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10 People Who Live Happy but Bizarre Lifestyles

by Curry Mitchell
fact checked by Darci Heikkinen

It’s often not easy to understand people who live a different lifestyle than yours. Something as simple as dipping a limp french fry into a chocolate milkshake can make some people (such as myself) cringe as they watch others enjoy it. At some point in their lives, people develop biases and ideas about what is good for them and what’s not, and a lot of times, these perspectives will differ from your own.

But what about those extreme examples? Some people live their lives in ways that most of us could never picture as enjoyable or even sustainable in the simplest of ways. Contradicting all norms of life, these individuals go against the grain and still live successful and productive lives. So with no judgment, here are 10 people who live happy but out-of-the-norm lives.

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10 The Man Who Never Bathes

The Man Who Hasn’t Bathed In 65 Years

For most people, a nice hot shower is a perfect way to unwind and relax after a long day of work. Whether your job is in an office or outside in the elements, it’s always a nice feeling to scrub off that layer of dirt before enjoying your next show on Netflix. However, imagine you couldn’t bathe at all. Better yet, imagine you hadn’t taken a shower for over 60 years! I bet your skin is itching just thinking about it.

Well, that’s the case for 87-year-old Amou Haji. Deemed “the world’s dirtiest man,” Haji hasn’t bathed in 67 years. Haji spends his days isolated in an Iranian village in Kermanshah province, where locals are familiar with him and his behavior. According to MSN News, Haji doesn’t bathe because he fears water will bring him sickness. In addition to some other quirks, Haji occasionally burns his hair to trim it and smokes interesting cigarettes, sometimes containing animal dung. Nevertheless, it’s safe to assume that Haji is perfectly fine with his current lifestyle.[1]

9 The Man Who Never Sleeps

This Man Hasn’t Slept In 45 Years – News In History

We’ve all had those nights where we stared at the ceiling wishing ourselves to sleep as the time to get up for work slowly approached. It always seems like you manage to get back to sleep just 20 mins before your alarm begins blaring. The following day, you feel like crap as you drag yourself along through your responsibilities. Imagine how you would feel if you never got a wink of sleep for more than 48 years.

Thai Ngoc, an 80-year-old farmer, hasn’t gotten a minute of sleep in over 48 years. According to sources, Ngoc can complete his work on the farm daily without being groggy. The lack of sleep helps him complete tasks around the farm easier than the average man since he doesn’t need to rest. Thai lives a normal life with minimal health issues despite his extreme case of insomnia.[2]

8 The Woman Who Doesn’t Drink Water

The Woman Who Never Drinks Water

Have you ever gone an entire day without drinking a glass of water? Or how about those early mornings after a long night of drinking, which produces a monstrous headache and a dry, sticky tongue. These two examples of minor dehydration are just common occurrences for most of us. But what if we took it a step further and witnessed someone who doesn’t drink water at all because of the taste?

There’s nothing better than a full bottle of chilled water after an extreme workout. The rush of cool liquid is an instant reward after pushing yourself to the limit. However, this isn’t the case for Lori Cheek, a woman who “despises” the taste of water. No, Lori would rather take a hot coffee into her workout instead of water because she describes water as “slimy nothing.” Lori has managed to live a fulfilling lifestyle, despite her lack of proper hydration. Lori tries to get water in other ways, such as putting Crystal Light into a water bottle. She may not choose it, but nothing beats a plain-ole bottle of water. Am I right?[3]

7 Breatharians

Akahi Breatharian for eleven years, how it has been and Q&A (amazing ) 2020

Okay, I want you to stop what you’re doing for a brief moment and take a deep breath. When I say a deep breather, I mean a really deep breath. The kind that forces your belly to stretch out as far as possible. Okay, did you do it? It felt good, didn’t it? Did it feel good enough for you to live off that same deep breath alone for the majority of your life? You’re probably saying to yourself, “No, it didn’t feel that good!”

Well, believe it or not, there are people out there who live this way.

Breatharians are people who live off the nutrients and energy that the world provides them. They still consume food and water, but only in very small portions and usually weeks to months apart. One married couple has managed to live a healthy breatharian lifestyle for years and has even had two healthy children while enjoying this lifestyle.

Husband and wife Akahi Ricardo and Camila Castello have successfully taken on the Breatharian lifestyle and are raising two healthy children as Breatharians as well. They believe that the only thing humans need to live healthy lives is the energy from the universe.[4]

6 Supersize Me

I’ve eaten 30,000 McDonald’s Big Macs! – Guinness World Records

Big Macs are the staple of McDonald’s cuisine. I know, I shouldn’t use the words “cuisine” and “McDonalds” in the same sentence, but I couldn’t help myself. Nevertheless, Big Macs are some of the most popular burgers on the McDonald’s menu, and for a good reason. The succulent patties, sweet sesame seed bun, and tangy sauce create a blast of flavor for many to enjoy. Perfect for the occasional “cheat day.” Most of us couldn’t fathom eating big macs regularly. But one man has taken it to the extreme and has eaten Big Macs every day since 1972.

Donald Gorske has eaten 2 Big Macs a day for 50 years and has claimed the world record for most Big Macs eaten. Despite the number of burgers Gorske has consumed, he is still relatively healthy—thanks to his six-mile walks around his neighborhood and the exclusion of fries from his order. At 190 pounds, Gorske believes that the Big Mac is the reason for his healthy weight.[5]

5 The Man Who Only Eats Raw Meat

Raw Meat Is All I Eat | TRULY

People have specific preferences for the way they prepare and eat meat. Some people like it medium-rare, while others want a well-done steak. But, there’s a guy who likes his meat completely raw.

Derek Nance, a 35-year-old carnivore, has eaten nothing but raw meat for over 10 years. Nance believes that his extreme carnivorous diet is the reason for his good health and lack of allergies. Nance prepares his own meat in his backyard, and he uses every bit of what he butchers. At times, Nance will even gather small pieces of meat, throw them into a blender, and make what he calls an “intestine smoothie.” Bon-appetit![6]

4 Off the Grid

Visit to Tinkers Bubble Off-Grid Woodland Community. Living without Fossil Fuels

Where’s your phone right now? The majority of you know exactly where it is. Others have hopped up in a panic, looking around the room searching for it. Don’t worry, this article isn’t going anywhere, so take your time. Anyway, our phones are almost like an extension of ourselves. We always have to have it with us, and it has been that way for years since we have become so accustomed to it. How freeing would it be to be able to leave your phone, and the rest of technology for that matter, and escape the normal consumerism of society.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, you should pack your bags and move to a place called Somerset. Somerset is a tight-knit community of individuals who choose to live off the grid. Their only source of energy comes from a few solar panels, and they do everything on their own. To some, this may sound like a daunting lifestyle, but the individuals in Somerset are happy to be away from the “rat race” of everyday life. It takes two hours to heat bathwater, and they wash all their clothes using old-school tools, but the families in Somerset wouldn’t have it any other way.[7]

3 The Man Who Lives Like A Dog

This Man’s Life as a Human Pup

Escapism is important for everyone. We all should have an activity that allows up to take a break from the everyday monotony of life. For some, it may be a good book or an hour-long session of playing video games. Some even enjoy getting into a suit as they pretend to be a dog. Yeah, you read that right.

Tom, who calls himself “The Human Puppy,” likes to dress up as a dog from time to time. Tom, who goes by “Spot” when he is in puppy form, has a specific skin-tight dalmatian suit he puts on from time to time. In puppy form, Tom crawls on all fours, eats out of a dog bowl, and sleeps in a spacious doggy crate. Tom says that his puppy side is the center of attention, and he gains confidence when he puts the suit on. [8]

2 The Man Who Lives With Wolves

Leader of the Pack | Nat Geo Wild

Wolves are ferocious creatures. They hunt in packs and use their keen senses to take down most prey. There are always pack leaders (one male and one female) in the wolf community. Usually, the pack leader is the most dominant male and female wolf. With that said, there’s one man who has managed to infiltrate the wolf hierarchy and present himself as the alpha dog to the rest.

Shaun Ellis, author and wolf researcher, takes in wolves that are abandoned at birth and teaches them how to survive in the wild. Ellis hunts like a wolf, eats like a wolf, and even howls like one. Ellis believes that he and the wolves share a common language, and this is the reason why he can lead in the way that he does. At times, Ellis has to assert dominance by showing his teeth and growling at the wolves who need a reminder of who the alpha dog is. [1]

1 Extreme Cheapskate

Kate Dumpster Dives For Food! | Extreme Cheapskates (Full Episode)

Many of us do what we can to save money. There are some things that we are willing to spend a pretty penny on, but that may only be for things we want. Typically, we’re more frugal about the other things we don’t care about as much. Kate Hashimoto, self-proclaimed “cheapskate,” chooses to be frugal about every purchase she makes.

Kate lives in New York City, but she manages to save money in a lot of different ways. Kate doesn’t believe in buying clothes or furniture. Her entire house is furnished with items that she found on the streets and in the garbage. She doesn’t believe in buying things that will be thrown away, so she doesn’t buy or use toilet paper. No, Kate chooses to use water and soap each time she uses the restroom, and she even saves the paper towels she uses in public restrooms. Kate is happy with her financial and lifestyle choices so much that she can’t fathom the amount of money people spend on the most wasteful things.[10]

fact checked by Darci Heikkinen