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10 Times Inmates Got Prison Guards Pregnant And Vice Versa

by Oliver Taylor
fact checked by Jamie Frater

Common logic dictates that prison guards should not have sex with inmates. But it seems like not everybody agrees with common logic. Some guards have no qualms about having sex with prisoners and vice versa. Pregnancies have even resulted.

Based on the accounts detailed blow, female guards seem to be more likely to get pregnant from sex with male prisoners than the other way around. One productive inmate even got four prison guards pregnant at the same time. The stories are intriguing, to say the least.

10 Tavon White And Four Guards

Photo credit: WBAL-TV

In 2015, authorities at Baltimore City Detention Center busted a drug and gun-running business operated by several members of the Black Guerrilla Family who were incarcerated at the prison. The gang was led by Tavon White, who was also discovered to have gotten four prison guards pregnant.

Several prison guards, including the four women, were involved with the group and often helped them smuggle contraband into the facility. The drug trade is very lucrative in prison, where $10 worth of marijuana goes for $50.

One of the female guards, Chania Brooks, did it for the money. Two others, Katera Stevenson and Jennifer Owens, did it for love. Owens even tattooed White’s name on her neck and was the only one who got pregnant with twins. Brooks and Stevenson were both supplied with Mercedes-Benzes from White.

The last guard, Tiffany Linder (pictured above), once warned White of a planned prison search. White would later claim that she knew about the search because she was cheating on him with a male guard. The four women stood trial for their involvement with the gang. White himself testified against other gang members in exchange for reduced jail time.[1]

9 Kelly-Anne McDade

Photo credit: BBC News

Kelly-Anne McDade got pregnant by Nelson Delgado, an inmate at HM Aylesbury Young Offenders’ Institution, Buckinghamshire, where she worked as a prison guard. McDade got pregnant soon after they started having sex in 2008. She never told colleagues he was the father. Instead, she claimed to have been impregnated during a foreign rendezvous.

However, she was forced to resign after CCTV showed her opening Delgado’s cell when she was not supposed to. Prison authorities did not know her real intentions, and they would have never found out if McDade hadn’t sold the story to a magazine. She was promptly arrested.

It was later revealed that McDade tried smuggling three phones into the prison in March 2009. She received a 30-month sentence: 18 months for smuggling and 12 months for misconduct in public office. The two had been planning to get married after Delgado left prison.[2]

8 Unidentified Corrections Officer

Floridian Kimberly Hockaday had been in and out of prison before she was sent to Lowell Correctional Institution in March 2013 on theft charges. She was pregnant before arriving at the prison and birthed a son that September. She gave custody to her fiance and continued serving her sentence. She was pregnant again by the time she was released in February 2014 and gave birth to a second child seven months later.

The pregnancy caused a scandal because, obviously, Hockaday had gotten pregnant in prison. She named a prison guard as the father. She claimed he had wooed her with cigarettes a few months after she gave birth to her first child. However, a DNA test showed the guard was not the father.

Hockaday later claimed that she’d had sex with three guards, including the one she suspected of being the father, while in prison. She only named that guard because she thought the baby looked like him. However, Hockaday refused to name the two other guards. She was back in prison at the time and feared she could be returned to Lowell. She gave the second baby up for adoption.[3]

7 Tyshinia Love Brewster

Photo credit: New York State Police

Tyshinia Love Brewster used to be a prison guard at Downstate Correctional Facility in Fishkill, New York, until she got pregnant by an unnamed inmate. While the incident was only revealed in February 2013, police suspect they had been having sex since 2010. Brewster was six months pregnant at the time of arrest.

Brewster bore the brunt of the misadventure. Besides getting pregnant, she was also charged with rape and misconduct. She received rape charges because prisoners cannot legally consent to sex. Meanwhile, the inmate was moved to another prison.[4]

6 Nancy Gonzalez

Photo credit: Charles Eckert

In 2014, 30-year-old prison guard Nancy Gonzalez received a 366-day sentence for having sex with an inmate at the Lower Manhattan prison where she worked. She’d become pregnant as a result. The prisoner was Ronell Wilson, who was on death row for murdering two police detectives.

Besides having sex with Wilson, Gonzalez was also found guilty of leaving other prisoners unguarded during the sex romps and allowing Wilson to beat another inmate. The sex also put her in a vulnerable position where Wilson could have stolen her cell keys.

Gonzalez said she agreed to have a baby for Wilson, thinking it would make the jury reconsider slamming him with a second death sentence during his retrial. That did not help, and Wilson again received the death penalty in 2013. He’d received his first death sentence during his initial trial in 2003.

After Gonzalez gave birth to the baby in 2013, Robert Capofarri Jr., another prisoner she was involved with after leaving Wilson, offered to care for the child. Capofarri used to be held at the prison where Gonzalez worked (and Wilson was an inmate) until he was transferred to another facility after federal agents suspected he and Gonzalez were in a relationship.

However, Capofarri and Gonzalez remained in contact with their cell phones, which had been tapped. This allowed federal agents confirm her relationship with Capofarri. They also discovered her earlier relationship with Wilson after they heard her tell Capofarri she would not continue said relationship. Capofarri never got to care for the baby because Gonzalez lost custody of the child soon after he was born.[5]

5 Alison Sharples

While this incident never led to pregnancy, it could have, if things had gone as planned.

Alison Sharples worked at HM Prison Garth, Lancashire, until October 2014, when she was arrested while trying to leave the prison yard with a syringe filled with sperm. She planned to take the syringe home and impregnate herself with it.

A DNA test revealed that the sperm belonged to one of the twin brothers Marvin and Michael Berkeley. Both had been sent to prison in 2007 for several crimes, including hijacking and kidnapping. However, Marvin was the primary suspect, since he was the only one held at the facility. His brother was held elsewhere.

Police searched Sharples’s home, where they found a letter written by Marvin. Sharples confessed she wanted to get pregnant by Marvin because she wanted a “chocolate baby.” She got a nine-month sentence.[6]

4 Elisha R. Smith

Elisha R. Smith worked as a corrections officer at Pendleton Correctional Facility in Indiana when she got pregnant by an inmate. The prisoner, Dontel Keys, had been incarcerated since 1998, serving a 20-year sentence for reckless homicide, criminal confinement, and kidnapping.

Prison authorities remained oblivious to the illicit relationship between the duo, even though Smith was still working at the facility at the time she gave birth on June 15, 2016. Four months later, in October 2016, she left the prison for Marion County Community Corrections. However, she and Keys remained in contact until April 2017.[7]

3 Caleb Shane Hopkins

Photo credit: Home Facts

Sometime in 2017, it was revealed that an inmate at Tenessee’s Moore County Jail was pregnant from sex with a prison guard. The guard was Caleb Shane Hopkins, and the inmate was Jessica Fowler. Fowler had been placed on probation for aggravated statutory rape back in February 2016 but was later sent to jail in September after violating her prohibition.

Fowler realized she was pregnant in May 2017. She filed a $5 million lawsuit against Hopkins, claiming the sex was not consensual. She said Hopkins used to meet her in the prison library at night and bought her silence with cigarettes and prescription drugs. He supposedly warned her to keep quiet and told her that no one would believe her, anyway.

Fowler’s attorney, Ben Rabyn, said she could not have consented to the sex because she was a lesbian. Fowler and Hopkins had non-penetrative sex at first, until Hopkins asked her to “bend over.” She asked him to use a condom, and he replied, “Married men don’t buy condoms.” She confessed that they had sex four times before she got pregnant.

Fowler was transferred to another prison. She lost the jail credits she’d earned at Moore County Jail, which could have seen her leave prison early. In fact, she had been billed for an early release before she was transferred. She had the baby at the new prison.[8] Hopkins was arrested.

2 Tarra Avery

Photo credit: WCTV

In January 2018, it was reported that an unnamed inmate at Hamilton Correctional Institution in Florida had gotten a prison guard pregnant. The guard, Tarra Avery, was charged with sexual misconduct and taking contraband into the prison. Avery confessed to having sex with the inmate in a bathroom.

Authorities only found out about the illicit relationship in November 2017, when other inmates tipped them off that Avery was pregnant by a prisoner. Prison officials searched the inmate’s cell and found letters from Avery. He had also written her phone number in an address book.

Prison officials also went through the inmate’s call records and discovered he had told his sister about the pregnancy. To remove all doubts that it was another guard he got pregnant, he had mentioned Avery’s name. Besides having sex with an inmate, Avery also confessed to receiving $200 from the prisoner’s sister. She also gave his sister $100 to pay his phone bills.[9]

1 Unnamed Prison Guard

Photo credit: The West Australian

Believe it or not, as of 2016, it wasn’t illegal for prison guards to have sex with inmates in Western Australia. While such sexual relationships will sometimes cause scandals when they’re exposed, the guard involved will only be forced to resign. If the guard refuses, the Corrective Services Commissioner could dismiss them, citing a loss of confidence. Other than that, it’s all good.

Such a relationship caused a scandal in 2016, when a male corrections officer at Bandyup Women’s Prison in West Swan got a prisoner pregnant. While the corrections officer was unnamed, the inmate was identified as Gemma Sophiadakis, who was serving a four-year jail term for drug-related offenses. Meanwhile, other prison guards at the facility joked about the incident, calling it “the immaculate conception.”[10] The scandal led to increased calls for outlawing guard-inmate sex.

fact checked by Jamie Frater