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10 of the Craziest Sport Fanbases

by Toby Oliva
fact checked by Rachel Jones

Every sport has some die-hard fans. And you can find the craziest fans at every level. When fans are cheering for their team, the energy they create for the athletes is electric. The fans feel like they’re part of the team, win or lose, and emotions can run high.

All fanbases have their chaotic moments, but when it gets taken too far, that’s when things can go wrong fast. So let’s get into it!

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10Petty Moves From Colorado

Broncos Fans Tip Porta-Potty With Patriots Fan Inside

It’s normal to experience some chanting and drinking, maybe a heated discussion between opposing fans. But that’s about it, right? Wrong.

Some fans become so “passionate” about their sport and their team that they turn to violence and abusive language. More often than not, this is aimed directly at the opposing fans because, of course, it must be their fault.

The Denver fans are a prime example of sore losers. They aren’t particularly hospitable to opposing fans as it is, but when they lose…steer clear. When a Denver Bronco fan was leaving the grounds after receiving a beating from the opposition, they decided to flip the portable toilet with a Patriots fan inside. As you can imagine, not the nicest situation to be in, and the Denver fans 100% should have known better.

Nobody likes a sore loser.

9 Brawling Over Bryant

Kobe Gives Fan His Arm Sleeve, Then Another Fan Steals It

This is sort of sad to see when fans go against each other. At a Lakers game, Kobe Bryant was on the bench and threw something into the crowd. A young man politely catches it and seems pretty pleased with himself.

Obviously, with Bryant having been an extremely successful player, it can call for some pretty wild fans. Two fans in the row behind the young man decided to snatch the sleeve right out of his fingers, and the young man gives up (probably not wanting to cause a scene) and lets the two selfish fans have it.

You would think that supporting the same team would bring some unity to the fans, but this video suggests otherwise.

8 East Coast Attitude

Red Sox Fans Gets Pizza Thrown At Him

Bostonian sports fans are renowned among many fanbases, not always for the best reasons. Some say they can be rude, arrogant, and even entitled, and this video shows a few Red Sox fans demonstrating that exact behavior.

The weird thing is, they seem to be acting this way toward their team. One of the field players is running to catch the ball when two men in the stands try to catch the ball themselves and just end up batting it away and spilling beer over themselves and the poor player.

Maybe the Boston fanbase has been spoiled with too many wins and has forgotten their manners.

7 Blowing the Whistle on the Utah Jazz Fans

Fan blows whistle from the stands giving the Jazz an easy dunk!

Utah Jazz basketball fans took matters into their own hands to try and give their team an advantage. In basketball, when a referee blows a whistle, any play must stop immediately.

And so, when Utah jazz fans saw the opposing team about to make a goal, a fan in the stands blew a fake whistle, and the play stopped instantly. The Utah Jazz team realized pretty quickly that the whistle wasn’t real and quickly leaped into action. However, the opposing team was confused and didn’t defend the goal.

Even though it was obvious that the fans had just given the team an unfair advantage, they were awarded the point anyway.

6 One Angry Billionaire

Billionaire Woman Taunts LeBron James, Tells Him to “Suck It Up”

Thousands of fans scream and shout during games—not particularly “crazy.” But when you throw in one of America’s richest self-made billionaires and have her screaming on the sidelines…that makes the list.

Lebron James is an extremely successful basketball player and has many powerful celebrity fans, which is wild in itself. The courtside seats are reserved for the rich, the famous, and the powerful, so even to just have these faces among your fanbase is unreal.

However, during a Cavaliers game, Judy Love—the multibillionaire, shouts, “Just suck it up, Lebron!” Judy Love is worth a staggering $6 billion from retail and gas stations in America. Probably a bizarre and almost comical experience Lebron James, who later posted about the incident on his Instagram using the hashtag #suckitupLebron!.

5 Società Sportiva Lazio Attacks

Football’s Most Dangerous Derby – Lazio v AS Roma | Derby Days

Società Sportiva Lazio, more commonly known as S.S. Lazio, is a football club based in Rome, Italy. Now, this fanbase has made this list because of some of the fans who choose some pretty extreme methods of showing their support.

Most teams in football have a rival, and for S.S. Lazio, their rival is A.S. Roma. With a rival comes a derby, and so as you can imagine, the attitudes of Lazio fans turn sour when the derbies arrive. The fans get out of control when the clubs go head to head. Turning to violence and vandalism, there have even been some instances where the Lazio fans have attacked Roma fans.

This definitely sounds like a dangerous rivalry.

4 Cardiff City Pitch Storming

Cardiff City Pitch Invasion

In this video, we see the moment that Cardiff City F.C. is promoted to the Premier League. The whistleblows and thousands of fans overwhelm the security team and storm the pitch. This might just sound like a fun celebration, but running onto a football pitch is actually illegal, and you can be charged with trespassing or even criminal offenses.

Not only were thousands of fans willing to take that risk in order to celebrate, but they also left one of the security team injured on the ground. It took security over an hour to remove everyone from the pitch and return the game back to order.

3 England Fans in Hyde Park

30,000 fans in Hyde Park celebrate England goal in World Cup semi-final

England fans are absolutely desperate to win the World Cup, so at the slightest glimpse of success, the entire country goes insane. Trust me—I’ve seen it first hand.

Everything becomes about England; when they’re winning, you can feel the buzz in the air around the country, even from those who aren’t die-hard football fans get involved. But when they lose, you can feel the quiet, too. It’s taken so badly by the club’s supporters that crime rates increase.

UK fans take it really badly when England loses.

You can get a glimpse of the passion during this video, where crowds gathered in a park in Central London during the World Cup semi-finals. When a goal is scored, the entire park erupts. People throw drinks in the air, scream, and shout. When you think that England didn’t even win the World Cup, and this reaction was just for a goal…

You can kind of understand how they made this list.

2 The Man-Handling Sharks Fans

AFL fan grabs player

This one isn’t necessarily the entire fanbase is crazy, but this individual definitely showed some whacked-out behavior from the stands. And what’s worse, the players on his team came over to commend his outrageous actions.

In this American Arena League football game, the Jacksonville Sharks are playing the Georgia Force. One of the Force players is catching the ball right on the edge next to the stands when a Sharks fan leans over, grabs the player round his neck, and yanks him backward repeatedly. When the Force player breaks free from the fan’s grip, many of the Sharks team run over to give the player a high-five.

No wonder the fans are displaying some outrageous behavior; the team seems to be encouraging it. Hopefully, the fan and the team were penalized for this because no sport is worth assaulting someone for.

1 Chaos in the Streets of Philadelphia


This video is insane. The streets of Philadelphia turned to chaos after their team won. The streets were filled with thousands of celebrating fans, but it didn’t take long before things were being taken to the extremes. You can see fans jumping off the roofs of buildings, climbing and dangling from street signs, and even being as bold as to climb on top of a moving police van.

They gave no thought to their own safety or others—they were just determined to celebrate in the most absurd way they possibly could. In fairness, another clip showed a police officer celebrating along with the sea of people so. Clearly, there was something in the air that night in Philadelphia.

If you support any of these teams or any team in general, just remember, you’re representing your team and your state when you go out to games. There are ways to behave and ways not to. No game is worth ending up in a jail cell for, so let’s keep it classy.

fact checked by Rachel Jones