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Top 10 Cool Boxing Moves

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There is a lot to learn about the sweet science if you want to be a part of the fistic world. If you are serious about the art of pugilism, a boxing trainer is highly recommended as you learn the basics and improve your technique as time flies. This is a list comprising of some of those moves you may hear about as you get into boxing, or you already know them by heart as I’m sure is the case with consummate boxing fans.


Jab And Grab

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As the name suggests, the “Jab and Grab” is self explanatory. Like many other boxing moves, this can be considered to be a mixture of offense and defense as you lead in with a jab and quickly proceed to grab your opponent so as to neutralize any further attacks coming at you. The rapid closure of distance is essential as you don’t give the opponent any room to free their arms. And the right power and conviction of the jab is a necessity as well, as you would definitely want to score a hit before clinching on to your opponents, or the whole move becomes redundant. The Klitschko brothers use this maneuver a lot and Andre Ward is another recent exponent of such move.


The Straight


Not to be confused with a jab, a straight is a power shot. You deliver it by crossing over your dominant hand to deliver the blow, and hence it’s also called the “cross.” For orthodox fighters who have a left foot forward stance, the left hand is best used for jabbing, with the right hand for a straight shot. It’s vice-versa for southpaw fighters, who have a right foot forward stance. While generally orthodox fighters and southpaw fighters are right handed and left handed respectively, it is not always the case. This is the only one of the four basic boxing punches exclusively featured on this list, jab, hook and uppercut being the other three. This is due to the fact that it is extremely slick, and is almost always a part of any boxing combos imaginable, starting from the elementary one-two, to a variety of counters. Floyd Mayweather, as famed as he is for his defensive prowess, will use his fast straights repeatedly to immobilize his opponents to win his matches.


The Bolo Punch


The “Bolo Punch” is essentially a long swinging uppercut, but that’s not the trick. Because of the fact that such long drawing action will be obviously spotted by your opponent, the move capitalizes on distraction. The back hand is dropped or swirled around to give your opponent the impression that a heavy hook or straight is coming up, while you use your lead hand to land a powerful blow. You must really sell your supposed upcoming punch to distract your opponent, and this may leave you open. But boxing maestros such as Sugar Ray Leonard and Kid Gavilan were able to pull it off elegantly. In recent memory, Roy Jones Jr. was a great exponent of this audacious deception move.


The Haymaker


The “Haymaker” works exactly like a hook, with just a bigger extension of your hooking arm. It is preferred because of its enormous power potential. You cock back your hand for extra extension, and deliver the haymaker in wide semi-circular looping fashion, just like you would deliver a hook, but with more force, putting all your weight behind it. Because you are putting so much effort into one punch, it can leave you open and unbalanced, so the wild haymaker is better used as a finishing move when the opponent is already weakened and unable to counter. There are, however, question marks as to what is a good haymaker, and it seems that a wildly flung over exerted hooks are relegated to the haymaker category, which would mark poor technique.


Check Hook

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The “Check Hook” is another variation of the hook. This move is more dependent on the particular situation of the fight as the only way to make it work is if your opponent lunges in or charges forward. Basically, you pivot your left foot as the opposition comes in (provided you are right handed) and turn and hook at the same time. This makes them miss you momentarily as you are turned sideways, and at the same time the pivotal force added to the hook drops them. You attract them like a matador would attract a bull, and then move out of the way, landing a shot in the process. If done correctly, your opponent should be fast on the floor. Mayweather used the check hook to knock-out the then undefeated Ricky Hatton, in what many consider the purest example of the move.


The Parry


I have featured one basic offensive move, the straight, so it’s only fair that one basic defensive move be also featured amongst all these other tricks. When you think of boxing defense, dodging or blocking comes to mind first. Dodging by slipping, weaving or just retracting, and blocking using the arms, gloves or shoulders. Parrying is somewhat left out of the average boxing fan’s imagination, which is why it’s important to stress how useful and cool the move can be. It’s only standard defense procedure like I said, and what happens is that you deflect your opponent’s punches using the opposite hand or elbow to the one they are using. You can parry a punch inside or outside, just helping to direct their punch elsewhere aside than at your direction. The parry doesn’t absorb the punch’s power, thereby causing minimal damage to your hands, but also it leaves your opponent unbalanced if done correctly, giving you more space and time to counter as their hands are momentarily out of the way. It is truly a beautiful defensive move. Jack Johnson was known as a parry expert, and in more recent times Larry Holmes had a very unique elbow parry, where he would rotate his elbow upwards to deflect punches.


The Body Drop Feint


Feints cause no damage whatsoever to the opponent, rather it’s a distraction ruse. It allows your opponent to think you are about to do one thing – in motion for a certain punch – only to find you switching it up with another punch aimed at a different spot. It can also be used to predict your opponent’s reactions as to how they act to your feint, whether they choose to block, parry, or slide underneath. By understanding their defensive patterns better, it gives you the chance to stay one step ahead as the aggressor. One of the most spectacular feints is the body drop. Your move your upper body in a quick bend, dropping your left knee and moving your left hand forward. From there on, it can be doubled up with other feint combinations, such as the drawback feint where you raise your dominant arm to emulate a straight cross. Boxers with blinding hand speed are most well equipped for feint moves, because their opponents have to be eternally alert for incoming rapid punches. Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan are able to slip in a feint or two between their usual flurries of punches, just so they can go for an ever better shot than originally planned.


Pull Counter


The “Pull Counter” is a move which requires a tremendous amount of skill, and maybe also natural gifts, as it is one straight out of the books of matrix. It is also one of the simplest in terms of technique. You slightly lean in towards your opponent, setting the trap, and then draw your head back rapidly to evade the thrown punch and then counter it with a straight. It looks flattering in slow mo and is heavily reliant upon the fighter’s reflexes. It is always in the arsenal of elusive fighters, big and small. Consider Muhammad Ali and Naseem Hamed, both having their fare share of fun with this move, while using it to devastating effectiveness at the same time.


Heads and Hooks


This move is a delight to watch as one marvels at how comfortable the fighters are in their action and how many times they must have practiced it in the gym to perfect it. Basically, the fighter uses the head to push against the body of the opponent, while able to land left and right hooks without looking up. It is not head butting, but rather using the tucked head as a shield of sorts where the opponent has to punch lower to land anything at all, something which you don’t train for normally. Only the uppercut might be a solid counter move in this case or the opponent could get low himself which is likely to result in the clash of heads and lead to a more physical roughhouse fight. So it’s definitely irksome for a fighter to face somebody who is an expert at the low head stance. Tim Bradley and Lamont Peterson are two boxers today very adapt at feeling the way through a match using their heads, literally.


Dempsey Roll & Gazelle Punch


For purists, these two moves are separate, but it is their combinatorial effect which renders it as a true art form. The eponymous “Dempsey Roll” is named after its inventor Jack Dempsey, who used the defensive technique called bob and weave, but with vastly more emphasis, crouching his head and lowering his shoulders before getting back up again and repeating it in a figure eight motion. Now Floyd Patterson is accredited with developing the “Gazelle Punch” where he would leap up from a down bend position to deliver a punch. You can see clearly how the two maneuvers fit, and both Dempsey and Patterson would complete each other’s part unknowingly though each deserving half of the move’s accolades. So in reality, what this shows is that Dempsey Roll and Gazelle Punch were always paired together, with the fighter inching in closer in a well orchestrated defensive tactic, and then using that same momentum to deliver a tough upwards blow. This could either be a hook, straight or an uppercut. Mike Tyson was a master at this move already familiar with his trainer Cus D’Amato’s preached bobbing and weaving. But I have even seen small fighters such as Nonito Donaire do this as well, which again goes to show how size doesn’t really matter if you have got the techniques right.

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    • Poog

      If you don’t like boxing, then please don’t read the list. I have been boxing since I was 13 and have always loved the sport. I try to emulate Floyd Mayweather, Oscar De La Hoya, Lennox Lewis, even though I will never be a heavy weight (Female and 125 lbs.). It takes a lot of dedication and discipline. I work full-time, am married with two children, and still find time to practice and spar 3 hours a week.

      • Rahat Haque

        Fantastic. I have an idea to write ” Top 10 female boxers ever”. Just might sit down, do the research and start typing.

        • fendabenda

          Suggestion: Eva Wahlström from Finland

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            I’m sure you’re only a fan because of her technical skills, eh fenda? She’s probably great in…the ring.


          • fendabenda

            What, Maggot? Of course I’m a fan because she’s hot, but also because she’s a damn good boxer. Did I ever say I wasn’t a pervert, BTW? I’m also a fan of Mickie James… because she’s a damn good wrestler. No other reason at all.

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        Nice. Everyone has their own tastes in entertainment or “highs”. I’m a small half-Asian male so I can’t do too much physically so I enjoy things like video games or walking outside. A lot of fun for me. I think American Football is a stupid sport and wouldn’t play it even if I was a giant, but I don’t bash people for liking it. Everyone should respect each others definitions of entertainment. Ignore the haters.

    • The winners were notified by Email – I just haven’t yet had a chance to put the results online. I will do it next week when I return home :)

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  • Adam Bernier

    I’m too big a boxing fan for this general silliness. But I’m also a huge MMA fan. First off…I wish with every bone in my body boxing would come to it’s hayday BUT…. God damn it’s dangerous. Head injuries are GOING TO happen. I’m also a MMA fan and just wanted to invite ignorant people to understand how much SAFER MMA is so come on in. MMA isn’t revolved around punches to the head and MULTIPLE concussions (where somebody gets knocked down and gets their first concussion than stands up before an 8 count and gets knocked out for THE SECOND TIME and gets permanant injuries or dies). Like I said…I’m really not bad mouthing boxers…As a competitive athlete, if boxing is a huge hobby to you to some people its worth the risk…as I drink a beer haha.

    BUT…OVERALL…Combat sports are by far the most exciting sports. A fight breaks out in your high school and you talk about it for a week. Try watching two trained killers fighting. It’s so god damn exciting.

    P.S. Condit vs Diaz…UFC 143 (i’m pretty sure) on SAT. Watch it!

    • Shane

      I’m a true boxing fan too. I co-sign everything you said.

    • p1t1o

      I’ve seen MMA matches where fighters with obvious concussions are encouraged to get back up and re-enter the fight. There was even one particularly unpleasant episode of some UFC-based reality show where one guy took a few too many hits and was swaying and slurring his words, he bowed out of the fight – to the uproar of his “teammates” who vicously berated and ostracised him for not having enough “heart”.

      I know that’s not necessarily representative, being for tv and all, and Im sure that the emphasis in MMA is less on the head, but you just reminded me of that example is all.

      • theye

        “UFC-based reality show” is where you went wrong. Reality based programming is the most over dramatic display of…pretty much anything.

        As for actual matches though fighters are always encouraged to continue fighting if they have a chance to win. That’s why they’re professionals. Having a good chin is always part of combat sports.

        • p1t1o

          Meh, I know, but my point was that even if MMA is “safer” than boxing, you should still expect to get your brains addled once in a while – the drama I described is superfluous, you get pretentious douchbags in any sport.

          • Adam Bernier

            It’s a combat sport. Yes, there are risk. But MMA is about a million times safer than Boxing. In MMA if you take a big shot and you can’t defend yourself fight gets called immediatedly. In boxing you get knocked half unconcious (and almost alway get a concussion) and get 8 seconds to get back up just to get knocked out again. THAT’S the scary one when you’ve already gotten a concussion and you get knocked in the dome again. Not to mention the fact that MMA has multiple elements involving stand up AND ground game. Ju Jitsu has almost NO long term affects on the body (submission attempts). Plus, boxing has MUCH higher level striking. Listen, like I said I LOVE boxing. But I’m just being honest. There is a reason why a handful of boxers die every year and an incredibly high percentage of boxers are slurring their words in their mid 40’s and get serious head problems. Of course, Any combat sport has repricussions…there are people like Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva (who have kickboxing approaches) that are going to have head injuries. But OVERALL, boxing revolves around head injuries. MMA revolves around fighting. There’s a difference. All stats back it up and so does common sense. MMA is a much safer sport than boxing. But their both awesome. Just sad to see all my favorite boxers slurring their words.

          • p1t1o

            @Adam Bernier
            Well when you put it like that, I think you might be right about boxing being generally less safe.

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    Liked it but would’ve been better off with videos rather than pictures

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    But it was too American! HAHAHAHA! Had to say it before some Eurotroll did. Seriously, though, good job!

    • Rahat Haque

      Hahaha! Thank you.

      And just in case any one does call it too American: Kid Galivan, Pacman, Khan, the Klitschko brothers, Donaire, Hatton and Hamed were all a part of this list.

      Boxing is changing, the once heavily American and Mexican dominated sport is showing signs of spreading out.

      • FoxingBan

        Cuban, also? I’m not sure about pro boxing, but in the Olympics the Cuban amateurs tend to be quite good.

        • Rahat Haque

          Yeah, I’m aware of that. Watch out for Yuriorkis Gamboa, the brightest Cuban prospect today.

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    Terrific list. A lot of good information and easy to understand explanations make this list a winner.

    I laughed at the pic for #4, The Body Drop Feint, it looks as if Goliath is boxing David

    • Rahat Haque

      Thank you so much. I was aiming for a general recognition and appreciation amongst combat fans and mild education for those who didn’t have any ideas on the sport. A list this specific would always be hard to explain in simpler terms. But I’m so glad you found it an easy read!

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  • Interesting list. Appropriate to on this sad day. RIP Angelo Dundee.

    • Rahat Haque

      Yes, just got the news last night. But I had already submitted the list long back. If I had known, I would have worked him into the list somehow as a tribute.

      • Maggot

        Good call, shadow. I was going to mention this if no one else had. I’d just heard it on the radio on my way into work this morning, and then the unplanned coincidence of the list running today is cool in and of itself. Ali’s 70th birthday was just a couple weeks ago, and Dundee was able to celebrate it with him and reminisce.

      • Eliizaabeth

        What fight were you watching? lol It was just like the last two fitghs, they both beat each other up, it was exciting, but Pacquiao just did a little more to win the decisions. Every fighter has at least that one guy that makes things difficult for him. More than any other fighter. The only guy left for him to fight is Mayweather. But Mayweather is ducking him now. Coming up with excuse after excuse, even after Pacquiao did everything Mayweather’s camp wanted him to do. Jr. is scared to lose his 0 under Losses.

  • boxbible

    Honorable mention: HOOK OFF THE JAB – another move perfected by Floyd Mayweather. Make your opponent reach out in front with his right hand to parry your jab thus leaving the right side of his face unguarded for a split second. The next time, the jab, instead of extending out all the way, is quickly turned into a hook with a pivot of the front foot, quickly exploding on the opponent’s exposed jaw.

    • Rahat Haque

      I absolutely love combos using the same hand repeatedly, such as a jab followed by a hook using the same hand like you said. It requires a tremendous amount of skill though, but Floyd can pull it off brilliantly.

  • i dont get it

    while i will be the first to say that i understand that it takes great skill and years of practice to become a great boxer, i still dont understand the attraction to a sport where the goal is to beat your opponent into unconsciousness…

    • p1t1o

      I’m not a huge fan of boxing, for various reasons, but I do appreciate the skill and athleticism of its practitioners. I’d like to point out that only very few matches are ended by a knock out, the vast majority are decided on points given by a panel of judges during the match for good hits.

      But yeah, I can see where the controvercy comes from to be honest.

    • boxbible

      Hoe about looking at it as the goal being to avoid getting beaten into submission by a skilled opponent and still trying to dominate him for the duration of the bout or beat him into submission where he is scrambled for only 10 seconds.

      The goal is not to beat someone unconscious. It happens once in a while. Most knockouts end with the opponent fully conscious, but slightly dazed. But most fights end in a decision anyway.

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    Really cool list! Thanks for working on this and posting, I loved it.

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    Nice list.

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    • p1t1o

      Oh please tell us what a “super uppercut” is?!

      In my head it starts from a crouching position and ends with you in the air fist raised, with your foe horizontal about three feet above the ground, falling, while you exhale a hearty yowl of agression: YAAAAARGH! or possibly FAAAAAATHERRRRRR!!!

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    Excellent list – didn’t think it would be – what a pleasant surprise. Well, considering the subject matter, maybe pleasant isn’t the best adjective. Definitely cool though.

    Personally I don’t object to combat sports – as long as there are good referees and the participants are aware of the danger. Doesn’t necessarily mean that I can watch them; some of the early MMA fights were far too brutal – all I could envision was someone’s nose/facial bones being driven into their brains – that’s not the case now. With all the submission moves and better officiating, even I can appreciate whole bout. At least most of the time.

    Good job!

    • Rahat Haque

      Thanks a lot!

      You know I look up to people like you, Randall and Segues. Y’all are the most articulate people on this site, and originals as well, I remember y’all being here from the start. I hardly comment on lists apart for mine’s, but I do keep track.
      So thanks again.

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        You’re most welcome. Pretty sure this isn’t the first of your contributions that I’ve liked – Keep ’em coming!

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    I know absolutely nothing about boxing – just that at some point some guy bit someones ear off. That’s the sad extent of my “knowledge” of the sport. Have to say though, I was expecting to find this list horribly boring! Yet I was pleasantly surprised at how interesting this was! Good list!

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    Im not the biggest fan of boxing but great list!

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    The word you are looking for is proponent, unless these boxers are the biggest mathematical powers of the move. Other than that, good list.

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      A person who believes in and promotes the truth or benefits of an idea or theory.
      A person who has and demonstrates a particular skill, esp. to a high standard.

      Sorry!! Sorry!! Its just that I used to work for a company called Exponent so I happened to be familiar, obviously it has the mathematical meaning too though. Proponent would of course have still been appropriate.

      • Kiwi

        Huh. I’ve never heard it used that way before. Learn something new everyday I guess. Thanks for the correction.

    • Rahat Haque

      Absolutely right Kiwi. I will tell you what really happened. Proponent was indeed the word hovering in the back of mind. Just couldn’t pull it out, only “exponent” would surface. Later when I realized, I checked all the definitions of “exponent”, and decided I would stick with it, as it did make sense. But you certainly tracked my chain of thoughts though! You would make a great profiler.

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    Really cool list Rahat, and this coming from someone who is not a huge boxing fan, though being a big sports fan in general, I somewhat pay attention on the periphery just for the purpose of kibitzing around the ol’ water cooler. Loved your straightforward writing style, informative but not overly technical, and your supporting examples paying homage to some of the greats…like others have said, it makes me want to look up some vids now.

    • Rahat Haque

      Thank you. Not to be braggadocios, but the most articulate commenters with the best command of the language always give me compliments. Mom424 and Segues always support me. And I always read the comments, and you are another of those masters of the language. So coming from you, this is great!

      Many thanks.

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      Even better is the Thai movie “Beautiful Boxer”.

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    Don’t know much about history, don’t know much biology, don’t know much about science books, don’t know much about Tyson’s left hook. But I do know that this list is true, and I know that if you love me too, What a wonderful world this would be.

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    Ippo from Hijima no Ippo manga is a boxer who use number one.

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    oh… the title says “Moves” and not “Movies”… doh!

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    I really enjoyed this list and was happy to see both the gazelle punch and Dempsey roll together. It reminded me of the Japanese manga Hajime no Ippo, very good enjoyable list!

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    im a pacfan and a floyd fan… i dont give a sheez who will win. i just want them to fight!. But for now, i’ll be content with floydie vs cotto; pacman vs bradley.

    Naseem Hamed is quite a character!

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    This list is an interesting read! Nice to see that some research was done. I agree with a comment above that video would have been great instead of pictures.

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  • How did it make to the first page? it’s just so boring just as box itself I thought they had only 3 moves till now

    1-right hand

    2-left hand


    anyway it would be interesting if someone made a list about kung-fu, karate or something like that… there are some interesting fighting techniques out there so why write about something as boring as boxing? not talk about well you could write about something like ninjutsu or assasins techniques which is actually really interesting :P anyway I only read 2 of those moves and it was extremely boring and if someone does find it interesting then their life itself must be so boring that they find things like this interesting you know? I could make a list about techniques of eating crunchy flakes and it would sound more interesting than 10 ways of punching someone -____-

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      • fendabenda

        Oh, it’s apparently Nikolai Valuev. Someone recognized him.

        • boxbible

          Against John Ruiz. What’s interesting was that Ruiz was known for his bear-holds in the ring. He was a proponent of the punch and grab style of boxing that would negate an opponent’s superior skills. But, here he was, against an actual bear, Nikolai Valuev… LOL

        • Vannee

          Me! lol your delusional kid! Have you seen the wooukrts Pacman does, i highly doubt you have. Compare that to what we see BJ do.Grow up a little, you sound stupid as hell and your come back made zero sense.

  • peter8172

    All I can say is that the late, great Joe Frazier had a left hook that could knock out a bull elephant. For Example, go on to YOU TUBE and watch the final round of Ali-Frazier I and see what I mean. Ali had no chance of winning after he was knocked down by that punch !!!!!

  • Tracy A.

    Have you seen FACING ALI — amazing. Even if you aren’t a boxing fan.

    • Rahat Haque

      I have seen everything that is to do with Ali. He’s my hero. “Facing Ali ” was alright.

      • Rahat Haque

        No. You know what? After reading your comment , I pulled out my DVD to watch it again. It was definitely more than alright. It was a great composition.

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      In England’s green and pleasant land.

      • peter8172

        @ HMS Awesome : So what do the lyrics (actually a poem written by British poet William Blake) and the song for the poem / lyrics (Music written by British Composer Sir Hubert Parry), entitled “Jerusalem” that has been popularized by the legendary British rock group Emerson, Lake & Palmer off of their album entitled “Brain Salad Surgery” and also popularized by the young British singer Charlotte Church have to do with Top 10 Cool Boxing Moves. That’s as oxymoron as it gets and I am just dying to wait for your response to me !!!

        • HMS Awesome

          Oh wow you really know a lot about Jerusalem, I guess Wikipedia comes in quite handy at times. How about you log on and find the meaning of ‘oxymoron’ then you’ll find out that isn’t quite as ‘oxymoron as it gets’. And to answer your question I placed the lyrics in response to a comment by Jack Tar, which has since been deleted

  • peter8172

    @ HMS Awesome : When I saw the first line of what you wrote “And did those feet in ancient time”. Emerson, Lake & Palmer was in my mind in less than a second. Trust me, I know the lyrics as well as the song.

  • Paul Park

    I say #1 needs a better picture.

  • celebrated pugilist

    Needs some pre-modern punches. Shift punching, pivot blows, and choppers should be on there. Plus their historical uses are more interesting than most of these.

    • Rahat Haque


      The ones you describe are already incorporated into the moves describe in the list. Shift punching usually needs a straight, and the check hook is a perfect example of a pivot blow. But the chopper, woah! It certainly would be an awesome inclusion in this list. Now you really have me itching to write a sequel of this list.

      Btw, I did consider Dempsey’s double shift, but hey there are only 10 slots. In the sequel, maybe?

  • john john

    i think bolo punch originated from filipino.

    and wheres roll a shoulder??? its one of the most difficult technique.

    • boxbible

      Filippino Ceferino Garcia made it famous and legendary Cuban exile Kid Gavilan popularized it further.

  • peter8172

    HMS Awesome : Well you got me on the oxymoron thing and now I understand. It sounds as though you are a British resident. I have been to Scotland twice (Thank You US NAVY) and I loved it over there. Not to change the subject, but I have seen Emerson, Lake & Palmer 3 times in concert and never failed to impress me. But, if you were to make a list of every song that they have recorded (which I did one day) and see how many classical music composers that their songs are you will include about 25 -30 % of their music is “lifted” from classical music composers. If you have their 1973 released album entitled “Brain Salad Surgery”, the second song on the first side is entitled “Toccata” which is actually an electronic / synthesized version of a piano concerto of a little known composer named Alberto Ginastera
    (the ‘G’ of his first name is pronounced as an ‘H’) who was from either Brazil or Argentina. Keith Emerson wanted to do a rendition of it, and so be it, they recorded it. It was recorded just a couple of years before Ginastera died. When Ginastra heard it, he was outraged !!! But soon settled down because of the royalties that he was making. Its fully explained in the Wikipedia.

  • brian

    boxing is so last century….mma is the new boxing

    • FoxingBan

      MMA is boring to watch.

  • You can attribute Two Cool Boxing Moves to Muhammad Ali. 1). The “Ali Shuffle” and 2). His use of the “Rope-A-Dope in which he invented both. Look at what Muhammad Ali did when he knocked out George Foreman to become the Heavyweight World Championship. He used his Rope-A-Dope to completely exhaust Forman and then went in for the “kill”. 8 rounds later, the fight was finished and Ali got his Championship Title / Belt back to him.


  • I liked the pictures?

  • Valentinsmith
  • original hot sauce

    I usually do not create a great deal of responses, but after browsing through some of the remarks on this page %NAME%. I actually do have a couple of questions for you if it’s okay. Could it be simply me or do some of these comments come across as if they are coming from brain dead individuals? :-P And, if you are posting at other places, I’d like to keep up with you. Would you make a list of every one of your social networking pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

  • petet2112

    I lost complete interest in the sport of Boxing when Muhammad Ali finally announced his retirement (the savage beating that he took from Larry Holmes in 1980 when he came out of retirement almost had me in tears, to see my childhood hero getting beaten up like that was simply a tragic thing to watch or even think about). So with that in mind, I will say two things about the late great Joe Frazier. 1). He in my opinion was the most overlooked and underrated Heavyweight Boxer whoever lived and 2) NOBODY and I mean NOBODY had a left hook like he did. It was the greatest. It could knockout a bull elephant. If you want evidence, go on to You Tube and type in Ali-Frazier I, 14th round and watch it. It was that punch that gave Ali his first defeat.

  • suxx

    dempsey roll and gazelle punch, that’s from hajime no ippo. sweet, i thought those are just imaginary moves created by them japanese artists. what about the flicker jab?? is that real life?

  • Gaius

    Hi, I never heard about this dempsey roll move before. You invented it?

    check out

  • lucy

    alright so i do girl boxing but its not as rough as that!

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