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10 Psychics Who Claim To Communicate With Animals

by David Tormsen
fact checked by Jamie Frater

Although it is common enough for psychics and mediums to give us a wealth of vague advice from the dead or aliens, there are also individuals who claim to have a psychic connection with animals. These special psychics can tell us what our pets want to say, if they have medical issues, or even if they’re suffering from doggie PTSD.

10 Laura Stinchfield

Animal Communicator / The Pet Psychic Laura Stinchfield Meets Old Animal Friends

As one of the most prominent pet psychics in California, Laura Stinchfield has made a name for herself as a mediator between pets and their owners, with particular expertise in dealing with doggie behavior problems. She claims that many dogs with aggression issues are dealing with traumatic memories and PTSD.

“They’ll actually not know who they’re being aggressive toward; it’s like a flashback, like a combat vet would have,” Stinchfield explained in an interview with the New York Daily News. “And anything can trigger that—often it’s a smell, like cologne, or deodorant, or a shampoo. Suddenly, they’re back at that location, seeing someone that hurt them in the past.”

Stinchfield also claims that dogs are remarkably perceptive and often opinionated about their owner’s romantic and work relationships, making comments like: “You need a new boyfriend, he doesn’t treat you well; you deserve better than that,” and “Hey, you know that man at work that’s giving you a problem? I think you should talk to your boss about him.”

She charges for consultations but also maintains an Internet radio show where she talks to animals that call in. She also claims to communicate with babies and angels. She does work with people on Earth occasionally but finds them draining and harder on her body and mind. As a result, her fees are higher for humans than for pet communication services.

In 2011, she even claimed to have made contact with an anonymous chimpanzee that was held in a biomedical research laboratory before being moved to a sanctuary. The chimp, which used the pseudonym “Faith,” talked through Stinchfield about the terror of her initial capture, her PTSD, and her improved but not perfect conditions in her new sanctuary. Faith expressed the desire for a big ball to roll, complained of an ache in her left toe, and asked people to plant trees to commemorate apes killed in medical vivisection.

9 Hillary Renaissance


Hillary Renaissance, a pet psychic who specializes in locating lost animals, became aware of her gift when she was 16 years old and intuited that her cat had a tummy ache. Then she reluctantly helped a lady to locate her pet cat, Rufus, for free because she was afraid to charge for the service.

Eventually, Renaissance realized that she could make a living from her affinity with animals. It does have its downsides, though. In an interview with Komo News, she said, “Sometimes, I get a headache if the animal’s getting a headache!”

She claims to have used her ability to help clients all over the world. Her services usually involve tracking down missing pets or helping owners understand why their pets are feeling down or out of sorts. According to Renaissance, she can help recover the many pets in the US that are stolen and sold by methamphetamine users looking to make quick money.

She also provides a guide on effective psychic communication with animals. As pets don’t understand street signs or cardinal directions, she asks them to describe their surroundings or what they can see. Dogs apparently can’t even give a straight answer to the simple question, “Are you dead?” So she prefers to lead with an alternative like: “Can you feel your heart beating?.”

Komo News also asked her about an occasion in the town of Enterprise, Mississippi, when a dog named “Come To Me” was stolen, and Renaissance had a vision of a red motorcycle that led police to the culprit. The police chief at the time admitted, “She made a believer out of me.” During the interview, though, she strangely continued to refer to the town as Enterprise, Tennessee, which doesn’t exist.

8 Terri Jay

Terri Jay Pet Psychic, Horse Whisperer

In 1990, Reno-based horse whisperer Terri Jay claimed to discover a gift for psychic communication with those who can’t communicate conventionally. She was working in a horse therapy program with a nonverbal disabled child when she realized that she could hear both the child’s and the horse’s thoughts.

Afterward, she became a specialist in psychic communication with horses, claiming to be able to help with behavior, training, health, saddle fit, and performance issues. She communicates on behalf of the horse and relays its personal problems. More alarmingly, she also works as a consultant to help determine when a horse would be better off being sold or euthanized.

Jay doesn’t like the term “psychic,” preferring to highlight her intuition. As she told the Reno Gazette-Journal in an interview, she can read the vibrations and frequencies of people: “I look someone in the eyes, and I already know too much.”

According to Jay, each animal has a unique personality and point of view with which she can commune. She also says that most animals communicate through visual images, sounds, and emotional states. However, as she claims in the video above, some animals can understand words, like the horse who knew she carried cookies in her pocket and would mentally repeat “cookie” at her until she gave him one.

Jay claims to communicate with people who are in comas, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, or are otherwise incommunicado. She also offers psychic readings on properties for prospective homebuyers. In 2015, she was the subject of a television pilot showcasing her abilities and predicted she would soon have deals for four or five different TV shows based on her varied paranormal skill set.

7 Paula Brown


Paula Brown is the chief proponent of an art she named Fur Shui, which combines her rapport with animals and feng shui. As a graduate of the Black Hat School of the Tibetan/Hawaiian Institute of Feng Shui and the Qi Gong program at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, Brown claims to be able to both communicate with animals and improve their lives through the redirection of their chi energy.

She advocates placing a bagua octagon in your home to determine the ways that chi energy is flowing. Then you can figure out how to arrange things for the health and behavior of your pets. The octagon is divided into eight “gua,” each corresponding to a different area of life—career, family, relationships, creativity, skills, fame, travel, and helpful people. Health goes in the middle.

According to the energy of each gua section, the chi flows can be exploited beneficially by the correct placement of a water dish, litterbox, treat bowl, and even an achievement space where a pet owner rewards his pet’s good behavior with blue ribbons and certificates.

“I spent many, many years learning the practices of feng shui to be a practitioner,” Brown said in an interview with LA Splash Magazine Online. “To this end, I studied animals’ flow of energy with the purpose of promoting balance and harmony within the animals themselves, their human companions, and the spaces they share at home.”

Based in California, Brown has spread her wisdom through talks and seminars as far away as Finland. Despite understandable skepticism, one veterinarian gave her book, Fur Shui, a positive review because Brown does not advocate replacing proper veterinary treatment with the ancient Chinese art of furniture arrangement.

6 Kazuko Tao


Kazuko Tao was always interested in the metaphysical, studying “meditation, mind-body-spirit energy healing, and spiritual reading” in the 1980s. She became involved with animal communication after she deepened her relationship with her cat, Cosmo, that was dying of cancer.

Unlike many animal communicators, Tao enrolled in veterinary school and has worked as a registered veterinary technician since 1988. Officially, she began offering her animal communication services in 1990. Although she respects Western medicine, she prefers alternative medicine and the holistic approach, recommending that her clients explore acupuncture, chiropractic, and herbal healing for their pets.

One of Tao’s key techniques is named Belief Transformation, a noninvasive process that uses kinesiology to communicate with the subconscious. Combining this with psychic animal communication, Tao claims to merge her energy with that of the animal, correct their “energy balance,” and cure their “dis-ease.”

Tao seems to practice what she preaches with the animal relationships in her own life. She credits a stray kitten that she adopted with helping her to repair her strained relationship with her mother. Tao claims that the cat, Samhain, told her that they knew each other in a previous life. Tao was a young boy studying in a temple in Tibet, and Samhain was a temple mouse that would tickle the boy’s feet when he was trying to meditate.

Animals in Spirit: Our Faithful Companions’ Transition to the Afterlife describes how a couple enlisted the services of Tao after their beloved cat, Smokey, was attacked and killed by a wild animal. In the book, Tao said, “I found Smokey’s energy to be light and transparent. Smokey said he was in ‘heaven’ and loved his peaceful state. He described to me how his death was sudden and painless as he became food for a cougar. He chose that way to move on.”

5 Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson Interview on Cecil The Lion The Tapping In With Gary Spivey Show

Karen Anderson served as a deputy sheriff in Bailey, Colorado, where she claims that her psychic abilities allowed her to read the energies of suspects and criminals. However, as a child, Anderson blocked her ability to talk to animals after she psychically called out to a stray tabby cat across the road, telling him to come closer because she was a friend. Initially, the cat was reluctant, but Anderson encouraged him until he started walking toward her.

Unfortunately, the cat was hit and killed by a passing car. Anderson was traumatized and stricken with guilt. She wouldn’t talk to animals again until her thirties when she revived the skill to communicate with her own pet cat. According to Anderson, her tabby communicated that he had a urinary tract blockage, which the vet confirmed. She believes she heard the cat’s thoughts clearly because it was an emergency situation.

After studying other pet psychics, Anderson began work as a professional animal communicator in 2002. She also works as a spirit medium for the deceased and has allegedly assisted law enforcement with cold cases and unsolved crimes.

In 2015, Anderson made headlines when she claimed to have heard from the spirit of Cecil, the lion that was killed in Zimbabwe by American dentist Walter Palmer. Cecil’s spirit is apparently happy and well in the afterlife but contacted her telepathically to give a public statement in English. Anderson also claims to have contacted the spirits of several dogs killed in Michael Vick’s fighting tournaments and has communed with the spirit of the killer whale Tilly that accidentally drowned his trainer at SeaWorld.

Anderson posted Cecil’s surprisingly eloquent message on her Facebook wall:

Let not the actions of these few men defeat us or allow darkness to enter our hearts. If we do, then we become one of them. Raise your vibration and allow this energy to move us forward. What happened does not need to be discussed as it is what it is. Take heart, my child, I am finer than ever, grander than before as no one can take our purity, our truth, or our soul. Ever. I am here. Be strong and speak for all the others who suffer needlessly to satisfy human greed. Bring Light and Love and we will rise above this.

4 Neville Rowe


Neville Rowe, an electrical engineer and hypnotherapist originally from New Zealand, claimed to be in contact with a group of six or seven dolphins living in different seas around the world. This telepathic collective called itself Kajuba and used Rowe to communicate its wisdom to audiences in modern English (along with occasional dolphin clicking sounds).

Rowe also channeled a galactic social worker named Soli, a collection of entities overseeing the evolution of Earth and the solar system, and the spirit of an ancient Chinese sage. Supposedly, Rowe was a leading expert in past life regression therapy before his death in 1994.

In the late 1980s, Rowe courted controversy by claiming that dolphins in amusement parks and dolphin swim centers had informed him that they were there as volunteers to communicate better with humans. His first psychic contact with dolphins occurred at SeaWorld in 1985.

Despite annoying some animal rights activists, he had an international appeal for true believers. He appeared on television and radio and gave interviews to the press. His work was even immortalized in a Japanese comic book. Unfortunately, Rowe died in a fall while hiking at Arizona’s Squaw Peak (now Piestewa Peak).

His teachings would suggest that his sad death was not a complete tragedy. He once wrote in his newspaper column: “The dolphins are always exhorting us to see ourselves as the universal, infinite, immortal, and eternal beings that we (and they and all life) truly are.” In another column, he wrote: “Death is, after all, a return, a rebirth. [ . . . ] It is only our limited perspective of ego that judges death to be the end of everything, a tragedy, a catastrophe. Death is party time on the spirit side! Welcome home time.”

3 Latifa Meena

Latifa Meena – Animal Psychic & Communicator

Originally a freelance technical trainer, Latifa Meena eventually became the most well-regarded animal psychic and dog whisperer in Louisville, Kentucky. She claims to be able to communicate with animals regardless of language, once telling Wave 3 News: “I got ahold of her dog and he started talking in Latin or Yugoslavian or something, and I was like, whoa, whoa, whoa!”

In the same interview, she explained why a dog named Moffat got aggressive with a plumber. “She tells me that if she was going to bite him, she would have nailed him,” said Meena. “She’s just telling me he stunk. She just keeps telling me he smelled.”

Meena claims to be able to communicate with animals that have been put to sleep, reassuring their grieving owners that they are safe and happy in the spirit world. She began with appointments at the local Three Dog Bakery and moved up to television appearances, seminars, and services for parties. Although at $40 per reading, it would get expensive after a few animals.

In 2015, Louisville television station WDRB decided to put Meena to the test, bringing her reporter Chris Sutter’s dog, Manny, for a consultation. Meena claimed that Manny told her about his likes (turkey, chicken, or some other white meat) and dislikes (Sutter is off-key when he sings). Manny even told her about a stray cat that lived near their property, something only Sutter and his wife knew about.

2 White Earlobe


Dr. Shirley Lippensteiner claims to have worked for 10 years as a research anthropologist in Southeast Asia, the Americas, Africa, and the Pacific, possibly by astral projection. Near the Aztec ruins of Templo Mayor in Mexico, Lippensteiner fainted as an astral current pierced her heart and consolidated her knowledge. She started a new life as Lobulo Blanco-Abuelita-Chamorro Corredor (White Earlobe-Little Grandmother-Running Calf) and now offers her services as a shaman for the postmodern world.

In 2013, she claimed to have channeled her spirit animal—an octopus named Charleesie living near Australia’s Great Barrier Reef—to educate her readers about spirit animals and the human effect on the environment. This was Charleesie’s message:

Dear Humanoids,

I speak respectfully and communicate with you as a fellow Earth being. My home is the ocean depths, and as a being of the depths, I understand your watery depths, too. I know you are suffering, and I feel compassion for you. May I respectfully suggest that your frenetic activities at the moment are mere vain attempts to distract yourselves from the core source of your suffering? Even Miley Cyrus’s buttocks cannot save you from this truth.

Life is an existential quandary, it brings both delight and suffering, and it has a beginning, middle, and an end. It is the second half of this quandary that deeply disturbs you, dear humanoids. I ask that you please stop wrecking the reefs, estuaries, and oceans for short-term gains, and tune into your depths to swim mindfully through this simple truth: You live, you learn, you weaken, you die . . . so that others might live, learn, weaken, and die. Such is life. This is the mystery of life. We must all look after each other on planet Earth and must treasure our beautiful biosphere.

Respectfully yours, Charleesie

1 Talking With Dinosaurs


There are surprisingly few psychics who communicate with dinosaur spirits. In the December 1995 issue of Spin magazine, one article mentioned a Saurentology Camp that offered psychic channeling of extinct saurians at the Burning Man festival. But sadly, there were no further details or testimonials.

According to a 2006 article in the Weekly World News tabloid, a psychic medium named Mlle Simone in Beaulac, France, was trying to make contact with a client’s father about a missing mortgage document when she accidentally channeled the spirit of a Dimetrodon. The ghost of the dinosaur emerged in a green vapor, broke several crystals from the chandelier with its fin, and roared through the medium’s mouth before vanishing. Initially disappointed, the client supposedly checked her father’s library and found a well-read copy of a book on dinosaurs, discovering the missing document hidden inside.

Then there’s Ray Stanford, a psychic, alien contactee, and amateur paleontologist who has made interesting independent discoveries. After years of hunting UFOs, Stanford discovered some of the first Iguanodon tracks east of the Mississippi while looking for Native American arrowheads with his children in Maryland.

After 20 years, he now has an impressive private collection that has rewritten the books on dinosaurs in Maryland, though he keeps mum about his psychic and UFO-hunting passions around other paleontologists. Despite some calling him a “psychic paleontologist,” he prefers to keep the two worlds separate.

Finally, there’s Spooked Turnip, a Yorkshire-based parapsychology group that offers psychic readings and dinosaur divination. They claim to have a psychic occultist on staff who can make contact with ancient saurians. According to the group, dinosaurs are our “embryonic ancestors” and hold the key to solving many of our emotional problems. The group provides self-help, life coaching, and self-bonding services.

David Tormsen is not on speaking terms with any animals. They know why. Email him at [email protected].

fact checked by Jamie Frater