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10 Modern-Day Accounts Of Animal Mutilations

by Marcus Lowth
fact checked by Jamie Frater

In the 1970s, the phenomenon of cattle and animal mutilation seemed to sweep much of the United States as well as other parts of the Americas and much of Europe. Although the mutilations have never actually stopped, there appears to have been an increase in such incidents since the late 1990s and into the 2000s.

Despite numerous investigations into the phenomena, it still isn’t known who or what is responsible for these seemingly precise “medical” mutilations or why they are happening. Theories range from UFO and alien involvement to satanic cults and rituals to the acts simply being the work of sick individuals who want to inflict pain on animals. The cases are as interesting as they are perplexing. Here are ten modern incidents from around the world.

10 Calves Mutilated
Missouri, 2014

The day after he realized that one of his calves was missing in July 2014, a rancher in Missouri made the grim discovery of its mutilated corpse. While doing his daily count of his heard, a buzzard in one of his fields caught his attention. As he made his way over to the bird’s location, he discovered the mutilated calf that it was feeding on. Examination of the calf revealed some horrific injuries. Its internal organs had been cleanly removed, and its entire body had been completely drained of blood. All that remained were its hide and bones.

The rancher reported the case to a local radio station, which in turn made a report to MUFON. Due to similar incidents involving other cattle owners and their herds in the area, the rancher was said to have then sold all of his calves before he lost any more. According to the report, one particular rancher in Missouri had lost 15 calves to similar attacks.

Coincidentally or not, the state of Missouri was said to be on “UFO Alert Rating” of three at the time of the incidents, meaning that over 25 reports of UFO sightings were made in the period of a month. (UFO Alert Ratings range from one to five.) According to this same data, Missouri had the fourth-highest amount of sightings in the United States during this period.

9 Over A Decade Of Mutilations
Wales, 2001–Present

The Animal Pathology Field Unit (APFU) had been investigating animal mutilations in Wales for over a decade by the time they announced in 2013 that they strongly suspected aliens may be responsible for the attacks.

Phil Hoyle of APFU has stated that the organization is looking at the UFO connection, in part, due to the precise nature of the injuries as well as what appears to be a lack of blood where the animals were found. Further still, he stated that farmers had reported “unusual lights” over their land at the same time the mutilations were thought to have happened, while some members of the larger community had witnessed strange objects going in and out of the sea.

“These are not done by satanic cults,” Hoyle told The Western Mail. “These are very sophisticated—whether done by aliens, military or some clandestine monitoring, something unusual is going on.” Hoyle even went on to claim that Wales, along with the United States, was a hot spot for these kinds of strange animal mutilations.

Some examples of these mutilations include a dead lamb being found in Beddgelert, Gwynedd, in 2001. A strange hole in the shape of an oval—created by some undeterminable mechanism—was discovered in its hip bone. In 2002, over the course of a week, Brook Farm in Plwmp, Dyfed, lost a total of six rams and six ewes, all were discovered with precise cuts made to their jaws and tongues. In 2009, at Woodside Farm, four ewes were discovered dead, with strips of their face missing. According to the farmer, between 15 and 20 of his ewes would simply disappear each year.

8 Regular Mutilations In Colorado Since 1999

Tom Miller Cow

Photo via Week in Weird

Tom Miller first began to notice strange killings and mutilations of his animals in 1999, by which time his family had been raising cattle in Colorado for three generations. According to Miller, the mutilations have been happening regularly ever since. He states that he has found cattle with eyes missing, limbs cut off, tongues cut out, and even some with their ears removed—always with laser-like precision. In most cases, the animal’s body was also completely drained of blood.

Some skeptics argue that the injuries are just the work of natural predators, but Miller dismisses this theory. While he admits that he doesn’t know what is behind the attacks, he rules out that they are the result of other animals, stating to the media, “Predators don’t drink 11 pounds of blood and leave the carcasses intact.”

While some cattle mutilation investigators have made connections to UFO activity and alien involvement, investigator Chris O’Brien believes that the mutilations are more likely the result of a secret government testing program. He believes that the apparent increase in mutilation cases since the late 1990s and 2000s is due to the Mad Cow Disease scare in England in 1996. O’Brien states that when the affected animals were destroyed, their bodies were made into fertilizer and then shipped worldwide. The mutilations are, according to him, likely to be secret testing of animals to ensure that there is not another outbreak of the deadly disease.

7 Weekend Mutilations
Argentina, 2014

Mutilation Argentina

In September 2014, Argentinian radio station Radio Amanecer announced several cases of cattle mutilations that allegedly occurred in May of that year.

One in particular, which took place in in Reconquista, Santa Fe, seemed to suggest that some kind of strange, abnormal activity had taken place in the days leading up to the actual attack. The animal was said to have been showing signs of severe distress on Friday, May 15. It appeared to be “trembling” and was generally rattled and confused. Following that weekend, on Monday, May 18, the cow was found dead, with very precise cuts made to its face and jaw.

During the same weekend, two other cattle farmers were said to have made reports of very similar grim discoveries of their animals—each with the same precise surgical injuries. One of these was at Osvaldo Marega Farm, in the Villa Ocampo district. The other was in the Tartagal district, around 20 kilometers (12 mi) away on land owned by the Miranda family.

According to the report, there have also been several other stories of such attacks in the area dating back to the beginning of 2014, with no explanation for the horrific injuries to any of the animals.

6 Strange Summer Of Animal Mutilations
Vancouver, 1990

When Oregon State University investigated and analyzed the corpses of the five dead cattle that Richard Fazio had discovered on his range, they discovered that their injuries were “heat-induced” and that they were “consistent with electrosurgical excision.” In other words, they were not simple animal attacks and unlikely to be the work of a typical prankster.

The incidents occurred between June and October 1990 and bore all the hallmarks of state-of-the-art technology being used. Internal organs, eyes, and tongues were removed from the animals, with some of these eventually being found discarded and scattered in fields that ran along the Columbia River. According to statements from neighbors, “strange sounds” were often heard throughout the summer of 1990—sounds that didn’t appear to be the noise of farm machinery that they would expect to hear. Even more bizarrely, one woman told of how she was driving home one evening that summer and was surprised somewhat by a “little man” she saw running in a field, who appeared to be carrying a “flashlight.”

Although the Vancouver incidents appeared to have been isolated to the summer of 1990, nearly a decade later in February 1999, a UFO report was made by forest workers near at Mount St. Helens. They claimed that they saw a flying metallic object lift an elk into the air with what appeared to be an invisible beam. Witnesses even stated that as they saw the elk being pulled upward, it appeared to be turning slowly in the air as if being rotated purposely.

5 UK Horse Attacks—Satanic Ritual Or Secret Experiments Due To EVH-1?

In late 2011 and early 2012, there were several mutilation attacks on horses in the United Kingdom. Although they bore very similar injuries to the cattle mutilations that are normally associated with UFO activity, these particular attacks were not believed by those investigating them to be otherworldly.

Some theorized that the mutilations were done as part of satanic rituals, particularly since one of the attacks fell close to what is said to be an important date on the satanic calendar, St. Winebald Day. Others, however, believed that the injuries were in fact part of secret experiments being conducted in the equestrian world due to the recent outbreak of equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1).

The spread of the EHV-1 virus seemed to originate from a horse show in Utah in April 2011. It quickly spread across the US, into Canada, and then eventually into much of Europe. The equestrian world was concerned to say the least, and it was felt that more collaborative research was needed to better understand the disease. Of course, some people began to speculate on the timing of the EHV-1 outbreak and the spate of horse mutilations in the UK that seemed to follow and wondered if they were connected to secret testing and research.

4 Sheep Mutilations
England, 2010

In early 2010, not only were several farmers near Shrewsbury, England, finding their sheep dead and mutilated, but some of them claimed to have witnessed them being “lasered” by strange objects hovering above them.

The unfortunate sheep appeared to have suffered from a variety of strange, surgical injuries, including some of them having their brains removed, seemingly through a “neat hole” made in their heads. Others were found to have had flesh stripped from their face in a precise and careful manner. Further investigations also found that many of the sheep had internal organs carefully and expertly removed. Strange orange lights and spheres were spotted in the sky during the same time period that the mutilations took place.

A 16-person team of investigators claimed to have witnessed these strange crafts for themselves in March 2010 while they were conducting their investigations. Not only that, but they claim to have witnessed the objects carrying out the attacks on the animals themselves, leading one investigator to describe the technology as “frightening,” while another stated the scene resembled a “Star Wars battle.”

Following this bizarre encounter, investigators immediately interviewed all local farmers the following morning, and upon them checking on their respective animals, all but one of them stated they were either missing livestock or had found corpses of animals that had seemingly been attacked during the night.

3 Mutilations Happen At Regular Intervals In Arizona

Mutilated Cow Arizona

Photo credit: Kim Metzger via The Arizona Daily Sun

Kit Metzger of the Flying M Ranch has discovered many of her cattle dead and mutilated on her land for years, some so badly disfigured that they were “barely recognizable” as cows. Injuries range from eyes and internal organs being removed to precise and clean cuts to remove parts of the face and even sexual organs. As with other cases, there is a distinct lack of blood on the ground, and most of the time, the mutilated cattle have been completely drained of it.

Metzger theorizes that whoever is responsible for the mutilations uses a sedative or muscle relaxant that essentially paralyses the cattle, and she believes they must insert a pump into a main artery drain the cow of its blood. She says other ranchers near her have also experienced similar attacks on their livestock. The main theories on what is behind them range from UFOs and aliens to Satanists participating in satanic rituals, although they have no solid proof of either and are ultimately completely perplexed by the mutilations.

Metzger states that the killings have been taking place since as far back as the 1970s and also seem to happen at certain times of the year. According to the rancher, mid-July, October, and whenever Easter happens to fall usually coincide with new mutilations and animal deaths on her ranch.

2 Sheep Mutilations
Texas, 2013

Mutilated Sheep Texas

Photo credit: Karen Daggs via The Daily Mail

In 2013, a spate of sheep mutilations in Texas was investigated by both local law enforcement and MUFON. Although opinion is divided on what was responsible for the attacks, a local sheriff stated at the time that, “This was too clean to be an animal. Whoever did this knew what they were doing.” Although local law enforcement officially believes that human beings are carrying out the assaults, possibly as part of satanic rituals, MUFON hasn’t ruled out an alien or UFO connection.

Wayne and Karen Daggs, whose farm is in Port Lavaca, had over 20 of their sheep killed and mutilated between July and October 2013, each of them having suffered precise cuts to their face and mouth and some having been castrated. As has been the case with other mutilation cases, there was no sign of blood where the bodies were discovered.

The Daggs have also had sheep seemingly vanish into thin air. Given that the Daggs’ sheep weigh between 27 and 34 kilograms (60–75 lb) each, it can be safely assumed that if a person had taken them, they would have struggled to carry them easily and would in all probability have required a vehicle to transport them. However, there have been no tire markings found nor anything else to suggest a vehicle has been on their land.

Interestingly, this area of Texas was home to one of the earliest animal mutilation cases on record. In the early 1900s, a horse was discovered with what appeared to be precise, medically administered cuts having been made to remove its nervous system. Its upper neck and head were also stripped or burned down to nothing but bone.

1 Cow Seemingly Dropped From The Sky
Nebraska, 2013

In 2013, Linda Moulton Howe, one of the leading researchers and experts in cattle and animal mutilations, made a report regarding a series of mutilations on a Nebraska farm, including a cow that was found with its head embedded into the ground as if it had been dropped from the sky.

The rancher, Alex Peterson, told her how he had discovered two of his cattle dead with strange but precise cuts made on their bodies and their organs missing. He also discovered a cow that was still alive but obviously injured and distressed, which led him to put the animal down. He performed tests on the third cow he had discovered to see if he could trace any signs of poisons that may have been administered, but all the results came back as he would expect them to for an otherwise healthy cow.

Several days later, Peterson discovered the dead cow that seemingly had its head smashed into the Earth. The animal was already dead when he found it, and when he pulled its head out of the hole, he noted a distinct lack of dirt in the cow’s nose or mouth, leading him to believe that the animal had not simply burrowed its head into the ground but had been dead before it hit the Earth—which he believes it did from a great height.

+ An Interrupted Cattle Mutilation?
England, 1985

Triangle UFO

Photo credit: The Object Report

Although the incident over Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, England, in 1985 didn’t result in any known cattle mutilations or disappearances, it did raise the question of whether the strange object that had been seen on two separate occasions was “disturbed” while trying to perform them.

While driving home one evening, a father and son saw a strange, triangular-shaped object hovering over a field, its underside illuminated with three very definite lights. The father stopped, and the pair jumped out to get a closer look at the strange object. As they observed it, they noticed how there was no noise coming from the triangular craft. It remained stationary for several minutes before suddenly shooting off at high speed. Coincidentally or not, the area where the strange craft was spotted was routinely used by the military.

The pair rushed back to their hometown of Rugeley and made a report to the police, who rather strangely sent two police officers to their home immediately to take statements from them. Perhaps even stranger, one of the officers remarked to the pair that they “should never have got out of the car.” The two men are said to have received no explanation for what they saw.

Two days later, a short distance away, another alleged sighting came in the early hours of the morning. A former military policeman had joined friends in Cannock Chase to participate in a duck-shoot. While walking through the woods, he was said to have reported seeing a strange light moving along the sky, coming closer to him before settling in the air over a herd of cows in a nearby field.

Without thinking, the witness jumped up from his position to get a closer look and in doing so, seemed to attract the object’s attention. It appeared to shoot out several beams of light, one in his direction, which made him run as fast as he could until he was out of the object’s sight. He went back to the scene shortly after with a friend, but the strange light had disappeared and the cows beneath were seemingly unaware that anything untoward had occurred.

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fact checked by Jamie Frater
Marcus Lowth

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