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10 People Who Give America a Bad Reputation

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Potentially controversial, this list looks at 10 people (some dead, some living) whose actions have cast a shadow across the reputation of the United States of America. Criminals such as serial killers were left off the list, since they do not affect external opinions on American society very much for better or worse.


Alfred Charles Sharpton, Jr., etc.

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have set themselves up as black men who defend black people. They make no excuses for their racism, but if pressed, they usually claim that they are patently not racist, and for any white person to accuse them of such makes the accuser racist. They claim that all they do is stand up for equal rights for black people.

But the problem is that black people now have all the rights white people have in the United States. They have them equally, both in quantity and quality. It is true that blacks did not have equal rights under the law for a very long duration of the USA’s history, but with the outstanding work of people like Martin Luther King, Jr., the Civil Rights Movement did just that: moved to the end of the line and accomplished all its goals.

Sharpton and Jackson don’t see it that way. They openly criticize white people at the instant a crime against blacks hits the news, as they both did most shamefully in the 2006 Duke University Lacrosse Scandal. That case involved a black prostitute named Crystal Mangum, performing a striptease for three members of the Duke men’s lacrosse team, during which they insulted her and she insulted them and left angrily.

She later accused them all of rape, and it was discovered after many months that she had, in truth, lied about the rape. She had not been raped, or even touched by any of the players. Her credibility in court was completely destroyed after having had sex with multiple men earlier in the week, and using a vibrator during a previous performance that day for a different couple in a hotel. She was also drunk and intoxicated with Flexerin at the time of the incident.

But before any of this came to light, Sharpton was already on Fox News defending Mangum as a black woman brutalized by white men. He compared the case to that of Abner Louima, who was severely beaten and sodomized by white NYC police officers, in 1997. He stated to Bill O’Reilly, “First of all, the authorities have charged there was a crime… When the prosecutors went forward, they clearly have said this girl is the victim, so why would we be trying the victim?” When O’Reilly mentioned recent news reports that DNA testing had failed to match any of the defendants, Sharpton said, “I think that all of the facts that you have laid out the DA had – and I know this DA is probably not one that is crazy. He would not have proceeded if he did not feel that he could convict.”

Jackson had this to say about the Lacrosse case, “[This] fantasy’s as old as slave masters impregnating young slave girls… The character of this thing is chilling [and] [s]omething happened that everybody’s ashamed of.” But the term “slave masters” makes no sense, given that the lacrosse players did not ask the escort service for a black stripper. They asked for a white one.

Once all the facts of the case came to light, and Michael Nifong, the lead prosecutor, was discovered to be thoroughly amoral, neither Sharpton nor Jackson apologized for jumping to conclusions. They still haven’t, to date. This is an excellent example of why people are “innocent until proven guilty” in the USA. There was no proof, but Sharpton’s and Jackson’s smoldering hatred for white people compelled them to denounce the lacrosse players without real proof.

Jackson even threatened Barack Obama during his 2008 presidential campaign, when Obama gave a stern lecture to black fathers about the importance of raising their children properly. Jackson, while being interviewed on Fox News, had this to say while he thought the microphone was off, “See, Barack’s been, ahh, talking down to black people on this faith-based… I want to cut his nuts out.”

They would never say so out loud, of course, but Sharpton and Jackson have made their feelings clear by means of a lot of inflammatory rhetoric, that they are of the opinion that blacks were treated so horribly from the founding of the country until even the present day as to deserve compensation. Whether this should be in the form of money or power or anything else, the fact is that blacks, whites and all other legalized citizens of the United States of America have, today, equal rights under the law, and this does not satisfy Sharpton or Jackson. They want revenge against those who were not alive to commit the offenses.


Benedict Arnold V

Benedict Arnold21

In 1778, Arnold wrote a letter to General Nathanael Greene in which he complained bitterly about the horrid state of America as a nation, the depreciating currency, the disaffection of the army, and internal fighting in Congress. Sound a little close to home?

By that point, Arnold had already distinguished himself in battle against the British in various battles, from February 1777 on. He was shot in the left leg no less than three separate times, and never lost his leg. After the third wound, he refused to have it amputated, and had it crudely set, resulting in his left leg being 2 inches shorter than his right.

During all his military exploits, he was repeatedly passed over for promotion. Granted, he was promoted to major general, but General George Washington did not recognize his seniority over that of lesser-ranked generals, because Arnold’s meteoric rise via battlefield bravery did not, in Washington’s mind, yet prove Arnold’s generalship.

But Arnold cannot be forgiven for what he considered punitive measures America deserved to have taken against it. In May 1779, Arnold began a clandestine correspondence, via Joseph Stansbury, with Major John Andre on the matter of surrendering Fort West Point, New York, to the British in exchange for 20,000 pounds sterling and passage to England.

By August of 1780, Arnold was in total command of West Point and deliberately weakening its defenses by sending men, weapons, food and building supplies to all outlying areas, or to General George Washington’s army, whenever he requested them. This treachery became so obvious that officers at West Point began wondering if Arnold was selling the goods on the black market for his own gain. No one would have dreamed he was trying his level best to hand West Point on a silver platter to the British, until, on September 22, his ship was fired on by the British, who did not know it was Arnold. He was forced to cancel a clandestine meeting with Andre, and Andre’s superior, General Sir Henry Clinton.

He wrote a personal letter for Andre to carry through enemy lines, giving him safe passage, but Andre was still apprehended the next day outside Tarrytown, New York. In his possession were all the intelligence between Arnold and himself and Clinton, papers which were sent immediately to General Washington, who upon reading them, muttered under his breath and refused to repeat what he said.

Andre was hanged as a spy on October 2, 1780. Washington sent men into New York City to kidnap Arnold from his lodging, but Arnold had, unknowingly, changed lodgings and was already on a ship bound for Virginia, and thence to England. He attempted to explain himself in a letter written to all the inhabitants of America, in which he complained of how unfairly he had been treated, and that he acted out of a duty to punish those responsible.


Julius Rosenberg


Rosenberg and his wife, Ethel, remain the only two civilians ever executed in American history for the crime of treason. While life imprisonment would have sufficed for Julius, and Ethel probably was almost not guilty and deserved at most a year in prison, Julius can, in truth, be largely blamed for the length of the Cold War.

He was convicted on March 29, 1951, of passing American nuclear weapon secrets to the Soviets through multiple spies, especially Anatoli Yakovlev, in order to equalize Soviet nuclear power with America’s. His sympathy toward Communism compelled him to do this, and he saw to it by passing detailed sketches, schematics and letters to the Soviets detailing the construction methods of the implosive “Fat Man” bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan. Due in large part to Rosenberg, the Soviets were able to demonstrate a successful nuclear bomb test on August 29, 1949, at a terrifying rate of knowledge apprehension.

The Cold War would have taken place anyway, but not for another 10 years, perhaps, had it not been for Rosenberg. The Soviets would never have supported Communist North Korea without nuclear weaponry to deter the United States from threatening nuclear attacks to stop Communism from imposing its will on South Korea.

Judge Irving Kaufman said it best, in convicting them, “I believe your conduct in putting into the hands of the Russians the A-Bomb years before our best scientists predicted Russia would perfect the bomb has already caused, in my opinion, the Communist aggression in Korea, with the resultant casualties exceeding 50,000 and who knows but that millions more of innocent people may pay the price of your treason. Indeed, by your betrayal you undoubtedly have altered the course of history to the disadvantage of our country.”


President Warren Gamaliel Harding


Harding hit his professional stride as a self-made newspaper publisher (a la William Randolph Hearst). It’s a real shame that he appears on this list, because during his term, he oversaw quite a few great progressions in American society. He instituted the Budget and Accounting Act, which requires the President to submit his own personal budget to the Congress for approval every year.

He advocated civil rights for blacks in a time of severely violent racist hate crimes, and attempted to have lynching outlawed, but his bill was voted down in the Senate (leaving lynching legal). He wanted to fund the establishment of a nation for the Jews in Palestine, but never made this desire public. Yet aside from his various good ideas, Harding did not like the idea of blacks and whites in mixed marriages, he reduced the number of immigrants from all foreign countries entering the U. S. to the degree of only 3%, and most deplorably, he saw no problem at all in appointing his close friends to positions of major power in the government.

These friends immediately used their positions for personal gain, as could have been expected, not in the least because they had no qualifications for the jobs to which he appointed them. These friends gave rise to multiple scandals, the worst of them the Teapot Dome Scandal. It was the Watergate of its day, and still may eclipse Watergate in magnitude.

Harding appointed his friend Albert Fall to be Secretary of the Interior, and while almost all oil reserves in the country were to be used for the Navy, Fall leased the ocean of oil under Teapot Dome Mountain, 19 miles north of Casper, Wyoming, to private oil companies that bribed him for the land. Fall was eventually convicted of accepting bribes and went to prison, the first member of a Presidential Cabinet ever to suffer this fate.

It was Albert Fall who, under aggressive interrogation before Congress, finally explained slant drilling like so, “If you have a milkshake and I have a milkshake, and my straw reaches across the room and starts to drink your milkshake, I drink your milkshake!”

Harding’s involvement in the scandal is undoubted, but the extent to which he knew of Fall’s amorality is still cause for heated debate. It is certain that he knew Fall was leasing the oil field next to Teapot Dome to private companies, but whether or not he knew of the bribes, he must be criticized heavily for not correcting the matter as soon as he learned of the bidding war between Harry Sinclair and Edward Doheny. Doheny is the man on whom Upton Sinclair based Vernon Roscoe in his novel “Oil!” on which “There Will Be Blood” was loosely based.


President Andrew Johnson


Johnson is most well-known today for showing up drunk to his own inauguration. The major criticism leveled against him today is that his policies for the reconstruction of the Union did nothing for the rights of freed slaves. Giving them the right to vote, to work for their own livings, these were policies Abraham Lincoln had intended to institute for years.

The reason Johnson abandoned the slaves is because he was desperate to be the man who actually reformed the Union, with the Confederate states repatriated. Lincoln would have, but did not get the chance. So, in his haste, Johnson allowed the Confederate states far too much leeway in deciding their own states’ rights, which was precisely at the heart of the Civil War to begin with. The Confederate states wanted the right to own slaves, and tried their very best to regain that right, freeloading off Johnson’s bent to placate them.

To this end, he repeatedly vetoed civil rights bills set before him, and attempted to explain his reasoning in a cross-country tour in 1866, during which he delivered angry, hate-filled white supremacy to the public, defending the institution of slavery largely on the grounds that reforming the Union at any cost was more important.

This so infuriated a large contingent of Republicans in the Congress that they impeached him on the grounds of violation of the Tenure of Office Act. He fired his Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, who also held that post under Lincoln. Johnson hated Stanton because Stanton, a Republican in line with Lincoln, wanted to implement Lincoln’s policies of civil rights and freedom for slaves. By firing him against an Act legislated by Congress specifically to keep Stanton in office, Johnson knowingly and willfully acted against the Constitution. His impeachment did not pass the Senate, which spared him by one vote.


John Wilkes Booth

John Wilkes Booth

Lee Harvey Oswald did not make the list for a number of reasons, prime among them that he may not have acted alone, and secondary that his motives were never adequately surmised. But aside from how preposterous murder is, especially in its capacity to prove some point, Booth made his act of murdering President Abraham Lincoln even more preposterous because of his motive, which he made abundantly clear to acquaintances involved in the plot.

He was a southerner, and not at all happy that the South lost. Now with Lincoln firmly on the throne, Booth saw that it was only a matter of time before Lincoln made good all his promises to the black population. And because he intended to push through legislation that would give blacks all the rights of white people equally, Booth determined, “That means nigger citizenship. Now, by God, I’ll put him through. That is the last speech he will ever give.” That was the motive he gave to his accomplices on April 11, 1865, at the White House, after a speech Lincoln gave intending to enfranchise blacks.

Three days later, on Good Friday 1865, Booth entered the wrong side of the history books when he sneaked into the Presidential box seat and shot Lincoln behind the left ear with a .44 Derringer, then stabbed Major Henry Rathbone twice with a Bowie knife before jumping off the box seat balcony to the stage. His spur caught in the drapery and caused him to turn his left foot under him when he landed, snapping the fibula.

He still got up and limped across the stage, held up his bloody knife and howled, “Sic simper tyrannies!” which is the motto of his home state, Virginia, “Thus always to tyrants!” He then limped outside and rode away on a horse. He lasted 12 days on the lam, until he was caught at the farm of Richard Garrett. He and David Herold, one of his conspirators, took refuge in a tobacco barn. When the soldiers set fire to the barn, Herold surrendered, but Booth shouted over the roar of the flames, “I will not be taken alive!”

He had a rifle and a pistol, but did not fire either before Boston Corbett crept behind the barn and shot through a crack in a wallboard, severing Booth’s spinal cord at the neck. He died in agony three hours later. His last words were spoken to his hands, being held by a soldier in front of his face, “Useless. Useless.” Despite that self-criticism, his murder of Lincoln effectively stalled the civil rights movement for about a hundred years.


John Caldwell Calhoun


Calhoun is now remembered as the man most directly responsible for leading the Southern states to secede from the Union in 1860. He did this by championing slavery as not merely an honorable institution, but thoroughly divine and encouraged by God Himself. Not only was slavery not a necessary evil, but to him, it was “a positive good for the Republic.” To this end, he always cited Genesis 9:25-27, which states, “And [Noah] said, ‘Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.’ And he said, ‘Blessed be the LORD God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant. God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.’

It remains to demonstrate how Canaan came to be all black people, and Japheth and Shem came to be all white north Europeans. Calhoun tried his level best, as did countless more before and especially after him, once he showed himself to be the Southern bandwagon to get on; but so far, Canaan has not been related to Africa, and there is even less possibility of a relationship between Shem and Japheth, and northern Europe.

Calhoun, along with almost all the South back then, openly admitted that whites were superior to blacks, that blacks therefore deserved “no more rights than a dog,” and openly threatened the Northern states with secession every time abolition was brought up. He was, at various times, Vice President under J. Q. Adams and Andrew Jackson, US Senator for SC, a Member of the House of Representatives, Secretary of State, and Secretary of War.

He was a fiery and eloquent orator, as most politicians were in those days, but his policies left a lot to be desired. As a Member of Congress, he is the man most directly responsible for declaring war on Great Britain in 1812. Great Britain was, at the time, impressing American merchantmen into the British Navy. This was their only crime for which they could be considered belligerent, but it might have been better solved by diplomacy, which is precisely what diplomacy is for.

Calhoun found diplomacy intolerable. In his eyes, if anyone injured the honor of America, it was time to kill. The War of 1812 was the worst moment of warfare in America’s history. Vietnam resulted in retreat of democracy from Saigon. The War of 1812 result in Washington, D. C. burning to the ground. This was most directly the fault of Calhoun. The war ended in the Treaty of Ghent, but not a stalemate, as is often claimed. A stalemate occurs when neither side can make any gains. In this case, the British could, with difficulty, have sacked and razed multiple major cities had they not also have been at war with Napoleon. They found Napoleon the greater threat and agreed to the treaty so they could devote all their resources to France.

Yet, because this very same sentiment, that of defending one’s honor to the death, was widespread throughout America, Calhoun managed to stay in national politics until his death in 1850, 10 years before the secession and war he called for and desperately wanted in order to defend the Southern states’ right to treat a particular color of human being as something less than human.


Fred Waldron Phelps, Sr., et al.

Fred-Phelps 1299537C2

Phelps already topped a list of people who give Christianity a bad reputation. But he also gives America a bad one, and his gleeful sadism is worth another examination. His congregation of the Westboro Baptist “Church” spends all its spare time traveling the country and picketing any event they deem at odds with God’s Law, and they’re favorite event is a funeral, preferably that of a soldier killed in action.

That’s right. They actually spew the most offensive insults and promises of divine torture they can think of – for the express purpose of causing as much pain as they can – and they do it in the name of Jesus Christ. Because it is illegal to inflict physical pain (at least in America), the WBC inflicts as much emotional and psychological pain as they can, while hiding behind the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America (while howling their hatred of said USA).

They are all led by Fred Phelps, and though he is 82 years old as of this list, his disciples (since they are patently not Christ’s disciples) promise to carry on with his legacy of outspoken malice, schadenfreude, hatred, for a long time. Phelps is the real deal. He is a monster. A pure sadist who only abides by the law because he does not want to go to jail. His personality, his nature, his motives, are in effect, identical to those of an Internet troll, which he also is via his multiple websites and videos.

His “sermons” are all the same: God hates America and every single person in it except Phelps. But it’s dismissive to call him a crackpot and be done with him. He went to Vernal, Utah in 1947, when he was 18, and attempted to “convert” Mormons by condemning their religion with intensely disgusting and offensive imagery and profanity. When a Mormon passer-by asked him if people were supposed to obey every single commandment in the Old Testament, all 613 of them, Phelps did not know how to answer. He fumbled about for one, couldn’t come up with it, and so he punched the guy, inciting a melee of about 100 people. Never mind Christianity; that really makes a nation of avowed freedom of religion look great to the rest of the world.

He tried to make illegal kissing in public, and while picketing about it, punched a police officer who told him to leave. He stands on the busiest street corners he can find across the whole country and screams racial slurs at blacks, Mexicans, Asians, everyone who is not white, condemning every stranger who passes by to Hell. Keep in mind that he hides behind the very Constitution he vilifies with every chance he gets.

His reckless hatred fumes so hotly that his routines breach the realm of utter nonsense. In 1997, he actually paid over $5,000 of his own money to send 10 of his churchgoers, including his daughter and right-hand man, Shirley Phelps-Roper, to Baghdad, Iraq, with Saddam Hussein’s permission, to protest America on Baghdad’s busiest street. Phelps claimed that Iraq was the only Muslim state in the world that allowed the free expression of “the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ,” which is patently false. Hussein had by then personally ordered the executions of dozens of Iraqi citizens attempting to preach Christianity in public. But he was only too happy to oblige such representatives of America. When Hussein was executed, Phelps was quick to hit the Internet stating that Hussein was burning in Hell.


George Lincoln Rockwell


Rockwell founded the American Nazi Party in March 1959. At first, he called it the “World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists.” It was headquartered at 928 North Randolph Street in Arlington, Virginia. Rockwell majored in Philosophy at Brown University, and rejected the principle that all men are created equal. It was his belief that equality was forcibly acquired by the stronger, and that birth had nothing to do with it.

He dropped out and was commissioned into the US Navy, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He married his second wife in Iceland while stationed there, and they honeymooned at Berchtesgaden, Germany, which was Hitler’s “Eagle Nest.” His hatred of Jews began at an early age, and stemmed from his perception of Jews as controlling the entire world through global finances. It was his idea that you could not buy or sell without abiding by the prices set by Jews.

His politics, already reprehensible, were heavily influenced by the rise of the next entry. He actually ran for President in 1964, receiving 212 votes, and although he had shown himself since 1958 to be anti-war, publicly protesting it around the White House, he also hung an 18-foot long swastika in his house, around a photograph of Hitler, and left his window open so everyone could see it as they walked by.

Once he garnered national attention, he held a rally in New York City, stating his desire to be President, and also stating that all Jews would be treated as ordinary citizens, unless they were traitors, but that 80% were traitors already, and would be executed immediately on his order. He said that out loud as if nothing were wrong with saying it, and his audience consisted largely of Jewish counter-protesters, who promptly attacked him with umbrellas and canes, igniting a full-scale riot.

He staged another rally on the National Mall on 4 July, 1960, which also incited a riot. He staged one in 1966 to protest Martin Luther King, Jr.’s march for racial equality and desegregation. Rockwell stated via megaphone over and over that that King’s status as a black man already made him inferior, but his obedience to global Jewish domination made him “even more monstrous.”

He was one of the primary driving influences in the polarization of race in the 1960s. While the Black Panthers were shouting “black power” in public, Rockwell and his Neo-Nazi followers were shouting “white power,” which only galvanized the already bleak situation into further degeneration. He vehemently denied to Alex Haley, who wrote “Roots,” that the Holocaust ever took place, despite quite a bit of proof to the contrary.

Rockwell was assassinated by one of his own men on 25 August, 1967. The assassin, John Patler, fired through Rockwell’s windshield, and one of the bullets severed four major arteries in his upper chest. He bled to death in less than two minutes. Patler served only eight years of a 20-year sentence, which is rather indicative of the low esteem in which Rockwell was held by the public.


Senator Joseph Raymond McCarthy


Joe McCarthy was the closest any American has ever gotten to making him or herself into an Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin. While the Constitution defended the nation magnificently in stopping him as quickly as it did, he still harmed a great many innocent people before he was brought down. McCarthy was not “the most miserable person who ever lived” as was said, but he did have two extreme vices: he loved to hurt people; and he could not acquire enough power to satisfy him.

He was a monster, a megalomaniac of pure sadism. His politics up until 1944 were liberal and he was registered as a Democrat. But from 1944 to his death in 1957, he sided with the Republican party and displayed himself as the staunchest conservative in the country. It is generally accepted that he switched parties because he saw fear of Communism coming, and wanted to take advantage of it, to prey on that fear, and felt he could best do so by taking a conservative hard-line stance against the Russians. It was the next big thing.

Beginning about February 9, 1950, he rose to the forefront of American politics when he gave a speech in which he purported to have a list of provable Communists currently working in the State Department. He is believed to have said (since there is no record of the speech), “The State Department is infested with communists. I have here in my hand a list of 205 – a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the State Department.”

So began the infamous 1950s’ “Communist witch-hunt,” and just like the real witch-hunt of 1692 Salem, Massachusetts, people were driven by fear to accuse absolutely anyone of being Communist or supporting the ideology. The entire farce spread to catastrophically grotesque extent because of the public’s general misunderstanding of what Communism even is, and whether it was as dangerous to America as McCarthy would have them believe.

To this end, McCarthy never bothered defining Communism as opposed to Capitalism, but merely denounced the former as all but Satanic. The most hideously laughable aspect of his tyranny is that it was not, nor ever has been, illegal to be Communist in the United States. You are free to hold to any belief, religion, or ideal that pleases you. You may not, of course, force the government to agree with one or another. But then, that’s precisely what McCarthy attempted to do: force the adherence to, or support of, Communism to become illegal. He might have declared war on the Soviet Union, had he been President.

He formed HCUA, the House Committee on Un-American Activities, to investigate possible Communists throughout the nation, and absolutely no one was safe from McCarthy. You have to give him credit for having no fear at all, even if it was hubris that caused it, because he unleashed extraordinarily inflammatory rhetoric against Secretary of Defense, Nobel Peace laureate, and five-star General of the Army, George C. Marshall, of being Communist, having allowed Communism to take over China, and declaring that he was guilty of treason.

Then he topped that by denouncing Harry S Truman as Communist, when he relieved General MacArthur of command in Korea, stating that the war room must have gotten Truman drunk first in order for him to be so stupid, and then stating, within earshot of multiple Senators, “The son of a bitch should be impeached.” That’s right. A sitting US Senator actually called the sitting US President a “son of a bitch.”

Then he bulled his way through the United States Army, accusing thousands, from officers to clerks. By this point, he had roused the fury of most of the press, especially Edward R. Murrow of “See It Now,” a weekly TV documentary of current events. Murrow had this to say about McCarthy, “The actions of the junior Senator from Wisconsin have caused alarm and dismay amongst our allies abroad, and given considerable comfort to our enemies. And whose fault is that? Not really his. He didn’t create this situation of fear; he merely exploited it – and rather successfully.”

That infuriated McCarthy, who immediately turned his sights on Murrow, accusing him of collusion with the “Russian espionage and propaganda organization” VOKS. VOKS was trying to open honest, polite diplomacy and trade with America at the time. McCarthy’s accusation against Murrow severely backfired on him because Murrow’s reputation was immaculate in all respects. McCarthy might as well have attacked Jesus Christ.

McCarthy combined this fiasco with another by attacking Joseph Nye Welch, a lawyer and actor, during his Army Inquisition. He accused Welch of being Communist, supporting Communism, and harboring Communists in his law firm, and then attempted to scare Welch off his game by accusing one of his employees, Fred Fisher. It didn’t work. Welch famously responded, “Until this moment, Senator, I think I have never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness.”

McCarthy tried again to attack him, but was cut off, “Let us not assassinate this lad further, Senator. You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

McCarthy tried yet again to attack him, but Welch answered, “Mr. McCarthy, I will not discuss this further with you. You have sat within six feet of me and could have asked me about Fred Fisher. You have seen fit to bring it out. And if there is a God in Heaven it will do neither you nor your cause any good. I will not discuss it further. I will not ask Mr. Cohn any more questions. You, Mr. Chairman, may, if you will, call the next witness.”

At this, the entire room burst into an ovation for Welch, who left angrily. That was on 9 June, 1954. On 2 December of that year, the Senate voted 67 to 22 to censure McCarthy, which removed him from HCUA. From then on, whenever he railed against Communism on the floor of the Senate, almost no one showed up to listen. Or he was blatantly ignored. He died two and a half years later, on 2 May 1957, of acute hepatitis, brought on by lifelong alcoholism, a born loser if there ever lived one. He had been intent on tearing down the American government and raising himself to power. Democracy defeated him.

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      Anything Costa Rica related= snooze fest

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        I hope to retire there, I hope you’re right! ;-)

    • Nique

      Is Costa Rica a neighborhood in Puerto Rico?

      • Bilbo Baggins

        No way. Its a state in America.

    • sacksquash

      • Molly


    • Blubber.

    • Darin

      do you actually have ten of those?

  • R

    Great List.

  • Amrendra

    This list should have been called “People who give America a bad name amongst americans”.

  • Steve

    McCarthy was a U.S. SENATOR and had nothing to do with the HOUSE Committee on Un-American Activities.

    McCarthy went after commies in government, and history had proven him right.

    The House dealt with commies in Hollywood and elsewhere.

    • fred

      Thank you!1

    • Loose_Cannon

      It’s about time someone said the obvious: The House Committee on Un-American Activities (HCUA) or House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), as pointed out at Wikipedia, was a HOUSE committee, not a Senate committee. McCarthy, as a Senator, had nothing to do with it. Edward J. Hart (a DEMOCRAT) of New Jersey became the committee’s first chairman and it was successful in prosecuting Alger Hiss.

      Why couldn’t the writer take 2 seconds and verify his facts before making McCarthy the arch-typical conservative fear-monger? Isn’t this EXACTLY what they accused of McCarthy – stating something as fact, without proof, and causing prejudice against Republicans, as well as conservatives?

      BTW, the Kennedy’s held McCarthy in such esteem, he was godfather to Robert F. Kennedy’s first child, Kathleen Kennedy.

  • Randal graves

    How can Bush no be here???

    • Doc

      thats right!! For all non Americans, he’s the one who gave America a bad name..

      • BlueFox94

        At least he had a decent 1st term. Despite stupidly keeping Americans in Iraq, it will be fair to say that he would end up becoming a better president than Obama in the history books.

        • R.

          …I did not just read that. Granted Bush is a record breaking president. No other president has ever gotten us into 2 major wars in one elected term, not to mention squandering the recent economic progress of the last decade in but a few years. I’m no Obama supporter but compared to Bush he’s doing pretty fine for himself.

          • tassie devil

            Everyone has different opinions and different political philosophies, mate. Thinking yours to be the only one is extremely arrogant. Bush did some stupid things (he’s a halfwit) but at least he has done something!

          • digger

            Only President to get us into two wars in one term? WWII was two wars – not comparing just stating.

            The economic “progress” of the previous decade was a house of cards built on easy credit and was coming down regardless of who was/is in the Oval Office. Recovering from that collapse is the test of leadership that we face now.

          • Marius

            Excuse me?

            In what way did FDR cause those wars? I’m pretty sure if Japan and Germany declare war on your, it means you didn’t cause those wars.

    • Sgt. York


    • jim

      My thoughts exactly!

    • OddJobb

      Actually, I would have put Bush’s handler Dick Cheney instead.

    • For the same reason Obama and Clinton aren’t there. It’s too early to tell what kind of effect Bush’s actions will have long-term. While he (and they) were heavily divisive, it’s too early to tell if they were as bad as their opponents make them out to be.

      Except for Obama. He’s just dumb.

      • Concerned American

        The Annoyed Elephant

        Who do you support in the G.O.P to beat Obama ?

        • wrake

          I was more thinking Nixon. I guess he was just too obvious and everyone already knows about him.

        • oregonmade

          Yes…I would like the answer to this question The Annoyed Elephant?

        • At this point, I’m in the “undecided” category. I like points about most of the remaining candidates, but they all have unpleasant points that bring me pause.

          Romney is charming, knowledgeable, and experienced. He’s also got a ton of baggage from his governorship and is almost as interesting as a pressed ham.

          Paul’s got a good handle on market economics and the constitution. He’s also an unrealistic man with a long history of connections to bad people.

          Santorum is a principled social conservative with some good ideas. He’s also a big government guy who doesn’t have the weight to carry through to the end.

          Gingrich is a revolutionary, forward-thinking guy whose baggage has mostly been exposed for 20 years. The problem is that he keeps inventing new baggage.

          Perry’s a good speaker with good ideas that reflect mainstream conservatives (as opposed to the Tea Party crowd). He’s also a big-government guy who’s almost as skilled of a public speaker as George W. Bush, and we can’t forget his problems.

          • zinnist

            Romney is a millionaire that would like to have capitalism go unchecked in this country. He claims he is fighting for the working man but refuses to pay 3% more in taxes off of his 250 million so that the working man can have more of a fair shake in this country?

            As for Ron Paul; what he is saying sounds great because essentially he wants a much smaller federal government. However, the problem with this is that there would be a devolution of powers from the federal government to the states and to the private sector as Paul would do away with the Departments of Energy and Education as well as the TSA. My point is by making the states stronger, you make the country as a whole less competitive in a global market. There would also be major inequality amongst the states as some have robust economies and can be self supporting and others absolutely cannot. At any rate, Ron Paul’s ramblings are nothing more than a Libertarians utopian fantasy, however when investigated a little further we see a dystopian disaster waiting to happen.

            Santorum. Who cares if he’s a principled conservative? He refuses to offer women and homosexuals the same rights as everyone else and he has blundered with some racially charged statements as of late. I do not understand the sentiment that God needs the help of the US government to help uphold His law. Isn’t one of the tenets of Christianity based on the belief that God gives us all free will… Oh yeah, and then there’s that whole separation of Church and State thing…

            Newt Gingrich is a joke. He seems to purport policies that John Locke (born 1632) would have put in place. I am referring to having poor children clean and do other menial work at school. Thanks for the idea Mr. Locke! By the way, does no one else feel that idea is antithetical to what we pretend to stand for in this country?

            Rick Perry? Well first of all you just said he was a good speaker, then in the next sentence said he’s as skilled as a public speaker as George Bush. He has no idea what he’s talking about and he’s fueled by big money and big business. He wants a part time congress for the most powerful country in the world. Why? Because he wants Congressmen to go home and work like the American people do. Hmmm, seeing as how a large portion of Congressmen are more wealthy than any of us will ever be I doubt they will be working during Congressional recesses. Also, by reducing the congressional wage you make it that much harder for someone that does not have the type of job where you can just stop working a few months out of the year so you can go legislate (which would be the majority of Americans) from ever becoming a Congressman.

          • zinnist

            And you said Obama was dumb. You make Harvard Law Review, then we’ll talk about dumb.

          • What I meant to say was that Perry was a good “speaker”, as in someone who can stand up and look good while doing their politician thing. He’s not a speaking genius, tho.

            “And you said Obama was dumb. You make Harvard Law Review, then we’ll talk about dumb.”

            It doesn’t take a genius to edit a glorified college newsletter. Besides, Bush was a Harvard grad, and I don’t see your side giving him any props for that experience.

          • zinnist

            Let’s be clear here. There is a huge difference between getting into an ivy league law school coming from a single parent household, then going to an ivy league because of great family connections. Let’s keep in mind his grandfather was a senator and wealthy businessman and his father went on to be president. I wonder how much student debt Bush had when he came out of Yale and Harvard? I know the Obama’s had plenty.

          • Zinnist

            Not taking a genius to do something is not the same as a dumb person being able to do it. You may dislike Obama’s policies, his position, or even his personality, but to call him dumb is juvenile at best. Especially since it is simply not true.

          • Dave

            Funnily enough, the liberal lot love to paint Bush as a monkey and/or five-year-old in all of your media. And calling us “juvenile” for saying that someone’s dumb? Really?

          • zinnist

            Yes, really! Please explain to me how it is not juvenile to call someone that graduated at the top of their class at Harvard and was a constitutional law professor dumb. In your own comment you alluded to their being a problem with calling Bush as stupid. If this is true, then isn’t that behavior juvenile? No? Then what is it? Immature you say? Yeah, that’s a synonym for juvenile.

      • Obama is…just dumb??? Compared to who? You? Wow.

      • You gotta be kidding. Bush left office after eight years and the country was in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and mired in (another) war we couldn’t win, Osama Bin Laden was running around like a madman, and the national political scene was as divided as it has been since the Sixties. I think we know enough about what Bush’s effect was.

    • George W. Bush could be #1, but I would suggest a few more for the list. Ronald Reagan, J.Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, Jim Jones, L.Ron Hubbard, Joseph Smith, Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy just to name a few… Some may be a little off list, but the list is a little off list too…

    • Forget Bush! He’s comic relief compared to people like Nixon who flat-out lied to everyone, and did so with mailicious intent…you know what? I just figured out that I hate Bush Jr. as much as I do Nixon…wierd.

  • The_Snowdog

    Perhaps this list should have been titled “Got 5 hours to spare and no War and Peace on hand? Read this list!”

    • Maat

      lol your a fool, why don’t black people have their originall last names now?

  • Branodn

    You’re obviously borderline retarded for putting Andrew Jackson and Al Sharpton on that list.

    • Public Enema

      Al Sharpton deserves to be on the list. He is always portraying the black community as victims. White man seems to always oppress the black man according to him.

      • Sgt. York

        slight correction: he portrays the black community as victims when he can profit from it, either though publicity or actual currency.

        • Bullamakanka

          Exactly. If he didn’t continually stir race into every conversation, he’d be out of a job. Same with Jackson.

          • LuvsHorror

            Agreed. Numbers 3 and 10 should share a room in hell.

    • Sgt. York

      @Branodn Um, Al Sharpton deserves to be there and Andrew Jackson isn’t even on the list. Perhaps you are actually borderline retarded.

    • Peter

      He should of put Andrew Jackson and not Johnson. Andrew Jackson was on the worst human being to be elected President. If we had any Indians left there would be a large movement to take him off our money, and if anyone else had a clue about him they would be asking for the same thing.

      • skywatcher

        IF WE HAD AY INDIANS LEFT…???????????????

        What the hell am I, chopped liver?????

      • A sentimental orange

        Andrew Jackson recognized the 5 civilized tribes establishing the reservation system and preserving the native people. Whats that you say? Trail of what?

        • Planet Earth

          Andrew Jackson

          Also ran on a police of NO CENTRAL BANK .He tried to stop the banks from Britain to enslave the American people. What do you think George Washington was fighting King George 3rd for ? It wasn’t for FUN.
          Did most people in the U.S.A fail history class or was history class just a big soup of propaganda .

          • saskiey

            he didn’t run “on a police” of anything. he did oppose the renewal of the charter of the 2nd bank of the UNITED STATES; which was, incidentally, not controlled by britain in any way.
            bty, washington wasn’t fighting because george III tried to enslave the british people. he was fighting because he, along w/ about 60% of the colonial population, didn’t feel represented in parliament and resented the mercantilist policies of the british government.

            i would humbly suggest that you might want to invest in a us history class yourself.

        • Nacho

          Don’t miss the fabulous tworarks of the famous Rose Mary Mandrell, who displays her colorful narrative and unique introspective works at W.C. Mercantile in GLORIOUS Nav o’leans Sota! You might catch a glimpse of Rosie as she paints that day Rose Mary also has a gallery of her artwork at Westwick Antiques on Washington Avenue near the Navasota DQ. Painting is born of nature—or, to speak more correctly, we will say it is the grandchild of nature; for all visible things are produced by nature, and these her children have given birth to painting. Hence we may justly call it the grandchild of nature and related to God. Leonardo Da Vinci

        • Noe

          Let’s see- potters’, scoprtuls’, printmaker’s studios; galleries and other venues with paintings, stained glass, handspinning/weaving; handcrafted chocolates and wine; museum special events/exhibits like Brazos Valley Natural History Museum’s Booneville Days and George Bush Library and Museum’s The Heart Truth Red Dress Collection .And don’t forget about Downtown Bryan’s Art Step on Friday- it’s just the beginning of a fun weekend exploring the arts in this area!

      • sacksquash

        “If we had any Indians left…”

        You’re exaggerating, right?

        • xaaykung

          As an Haida, I am sure there is NO exaggeration. Jackson Killed a huge % of our people and that is what the poster was reiterating. Sometimes you have to read “between the lines” sacksquash.

      • ConstableDubs

        Andrew Jackson is an American Badass. Show me another president that dueled people while he held office, and beat down his own would-be assassin with a cane.

        • Sarah

          orboeoreo14 on August 3, 2011 okk when i was watching tv at like 1am….this warning went off….only warning…and i like shit myself

    • Frank

      How deliciously ironic that someone who supports an idiot like Al Sharpton accuses a person who calls him out on his moronic racist bullshit of being ‘borderline retarded.’ Anyone who supports Sharpton is full-on, totally and utterly batsh*t insane.

  • Veronica

    Someone shoulda done a little more research on Rosenberg

    • Sgt. York

      The rumors of the Rosenbergs being innocent are just that: rumors. Started by a “journalist” who was trying to make a name for himself. The Rosenbergs were caught red handed (no pub intended) during one of their exchanges.

  • Kratue

    Obama should be on the list. He hates America and he’s a Kenyan muslim that’s part jew from his mom’s side. He hates Israel too! He’s worse than Hitler!

    • ianz09

      You’re cute

      • Pauly


        • ianz09

          (High fives self in mirror)

          • Bunni’s Bunni

            Thanks for the laugh ian! I’d like to high five you myself!

    • Sgt. York

      Your trolling is full of fail.

  • ianz09

    To the “I think I’ll skim the comments” people. Summation of comments to follow:

    “Um, what about [Obama, Bush], who severely screwed this country’s economy? If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be in this mess! The [Republicans, Democrats] are just trying to push an agenda , and are dividing the country. What a hack that guy [was, is]!”

    “So, what about all the [blind Christians, self-righteous atheists] who are terrorizing this country with their [anti-gay, pro-abortion] rhetoric? If it wasn’t for these idiots constantly [preaching from a fictional book, contaminating our children’s minds with drugs], this country wouldn’t be looked down upon like it is. We all know [evolution doesn’t exist, creationism is a fringe wacko theory], are these people blind or dumb?”

    “What about Fox News (or substitute with any TV show host on Fox News)?”

    See above, replace ‘Fox News’ with MSNBC’.

    Any Democratic politician, any Republican candidate.

    Commence flamewar, with introduction of trolling to keep flamewars active flameworthy. Continue indefinitely for best results.

    Your welcome, Internet. Super opinionated thought diarrhea to follow, proceed at your own risk. Facts optional, but not recommended.

    • ianz09

      Boy this comment has been in moderation for awhile…

  • ianz09

    I missed Listverse. It’s commenters are equal parts trolls, legitimate commenters, and self-entitled snobs who think that any list that doesn’t cater to their personal preference is a hack list and gimmie gimmie gimmie. This list is sure to bring out all of them, and everybody is going to instigate or be instigated. Aww, memories!

    • Pauly

      Is’nt that what makes the internet so magical? It’s the bathroom wall of humanity, where intelect goes to die.

      Think i’m kidding? Check out YouTube and read the comments.

      • ianz09

        I don’t think you’re kidding, even a little bit. I actually agree with every statement you just made, and since this is text I will make sure to clarify this isn’t sarcastic at all. And that’s what is a little disappointing and also slightly amusing.

        • Pauly

          Amen to that.

    • mom424

      Nice to see you Ian. Where you been? :)

      And I agree – waiting on the sh*t storm myself.

      • ianz09

        Oh I’ve been around, poking my head in to read the lists and such. Haven’t been much for commenting though because my computer’s been on the fritz and I haven’t wanted to antagonize it by checking back so often. Other than that job hunting has been keeping me busy, but for this list I couldn’t resist throwing down some humor before the comments devolved into your aforementioned sh*tstorm haha


    • Public Enema

      she is one evil bitch

    • Pauly

      The Ann Coulter formula for arguing politics;

      1. Make a political statement or opinion.
      2. When proven wrong, instead of debating said statement with facts, spew viscious personal insults instead.

      • Zagging

        Sounds like she’d make a heck of a liberal.

        • Pauly

          See? Ann Coulter fan in action. No proof, just dumb retort.

          • Zagging

            The exact same amount of “proof” you provided ding dong.

          • Pauly

            You just gave me proof, moron. Learn to read.

          • Frank

            You sound a little butt hurt for being called out on your bullsh*t!

          • Pauly

            And you sound like a whiny liberal. Go “Occupy” a job, Frank.

    • mom424



      • You’re an idiot Elephant, Moore isn’t a homophobic, Islamaphobic racist. Stop trying.

  • Pauly

    Where’s Glenn Beck? He raped and murdered a girl in 1990.

    • ianz09

      He also flies by ejecting burning rocket fuel from his bum. And he owns the world’s only functional Tickle-Me-Elmo gatling gun, which he uses to antagonize hipsters in Starbuck’s parking lots the world over.

      • Sgt. York

        “he owns the world’s only functional Tickle-Me-Elmo gatling gun, which he uses to antagonize hipsters in Starbuck’s parking lots the world over.”

        I’m in favor of this.

        • ianz09

          Mine doesn’t work yet. I’m awaiting a critical piece that has yet to arrive. It’s been on back order for over a year now. Other than this piece my design is flawless and nearly complete. Move over Beck, there is soon to be another man in town sporting an adorable-in-concept-but-slightly-aggravating-in-reality pseudo weapon.

    • Armin Tamzarian

      Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly deserve to be on this list more than some of the people on there now. For many non-Americans, they are the prime example of the American religious and right-wing extremism.

      “Tide goes in, tide goes out. You can’t explain it.” Retard.

      • Danica

        or did that I didn’t disagree with? He once said that Americans were uaadrstendnbly sick of being interrupted by telemarketers. Ditto, George. And when running for president, he said hate crimes should not be given a special designation, because all violent crime is hateful. I agree. Everything else and this includes the period after Sept 11 when I was one of the few still refusing to stand with our commander in chief (and getting beat up pretty bad for it) because just because we were attacked didn’t make lies true I got nothing. Can you think of something he said or did that you agreed with?I’m not a hateful person. I’ve truly studied the man, 7 years now, trying to find something about his presidency that has not been reprehensible, and I can’t come up with anything.He did salvage his father’s legacy. George the Smarter governed poorly, but his son has been such a catastrophe that GHWB looks like the proverbial philosopher king by comparison. That was a nice thing to do for his dad, albeit inadvertently.

  • Public Enema

    McCarthyism destroyed many lives and cost many people their careers. Charlie Chaplin and Arthur Miller were also accused of being communists.

    • Loose_Cannon

      Public Enema: “McCarthyism destroyed many lives and cost many people their careers. Charlie Chaplin and Arthur Miller were also accused of being communists.”

      Nice thought, but it’s completely false. Senator McCarthy went after communists in the government only. He had NOTHING to do with HUAC. This is just another fine example of the state of our education in this country.

      • VintageObsessive

        Didn’t McCarthy “blacklist” many in Hollywood and pressure studios not to use actors/actresses he was suspicious of?

  • There is something missing in the photograph of No.1, Joe McCarthy, and that’s a fifth of Whiskey !!!!

  • lola

    I was sure George W Bush would be number one on this list.

    Very interesting though.

    • Sgt. York

      “I was sure George W Bush would be number one on this list.”

      That’s because you’re stupid.

      • Armin Tamzarian

        How is he stupid? You do know that Bush is wildly unpopular among non-Americans? Most people, when asked what is wrong with America, point at Dubya. So yes, he did more damage to the reputation of the US than Julius Rosenberg or Al Sharpton.

        • Sgt. York

          Obama is just as equally unpopular. To argue that Bush deserves to be on the list above any of those characters up there is idiotic partisanship. You may not like him, but there’s a huge difference between real evil and your definition of it.

          • Armin Tamzarian

            Among Americans, yes. But you don’t seem to grasp that I’m not talking about the US. It’s a fact George W. Bush is very unpopular outside the US. Much more so than Obama, and even some of the people on this list.

    • OddJobb

      Not Bush, his handler Dick Cheney instead.

      • mom424

        Bush still gave Cheney the power. Equally horrible on the world stage imo.

        • oregonmade


    • brrramm

      I’m not surprised. Flamehorse is a religious nut Republican. That means that, like all his brethren, he ignores reality whenever it suits his purposes. I absolutely agree that Bush SHOULD be number one, but knowing the list writer I was 99% sure he would be conveniently omitted.

      I also liked how he dismisses Fred Phelps as not a true “disciple of Christ” because oh yes, let us conveniently disown whomever makes us look bad. And the founder of the American Nazi Party? Oh yeah, because that was such an important movement in the country’s history. It was never anything more than a fringe movement at best. I’m American, and I couldn’t have named you that guy if it was a multiple choice question.

      The Republicans like to spew out their brainless Fox News-isms about how Obama is such a horrible, incompetent president and an evil socialist to boot, while Bush was the second coming of the brilliant Communism-slayer Reagan. The fact that neither is true will not bother them in the least, as they think that if they repeat something enough, it will magically come true (or at least that they can get more gullible, brainwashed people with no critical thinking skills to believe it).

      Funny how the entire rest of the world likes Obama about a billion times more than Bush. When 99% of the world disagrees with you, maybe it’s time to admit they might have a point and you might be wrong. But not if you’re a redneck Republican. God I wish those people would die out and quit infesting our country with willful stupidity.

  • Sgt. York

    Thank you for including Al Sharpton and Fred Phelps. Both of these bastards would be better left on the ash heap of history when all is said and done.

    Not sure I agree with Andrew Johnson either. In his place I would put Woodrow Wilson, who RE-segregated the United States Civil Service because he felt blacks were inferior.

    • Armin Tamzarian

      Abroad, Wilson is mainly seen as a good president, who started the League of Nations with best intentions, and who supported the Allies during WWI. Not much is known about his racism. So he doesn’t really tarnish the reputation of the US.

      • NIJ

        True, I’m British and did history GCSE (qualifications you do at the age of 16) and did history, Wilson was covered and all I remember about him was he was the peaceful one out of him Lloyd George and Clemenceau, who actually wanted to achieve peace through the league of nations as opposed to the other two who wanted to basically destroy Germany, so in Britain, amongst people who studied history, he holds a good reputation as being a good man, his racism was never covered

  • SlamDance_Karma

    There’s something about McCarthy that just makes you want to punch him square in the face just at a single glance, and don’t even get me started on that butt-munch Fred Phelps. I’m a U.S. Veteran, and I would give my right leg to have 5 minutes alone with THAT guy. Suffice it to say he would be singing in a much higher-pitched voice after I got through with him.

    • Pauly

      I’m an Iraq vet and feel the same way, but that’s the danger.

      Fred Phelps and his family are scam artists. He instigates people to get outraged and angry for his ends. He WANTS them to act violently so he can sue the local jurisdiction for inadequate police protection. The Phelps/Roper clan have won a couple mil so far because of a loophole in the First Ammendment. That’s why half of his family has studied law.

      When I was at Fort Campbell, his wife and grandkids were there to protest us. I got angry until a counter-protestor handed me a pamphlet explaining that. I never felt angry again at his stupidity. If you want to fight him, ignore him.

      Besides, he messed with Annonymous, and they schooled him. I think i’d rather get caught stealing from the federal gov’t than screw with Anonymous.

      • ianz09

        Eh, Anonymous only messes with you if you are getting away with a terrible crime or are suppressing freedom of speech. Unless you are throwing puppies off a bridge or censoring the Internet, you’ll be good lol

        • Pauly

          The WBC called Anon out, telling them to “Bring It”, and Anon not only shut their site down, one hacker made their coding public.

          Anon-1, WBC-0

          • ianz09

            That’s because they are attention seeking bigots, and Anonymous rightly had to establish that they could, but actively weren’t, annihilating them. I guess it’s a good thing Anon is keeping a righteous view, but sometimes you just wish they’d make an exception for the WBC. But hey, I’ll take equal rights for all over some faceless organization deciding what is right and what is wrong. At least they’ve got their heads on straight

  • @ Public Enema. Ann Coulter is the sole reason as to why a bullet was wasted on John F Kennedy and John Lennon and let’s not forget Abraham Lincoln. To put it into layman’s terms and will loosely quote a line by Robin Williams from the movie “Good Morning Vietnam” “She is in dire need of getting laid more then any other woman that I have ever seen” !!!!

    • Public Enema

      ah you’re hilarious lmao!!!
      I cannot comprehend how she can be such an idiot. I saw her once in tv stating that Canada had aided the US in the Vietnam War by providing troops. I almost fell out of my chair!
      She is #1 on my list if women who give my gender a bad name

  • Public Enema, and don’t forget the movie director Elia Kazan (“On The Waterfront” fame) he was in “kahootz” with McCarthy and acted as McCarthy’s snitch. The great screenwriter Dalton Trumbo was also a victim of that utter mess of blackballing people

    • Public Enema

      I believe he served about a year in prison for refusing to give any information on the “communist Hollywood”

    • Loose_Cannon


      So much fail, it’s hard to even put it into words. McCarthy was a SENATOR, and had nothing to do with Elia Kazan’s testimony to HUAC.

      Remember, HUAC stands for HOUSE UNAMERICAN ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE, McCarthy was a SENATOR. Why is this so difficult to comprehend?

    • Edidiong

      xHIRx on February 17, 2011 comon man…horrible form on eretyvhingAll i watched was pullups, deadlifts, and some of pullups and I had enougheven a simple move like the deadlift…you would hurt yourself with that form if you went heavy….i see back rounding out and going below 45 degreesyou call yourself a trainer? If I was you i wouldn’t’ be posting this shit on youtubeyea impressive conditioning…but shit for formpretty much crossfit standard…shit for form nothing but doing it as fast as you can

  • Hamish

    Civil rights movement has reached the end of the line-

    Are you fucking kidding me? Please tell me you’re joking.

  • Clocktower

    The majority of these people are completely unknown outside of the US. It’s also probably the most tedious list I’ve ever seen on here. If I wanted to seriously research any of this, I’d do that, not read a top 10 list.

    Needs to be a good 90% shorter!

    • Mik

      I’m not American and know of all ten. You cannot perceive what other people know because you are not them. Your comment is indicative of ridiculous apathy and razor-sharp ignorance.

      • fred

        High five!!!

    • mitch with a thought


  • flgh

    Why no Dick Cheney or Ryan Thomas?

  • OddJobb

    Actually, if it wasn’t for Bennedict Arnold, people in the U.S. would be speaking English today.
    If it wasn’t for his balls-out bravery at the Battle of Valcour Island/Bay which gave the colonists much needed time to regroup and strengthen their army, the British would have won the war in 1776.

    Ps: Kudos for putting Al Sharpton

    • Public Enema

      We do speak English by the way

      • Mitch with a thought


        Possibly it was a pun on the “if it wasn’t for us you’d be speaking German” thing you guys seem to love saying.

    • Jazz

      What language do you speak Oddjob?

  • Gustavo

    No Bush? Incomplete

    • sid caesar

      gustavo : you look like +eSH=IT ,son ….

  • Miss V

    I cant believe I am saying this to a list, but too long to read… I dont care why Americans think the world hates them and this list is just pushing the blame around to certain people, whome the rest of to world doesnt give a crap about… In actual fact – America gives America a bad name… Some people might have had more influence than others, but in the end of the day it’s the stupidity and ignorance that pisses the world off most. The way that some Americans cannot think of a country that starts with the letter U, or can even pinpoint their own country on a world map – That is what gives the USA a bad name!!

    • Public Enema

      Uganda, Uruguay, Uzbekistan… I just named three. My country must be proud of me

      • Miss V

        Notable omission from your list is United States of America… Yes its sad, but true… Americans cant think of a country that starts U, even though USA does…

        • sacksquash

          Oh, please.

        • Pauly

          That ain’t true! I gots one country, U-Rip! Where those French come from! We beat them when Australia attacked us! The U-rip-eeanz were suppling the Aussies! I still have nightmares of those kamikaze kangaroos, leaping at us with the suicide vests on!

    • BOONE

      “Its (American’s) stupidity and ignorance that pi-sses the world off most.”

      I always love people who ironically call all Americans stupid and ignorant not realizing that that assumption in itself is completely ignorant.

      • Noone

        Boone buddy you’ll have to come up with a new comment one of these days.

  • Geoff

    I am surprised that the WBC’s stance on LGBTQ+ people wasn’t mentioned in the list. That’s the whole reason why they protest military funerals and think that Americans are going to burn in hell. Great list though! So many more honorable mentions (including several of the current GOP candidates…)

  • My first post on Listverse

    This list isn’t very well-made. Al Sharpton is as critizised in the US as he is anywhere else, if not more. The same can be said about Phelps, who is widely ignored in the rest of the world as a common lunatic. John Wilkes Booth is not even seen as someone who gives America a bad reputation, but more as the dark side of the old union; a stain on one of the most glorious events in the world’s history. The only person I would really put on the list is McCarthy.

    It should have been named “10 terrible Americans” instead. This is simply a list of people USA is ashamed of. The people who give USA a bad reputation are the people frowned upon in the rest of the world. I would have put people like Gingrich, Palin and Glen Beck on the list rather than these, simply because of the anger and harm they create in the rest of the world. Like when Beck spoke to the Israelites in such a hateful way about the Palestinians that even the most hardcore Israelites found him to be too radical.

    • blue jacket

      Your first post is an epic FAIL.
      BTW, 99% of Americans don’t give a shit about what the rest of the world thinks about them; it comes from years of saving Western civilization, responding to disasters, taking in countless refugees, feeding the starving and getting kicked in the teeth for all our efforts.

      • Mitch with a thought

        Why was blue jacket not on the list?

        As much as it may hurt you’re ego’s the rest of the world really don’t care about the US until you start interfering in their business.

        I would make a comment about Listverse being to UScentric but this list pretty much proves that as does the comments section see, ‘The Annoyed Elephant’, Zagging and Loose_Canon who are so up themselves their actually arguing with commenters outside of the US on the issue of people that give the US a negative reputation abroad. FACEPALM.

        Bush and Nixon should definitely be on the list and so should Palin as each are known to have bad reputations (5 of these I had not heard of before) even if the specifics are not known by everyone which I thought was the kind of the point of the list.

      • My first post on Listverse, my first reply to my first troll

        Thanks for the feedback, but it doesn’t really say anything.

        The list is about people who gives America a bad reputation, and therefore about the rest of the world’s negative view of USA. My reply was simply that these people don’t really matter in the eyes of the rest of the world, and therefore don’t give America as bad a reputation as many others do. This isn’t even about political views, but simply about popularity. It is safe to say that Bush had more to do with the decline of USA’s popularity than even people who are 10 times more wicked than he was, such as Charles Manson, simply because of the fact that he had the power and led USA in a direction that became widely unpopular in the rest of the world.

        And please, don’t preach to me about what America has done for us. It’s seriously old. We contribute to western civilization in Europe too, we respond to disasters too, we take in countless refugees too, we feed the starving too and we get just as kicked in the teeth as you. The difference is we don’t use this as an argument to why we’re better than you. In fact, I don’t think we are. USA has made countless contributions to the world, both when it comes to political and scientific development. But then again: You’re not the only ones.

        The US constitution? Marvelous, but then again it was inspired by European philosopher’s such as Locke, Montesquieu, Bentham, Smith and so on.

        Franklin and Edison? Awesome, let me introduce you to Newton, Einstein, Bohr and Oersted.

        My point in a nutshell in case this is TL;DR for you: You’re not better than us, so stop acting like you are.

  • dalinean

    No Bush?

    No Nixon?

    No Reagan?

    These are the people who in recent times have given the US a bad name.

    • Zagging

      Dalinean, the cold war fan, misses the good old days.

    • mom424

      You can take Reagan off the list I think. He made mistakes; trickle down economics is a doozy; but he was an honorable, honest man. Stuck by his principles – I don’t think he made Americans look bad. At all.

    • Bush freed Iraq. Nixon opened up relations with China. Reagan ended the cold war. Of the 3, 2 of them have fairly good reputations and the other is too early to tell.

      Besides, if you’re going to trash Bush, why not trash the guy who created more debt in 3 years than Bush did in 8 and who spent his first year on a worldwide apology tour (when he wasn’t accepting Nobel prizes he hadn’t earned or calling American cops stupid)?

      • catchick

        We need a like button for comments….


      • ConVixen

        Bush freed Iraq? PLEASE! Hell, Iraq didn’t even need us there in the first place.

        We had no business going into Iraq; Since then, Iraq has been horribly unstable, tribalism has taken back over, and radical Islam is starting to encroach the area again.

        Sure, things weren’t completely perfect under Saddam, and his sons, especially Uday, did horrible things, but, from a political/governmental/cultural point of view, Saddam managed to keep things balanced out.

        Saddam didn’t have anything to do with 9/11 and we (Americans) had no damn business invading his country.

      • Tom

        Nixon should be swapped for LBJ.

      • God you’re such a dumb Bush- loving Republican, typical.

    • Tom

      I’m not an American, but I’ll give my uninformed outsider opinion:

      Bush, ugh. Bush and co gave America a bad name. I think he’ll go down in history as one of your worst presidents.

      Nixon, an interesting character. He wound down the Vietnam War (which was more LBJ’s mess), was a good diplomat, and was involved in Watergate despite not being a crook.

      Reagan, was a good actor – Americans loved him, others could care less about him.

  • Kopmel

    I’ve only heard of a couple of these people, but now I know about them I’d have to say that they do sound very nasty indeed. Very interesting list xxx

  • Armin Tamzarian

    You should’ve included Nixon and/or Johnson, for fighting the Vietnam War. They both were widely protested at home and abroad, and it is generally seen as America’s first foray into aggressive imperialism.

    But most of all, you should have put the redneck at number 1. The American idi.ot who thinks it’s okay to invade sovereign countries or topple democratic regimes to “protect America’s interests”. The douch.ebag who refuses to acknowledge there is a world outside of the US. The retard who believes Obama is a “muslin” and that the US is a Christian country. The as.shole who doesn’t care about millions of poverty-stricken people without access to healthcare or decent education, but who has no problem with sinking billions into the military-industrial complex.

    Those are the people who do give the US a bad reputation.

    • Concerned American

      I ‘ve read somewhere that JFK really didn’t like LBJ and was force to pick him as VP . If you watch the democratic debates for the JFK vs LBJ you can tell they didn’t like each other .

      One of his first meeting for LBJ as president was about Vietnam

      • That’s not uncommon. Veeps are chosen for a variety of reasons. Some Presidents choose their Veeps to balance their ticket (Clinton choosing the more liberal Gore in 1992). Some do so to bring their party together after an acrimonious nomination process (Reagan choosing Bush in 80). Some do so in order to shore up a voting block (northwesterner Kennedy choosing southerner LBJ in 60).

        And then you have guys who pick theirs based on what some people like to call “assassination insurance”. In other words, they’re so sure they’re going to win that pick a guy who’s so terrible and disliked that it gives would-be assassins a second thought, thus protecting the life of the President. Obama has done so with Biden and Bush I did so with Quayle.

    • Zagging

      Hey genius, Nixon ended the Vietnam War. Most of the world would be much better off if America actually was imperialistic. And those who believe a more powerful and far-reaching central government will make things better are causing the slow but steady deterioration of the United States of America.

  • Will Trame

    Definitely a controversial list. Andrew Johnson reputedly was suffering from malaria at his VP inauguration and took some medicinal whisky to ease the pain. Due to his weakened state, he became quickly intoxicated.

  • Name

    Why i didn’t saw Bush senior and junior?

    • Zagging

      I can tell from your post that you have the typical intellect of someone who thinks either Bush should be on the list.

      • sacksquash

        Or English isn’t their first language…

        • Zagging

          Fair enough. It is possible they are smarter than the average liberal and English isn’t their first language. I’ll grant you that one.

    • Loose_Cannon

      Name: “Why i didn’t saw Bush senior and junior?”

      Maybe because there is no “Bush Sr.” or “Bush Jr.”. While both presidents shared the same first name, they each had different middle names, very much like John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

      Not surprisingly, those who suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome fail to recognize that the first opponent of President George W Bush ACTUALLY WAS a Junior – Albert Arnold Gore Jr. They downplay this because Gore’s father was a notorious racist who voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  • There’s a lot of haters out there, but I always love a Flamehorse list! What we need to remember is that none of these people could have done what they did without assistance from others who had their own interests. McCarthy/Cohn; Sharpton and his “army of lawyers”; Rockwell/William Pierce etc etc etc…. Could I just finish by saying that Phelps is a shit-stain on humanity and needs to die very quickly. Thank you & Good Night and Good Luck.

  • Jared

    Harding’s secret desire to fund a national home for the Jews in Palestine is a “good idea”?


  • younan

    George w bush, by far!!? Wolfovich?colin powell(for lieing at the u.n.)?

  • Just one black man?

    Where’s Spike Lee who makes movies of hate against whites and Italians all the time?

    Where’s Muhammad Ali? Don King? Malcom X? All these rappers who scream loud in their songs kill the white man and rape his women?

    What a joke anti-white list that is, but what else is new in America!

    Typical list from a white American who is scared of being accused of racism, pathetic lol

    • sacksquash

      Why do so many whites feel so threatened by these minor things? I mean… Muhammad Ali?? A Spike Lee movie or two is not going to knock you off the top of the totem pole, so relax.

      Who are these rappers you speak of, anyway?

      • Maggot

        I already outed aetheras as a Klan member and self-proclaimed white-supremacist a couple of lists ago. Don’t mistakenly assume that this David Duke wannabe represents “so many whites”. Just a fringe few.

        • Kit

          Liked your comment!

          I’m not being sarcastic and excuse my ignorance but isn’t he of Greek descent? I’m just wondering because it doesn’t make sense with the racist comments he’s always making.

          • Kit

            Nevermind! I misunderstood!

        • sacksquash

          Oh, I wasn’t taking him for a representative. I’ve come across too many people elsewhere who spout the same nonsense.

          Luckily, they do seem to be the minority.

    • Aetheras, you are a silly person.

      The reason there is only one black man on the list is because, statistically, blacks make up 12.6% of the population. If we round this number, that means just over 1 out of 10 people in the US are black. Hence, 1 person out of 10 on the list makes for a very balanced list.

      Now… let’s take your suggestions, you silly person.

      Spike Lee is a movie director. He’s made a few good, entertaining films and several bad ones, and occasionally says dumb things in interviews. Compared to Warren G. Harding, not even close.

      Muhammed Ali? Don King? Do you have a particular problem with the sport of boxing? Ali is a former world champion who’s admired the world around. Don King is arguably a crook (aka “boxing promoter”), but while he’s a thorn in the side of the sport, to magnify him to full-on America status is just silly.

      Malcolm X? Again, admired by many both in and out of the US. His earliest calls for violent uprising against the violent racists of the 50’s and 60’s eventually turned to calls for peaceful resistance. He saw the errors of his ways, and while I don’t agree with his religion (or his politics), it doesn’t make him someone who’s given America a bad name.

      So there’s the answers to your questions. Go be silly somewhere else.

      • ConVixen


    • ConVixen

      That movie you speak of by Spike Lee is called “Do The Right Thing”.

      It’s not an anti-White film. It’s a film about the racial tensions in a Brooklyn, New York neighborhood between the Blacks, Asians (Koreans), Latinos (Puerto Ricans), and Whites (Italians).

      Such racial tensions really did exist in “racialtopia” New York City; Sadly, some still do.

      Also, who are these rappers you speak of spewing anti-White rhetoric? Last time I checked, rap has become degrading in reference towards Blacks over the years, especially towards Black women.

      Have a good day and gain some common sense through the process please.

  • Sircats

    First of all, I have little/no knowledge of who most of these people are; Looking at the comments this is also the case for most people outside of the U.S, and some inside aswell.

    Secondly, Its beyond easy to make a list of the TOP 50,000 that give america a bad reputation.

  • annette

    What Dubya didn’t make it in this list???? He should have reign the top spot. So far Amrendra gave the best comments to really define this list……

  • Bob


  • TeamAmericaWorldTerrorists

    McCarthy is definitely deserved of a place on the list. But I could have made the list simpler:

    Bush (Jr)
    Truman…. etc etc etc

  • mikehermetic

    You forgot Ryan Thomas!

  • John Doe

    Had a feeling McCaryhtism and Red Scare would be here :)

  • Lynchie from Aberdeen

    No Nixon?!?!?!??

  • oouchan

    Phelps (in my opinion) should have been first with the current running mates of the GOP as 2nd. Bunch of nutballs. However, most of these are not really known outside of the US….so not sure if the title works well here or not. How about, “Top 10 people who embarrass other Americans”? Each country could have their own set. :)

    Nice start to an interesting topic.

  • Missy

    You should do an Australian version of this. There’s plenty here to choose from.

  • RAFA

    where the hell is George w Bush? rosenberg really did the world a favor. imagine such power all in the hands of one country which is known to be a bully.

    • Zagging

      Jealous much?

  • Halo

    I thought this was a serious list but then I saw no. 10 and stopped reading. How absurd to call Al Sharpton someone who gives the US a bad name. And to suggest there is no racism because black people have the same rights as whites in theory shows your wonder bread view of racism. Make the distinction between paper and reality and live one day in the shoes of a black person and you will see a different side to things. I have met Al Sharpton personally and he gives this country a better name. He fights against racism and you call him racist for defending people’s rights and standing up for justice. Maybe you should turn off fox news and LEARN SOMETHING beyond what the machine tells you.

    • sacksquash

      I bet a lot of these people believe in “reverse racism.”

    • catchick

      Halo, I do hope you are only speaking for yourself.

      Al Sharpton IS a racist and also an opportunist. He only shows up if there is a big fat check with his name on it and if you’ve met him then you know it’s true that the more money he is paid for his presence; the more money under the table, the stauncher is his defense at the appearance.

      And yes, everyone in America has the same rights be they white, black or whatever. Are those rights abused and/or neglected in our legal system? Every damn day. Show me a country where this doesn’t take place and I’ll sell you this really pretty orange bridge in San Francisco for $1.

      • oregonmade

        EVERYONE has the same rights? Hmmm? Someday my Prince will come…bummer I can’t marry him!

      • ^^^Like button here is needed badly.

  • Halo

    Aetheras = mumbling idiot in need of a mouth enema. Come to a place where black people or other non whites live and speak your thoughts. I’d like to think that even a white person or two would punch you in the face. Thus the Internet becomes your only domain of expression. Clearly a non white person has

    A. Taken your job

    B. did your girl (or made you feel small in the penis department in some other way)

    C. Fucked you up

    D. All of the above

    And you are angry.

  • Ste

    This list is too American.

  • Cornfused

    Well, this list proves one thing: Any idiot can make a list and get it published somewhere on the internet.
    Hey moron, McCarthy was a senator who worked in the senate, so he could not have set up anything in the house which is made up of representatives.
    Beside that fact, history and the records from the former Soviet Union show that McCarthy was 100% correct.

    • piperlauderdale

      Cornfused and Loose Cannon: everybody understands that McCarthy was a SENATOR, and not a REPRESENTATIVE! But do you both not understand the way American politics work? Do you honestly think that these two groups were not working together? I can imagine some back-room whispering sounding something like this, “Psst! Hey, you stick to Hollywood and I’ll take care of the government. Here is a list of people I think are red in Hollywood, you send me word of any commies here in Washington! Let’s really f— them up!”

      It is completely ignorant for you to assume there was no cooperation. It is true for those who came before them, and those who came after.

  • smart guy

    every average american gives the US a bad name, nuff said

    • SilentWhisper

      dont forget about the above average ones too ;)

  • catturd

    Some of these people aren’t that well-known outside of America. I haven’t heard of a few of them. Recent crazies would have been better. I can think of a few…

  • Sam

    No Dick Cheney? No Eric Prince(CEO of Blackwater, a company which earned us massive hatred for countless civilian murders in Iraq.) What about Paris Hilton? I’m an American and I barely knew anything about most of the people on this list. There are plenty of assholes in America that give us a bad name, why did you focus largely on rather obscure and forgotten people from the 19th and early 20th centuries?

  • John

    Little Historical note about number 4. The Napoleonic wars ended in 1814, with the exception of the 1815 battle of Waterloo, and British veterans of the war were sent to North America to fight in the war of 1812. It was these veterans who fought at Washington, Boston and New Orleans.

    Editing needs some work. There were several glaring mistakes. And these aren’t all people who give the US a bad name. There are many other names I would put before people like Arnold or Booth or Calhoon. We live and learn. We forgive past mistakes. The US of the 1800’s is not the US of today. Try giving more contemporary examples next time.

  • Yuri

    This list needs to be better researched. Years after their conviction and following the collapse of the Soviet Union former Soviet agents and scientists came forward and said that They received no information of use from Julius Rosenberg and none whatsoever from Ethel. In fact the main prosecution witness, Ethel’s brother, admitted to falsifying his statement to protect his own family. I’m sorry if my English is poor.

    • Loose_Cannon

      Yuri – “Years after their conviction and following the collapse of the Soviet Union former Soviet agents and scientists came forward and said that They received no information of use from Julius Rosenberg”

      While you may be right about Ethel, the fact is that the VERONA project clearly justified Julius’ conviction.

      For more information:

  • fcr

    i would add every president since JFK, every CEO, every Banker…etc.

    • Zagging

      Then you would be an idiot.

  • JustSayin

    the fact that George Bush or Barack Obama aren’t on the list shows us that america deserves the bad reputatin

  • marc

    your a total ass

  • Lola

    To forget Bush and Cheney is beyond reason, which shows how warped this list is…Sharpton shouldnt even be on the list…he should be on a list for opportunists…Big difference between being an opportunist or throwing the country in the toilet, i.e.: stripping the USA citizens of most of its rights, ruining the WORLD economy, starting wars, allowing high fructose corn syrup and other dangerous additives in all the food,pandering to corporate interests and profiting from all of it…i.e.: Bush/Cheney

  • LostAndTroubledYouth

    wheres Segues? :(

    i miss her

    • SallySalamander

      Nah, I hope she’s finally gotten the hint and stopped commenting.

      • oregonmade

        Read some of these comments….flipping HILARIOUS!!

        • wow!man!wtf?

          I just read some of it…

          Holy flockin sh1t man! What a nutbar!

      • cblouin

        She’s recuperating from the cumulative effect of those segueshot booms I’l wager!

        Good work!

  • marc

    mccarthy doesn,t belong on this list but obuttcrack does,and so does pelosi kennedy, r ginsburg, reid, and… well all demonrats

  • TheItalian

    Good list. And the comments show the arrogance and perception skew of people nicely!

  • this is a truly atrocious list. this is “potentially controversial” only for its inability to actually name people who hurt our reputation abroad. the fact that you didn’t include GWB is absurd. i voted for the guy and lived abroad and i know he’s the cause of much ill will toward this magnificent country.

    also, please learn the difference between amoral and immoral. they’re two very different words.

    • poppop

      The author was trying to remain as politically neutral as possible. Such is simply impossible to do with something as recent and divisive as GWB or even Obama. Did he objectively hurt America’s foreign reputation? I suppose the answer is yes. But “how and why” are impossible to fully tell.

      History helps with perspective a bit, which is why most of these were about the Civil War or Cold War.

      • then it’s not a legitimate title and post. i understand not wanting to start a huge political flamewar drama, but if you think george bush didn’t give america a bad reputation abroad (deservedly or not), then you clearly are living in a cave.

  • Peter

    Al Sharpton and Rev Jesse Jackson are definitely racist but if you think there is equality in American you honestly do not live in America

    • In due time

      I think Europe is just now having to deal with the topic of multiculturalism. They have a large, growing Arabic population that will begin to press the issue of civil rights and inequality into the politicosphere.

  • Dutch412

    What about Bill O’reilly

  • Anonymous

    Um, yeah, the part about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton hating white people and just whining on behalf of the black community is absolute crap. First of all, African American civil rights are far from being their only political causes. Second of all, the author seems to believe that racism is no longer an institution in this nation, and that black people should stop whining about being discriminated against, while citing only one case of false rape, then in the next breath acknowledges the many other cases of white-on-black violence in recent years. THEN, the author proceeds to spend several paragraphs documenting America’s current racial hatred. I’m sorry, but “Flamehorse” seems to be disconnected from reality.

    • sacksquash

      White people have it rough, you know?

    • phauser

      Agree 100% It’s easy for a white person who has never experienced racism first hand to say that racism doesn’t exist. I’m unsubscribing to this site. It’s a joke.

  • Martin

    Where is George W. Bush (and by extension, the people that served under him during his tenure, like Cheney and Rumsfeld) on this list? If somebody gave the United States a bad name, it’s him! His foreign policies and the wars he started under his presidency are largely responsible for the very bad image the US have in the rest in the world, and the Middle East and Islamic country’s in particular.

  • Elemarth

    I loved the topic, but I don’t think you chose the right people. Sure, they’re bad Americans, but aren’t there a lot of people out there who have been more embarrassing internationally? Also, I think there were several factual errors. A couple problems I noticed were that I’ve never heard “HCUA” be referred to anything but HUAC, and Johnson didn’t exactly act against the constitution because the act he defied was itself blatantly unconstitutional.
    But some interesting stuff was here. Thank you for finally explaining to me what the Rosenbergs did.

  • morimyc

    George W. Bush and Lance Armstrong.

  • JamJamJam

    I see no George Bush Jr on here.

    How can communist sympathizers be the people who give America a bad name? Surely the paranoia and the ignorance of the era should be what gives America a bad name, not the victims who were executed.

  • sarandon.lafas

    America is NOT a country. It’s a CONTINENT.

    Stop refering to the United States as America.

    It’s as if suddenly France would start calling itself Europe, or China Asia.

    stupid gringos…

    • No, America is not a continent. There are seven continents; “America” is not one of them. “NORTH America” is, of course, but that continent is comprised of more than the United States of America.

      For your edification, the seven continents are: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia.

      Of course, in some places a six-continent model is taught (namely, the countries of the former USSR and Japan) and if you received your education in one of those places, then obviously you are right insofar as what you personally were taught. However, if you were educated in North America, then you’re an idiot and obviously listened to nothing that was taught in your geography classes.

      Point being — in *most* places, the seven-continent model is widely accepted, and to present your own model as the one and only correct one is asinine.

    • This Topic again…

      “America” is linguistically used to refer to the United States. Stop using semantic arguments to….what was your point again?

    • sacksquash

      I’m so tired of seeing this sentiment espoused by people. You mark yourself as an ignoramus. We are the ONLY country in the Americas (to my memory) to have the word “America” in our official name aside from American Samoa, and their demonym is “American Samoan.” Therefore, the usage is correct, at least in English. Unless you think we should call ourselves “United Statesians.” Which would be silly. You can do that in the Romance languages, but it’s not wrong for us to use “American”, as we’re a predominantly English-speaking country.

      It’s as if you think that we all took a vote to steal the term from the other countries on the continents. Ridiculous.

  • Fordmadoxford

    An interesting list but for the fact most of these guys hardly register outside of America.

    The Bush clan and Cheney with out a doubt should be on this list.

    • I think..

      I think the author wanted to remain as politically neutral and objective as he could. Such is simply not possible when discussing recent events. Even the Phelps point is still too recent to find complete neutrality to ( although most people, myself included, would agree that he is a terrible person who does give our country a bad name).

  • Naomi

    You forgot to mention George W. Bush and his cohort Barack Obama

    • You mean John McCain and Barack Obama, right? I saw that episode of “South Park”, it was great!

      • ianz09

        You undermined any sarcastic reply I could have formed. You win

  • Righteous

    Rick Perry?

  • jon Vincente

    This list is crap. Listverse is going down the tubes.

    • jon von krouch

      couldnt agree more. Jamie Frater is mad stupid yo

  • Michael

    and how is it that Obama didn’t make it onto this list?

  • Snoofie

    “But the problem is that black people now have all the rights white people have in the United States. They have them equally, both in quantity and quality.”

    So…let me guess, you’re white, right?

    To make a statement such as the one I’ve quoted, you must live under a rock. Only someone who has never experienced racism as an African-American can say something like that and actually believe it.

    • ianz09

      Let’s face it, everybody experiences racism anymore. Hell, if you’re white you are subject to racism. I’ve met African Americans, Hispanics, etc., who hate white people, and I felt discriminated against. It was never a legal issue, but let’s face it, you can experience racism even if you’re white, so don’t make it seem like Caucasians are immune to it. A friend of mine and his brother lived in an inner city school district before, and they were the minorities in that they were the only white kids there. They got picked on every single day, only because of that. And the fact that you assumed the writer was white may imply a little racism on your part. I’ve met black people whose opinions of Jackson and Sharpton were nearly word for word what the poster wrote.

      Also, if you want to talk about discrimination in the modern day without coming off like Sharpton or Jackson, why not defend Muslims, Middle Eastern ethnic groups, and gays? They are clearly bearing the brunt of discrimination anymore. While African Americans and all minorities will always experience racism, the hatred they garnered from white people peaked a long time ago.

      • ianz09

        Oh, I forgot Hispanics. Whether you’re from Mexico or not, if you look like you could be, you are assumed to be an illegal immigrant.

  • Mori

    Where is Goerge W. Bush Jr. ?? What about William J. Simmons who founded the 2nd most prominent era of the Ku Klux Klan?

  • Mori

    Dont forget John McCain!! And Sarah Palin

  • I never make these lists! LOL! Just kidding, just kidding. But what a lot of people don’t understand is that in the history of our country, politicians were very very wacky, and used to swear and scream at each other to a much greater degree than people today could ever imagine. In today’s age everyone keeps “PC”, in days gone by, you could just as easily end up in a duel with a fellow Senator.

  • mom424

    Well Flamehorse I’m so glad that prejudice has been eliminated in the United States, that black folks and other people of color have an equal playing field. I think you might want to tell that to the people who are illegally pulled over and targeted in some of your southern states. Those same people who have their cars impounded and are basically held hostage by trumped up charges. Or if they actually commit a crime, spend 10X the time in jail. I’m not arguing about placing Sharpton and Jackson on this list – their inflammatory rhetoric is much more damaging than it is helpful – just your justification for it.

    An argument could be made that prejudice relating to skin color is being replaced by prejudice related to economic status or classism, but you didn’t do that. Your reasoning is at best naive – and I certainly hope that’s what it is. Mind you, your exclusion of Bush – the President that has most destroyed your reputation abroad (whether you personally agree with his politics or not) – kind of makes me wonder. And makes this list a fail imo.

    Interesting read but leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    • sacksquash

      Well said. Although, those injustices occur throughout the country, the North definitely included.

  • fred

    Al Sharpton? Really? Unfortunately there is still rascism and yes the black community does often fell victimized. If you don’t think there is still racism watch fox news. You put him on a list with murders and traitors, simply stupid. Harden but no Bush. Starts 2 wars a bankrupts an economy but not worse than someone who exercises free speech and the freedom of assembly (completely American) but not worse than Bush. Stupid. Andrew Jackson by all accounts was a racist and responsible for the death of tens of thousands if Native Americans but he’s not worse than Al Sharpton. Stupid. Fucking stupid. You have no idea how much this man has don’t to help Americans of all races.

  • I see a lot of people showing there disdain and not liking Andrew Jackson. I won’t argue because all I know was he was the 7th president of the United States of America. But I will tell you one thing that I do very much enjoy about him and that his portrait is on a piece of paper with the NUMBER 20 on it that gets circulated in this country everyday which a few of them are in my pocket right now !!!

  • BERNIE MADOFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, just look and pronounce his last name he “Made Off” with billions of dollars of other peoples money

  • Brother John

    Couple things:

    First, generally good choices. However, Calhoun should be replaced by Roger B. Taney, who is probably a bit more well known, and certainly the Supreme Court decision he authored, commonly known as the Dred Scott decision, is more so. In it, he asserted that the black man has “no rights which the white man was bound to respect.”

    Second, I believe Harding gets a bad rap. His chief failing was trusting his friends, who were, admittedly, all crooks. That said, his choice of Andrew Mellon as Treasury secretary was nothing short of brilliant, and it was this plus Harding’s low-tax policy which ended the world-wide depression of 1919-20 for the U.S. and created a decade of prosperity and a 1.6% unemployment rate in 1926.

    Third, Andrew Johnson might be given a bit more credit as well. His policy was explicitly a continuation of Lincoln’s post-war plans, which were to extend magnanimity and assistance in rebuilding the South. Lincoln wished to be generous, not retributive, to southerners and Johnson – from Tennessee – decided to follow the same course. Lincoln’s cabinet, on the other hand, wished to brutally crush the South, exact revenge on it, and seize power, in essence. Johnson’s resistance infuriated them, natural since they were well outside their bounds in dictating policy in this way; Johnson demanded the resignation of Edwin Stanton, Secretary of War. Congress, anxious to get him out of the way to carry out retribution, impeached him. The Tenure of Office Act was later declared unconstitutional anyway. This treatment of him in this list is quite flawed.

    Fourth, McCarthy was a horse’s ass, all around. He was a drunk and a bully, and cited largely imaginary evidence when he made speeches all around the country denouncing the State Department as being full of Communist subversives. The HUAC and his general attitude discredited him for a generation. I don’t know for sure if he believed what he said or was merely cynically capitalizing on the zeitgeist of the times, but the problem with his legacy is that he was *right*. Since the ’30s, the State Department (along with the New York Times) and a number of other agencies had been well infiltrated by Soviet sympathizers and spies, and McCarthy’s reputation after the Joseph Webb events basically allowed such traitors to carry on undisturbed for decades thereafter.

    • Loose_Cannon

      Very well stated, Brother John, I couldn’t agree more. You are correct in that McCarthy was a despicable character, but people miss the fact that he was alsoRIGHT. There were communist spies in the State Department, as other people had noted, including the former Secretary of State, James Byrnes!!. In fact, Byrnes’ list of communist sympathizers is generally regarded as the source of McCarthy’s list from his speech in Wheeling, W. Virginia.

      Just because the guy was an ass, doesn’t mean he was wrong. His methods were repulsive, and had he taken a different approach, he may very have been a revered senator for his service, instead of the twisted maniac he’s rightly remembered for today.

  • Miss V : Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Uzbekistan. There ya go a list that YOU can submit to Listverse

  • Sammy

    all the rap artists.. With their controversial lyrics.

    • nickelfevanina

      which artists and which lyrics?

      • for wrong answer read this

        How bout Johnny Cash and all his gangster rap words huh!

    • TheCapitalLetter

      Nah, only popular in the Us rap and hip hop is not really world music worthy. But comedians on the other hand, with vulgar cheap jokes do make me think people that laugh at them are retards. Not all of them, of course, but, some of the more mainstream ones like Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Adam Sandler. Even the YouTube comedy celebrities are sort of insulting to viewers, the Shaytards, i Justine, Ray William Johnson…

  • chris

    true quick list of 5 americans that give USA a bad reputation.

    1.- people who call “America” ( the actual name of the whole continent) to their country.

    2.- George bush junior.
    3.- screetch from saved by the bell.
    4.-that rupaul guy from the 80’s
    5.-Oprah (yes! she is only liked in the US)

  • nickelfevanina

    “But the problem is that black people now have all the rights white people have in the United States. They have them equally, both in quantity and quality.” Yes, this statement is true, but how often are these rights exercised by other people? Just because the government gives rights that doesn’t mean their people do. With your entry, “Alfred Charles Sharpton, Jr., etc.” you have taken the first steps to creating a destructive ideology, thank you.

  • linda10989

    Speaking as a non-American, I think that the following people should have been included (or at least, a side note):

    the idiots in the US military who think it’s a good idea to humiliate/torture POW and have themselves photographed doing it (the prison in Iraq). I have to wonder if after that, how many American soldiers were killed in direct or indirect retaliation for that stunt. And most recently, the soldiers who urinate on dead bodies. I know that that those idiots do not represent the majority, but let’s face it: the entire US military was given a black eye because of those actions.

    Also, another who gives the US a bad name is Bill O’Reilly. In several non-American countries, he is seen as a joke but in American, he is taken seriously as a journalist for Republican views. Can anyone point out one instance where he criticized Dubya?

    I’m astonished that he hasn’t admitted to witnessing GWB himself walking on water and curing the lepers… Yet.

  • Hestie

    This list was overly-descriptive, but almost enjoyable.

    As a non-American, I have to say, the real people influencing America’s image nowadays are the rich and famous. Overseas, most American coverage on any tv circles around the stars, not politics or current events.

    My list would start off with someone like Britney Spears and her croneys – Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton. They could be followed up by the Jackass team etc.

    We are not taught American history in our schools – so most of these people have never even been heard of…

  • zoom

    No Nixon? The guy sold out all the principles of a fair democracy Americans so wholeheartedly profess to believe in. From a non-American perspective he seems an obvious choice for this list.

  • Hippie Lover

    Where is George W. Bush???

  • jorge figueroa

    Good Article, but it would be a great idea to start talking about the United States of America as the united states and not refer to it as America.

    10 people who give the United States a bad name. Its just that I’m American but from the united states. Im from an island in the caribbean, but i live in the american continent making me an american. French are european and French. I am Caribbean and American. The US people should start using a new word to refer to themselves. UnitedStanian, Unitedstany, unioner or something that you decide on.

    Lets try to eliminate this use of work

    • TheCapitalLetter

      Remember many other countries are “United States” so I just refer to them as USA, seeing that my country is United States of Mexico, it feels just as wrong to say they are US.

  • Maggot

    I find it conspicuously lacking in the Phelps entry, any mention whatsoever that his and the Westboro Baptist Church’s primary motivation is homophobia, veiled in fundamentalist biblical justification. Even the url for the WBC’s official website is itself a hatefully condemning slur against homos.exuality. Is the reason for this that because while you (rightfully) denounce and abhor Phelps’ hateful and confrontational methods, you agree in principle with his position on that topic? So better to not mention it directly?

    • Loose_Cannon

      Maggot: “Is the reason for this that because while you (rightfully) denounce and abhor Phelps’ hateful and confrontational methods, you agree in principle with his position on that topic?”

      Wow, what a monstrous reach to condemn the writer as agreeing with Phelp’s! Just because the writer discusses Phelp’s method, and doesn’t dismiss his beliefs, doesn’t make them a believer of such dribble. Does that mean that anyone who reported on the Iraqi War agreed with it? Does that also mean reporters on Afghanistan supported the Taliban?

      You are a fine example of why the political discourse in this nation has deteriorated in the last decade. Shooting the messenger simply because they refused to state an opinion on the message is intolerable.

      Here: Adolph Hitler was born Austria.

      Does that make me a Nazi?

      • Maggot

        Wow, what a monstrous reach…

        You’d best keep your nose out of it, Loose_Cannon. It’s not a reach when you already know the answer. He’s on record as having stated it in the past. It was more of a rhetorical question, and nowhere am I suggestion that I expected him to dismiss Phelps’ beliefs, but merely to mention them. So save your indignant lecturing for someone else.

        • Loose Cannon

          Maggot “So save your indignant lecturing for someone else.”

          Nah, people like you need to be put in their place. Dragging the writers personal beliefs into this fray was unwarranted and unneeded. This is the typical political discourse in this country, and all it does is bring the debate down in the mud.

          Tell me, why does it matter if the writer believes homosexuality is wrong? The topic is “10 People Who Give America A Bad Reputation”.

          This is the politics of personal destruction. You shout so loud about the most trivial and unrelated topics that the original message is lost.

          • Maggot

            people like you need to be put in their place.

            And where do you think my “place” should be? Listening to you babble on about your idea of proper internet decorum?

            Dragging the writers personal beliefs into this fray was unwarranted and unneeded…Tell me, why does it matter if the writer believes homos.exuality is wrong?

            It doesn’t particularly matter to me what the writer’s personal beliefs are. He is free to have them. What matters to me here is that he (may have been) motivated by that belief to purposely leave out a KEY detail about the Phelps entry, which IMO is disingenuous and a disservice to the readers. You’re trying to defend him (the writer) by saying he shouldn’t be faulted for not offering an opinion, but I’m saying it appears to me that he IS opining about it via selective editorial omission, and if that is the case, it’s a chickens.hit way to do it. We can disagree on whether or not you think homophobia is a key detail of Phelps’ story worthy of mention, but I note that every other entry talks about the primary politics behind the person, whether a judgment is made or inferred about it or not, but the Phelps entry does not even mention it, except for some cursory generalizations about “God’s Law” and a couple of other cherry-picked hot buttons like public kissing and racial slurs, and instead focuses almost entirely on how mean-spirited and “trollish” he is. But in practically EVERY documentary or article you will find about Phelps/WBC, the homophobe agenda is prominent and typically the first detail that is mentioned. It’s a relevant stage-setter and one brief neutral sentence here about it would’ve sufficed. My point (again) was that its absence was a glaring exception as compared to the other items discussed here, and I highly doubt that it was just an oversight to leave it out. If you think the omission was trivial, so be it. I don’t. Boo hoo if the way I raised the issue was a little too acerbic for your liking.

            You shout so loud about the most trivial and unrelated topics that the original message is lost.

            Oh the irony of this statement. My entire point is that Phelps’ original or main “message” was lost (i.e. purposely omitted) in this list’s entry, and I maintain that it is relevant enough that it should’ve been mentioned.

  • what about Bush… does he count, I would have put him no 2 personally, he pretty much turned america into the war machine it is today, hated by 90% of the middle east.

    • Rahat

      More like hated by 90% of the world.

  • Dr. Jingo

    McCarthy was never in HUAC. HUAC is the HOUSE Un-American Activities Committee. Tailgunner Joe was a Senator.

  • some name

    Man I’m tired of getting hated on for being American, there are smart, sensible Americans out there. However I know someone is just gonna say how those types of Americans are in the minority so I’m not sure why I bother.

  • Scott

    I was expecting another stupid, liberal list. But I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Al Sharpton’s inclusion is good, I’m glad other people see what a POS he is. That’s why I don’t respect MSNBC, they let him spew his vomitus on television.

  • “It is true that blacks did not have equal rights under the law for a very long duration of the USA’s history, but with the outstanding work of people like Martin Luther King, Jr., the Civil Rights Movement did just that: moved to the end of the line and accomplished all its goals.”

    WHAT Universe do YOU live in??!!!

    Gotta wonder what a white Brit knows about race relations in the US?

    If you were a black person in America, you would KNOW that race is still a tremendous determiner of economic, social and legal/punitive policies. Black people are disproportionately likely to be poor, unemployed, sick, die young, have high infant mortality, arrested, convicted, harshly-sentenced and executed compared to Whites. Your assertion that race and civil rights struggles are in our past would be laughable if it weren’t so blatantly ignorant. Which makes your reason for including Sharpton ridiculous. (BTW, I’m white…)

    Also, I would suggest that instead of including people who most do not recognise like Harding and Johnson, you might include some like:

    >L. Ron Hubbard – Founder of Scientology and failed science fiction author;

    >Robert Welch – Founder of the John Birch Society, forerunner of the neocons and Tea Party and scion of Welch’s Grape Juice fortune;

    >J. Edgar Hoover – Director of the FBI, power-broker through spying and blackmail and notorious closet homosexual and cross=dresser;

    >Richard Nixon – not just for Watergate but for the Hiss Affair and the whole Pumpkin Papers magilla;

    >Lee Harvey Oswald – If you are going to include J W Booth, although I personally am not convinced that he was the actual triggerman;

    …and that’s just off the top of my head for the 20th Century.

  • When will people learn

    It was Congress’s harsh actions after the Civil War which ruined any chance the south had for a quick and easy reconstruction, the after affects of which are still felt today. Congress was out for revenge, not to free any slaves or institute real civil rights. Their goal was to utterly destroy all remnants of the confederacy with a brutal iron fist.

    Lincoln recognized the danger in this, and called for a quick, forgiving reconstruction that included consolidating southern governments quickly, but also implementing reforms and programs to aid southern freedmen. He recognized that punishing the south would only breed hatred and resentment that would prolong civil rights in the south, and may even lead to a second civil war. He took the middle ground, the ground that would have had civil rights happen as early as the 1890s.

    What we got instead were two extremist groups fighting with each other ( sound familiar?). On side, the side that won, wanted to utterly destroy the southern states and burn them to the ground. Once these states were burned to the ground, only then could they be rebuilt. This lead to the south becoming a military zone, with the entirety of the population placed under military law. Then you had the other side, the side that Andrew Johnson was on. This lead to prolonging of civil rights, and creating a defiant southern culture that probably would never be fully re-integrated into the Union.

    Now we have a culture of people angered by northern policies, utterly robbed of property and their way of life, living in the equivalent of a third world country of a once powerful farming economy. We have freedmen who have become abandoned by both governments whose only choice is to move to the cities or become slaves again in sharecropping with no education or civil rights. We have a culture that then witnesses these people’s difficulty with being free blaming them for the north’s harsh treatment. This was anarchy and neither side did the right thing.

    If only Lincoln had been heard.

  • Rahat Haque

    Where is Bush? Bush Jr. Some of the names here are considered heroes or martyrs by some. But let me tell you, the world always unites in their hate for Bush.

  • TheCapitalLetter

    Bush family gave the worst reputation, these people are traitors and sick sadistic men. If anything, people that give the US bad reputation are dumb celebrities.

  • Jimmy Johnson

    I thought creating war where none existed, or required their involvement, was what gave America a bad reputation.

  • ATPM

    Where’s Dubya ??

  • Adam

    Sharpton is annoying, but he does shed light on the fact thateven though black people are “free” and have all the same rights whites do, there is still a tremendous amount of discrimination against blacks. There are more Black Men in jail in America Then in College, The Black UN-employment rate is 26% while the The rest of the country hovers around 10%. Blacks are disproportionately affected by HIV, crack cocaine, Drug/Gang violence, Breakdown of the home, a Justice system that routinely favors whites. If Sharpton wants to highlight some of those issues there is nothing wrong with that. There is a hole movement now called Occupy wall street that has formed basically because white people are now after the 2008 financial crisis feeling the same economic pain black people have been reeling from for decades. And I would think Occupy wall street is looked upon very favorably by the rest of the world.

    You are wrong as well on Jessie Jackson. Ten years ago he went to Belgrade and negotiated the release of Prisoners and got them back to America. Something he wouldn’t have been able to do had his name been so tarnished in the rest of the world.

    This is one of the few list I have read on Listverse that seems to be The writers opinion masquerading as an unbiased assessment.

    • sacksquash

      “This is one of the few list I have read on Listverse that seems to be The writers opinion masquerading as an unbiased assessment.”


  • adam

    Totally agree! Sharpton is annoying but he does shed light on the fact even though black people are “free” and have all the same rights whites do, they are still in a tremendous amount of discrimination against blacks. There are more Black Men in jail in America Then in College, The Black UN-employment rate is 26% while the The rest of the country hovers around 10%. Blacks are disproportionately affected by HIV, crack cocaine, Drug/Gang, Violence, Lack of a father figures, a Justice system that routinely favors whites. If Sharpton wants to highlight some of those issues there is nothing wrong with that. There is a hole movement now called Occupy wall street that has formed basically because white people are not feeling the same economic pain black people have been reeling from for decades. And I would think Occupy wall street is looked upon very favorably by the rest of the world.

    You are wrong as well on Jessie Jackson. Ten years ago he went to Belgrade and negotiated the release of Prisoners and got them back to America. Something he wouldn’t been able to do had his name been so tarnished in the rest of the world.

    This is one of the few list I have read on Listverse that seems to be The writers opinion masquerading as an unbiased assessment.

  • Steph

    I wasn’t surprised to see Fred Phelps on this list, he is a vile and disgusting creature. I watched a documentary months ago about him and his followers and was saddened and appauled to hear free use of n****r and f****t by a 9 year old boy whose father was a very active member of the “church”. The way the parents encouraged the children to shout vulgar and hateful comments made me sick, I’d have had a serious case of soap vs mouth when I was younger for words half as bad!

  • Mitch with a thought


  • Just half a second of research reveals that McCarthy had nothing to do with the HUAC. Google is your friend….

  • davo

    can’t find the people who actually listen to Fred Waldron Phelps, Sr and prevent them from breeding?

  • bodz5150

    Anyone wanting to read a funny interview of Shirley Phelps go here:
    Look for the part about Bioshock’s Rapture, golden.

  • eduardo jaramillo

    interesting list… quite a few grammar mistakes, but well written nonetheless… also quite long.
    “Despite that self-criticism, his murder of Lincoln effectively stalled the civil rights movement for about a hundred years.”
    I can’t say i agree with that statement….

  • zzzzz

    No George W. Bush?

  • My God, who is this Fred Phelps character ??? I don’t want to sound undomesticated but I had never heard of him until this list came out just a couple of days ago. You mean to tell me their are worst and more whacked out evangelists than Pat Robertson, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, Jimmy Swaggert, Al Sharpton ??? I can tell you this. If you get into your time machine and go back about 35-40 years ago, there was a woman who was an evangelist who scared the living and Holy SH*T out of me…….Does anyone remember the name……Katherine Kuhlman ??????

  • FORMER VICE-PRESIDENT SPIRO T. AGNEW !!!!!!!! (And Donald Trump was on a rampage about President Obama’s birth certificate ? I’d like to see Agnew’s birth certificate, it sounds awfully Greek to me, no pun intended)

  • Senator Jesse Helms, Senator Strom Thurmond……………..shall I keep going ? Gee, I’m in a really anti-republican mood tonight for some reason…………………

  • Meg

    Harding was a good president although his cabinet was ridiculous.

  • For all of you people who hail from New Hampshire, here’s a couple of more…………..Govenor Meldrim Thompson (R) and the Thankfully Late Newspaper owner of The Manchester Union Leader Newspaper William Loeb and his wife Nackey. Trust me, I lived in New Hampshire for 35 years !!!!!!!

  • Why don’t we just change the TITLE of this list. Instead of “10 People Who Give America a Bad Reputation”, why don’t we just change it to “10 REPUBLICANS Who Give America a Bad Reputation”…………..

    • sacksquash

      Probably because nearly half of the people on the list aren’t/weren’t Republicans.

  • JERRY SPRINGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Annoyed Elephant. Good retort. You should see the episode of “Family Guy” when Lois gets a job as an anchorwoman for FOX news. Of course Brian The Dog is vehemently opposed to it because he is a democrat. Lois then proceeds to investigate as to whether Rush Limbaugh is homosexual or not. The conclusion that she comes up with ? Thinking that Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore are having a gay relationship. So, I agree with you in a good way. Moore’s documentary called “Bowling For Columbine” and at the end where he goes to the front door step of the late Charlton Heston’s house and asks for an interview as he was president of the NRA. How in hell, did Moore get beyond his gate. That took balls for him to do that. I am a democrat but I am certainly a big supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I did own a .357 magnum at one time due to the town that I was living at where you had to grow eyes on the back of your head as well as on the sides of your head. My Father is as staunch of a Democrat as it gets and I know that if he ever found out that I at one time owned a gun, he would have disinherited me on the spot. As far as who I will vote for ? I just might vote independently this year and I did vote Republican 1984 for Reagan, just for the simple fact that I felt safe when he was in office.

  • @Loose_Cannon. I happened to watch the Academy Awards a few years ago when Elia Kazan was given The Lifetime Achievement Award for his lifelong work to the movie industry. Two things etched in my mind and still do this day. One was the extremely lukewarm applause that he received when his name was announced. And then the camera focusing on one of the audience members who happened to be the actor Nick Nolte. If any man had the look of killing another man at that particular moment, it was the stare that Nick Nolte gave to Elia Kazan. So, explain that one to me, if you please………..

    • Loose Cannon

      Peter8172: “If any man had the look of killing another man at that particular moment, it was the stare that Nick Nolte gave to Elia Kazan. So, explain that one to me, if you please………..”

      I dunno, heartburn? Maybe Nick Nolte had a turtle head poking out, and really needed to go the bathroom! Geez, this is what you took away from what I wrote concerning McCarthy not being responsible for Kazan’s testimony to HUAC?

      Seriously, check your reading comprehension! Kazan testified to the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC). McCarthy was a SENATOR. McCarthy had nothing to do with the investigation in Hollywood, only in the US government!

  • catchick

    Flamehorse, are you an American? If you are, then you are either in no position to write a list with this title as only someone who lives outside of the USA could say “That person gives America a bad name” or else your should have titled it “Americans that give Americans IN America a bad name “.

    I’m a 47 year old American woman and have never heard of George Lincoln Rockwell. The only person who belongs on this list is Fred Phelps.

    All you have done is give everyone a brief history lesson on some rather base people from America’s past. Why on earth would someone on the other side of the world think badly of a man named John C. Calhoun? A totally useless and forgotten politician who did nothing but seek his own political agenda. Grant it that could define most politicians in general.

    You would have received accolades for including George W. Bush for his ruination of America. Or any number of celebrities for their debauchery, drug use, and self-aggrandizing rhetoric; i.e. Charlie Sheen or Michael Moore.

    I’ve enjoyed many of your lists but this one seems to be just your own personal opinion as you would want the whole world to think.

    You can do better.

    • Jack

      Why on Earth would someone think badly of a man named Adolf Hitler? Or Napoleon Bonaparte? Or Josef Stalin? Or Nero? Or Saddam Hussein? Or Osama bin Laden? Or Kaiser Wilhelm? Or Gavrilo Principe? Or Attila?

      • catchick

        Don’t be ridiculous. I meant the John C. Calhoun wasn’t an international American figure. Like all of the names that you provided.

  • tobey

    Michelle and Marcus Bachman, Sarah Pailin The Kardashians and to name a few. Those fuckers are such a national laughing stock.

  • Jack

    What about Jane Fonda? During the Vietnam War she fully and quite vocally supported the North Vietnamese. She even went so far as to make several trips to Ho Chi Minh City, took trips of military sites, and supported the false claim put forth by the NVA government that fingered the US responsible for the destruction of several villages along a major river (I forget which). In reality, the villages were right up against the bank and overcrowded, and the supposed bombing took place during flood season. You connect the dots.

    From a military perspective, I would put forth Gen. Horatio Gates. I can’t think of a single American general that has a worse track record. He lost several battles, and he was the one that got promoted over Benedict Arnold (which lead to Arnold thinking he was treated unfairly and defecting).

    From a political perspective, George Walker (Texas Ranger) Bush. Even though I’m a Democrat, the reason I don’t like him was because he was so amazingly stupid. Go on Youtube and look up “bushisms.” My favorite is “terrorists are trying to harm our country and so are we (to be fair that was slightly taken out of context. He was trying to say “terrorists are trying to harm our country, and we’re trying to harm theirs).” He also got us into one completely unnecessary war. Afghanistan you could argue was important because at the time we were trying to take out terrorists and that’s how we wound up there. Iraq however, was the stupidest of all of America’s wars. We were attacked in the War of 1812, needed the American-Indian wars for expansion, (may be getting this wrong) were attacked in the Mexican-American war, forget the reason for the Spanish-American war but assume that it was also expansion, World War 1 to help our allies, World War 2 to help our allies and to take back territory from the Japanese, Korean War to help allies, Vietnam War to help, both Gulf War were essentially PR wars because Saddam was being a douche, and thats about it. Someone tell me if I missed something.

    • Edskibobbke

      Might just be being pedantic here, so i apologise in advance. The USA was not attacked in the War of 1812. Canada was invaded in response to the Royal Navy illegally boarding US ships and “kidnapping” potential deserters. Canadian militia managed to fend off the US army long enough for a British Expeditionary force of Peninsular veterans to arrive and pursue a retaliatory raid on Washington DC. The war then dragged on until a peace treaty was signed upholding the status quo. Canadians regard the war as a victory over an aggressive neighbour. The British barely know the conflict existed and perceive it as victorious defence of Canada. I believe the US are taught that it was a mighty victory against the warmongering British and the 2nd war of independence. Just shows that history is written by whoever the school orders the textbooks from.

  • Plenilunius

    This is one of the few lists i dont agree with. How can this ten people all from one single country (mostly unknown people) give a bad reputation to the whole continent? I thought I would find Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro in the list but no. This must be an U.S. centred list.

    • sacksquash

      In English, the demonym for the United States (full and official name: United States of America) is “American.”

  • bengalpuss29

    i wonder if a white person acted the way sharpton does would he be sentenced to prison for being racist? I think we all know the answer to that one. It really pisses me of when anything happens to a black person automatically the person doing it is racist and only because that person is black. Its time to stop this crap and realise we all get treated the same.

  • Joseph W.

    Harding doesn’t belong on the list. His economic policies gave the U.S. unprecedented wealth that not only helped “the evil, stinking, filthy rich” but raised millions of people out of poverty. His so-called political scandals were nothing compared to the political scandals of the last 40 years. It’s hard to believe they were even scandals.

    McCarthy was right: There was a communist conspiracy. Unfortunately, he went too far in his accusations. It’s funny that one of McCarthy’s biggest supporters isn’t mentioned: Then-Senator John Kennedy who would become the most anti-communist president the U.S. has ever had (with the possible exception of Reagan).

    • nietzschean23

      Seriously? Harding is widely considered to be one the most corrupt politicians in US history. Half of his cabinet went to prison shortly after his death. Also, McCarthy absolutely went on a communist witch that ruined the careers and lives of the people he accused. Even if there were communists last time I checked its not illegal to be a communist.

  • Joseph W.

    Comparing McCarthy to Hitler and Stalin–the worst mass murderers in history with the exception of Mao–is unnecessarily hyperbolic. And McCarthy did not form the HUAC. Duh, McCarthy was a SENATOR. He had no control over what the House of Representatives did at all. Was John Kennedy evil, too? As a senator in the 1950s, he believed in the communist conspiracy as well.

  • Kev

    I would have included the current republican candidates for president also George Bush Jr, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly, the Koch brothers etc

  • Kal

    This is one of the best wrote lists in a long time. Very well documented. Thumbs up

  • Frankie

    Some of your choices I agree with wholeheartedly, especially McCarthy, who was just a deeply flawed human being, as well as American. But I feel that a majority of these people (men?) don’t really represent America’s flaws, as seen by the rest of the world. These Americans didn’t injure us, the wider world, they injured you. So why would they give you a bad name?

    In any case, as a non-American, these people, though flawed, don’t injure my opinion of America of such, but they do injure my opinion of different aspects of society.

    For example, Westboro takes hate to such an extreme, and is so ineffective, that it’s just laughable, (and apparently they hate Australia, and we’re all, the whole 20+ million of us, going to hell. Go figure), but it damages my opinion of religion, rather than America.

    But anyway. Interesting none the less.

  • Stacey

    Really disliking the whole bit about how a woman can’t really be claiming rape if she’s drunk, sleeps around, etc. Rape is rape – and I have no idea if this woman was raped or not, I’m not familiar with the case… but the line about her credibility being shot because of vibrator usage, etc… it’s just kind of disgusting and misogynistic.

    Drunk or not, having slept with numerous men previously or not, using a vibrator or not… a woman can still be a victim of rape regardless. To suggest otherwise is revolting.

  • Avenger

    Thank you for including Fred Phelps. ASS! HOLE!

  • Todesbringer

    J. Edgar Hoover? Was he loved in the US? George W Bush? Nixon?

  • nosferatwo

    “…all other legalized citizens of the United States of America have, today, equal rights under the law…”

    Silly me, I could have sworn that I’m not allowed to marry who I want, and I’m not protected under several anti-discrimination laws. Are you sure we’re living in the same country? Or did you purposely pass over an entire group of people that are being held down by the obsolete religious right? I get the feeling you think America is all bald eagles and freedom, without the oppression and inequality that many still suffer.

  • 63jax

    where is Lady Gaga?

    • nietzschean23

      We gave you Brittany Spears too. You’re welcome

  • Crumbed Jutzes

    “…within earshot of multiple Senators, “The son of a bitch should be impeached.” That’s right. A sitting US Senator actually called the sitting US President a “son of a bitch.””

    I think it’s adorable that the author thinks that this occurance, in McCarthy’s long career of fuckwittery, is so abominable.

  • Josh

    “But the problem is that black people now have all the rights white people have in the United States. They have them equally, both in quantity and quality. ”

    You lost me here. If you think that black people are qualitatively equal to white people in the U.S., then you have your head in the ground.

  • alan

    top of my list would be George W bush.

  • Loose Cannon

    From the article: “On 2 December of that year, the Senate voted 67 to 22 to censure McCarthy, which removed him from HCUA.”

    Let me get this straight – a senator was censured by the senate and was then removed from a House committee? Really??

    Will the editor PLEASE make a correction! This is a blatant act of ignorance on the facts!

  • ccmonty

    Wow, you badly misstated the Dyer Anti-Lynching Bill referenced in the Harding entry. The bill wound not have made lynching illegal. Lynching was already illegal. The problem was the lack of action taken by state and local authorities to prosecute, or even investigate, the violent, extrajudicial acts which were done with complete disregard for the existing laws, and the knowledge perpetrators had that even if they were caught and brought to trial, the trials were mostly an inconvenience they could be sure they would walk away from with a quick acquittal. The Dyer bill would have enabled the federal government to step in and prosecute lynchings, and impose penalties on counties where lynchings took place by making lynching a federal felony.

    A very unsatisfactory article, with lots of incorrect info and shoddy research.

  • fatsexy

    You have lost your entire fucking mind. McCarthy tried to save America from the subversive Communist movement that has killed our nation within our lifetimes.

    It’s amazing that you’re so PC that you view the worst people in American history based upon their views on race.

  • Well Loose Cannon, lets put some closure to this argument by saying, or even better yet, that maybe, just maybe, McCarthy was a Communist himself. So please excuse me as I have to go to the bathroom as I am not feeling to well over this whole list. Yep, I am having LOOSE bowel movements LOOSE CANNON over this sophomoric and insidious list. Americans pitting Americans against each other, now that’s UN-AMERICAN !!! Senator Joe McCarthy (R) – from WISCONSIN. I now finally realize as to why I was routing for the New York Giants to beat Green Bay Packers yesterday,

    Green Bay, WISCONSIN !!!! So after I have my LOOSE bowel movement, LOOSE CANNON, I will take a quick trip to the package store, purchase a fifth of Jack Daniels and chug it all down tonight, just like McCarthy used to do before and after work. And everyone asks as to why he died so young. Cirrhosis Of The Liver is not a pleasant way to die. Take it from me a teetotaler who laid off the booze 5 years and 2 months ago because I was heading in the same direction. November 20, 2006, I said GOODBYE to the liquid death in which I was consuming. Gee, maybe he and W.C. Fields hung out together, you know, 2 quarts of GIN per day for the last 35 years of his life, W.C. Fields ??????

  • O.K., O.K. Its time for some comic relief. Here is an individual who gave America a BAD REPUTATION……….The rock music singer Joan Jett. Her Debut Album was entitled “BAD REPUTATION” and was released on January 23, 1981.

  • Nicolelodeon

    What about President Andrew Jackson? He murdered thousands of Indians native to the United States, and of course you see no mention of that in American History books.

  • Miguel

    Why do you think that America is only United States?? Did you know that America goes from the North of Alaska to the South of Argentina?? not only U.S… and by the way, I’m venezuelan

  • Jose Maria

    Number 3 is funny when he didn’t know wat to say he punched the guy like a baws lol

  • Name

    I was expecting Jane Fonda somewhere here

  • RaB In NOLA

    Regarding the Rosenbergs: Declassified Soviet intelligence files show that the value of the intelligence was negligible. They thought that they had passed on important information, but it was trash. Clearly they were stupid and they thought they were being traitors, but they weren’t.

    PS. How is it that Dick Cheney, a person that started 2 wars for his own profit, is missing from this list? Bush part 2 was an idiot, but Cheney set up American soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines for death to get no-bid contracts for Haliburton’s services.

  • Rachel

    Black people have equal rights? You have got to be f*cking kidding me. What United States do you live in?

  • Honorable mention:

    George Walker Bush

    Barack Hussein Obama

  • Jason Whitaker

    Sic semper tyrannis

  • Joe Schmoe

    Dear Mr. Frater,
    Congratulations! This list means your site has officially jumped the shark. It’s one thing to publish dumb, poorly-written rants and sit back and collect the ad revenue. No harm, no foul.
    But to choose to accept such vitriolic, racist, classist hatred written by someone who is more like those he hates than he’ll ever know is to, in fact, promte such filth.
    Shame on you. You disgust me.

  • Robert Jackson

    The #1 spot belongs to jews. They’ve been backstabbing America as long as they have been here.

  • magnus

    10 People Who Give America a Bad Reputation In The Rest of The World;

    10. Walt Disney
    9. Paris Hilton
    8. Donald Rumsfeld
    7. Sarah Palin
    6. Jay Leno
    5. Rupert Murdoch (Fox News etc.)
    4. George Bush
    3. George W Bush
    2. The greedy ruthless parasitical warstarting wandering eternal jew
    1. Richard Nixon

  • Frustrated and tired…

    I think I’m officially done here. I’ve enjoyed many of the lists and ignored some racially charged comments that were shaky at best. While I’m perfectly able to go into depth and explain myself I don’t feel it’s worth it. Al Sharpton on the same list as John Wilkes Booth, among others, is a little too much for me. Please note, I’m not saying that the writer said anything that is openly racist. However, much like Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Donovan Mcnabb weren’t racist themselves, it is impossible from me to not reach some conclusions about the author of the statements. Just as with Limbaugh, I’m convinced that many of these authors are sheltered people too with backgrounds not diverse enough to have a more true concept of race. Such backgrounds produce ignorant statements – not stupid comments mind you (although they may be that as well) – just ignorant as in you don’t know what you don’t know. Maybe it’s pointless, I doubt I will ever understand the plight of the woman and most will not understand the plight of the African-American.

  • Frustrated and tired…

    Thank you Josh. It breaks my heart to read some of this. We know one thing, ignorance is definitely alive and well in America

  • Frustrated and tired…

    By the way…I don’t even like Al Shartpon

  • To consider Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on this list for giving America a bad reputation is rather ignorant. Yeah they blow up on every incident, involving blacks in America and yes blacks have gotten equality. Prejudice and racial discrimination still exists against blacks in America regardless of rights. Coming from I assume a white male you would be completely oblivious to this fact so, I would recommend that you re-do this list.

  • TheGanjaGuru

    Flexerin? WTF is that? Oh, it doesn’t really exist. Perhaps you meant Flexeril/cyclobenzaprine? If so, no, and I mean no one takes that shits and giggles. It isn’t any fun at all.

  • Merrysmith

    What does it Explain the List of 10 People that Responsible for Bad Reputation of America?

  • nietzschean23

    As an American I apologize for my countryman who wrote this pointless list. How did the Rosenbergs or Benedict Arnold give us a bad name? They pissed off people in our country but I doubt anyone outside of the US thought any different of our country because of them.

  • This is easily the worst list I have ever seen on this site. Absolutely fucking terrible.

  • djC

    Where’s J Edgar Hoover on the list?

  • Yossarian

    Setting aside the question of whether Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson should
    have been included in the list, some aspects of entry no. 10 are simply
    bizarre. Paragraph two claims that “black people now have all the rights
    white people have in the United States”. Unless you’re living in an
    alternative universe, this is simply not true. The United States (and many
    other countries) may have come on leaps and bounds in diminishing ethnic
    and racial inequalities in recent history, but the task is far from done. A
    great deal of work is needed before we can speak meaningfully of “equal
    rights”. If you need evidence of this, I would suggest a simple Google
    search of “racism in the USA” or a trip to your local library!

  • Morten

    Where is Justin Bieber?

  • B


    There is a debate whether or not the Rosenbergs were actually guilty, and it is important to note that while Julius may have given material support to the Russians, Ethel was most likely innocent.


    Racism still exists in America. Explain to me why the sentence for possession of crack cocaine is 50 times the sentence for possession of powder cocaine? Why will 1 in 10 black men be in jail at one time in their lives? Al Sharpton may choose questionable causes, but to declare that racism is dead and everyone is equal in America shows how ignorant you really are.

  • femininist

    good list. mostly men! :P

  • Sam

    Wow Al Sharpton made this list but George W Bush didn’t….im speechless.

  • Sam

    Wow, Al Sharpton makes the list but not George W Bush???? By the way, when I read that line about equal rights, quality & quantity, I spat my coffee all over my laptop screen in hysterical laughter.

  • Sir Steven

    # 3 is a lunatic, # 1 was paranoid, but no GWB?

  • disappointed

    Your lists are getting worse and worse. Obama should be on this list, and how is Michael Moore not on this list?

    • Because the author knows what he’s talking about, unlike you who just hates intelligent liberals

  • peter8172

    @ Tobey. Next time you should happen to run into Michelle Bachman, ask her again about what day it was when Elvis Presley died (August 16). She’ll probably still wish him a Happy Birthday. That gaff alone should turn any Republican into a Democrat………..LMFAO

  • Viper

    Unfortunately there’s still racism in this country. Jackson and Sharpton don’t have it right, but neither does the author of the article.




      • Billy Wilson

        This thing does not represent “White America”, or a human being. His knuckles are scabbed from dragging against the ground as it lumbers on towards its next feeding.

        Give a monkey enough whiskey and a keyboard, 1 out of a billion times, it’ll put letters together that look similar to whatever the hell this is supposed to be.

  • Fred

    “But the problem is that black people now have all the rights white people have in the United States. They have them equally, both in quantity and quality.”

    Oh, dear Lord! Blacks are, indeed, supposed to have equal rights, but anyone with half a brain knows that in the real world they are not even remotely close to whites in how much they can enjoy their rights.

    Sharpton’s an ass because he helped perpetrate a fraud. He doesn’t give America a bad name by continuing to point to ongoing and real problems that exist for real Americans.

  • Gentlemen

    I love all the black people on here crying about rights still, America hands them everything, they suck up resources and contribute next to nothing as a whole but murder and fear of traveling into the inner city.
    They have all black schools, could you imagine an all white school today?
    They pay less for college.
    Americans are forced to hire a certain number regardless of qualifications.
    BET, could you imagine WET? Hell would be raised.
    Blacks run that country because their ancestors had to suffer and if anyone bats their eye lashes towards them its racist.
    Blacks (Not African-Americans, which implies you’re actually from Africa) are the most selfish self-destructive race of people on the planet.
    You separate yourselves way more than anyone else does.
    But you’re upset because you can’t afford to move into a nice white neighborhood that has a nice school because people pay taxes there? Yeah we’re the racist ones. Ignorant Americans.

  • Wow and you didn’t post Bush

  • What about Bush

  • Take jackson and sharpton off you don’t understand why they do what they do

  • John

    what about G.W. Bush?

  • John

    A list of just 10 is insufuciente.
    Perhaps a list of 1000 would be more appropriate

  • peter8172

    How about Vice President Henry Wallace (1941 – 1945 under Franklin D. Roosevelt) as he schmoozed and became friendly with Josef Stalin and Russia during World War II. Roosevelt had enough of his s**t, got rid of him and chose Harry S. Truman to be his successor. Let what’s his name “Loose Cannon” the Joe McCarthy supporter who blogs on here all the time scratch his or her head over that one and see what kind of an answer he can come up with this Henry Wallace guy !!!

  • Alex

    This article gives the implication that people outside of the United States have heard of these people, giving them far more credit than they deserve.

    The only one of these people I’ve heard of is Benedict Arnold, and to the British he was a loyalist who did what he had to do for his King and Country. To which he was rewarded with the rank of Brigadier General, where the highest he achived state side was Major general.

    This is a list of people who can be considered amounts the ‘worst Americans’, a reputation (how ever bad) requires notoriety, and these figures just don’t have that. Could I argue (to an American) that King George IV gives Britain a bad reputation?

    The people who give America a bad reputation tends to be the current president and government of the time. America just isn’t popular world wide full stop.

  • Poonsmack

    Woodrow Wilson
    Andrew Jackson (not to be confused with Johnson who was on the list)
    Madeline O’Hare….maybe, she had little to no impact internationally
    Jimmy Carter….STFU already, you are not relevant anymore.
    David Duke
    Geraldo Rivera
    Jerry Springer and anyone appearing on his show (if it is on any more)

  • Fabian ruiz

    America isn’t a fucking country, is a fucking CONTINENT!!!! I don’t now why “gringos” doesn’t understand that!!!



      • Billy Wilson

        Typing in all caps is what separates the animals from men.

  • Hilah

    I can’t even start to state everything I disagree about with this article.

  • Eric Garcia

    the most ridiculous thing about this article is that there is not a single woman or george bush on it. whoever writes these really whiffed – at least have one woman to balance things out – and I was waiting for bush the further I scrolled but it never came

  • ryan

    you forgot michael moore, sean penn, and al gore.

    • You’re just another Republican who can’t stand liberalism

      • Billy Wilson

        Or another guy brainwashed into buying the Left vs. Right mentality of this country. American politics are ran like team sports. Pick a team, ride it to the end, hate the other guys, only support the Quarterback who can win the big one.

        If he turned off the TV and conservative talk radio, opened up a few alternative media websites (that don’t talk about Bigfoot, UFOs, or Illuminati), I’ll bet he’d come around with a much clearer vision of what’s going on in the world.

  • Fred Phelps, when he dies I want to picket his funeral and spit in Shirley Roper’s face. They’re worse than Bush or O’Reilly.

  • jed

    Sharpton is a shady figure and has been for a long time. And there are much better (or worse) examples than the Duke scandal. However, the second paragraph of his entry is preposterous.

  • LT

    I was gonna say….put Kim Kardashion on the list

  • Grourryuncene


  • DatsPrentee


  • Ayse

    TheAmericanArm on May 20, 2011 CASH IS KING…Credit is shit Total Bullshit…I have never owned a creidt card….for good reason…(Death) To The Trans-union Disease…They are half of the reason of the Economy…10% is because actual peoples screw ups….and the rest is overseas employment.People bailout Fraudulent Fake ass Banks…And the People get Nothing…in return…THE BANKS NEED AN Egyptian Style…Overthrow.I fucking hate them…Bring back The real Banks…back when honesty was part of the system.


  • bawoman

    This list is just not very good. The Cold War would have happened anyway ,with or without The Rosenbergs, and I am very much in doubt that the Civil rights movement was set back 100 years just because Lincoln was murdered.

    Also, where did you read Fred Phelps was racist? If you do the research you were supposed to you would realize he was quite the opposite. Not trying to defend that old nutjob, but he was known for defending blacks in the 60s in civil lawsuits, and the WBC may preach lot of bs tripe, but its never racist.

    Geesh, next time make sure you know more on the subjects you write about.

  • Theytookourjobs

    I can’t believe George bush didn’t make the list. He should be convicted of war crimes.

  • Joe McCarthy was right, and his name has been used ever since as a club to beat anti-Communists into submission and as a boogeyman used to scare the gullible away from fighting back against socialism by creep.

  • Thank you

    I’m seeking for any competent author, long time within this region. Great write-up!

  • Paul

    Haha the rest of the world as never even hear of half of these people maybe even over half. What about George Bush. The rest of the world practically hates us because of Bushes actions, he started two wars and dragged other countries in with us, his poor handling of the economy sent much of the rest of the worlds into dissaray. His foreign policy scarred all of Europe and gave them the mindset that were some super evil Empire.



  • Jeffrey Churchill

    WHAT COMPLETE IDIOT WROTE THIS? VERY POORLY researched list? in particular references and quotes attributed to Booth (it’s spelled Tyrannis, he never said the word ‘nigger’ that word not coming into common usage until the 1880’s) crediting Booth with stalling the equal rights of blacks (read a book idiot, Lincoln never intended to give blacks voting rights, equal rights, or anything. It was his ‘written unpublished plan to deport them all to south America. You’ve been reading too many 2nd grade history books and accepting the whole Lincoln as a hero myth as fact ). Pretty much everything about Calhoun, your suggestion of diplomacy as a solution for War of 1812 (the British were already invading from Canada, kidnapping Americans and refusing to recognize American diplomats, your suggestion of slavery as the definitive cause of the Civil War, your ‘reasonings behind the firing of Stanton by Johnson (had nothing to do with Lincolns policies, had to do with Stanton trying to take away presidential powers from the commander in chief, descriptions of Abraham Lincolns intended policies towards free black slaves, (in reference to Johnson). Your statement regarding lynchings being made legal in the United States (where do you get this from – did you glance over a history book and not understand it?) I coulod go on and on and on about the things you got wrong but whats the point? My 7 year old has a more firm grasp on history. About the only section that was right was regarding the idiots Jackson and Sharpton.

  • alfredososnda

    Let me see.Jackson and Sharpton embaraces united states but not Bushs,Reagan,or any other stupid usa presidents.”pathetic article”.

  • Seth

    Lincoln planned to send all the slaves back to Africa. He was a total White Supremacist himself. This isn’t to excuse Johnson. However, let’s get the Lincoln stuff correct.

    Oh, and no one outside of Israel or Bloomington even knows any longer who Rockwell was. How about making this list a little less targeted?

  • Sandwich

    About the Julius and Ethel Rosenburg one… it was also stated by the engineer who helped build the bomb, a Soviet spy, and Julius’s own contact that the information Julius gave them was either useless or stuff that they already knew. So actually, they probably weren’t responsible for any bombs.
    Also, as for this paragraph:
    “But the problem is that black people now have all the rights white people have in the United States. They have them equally, both in quantity and quality. It is true that blacks did not have equal rights under the law for a very long duration of the USA’s history, but with the outstanding work of people like Martin Luther King, Jr., the Civil Rights Movement did just that: moved to the end of the line and accomplished all its goals.”
    That’s actually not true at all. Sure, black people are legally equal, discrimination still thrives in America. Look at the amount of death penalties handed to black people in the state of Texas compared to the amount handed to white people yearly. Then look at their demographics in positions like politics, economics, and television shows (Hint: not good). We also have a sizable community of people who oppose interracial marriage. Just because we don’t let racists go spouting all over the news channels like we used to doesn’t mean they’ve stopped existing.
    Also: interesting list.

  • Charlie

    #10 is not talked about enough. The media is so scared to call a black person out on their BS and racism. Forget about reporting crimes against white people, only blacks are newsworthy.

  • Billy Wilson

    What, no GW Bush?

  • FuzzyWinker

    For it to be said Andrew Johnson to be held up as a bad example, he is a good example of many of the contemporary attitudes of his time. I know Americans hate to think of it, but there was at one point a large percentage of the population in favour of white supremacy. Democracy is supposed to elect people based on the wider beliefs of the country. Abraham Lincoln was much less of a “friend of the slaves” as most people think and had no proper plan at all in place for when he had freed the slaves. He was quoted as saying: “They will just return to Africa” He did not believe whites and blacks were equal at all!

  • LOL


  • cheap Nadi travel

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  • Freddie

    Overuse of the phrase ‘to this end’.

    No KKK? Why does this organization still exist??
    No mention of how promiscuous the US society is? freely available pornography? liberal attitude towards sex? No? ok.

    I think each of the 10 people above represent 10% of the US population, hence, all of USA is to be blamed for giving itself a bad name.

  • BeHappyne


  • AlexLyall

    Despite all his shortcomings I wouldn’t call Phelps a racist. Apparently he fought for Black Civil Rights.

  • neil1953

    These past few months, the Rock Guitar Legend Ted Nugent has been saying some very crass, bold, and four letter words concerning the Democratic Party as he is as far right as one can get. His four letter word expletives that he uses are when he performs, radio and TV interviews, and elsewhere. Don’t be surprised if he becomes President of the NRA. I’ve been a fan of his for over 35+ years and will still listen to his amazing guitar playing, but politically, I feel he’s on a downward spiral.

  • icon library