list rather than “Some People” that thinks this is remotely even plausible. Speaking of the Virgin Mary, the Virgin Mary did exist and she’s in the Roman Records as is Jesus of Nazareth. So stop with your hatred towards Christians, you want to go muck about and waste your life then do it but stay the hell away from us and our families and keep your opinions to yourselves.

    Nice list by the way; odd but interesting nonetheless.

    • Name

      Dude, shut up. Yeah, what "depravity". Because how dare some people actually use their brains and powers of rational thought and logic, rather than mindlessly absorbing some fairy tale myth. Christians are some of the most hateful people around. And by the way, you're the one who's wasting your life devoting it to a bunch of made-up people and stories in a book. Get over yourself.

    • no. mary and jesus are/were not real people. get over it, it doesn't/shouldn't influence your faith one way or the other.

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    Hot Babies? Come on dude.

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    I have lived at the coastal areas of east africa since childhood and folks no. 10 stor
    is true.If anyone of you readers takes a trip to mombasa,dar-es-salam or unguja
    and islands of pemba in zanzibar (which includes): bagamoyo meaning "lay your
    heart down" in swahili;all will be told by the inhabitants of the area about it.

  • philipmarie


    I know I shouldn't swear but I have to to prove a point. That bit about the Blessed Virgin being deflowered by a stupid incubus is utter bullshit. It was probably made up by some stupid satanists who hate and despise the most Holy Mother of God as they know that She leads us to salvation.

    That said, great list but I dpon't believe in sex demons. Wikipedia tells the story where a twelve year old girl was raped by a dmeon twice during the day. She was probably molested by some (unholy) Priest who didn't care about holiness and virtue and the girl was afraid that maybe her parents would be harsh towards her if she reported the occurence.

    • John

      Now how did you prove your point? All you did was said that it was bull****. By the way, how is the virgin Mary the mother of God if God already existed before her. She is the mother of the human form of Jesus. She is special because God chose her and thats it. She does not lead anyone to salvation, Jesus does. According to the Bible, Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light. No one gets to God except thru Him.

      • allyb10

        I agree. In the Bible, God is never equated w/ Jesus. In fact, he encouraged all to give glory to God, not himself or Mary or any other human, for that matter. I really don't understand why people think God and Jesus are the same person at all, that is never said in the Bible!

        Sorry, I realize my comment has little to do with the list…

        • philipmarie

          Also, when Christ said that He does the Will of the Father and that the Father is greater than Him, He only meant to say that He doesn't do anything which is contrary to the will of His Father. Christ had the power to sin but He did not sin because He didn't want to.

          Mary of course is undeniably the Mother of God because She gave Jesus His Humanity and She gave birth to Him. The Gospels call Her the Mother of the Lord (Luke 1:43), and the Old Testament ALSO calls God 'the Lord'. Strangely though, Mary isn't called the Mother of Siant Michael or of an angel, SIMPLY BECAUSE THE BIBLE NEVER SAYS THAT CHRIST AND SAINT MICHAEL ARE THE SAME THING!

          Mary undeniably gave Christ His Humanity, because if Christ's humanity were to be made in heaven without the cooperation of a creature, Christ would not have taken OUR flesh and would not have become men.

          Besides, where is the evidence that Mary was deflowered by a demon? I searched on the internet and couldn't find one result. That was probably invented by some raving satanists who hate and despise Her. Mary is not God of course, but She is the Mother of God and I love Her.

    • I love when people read a list like this then pick something just as crazy to moan about. There is about as much evidence that the virgin Mary existed than there is that any of these sex demons exist..

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    Whoa. This is creepy. I just woke up after having a horrendous dream about a demon trying to have se.x with me then drag me to h.ell. I hope this is a coincidence. I really down have room in my life for an succubus stalking me. :/

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      I seriously thought you were going to end that comment with "And then I realized I was married"

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    Another great list – thanks Listverse and thanks Christian!

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    Cancel that – most guys would head out the door after hearing that (but only if they've already gotten lucky).

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    Unfortunately people seek boringly reasonable explanations as this list shows. The fact is some of these things are real and exist in other layers of awareness.

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    It's a good thing only one of these turned out to be real.

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    I must ask, where did you find that forest painting that you used for Encantado, Christian?

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    "Sadly though, it is likely that many of the people who make such claims, do so as a result of a deep, psychological need."
    What ! No–no-no ! you have to believe me ! I was eating ice cream this warm summer evening. Taking a walk amongst nature when theses fish-looking creatures came behind me and did things to me. Unimaginable things.
    I'm not crazy !!! You have to believe me !!! Their skin was yellow, I think and we're kind of wet, like if they had come out of the water.
    Please… I am not crazy…

    • bluesman87

      "fish…creatures..did things to me, unimaginable things…" sounds like a led Zeppelin after party .

      • YellowFishy

        Sounds like a heck of a party then !!! :D
        I'm definitely in the next time :D

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    What an amazing list!!

    • jack flash

      Like the previous list, compiled for illiterate 15 year old boys, or adults of the same mental capacity.

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    Popobawa is really a pain in the ass!

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      If you mean litteraly… Then I'll have to agree. But (there's always a but, and a butt to for the matter, but let's not get to hasty here) a heck of a pain in the ass sometimes I must say…. Almost enjoyable, if you see what I mean, hehe…

  • Ferrer

    Nice list as always :))

    i’m living in Hungary and really hope a Liderc wont come to my house while i’m asleep :D
    Btw i didn’t know Liderc (actually Lidérc) was said to be an actual entity, a “lidérc dream” usually only means “nightmare”.

  • PterodactylMann

    Pterodactyls are the only real sex demons!!

  • el_scorcho

    #1 is all batshit crazy…they could make a movie out of would probably be better than all the overused vampire crap that Twilight pussified..

    • Lezette

      Gdy czytam wisskzoec zamieszczonych tu przez Polakow komentarzy – rece z bezsilnosci opadaja.Swoim jadem pretensji pod adresem Niemcow – potraficie zepsuc najpiekniejszy nawet temat.Wpisy “Dottore” pomijam – wiadomo z kim mamy do czynienia.Dlaczego jednak tak trudno znalezc wypowiedz merytorycznie odnoszaca sie do tematu?Dlaczego,tak trudno niektorym zobaczyc dobro w niemieckim kraju?Pozwole sobie przypomniec stare polskie porzekadlo:”kto wiatr sieje,zbiera burze”.Moze by tak probowac wyzbyc sie wzajemnych uprzedzen sprzed lat – zaczac budowac mosty,miast poglebiac przepasc?Mam juz dosc animozji – czy stac was tylko na taka postawe?Przyznaje,niektore moje posty bywaly brutalne – ale poziom dyskusji dostosowuje na ogol do swojego adwersarza.Tym razem postanowilam nie dac sie sprowokowac.Sprobuje przemowic jak do kulturalnych ludzi. PS.Cokolwiek by nie chciec powiedziec zlego o p.Steinbach,nalezalo by pamietac,iz jej dzialalnosc nie jest cecha wiodaca tutejszej politycznej sceny.

  • allyb10

    My translation says: "In the beginning the Word was, and the Word was with God, and the Word was a god." The Word (Jesus) was WITH God, and was a god (lowercase). A distinction is still made between the two. The rest of John 1 explains how Jesus was used as God's agent during creation and on Earth. Because of their close relationship and Jesus' perfect state, it could be said that his personality mirrored his father's, which is why our best tangible idea of God and his qualities is Jesus Christ. There are also many occasions in which Jesus refers to his father in heaven, implying they are separate entities.

    I don't mean to argue with you or anything; we may just have to agree to disagree. I just wanted to clarify my point.

    • Rod Lane

      I appreciate your comment, allyb10. Im curious what translation you were citing. My translation and the Greek reads like this if we take it straight. "In the beginning was the word-and word with God and God (was) the word"

      Not the word was a God. Thats defintely not in the Greek. If anything words were left out to directly relate-the word=god. god=word.

      At any rate-good discussion. Im never offended with disagreements. Its how we all learn to think! Have a great day!

      Oh and other dude–there werent necessarily "3" wisemen.

      • allyb10

        New World Translation. And I also enjoy a good, civil conversation. I was trying to tread lightly since so many people are offended easily. It's a touchy subject.

        And a good day to you as well!

      • Nikita

        ThyFears on May 2, 2011 @awekay007 calm your tits and get off hulas lap. Its claled making money. if it sells it sells.

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    highly offensive to the nonexistant three year olds who aren't reading the list

    • Khalid

      I agree, many tahnks to the author. Thanks for taking the time to share this,Great blog post. Thanks..

  • philipmarie

    When the three wise men arrived and gave Christ the three gifts, they were said to adore him (Luke 2:11 DRB). We can only adore God so if Jesus weren't God then the wise men must have sinned. But if they sinned, the Gospels would have said so, wouldn't they? We don't hear of the wise men being punihsed because of their 'sin', do we? Also, Christ said He was the Son of God and that He stands at the right of His Father (Matt 26:24). This means that Christ is equal to God and if He is equal to God then He must be God, becuase humans are definitely not equal to God.

    • Rod Lane

      I appreciate your comment, philipmarie. Im curious what translation you were citing. My translation and the Greek reads like this if we take it straight. "In the beginning was the word-and word with God and God (was) the word"

      Not the word was a God. Thats defintely not in the Greek. If anything words were left out to directly relate-the word=god. god=word.

      At any rate-good discussion. Im never offended with disagreements. Its how we all learn to think! Have a great day!

      Oh and dude below–there werent necessarily "3" wisemen.

  • drz

    Well, I'm from Hungary, and I've never heard of nr 5. (except for its name)


    "It is common even today for children in Hungary to stomp on eggs taken from a black hen, or leave the eggs on doorsteps to cause mischief."

    I've never heard of such thing, so it can't be that common.

    • Cecca

      omg YES!!! me too!!! i always thought Lidérc is like a nightmare ..

  • Denzell

    Item 1 must be the idea from which the creators of The Sims 2 got the idea of male pregnancy from alien abduction.

  • Spiff17

    Where's Gene Simmons?

  • jigglypie

    the picture for number three is actually associated with sleep paralysis. Some people with sleep paralysis feel a being sitting on their chest. the horse in the picture is also something people might see during their their paralysis. This is sort of uncommon though, since most people with it just cannot move when they wake up.

  • Vera Lynn

    Some said that Orang Minyak could appear invisible to non-virgins.
    Really? How does one appear invisible?

  • daffodil
  • TheTurdKind

    Justin Bieber has been raped by all of these, thats why his voice is so high…

  • Zoltan

    Fascinating list, thanks for the great stories!:))

    I have to add something to item #5. I am also Hungarian and in these modern days, the term 'Liderc' is a very generic one, meaning anything from a ghost, or an evil entity. When I was young, my mother used to threaten me with this Liderc that it will take me away if I misbehave.

  • -Lone Wolf

    I'm surprised that the movie "Entity" wasn't mentioned here (Barbara Hershey). You watch that one, THEN comment. . .

  • thom

    of course some chick from cali in the 70's would see aliens.

  • Megan

    This was a really well done, interesting list.

  • Gina

    Whoa, talk about creepy :P

  • Stacked Stone

    Alien Sex…..Gross

  • 1. Awesome list! 2. Does anyone know where the picture for #1 came from? I’ve seen it before and I can’t for the life of me figure out the source.

  • ginga

    ok so according to the bible a little angel appears before the virgin mary and has a message for her and goes something like this, hey mary ur gonna be the vessel that carries the son of god, the christ, after so much research we have come to the conclusion that mary was impregnated by that angel, why is it so hard to believe that angels have sex, if u don´t believe in angels u shouldn´t call ur self christian or catholic, sex is not mundane, i want to know who this angel was and if it was a fallen angel ….

  • MsAnonymous

    I never realized that god and disgust can be used in the same sentence. Merciful my ass

  • Plod

    The Succubus Was On South Park And It Was Very Funny!

  • MoonChild02

    A couple things to note:

    Lilin/Lilu/Lili was the origin of the Jewish legend of Lilith.

    The “Alp” is not an “elf-like creature”, “Alp” is the German word for “elf”. The female version is called a “Mara”, from whence we get the term “nightmare”.

  • Erin

    I’m not sure if anyone else has pointed this out, but the image you used in #6 isn’t a Lilin, it is Inanna, a goddess in Sumer. She was later known as Ishtar in Babylon.

    Otherwise, very interesting list.

  • oluwatope idowu

    whatever the ideas are i, for sure understand that these silly demons were not created by God neither were they for the good of men, whatever is it that have brought them to this world will soon experience the coming wrath of the living God, great thanks to you for this post

  • You should put “Kolor Ijo” on this list. It is Indonesian myth of the man whose rape the victim due to deal with devil for his wealth. The Kolor Ijo appears with green skin and wear a green short (kolor).

  • wildorchid

    oh i would love to have an alien lover like the one jazz singer described… <3

  • holly

    worst ever give more

  • MPOP

    Yeah, aliens do seem to have taken a strange liking to our rectums.

  • KCBA :)

    like it thank you for the idea i’ll be carefull from now on.

  • Jane

    Often myths have a basis in fact due to ignorance the reports of what was really seen can easily be explained as the brain’s attempt to make sense of things not known, aka ignorance to the full facts. The existence of common global myths from times well before a mail or telephone service, television or mobile communications indicates the high probability of time travel from the future. If you look at the movie makeup available today and props like wrap-around sunglasses and silicone skin, the high probability of futuristic time travel becomes a very obvious reality.

  • Saro

    lol I like the list it makes me smile. But, I love what the other people said it’s funny :)

  • Robin

    What about the ” One-eyed ” trouser snake

  • LifeIsaTRIP

    This is so fuck*ing crazy! I had a OBE last night Obe(OUTER BODY EXPERINCE ) So.. all today I was google about it and was wondering did anyone had the same experience I did? but then I went pass THIS Web Site!!

    I really had to tell someone because I cant tell my friends because they would think i’m CRAZY! and i’m not CRAZY!

    ok so…. Last night I had this weird dream right , I was at this mall parking lot

    walking towards my car and I notice the sky and clouds was gloomy it was like a darkish orange, blackish color. I was surround by Cars plenty of them Everywhere!! it was like a junk yard of cars but newer models it was fuc*ing weird).. Anyway I digging in my purse looking for my keys then suddenly I hear a loud engin, I look up I seen this car ( black windows)coming down the road driving ridiculously crazy like swerving and speeding coming towards ME, so im rushing trying to get into my car and notice my car keys were on the ground !!. I couldnt never pick them up ,without taking a step because it seems like I kept kicking them away from me. The longer I tried to get my car keys the closer this car was coming to me !! SO I had this strategy to stop walking , and just bend over and pick up my car keys and get the fuc up outer here!!! omg by time I got my keys the car was already was parked behind me !!! the coner of my eye I see this black object walking near me I felt a AWFUL FEAR the next move I tried to make it cover my mouth and grap me away!!

    I woke up in the middle of the night So scared!!, went to the bathroom use the toliet, got some water, turn on my bedroom tv and notice it was JUST a Dream & a bad nightmare ok so watever …went back to sleep.. Then I was woken up again this time, It wasnt a dream I can see and hear but CANNOT move at all !! it was like I was Dead! the only thing was alive was my Spirit! then I felt this hard Vibration feeling appering in my room so I close my eyes. ( I know this sh*t was REAL Because I can hear my T.V and I can see ) but anyway I close my eyes and I HEAR THESE THINGS TALKING !!! it was a weird technical voices in my room just talking I know it was real words because it sounds like regular forgien people ex: Japanese people dont know what their saying but it sounds like something serious !!..OMG ok . So I act FEARLESS !! AND SAID THE PSALMS :23 THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD IT WORKED!! ALL WENT AWAY BUT ONE CAME BACK !! (WTF!) I think it came back because it knew I was curious or something . OK now remember I cant move my body or speak or scream for help but I can SEE,THINK & HEAR

    it was like my Mind was my new mouth ( It was sooo fuc’ing weird !!)

    SO ok I see this thing accoss of my room ( black tall thing) its looking at me im looking at “It” like WTF!! so I CLOSE MY EYES & SAID PSALMS 23 AGAIN it didnt work then I notice Mr”it” in the bed with me !!! SWEAR TO GOD!! ON MY LIFE!!! IT WAS!! IT WAS!! IT WAS! !! “IT” started to touch me so im like WTF ARE YOU DOING ?? ….” Mr. it” didnt say anything and I know he want some because he kept touching me like all over me , like we was BF GF WTF!!! IS GOING ON ! OK? THEN I FELT THIS SEXUAL SENSATION ALL OVER MY BODY I GOT SOOOoOOO HORNY SWEAR TO GOD THIS WHAT HAPPEN !!


    LIFT BOTH OF MY LEGS UP PUT THEM BEHIND MY HEAD (LIKE WTF!!!). I couldnt move -_- where ever “IT” put me I was there. I had to open my eyes because seeing is beliveing I counldnt see his Face cause It was too tall so i look down


    I swear to GOD this was the craziest sh*t that happen to me the most life experiance Ever!! my eyes were close the whole time while having sex with this ” thing” but I can hear my t.v and my nbr dog and feel emotions?? all at once thats how I know it was real.OK SO I FELT IT’S D*CK IN ME RIGHT IT FELT SOO SMALL TINY AND LITTLE , IT WAS LIKE SUPER WERID!! BUT SOME TYPE OF WAY IT GAVE ME GOOD PLEASURE, BUT ALSO IT FELT LIKE HE WAS TRYING TO FIT HIMSELF IN ME , IT KEPT GROWING IN ME LONGER AND LONGER WHEN IT FITTED LONG ENOUGH IT GOT WIDER AND WIDER UNTIL I have this HUGE ORGASM SOMTHING CAME OUT OF MY TITIES ! I DONT KNOW WHAT IT WAS BUT IT WAS THE GREATEST, BESTEST,WERIDEST, SLOPYIEST,FREAKEST NON STOP CUMMING SEX EVER!!!






    please someone help me did anyone else had a outer body experience??

    was it sex ?? I know im not the only one ??? I would NEVER want to have this sex with a alein AGAIN ?? TOOOOO CREEPY

  • Mck

    Had an encounter with a female entity who came to visit with three cats ,one would lie across my feet another across my middle and the third across the top of my head.The visitor would then proceed to smother me by forcing my head into my pillow.In one encounter 2am I would be awake but frozen still and unable to breath although could see as the alarm clock would show what time of the small hrs it was.The visitor came in via the window and picked up my bed before dropping the bed and me in it to the floor.I got out of that apartment very quickly.And although I sensed this visitor frequently for yrs after I learned to shew it away by chanting either in my thoughts or aloud ‘get thee back to thine own light source you are not welcome here’ this was something someone had told me to do in any subsequent events.
    It really worked.
    Does anyone know who this visitor with three cats is it would speak to me close to my ear in a language I felt I should have understood but did not.

  • stew

    bring me an a-man!

  • le vengeur masque


  • AL TOD


  • Kimmi Bliss

    I have been experiencing these unusual activities which have left me with scratches and hickies on my skin.

  • Jollibee
  • guardian angel

    I don’t even understand how I ended up right here, but I assumed this post used to be great. I don’t recognize who you might be however certainly you’re going to a famous blogger should you aren’t already. Cheers!

  • Mark

    What is the name of the statue in the picture about angels? Who is the artist? Where is it located?

  • montie

    i hate this dream im not sure if it ture but ive killed a man me and my friends and family bury him and his family are looking for him its a nightmare coz i know ive never killed anyone but i have this dream every day im left fealing lost and scared

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    How come my ex-husband isn’t on this list?
    Btw..where do I find a Greek-God/Reptilian alien? I need me one of those! ;0)

  • woah

    i think i might be a son of incubus, i seem to have all the traits and that would explain why i am nothing like my father.

  • This list has made me incredibly horny

  • Sinderella

    Well, about liderc (or properly lidérc). We, in Hungary distinguish between lidérc (exactly what the text says), ludvérc (a kind of swamp demon), lucfir (Lucifer in one dialect) and ördog (devil). These are not the same. Second, the belief was not only lived in the northern parts, but countrywide, thus including some parts of Transylvania, Slovakia, Croatia, and such (yup, hungary was much bigger before 1920). However ludvérc was mostly common in swampy areas. About the egg-smashing habit. If you ask a village kid, what a lidérc or ludvérc is, the answer probably will be a huge WTF. Now only the elderly remember such things (and freaks like me), and these habits are extinct.

  • Michael b

    How can one have sex with a demon dog?

  • alp2

    3. a fine mist that entered the body through the nostrils hmm…

  • Kimberly

    Jesus & the Virgin Mary were real, I’ve had history teachers in college say that Jesus was a historical figure.
    I’ve also read many, many people who claim to have had relations with sex demons. I wouldnt just shrug it off. It’s not as big of a taboo to get pregnant “out of wedlock” yet both women & men still report these things.

  • Lingus

    I can’t believe I was left off the list.


    just amazing

  • Eos

    Xenomorph (wiki):

    Giger’s design for the Alien evoked many contradictory sexual images. As critic Ximena Gallardo notes, the creature’s combination of sexually evocative physical and behavioral characteristics creates, “a nightmare vision of sex and death. It subdues and opens the male body to make it pregnant, and then explodes it in birth. In its adult form, the alien strikes its victims with a rigid phallic tongue that breaks through skin and bone. More than a phallus, however, the retractable tongue has its own set of snapping, metallic teeth that connects it to the castrating vagina dentata.”