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10 Unhealthy Foods You Think are Healthy

I love food. I do also love unhealthy food, unfortunately, and in an attempt to help myself and others with trying to eat healthier, I made this list to make people aware that what you might think of as healthy, might just be quite the opposite. But remember – if eating a kind of food makes you feel good, then do so! Being happy and content is just as important for your health as nutrition is… at least I like to think so!


Vegetable Oils


Like some of us learned in Chemistry class, fat is supposed to be more healthy the more liquid it is, therefore it’s commonly believed that all vegetable oils are healthy. And hey, they’re from plants, too! So this sounds about right. It is actually a general rule that the fat is more healthy the more liquid it is, since the “healthy” double bonds in the unsaturated (or good, if you will) kind of fat will decrease the melting point. However, what most people forget, is that ordinary butter can be liquid too, if it’s just heated a little. The “oil” used for frying in fast food restaurants, is most commonly palm oil, an almost purely saturated (unhealthy) oil. It’s semi-solid at room temperature, but is of course liquid when heated and used for frying, and it’s certainly not healthy. If another more healthy oil had been chosen for frying, those tasty fries wouldn’t have been bad for you. Not at all, as long as the potatoes are of good quality. “Then why don’t the fast food restaurants use the healthy kind of oil then?” you might ask yourself. The unhealthy stuff is cheap, and the fast food companies tend to care more about their money than your health.



Farfalle Pasta

Although there are near infinite variations, and therefore several healthy variations of this food swell, the typical pasta you get when you buy your spaghetti, macaroni or noodles, at least in the Western World, is just plain white flour, mixed with water and eggs (although the small percentage of egg included don’t contribute much to the nutritional value of pasta). No vitamins, no minerals, and barely any fiber. Nothing, except empty carbs, shaped as pasta. And just to make things worse, “fast food pasta,” take-away Chinese food for instance, often contain loads of salt, mixed with unhealthy fat.


White Bread

White Bread

This is pasta, but shaped like bread. You probably already knew this, but there are still people left in the world that think that all kinds of bread are good for them. White bread is not, trust me!


Soup Mix


I mean come on, you didn’t think that goofy green powder you mix into water could be good for you, did you? Well, it isn’t. When you eat soup, you eat/drink the water, milk, butter, or whatever else you had that powder mixed into, along with a mixture of tasty salt and preservatives. A lot of salt, in fact. Salt is sadly often overlooked as a risk-factor in food. Salt is actually a major contributor to heart disease. It has to be excreted from the body. The kidneys do this job, and without going too deep on the physiology, the blood pressure increases the more salt you consume, in order to excrete it. And high blood pressure is not good for you, which you probably already know.




Don’t let the fact that it almost got accepted as a vegetable in the United States fool you. Despite containing the antioxidant lycopene (antioxidants greatly reduce the risks of mutations in your body, and the risk of developing diseases like cancer), ketchup contains loads of sugar (as high as 26% carbohydrates, according to Wikipedia), and also a lot of salt. Most of the ketchup we eat is processed and non-organic, so the lycopene levels are much lower than what it could be from the amount of tomatoes used.


Diet Soda


I wasn’t sure if I was going to include this item, as I’m not sure if the definition of “food” includes drinks in the English language, as it doesn’t in my native tongue, but what the heck, I decided to just go for it anyway. You probably knew that soda would never be healthy, diet or not, but did you know that it can be quite bad for you, swell? Scientists are still unsure about this. Some even say diet coke is worse than the sugar-stuffed versions. This is actually a quite controversial debate, as there hasn’t been too many scientific studies done on the health effects of diet soda, but the few there has been, hasn’t exactly proved good for the diet soda fanatics. Some studies have shown that diet soda may not be too bad for you by it self, but it still gave the test group a considerable weight gain. A theory was that diet soda actually stimulated the appetite, so that you “ate back” more than the calories you saved by drinking a diet soda instead of a sugary version. Several animal studies have suggested that the artificial sweeteners used in diet soda can cause weight gain, just like ordinary sugars. Also, some of these sweeteners, like Aspartame, have been believed to increase the risk of certain kinds of cancer, although this has not been scientifically proven, as far as I know.


Processed Cheese

Article-New Ehow Images A05 M0 Tn Difference-Cheese-Food-Regular-Cheese-800X800

It’s probably common knowledge that cheese isn’t too good for you, but processed cheese is actually -really- bad for you! Here’s a little story from my childhood, on the subject.

Since when I first ate a hamburger at the local Burger King, I wondered what kind of cheese they used on those delicious hamburgers they sold there. It was so… good and cheesy, and yellow too! Many years passed, and I, as a burger fanatic, tried many types of cheese on my homemade hamburgers without really getting the wanted result. Then, one day when I traveled over the border to Sweden, I found the cheese I was looking for in the first grocery store I went into. “American cheese” it was named, if I’m not mistaken, and I bought a couple of these which I took home to Norway, to put them to the test. And yep, that was the yellow, cheesy cheese I had been looking for! Since we all know that Norway is a much better place to be than Sweden, despite the two countries being pretty much the same, EXCEPT for the Swedes selling this cheese, I felt had to do some investigation.

And indeed, my bad feelings turned to disbelief, as I found out that processed cheese (which doesn’t actually meet the requirements for being called cheese), was so high in salt that it was actually not sold here. Some sources also showed that the average processed cheese you get on your fast food burgers contain so much salt that you can reach far past the recommended daily intake with just 2-3 slices of cheese. I’m not sure how the Burger King here gets the cheese though, but that’s probably another story…


Soy Sauce


This actually came as a shock to me, being a lover of soy sauce. I was enjoying this tasty, fat-free sauce with a good conscience until I wrote this party popper of a list. Oh well. Unlike many other soy products, soy sauce does not contain certain antioxidants known as isoflavones, but the level of antioxidants in soy sauce is still so high that it’s often viewed (or mistaken), as healthy. On the negative side, however, soy sauce contains very high amounts of salt. There has also been several studies showing that there are often chemicals known to increase the risks of certain types of cancer, found in soy sauce. Luckily, after much stricter regulations on these chemicals and the relatively fresh knowledge of the dangers associated with high salt-contents, there now excises several kinds of low-sodium soy sauces, free of dangerous chemicals. Sadly, as with most healthy variants of various foods, it is not as tasty as the real deal.




Nuts are generally healthy. Most sorts come packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and lots of goodies for your body to enjoy. Peanuts is not a horrible exception, but it might not be as good as other kinds of nuts. The majority of peanuts sold as snacks come packed with salt, and they are often roasted and come coated in unhealthy fats. But the nuts themselves are healthy, you say? Well, maybe. Of course they have the before mentioned benefits of containing a lot of vitamins and minerals, but they contain A LOT of the kind of unsaturated fatty acids known as omega-6 fatty acids. You might have heard about it before, along with the omega-3 acids.

It is a scientific fact that a food intake with a too distorted omega 6:omega 3 ratio (in favor of the omega 6 version), increases the risk for many common diseases, like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. The ratio SHOULD be 1:1, but the American diet ranges between 1:20 and 1:50, in favor of the omega 6. Maybe I shouldn’t go as far as to say peanuts are bad for you, but they should be consumed in a limited quantity, and they should be eaten as nature made them – raw and without added salt.


Fruit Juice

Nutritional Information Of Orange Juice

Controversial perhaps, but this entry is number 1 for a good reason – so many people believe fruit juice is so healthy that they substitute it for all whole fruit in their diet. Now it is true that fruit juice contains a lot of vitamins but it is at great cost; most fruit juice is pumped up with extra sugar and aside from a few varieties has its pulp removed. The pulp in fruit provides essential fibre which can be considered a good counterbalance to all the natural sugar contained in the fruit. So my advice to you: ditch fruit drinks and eat whole raw fruit instead.

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  • Shubham

    OMG!!! I am a huge fan of ketchup and fruit juice. This list just gave me a mini heart attack.

    • greensmurf

      I don’t claim to be Einstein but it all seems pretty obvious to me, I am a ketchup junkie myself, more ketchup then chips or fries!!!

      • Nate

        Agreed. Not trying to bash this list but i knew everyone of these things werent good for me. I mean I was told white bread was bad for me when I was like 4.

    • FriendlyBob

      The author didn’t seem to take into account people who make their own fruit juice.

      • Vesko

        I believe it is fairly obvious this is not valid for anything you make yourself. Except if you willfully use bad ingredients to hurt yourself. Or go as far as adding preservatives to your home-made ketchup

      • MangaTime

        “most fruit juice is pumped up with extra sugar and aside from a few varieties has its pulp removed.”

        I think the author already meant those bottled type fruit juice we buy from the store.

  • yup

    your going to die twice

  • mck

    Anything beyond moderation is unhealthy, including water. Nothing new as claimed in the title. Also considering that I’m not diet conscious (and knew all the stuff), the list is boring.

    Dinosaurs grew so big because of over eating. Why wouldn’t/shouldn’t humans become gaints eating pizzas after few generations? We already see increase in average height from previous generation to current generation.

    • odaltyr

      “Dinosaurs grew so big because of over eating”


      • mck

        I was referring to how dinosaurs evolved to being such big creatures.

        Say we start eating more salt and humans evolve to be able to consume more salt, all the water on the plant could be drinkable!!! Just wondering if we are trying to control the evolution by regulating the environment (includes commonly available food) and not adapting to the environment.

        • abc

          That wasn’t because of over-eating, the naturally bigger ones were more likely to breed as lady dinosaurs liked them more, or they were seen as more threatening by other dinosaurs. The salt you find in sea-water isn’t the same as you use for seasoning, and can be a range of different types, like potassium-salt, so your plan won’t work (don’t think diet would affect genetics, anyway).

          • Canadianguy

            Saying peanuts are unhealthy because of the salt and oils used when roasting them is like saying oranges are unhealthy because of the sugar and preservatives added to orange juice.

        • odaltyr

          I know what you were referring to, but your understanding of evolution is wrong. Many dinosaurs evolved to be big (most of them were rather small though) through natural selection, mainly a form of arms race between predator and prey. Not because they over ate. Sure, they could stay big because there was a lot of food to go around, but you seem to understand evolution like lamarckism, which is a theory which was debunked since Darwin.

          • mck

            The natural selection theory only explains why some of the variations have not survived. It doesn’t explain why there should be variation at all. Lamarckism tries to explain this part of the evolution. The same link you gave tells that the Lamarck’s theory is not completely dismissed. Moreover the theory on evolution is not complete and still evolving. Also

          • odaltyr

            Yes, some small traits acquired in life are believed to be passed on according to very recent studies. The fact remains that the main drive of evolution is natural selection, making your “they grew big because they overeat” wrong regardless, because such a factor is at best minimal.

            For average human height increasing in the last generations, it’s most likely due to better nutrition in our modern era. There is probably a limit to how tall average human height can get through good nutrition only. Otherwise it could only be achieved through natural selection (or human selection, like s-exual selection) which would drive taller people to reproduce more.

          • mck

            “Yes, some small traits acquired in life are believed to be passed on according to very recent studies. The fact remains that the main drive of evolution is natural selection, making your “they grew big because they overeat” wrong regardless, because such a factor is at best minimal.”

            Again, I want to highlight that natural selection only “eleminates” certain variations. It is also very important to have variations in genes as well as traits for evelution. Otherwise what is the question of selection witin a species? The variations explain the path from single cell organism to humans. Natural selction explains why other branches in the path do not exist today. Both are equally important to explain why the life in the current form exists.

          • odaltyr

            Sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re answering to. You just gave a school-level definition of evolution through natural selection.. Ok.. now was that supposed to answer the passage from my previous comment that you quoted? I don’t get it..

          • mck

            I’m sorry if there was a confusion. I didn’t mean that a dinosaur became so big just by over eating while its parent was of normal size. I meant that they over ate for lot of generations for millions of years and evolved to be so big… just like the evolution of appendix due to changes in human food habits.

            If you understand above and still disagree, I’m not sure why you are disagreeing. You have never what exactly is wrong with my point

        • Orly?

          Are you serious? Do you really think that’s how it works?
          Dinosaurs were big because there was plenty of food available.
          Besides evolution takes millions of years, humans aren’t going to become accustomed to something just because generations have been consuming things. With that thinking you’d think generations that smoke or do drugs are more tolerant and less likely to get cancer and shit like that.

          • mck

            I was not totally serious about that as I understand that kind of evolution takes millions of years. But given some conditions, I do think it is possible.

            Now, do you seriously think that it is not at all possible?

          • Drewbus

            Are YOU serious??
            Dinosaurs were big because there was more oxygen in the air. A dinosaur today would take three steps and black out. Food supply only limits the number of individuals within a population.

          • mck


            Oxygen can impact the size but can be easily offsetted by good lungs and heart. Why are blue whales surviving now that too inside water?
            Food supply limits population only when there is scarcity or conflict. When the food is abundant, the species can grow in size and thats what happened with dinosauras.


          • If your theory were correct that dinosaurs grew big because they overate, then why has that not happened with humans as well??? In fact it is well known that no animal, except human is prone to over eat (allowing for some species like boa constrictor which eat a huge meal and then go without eating for days on end). In fact food is more abundantly available for humankind and with much less effort than for other creatures, including dinosaurs. By your stupid logic, humans will evolve to be bigger than the biggest dinosaur (in the next few million years)!!! ROFL

          • FriendlyBob

            I’m not an expert on the subject, but i’ve seen in various documentaries that dinosaurs grew so big because of the higher ammount of oxygen in the air.

    • Reversed logical thinking! Dinosaurs should eat many because they are big! The hugeness of dinosaur is their nature…….

      Are you kidding ? Or you’re just talking bulls**t?

    • Dinosaurs are possibly the “beasts” referred in the book of Genesis! And Science has proved (through evidences of their large bone remains)…..

      So now, my judgement w/ your comment:

      Reversed logical thinking! Dinosaurs have to eat more because they are big but they didn’t become big because they eat more! Their huge is their nature

      Are you joking?

      • I mean their huge size is their nature!

    • With my conviction as being myselk,I’m always being careful when throwing comments . I will argue but don’t trash-talk if possible… It’s only now that I’m talking offensive word when commenting in this site….I just get seriously shocked when reading your comment w/out taking caution..My emotion bursts

      With all the respect, I’m sorry mck, my friend! Now, though i still dont believe your ideas above, I understand you when reading the LIVEscience article you give……I’m really sorry!

      NOW, in these discussion, I declare myself a LOSER! Nice be with you,bro!

      • Lol calm down, Kyllem. Really, it’s not that bad. :)

      • mck

        Hey Kyllem. Cheer up bro. Its only a discussion where want to be more informed. In the process, I have learned few things about evolution and you have got to know a new idea. We both have gained with the discussion. As you would know argument is all about winning and discussion is about improving.

        There are two parts to evolution that I see and the first part is commonly missed out: 1) There must be variation in genes and anatomy which is influenced by predators, prey(food available) and environment. This variation is very essential for the organisms to evolve.
        2) The natural selection where if there is any contention of resources/food, the fittest or the more suitable variation will survive. If there is no variation or contention of resources, the natural selection doesn’t have much role to play.

        Part 1: Dinosaurs are not naturally big – something should have caused them to evolve to be so big. It is abundance of food that allowed them to over eat and evolve to be so big.
        Past 2: Huge size made them stronger and helped them to win in conflicts and hence the variation of huge size has survived.

        About dinosaurs, I understand that these are well accepted theories and do not have concrete proofs or disproofs. So, no one can be sure that over eating is the real cause but it can be the best explanation as of now. I’m fine if you don’t believe that over eating is the cause and have another theory on their huge size. But the discussion mostly was on whether the first part of evolution (as I have mentioned) is possible or not.

    • @mck Dinosaurs didn’t grow so big because of overeating, you don’t really have a grasp on evolution. The naturally bigger dinosaurs were likely to compete more and thus survive, leading to bigger offspring. Now, the bigger you are, the more food you take in, but in any case that has nothing to do with the amount of food they were taking in.

      The reason humans are taller and stronger is because of nutrition. Think of it as a plant. That plant can still grow with minimal nutrition, but if you give that plant an abundance of nutrition it can realize its potential and grow.

      And evolution isn’t a theory in the sense of how the word is commonly used, in science a theory is a model which has survived constant scientific experimentation, and thus is considered fact. It doesn’t mean you can form your own harebrained opinion of how species grew to larger sizes, because that would be called guesswork.

      • mck

        You should have gone through my other posts. I have given enough sources to say that it is not my opinion and it is a well accepted theory in scientific community. Even a simple search on why dinosaurs are so big could have given you that information.
        I would like to point out that your understanding of evolution is limited to accepting that dinosaurs are naturally big. You need to extend your thought to why the dinosaurs evolved to be big, keeping aside the kind of advantage they got being big. You are missing the first part of evolution that I have mentioned in one of my posts.
        Also your take on scientific theories as a fact is not valid. They tend to change with more understandings.

        • lostforever64

          You’ve never heard of natural variation and mutation?

          Let me explain them to you:

          There is a set of dinosaurs, and they have a set of second generation dinosaurs. The average size of the group of generation 2 dinosaurs will be pretty much the same as generation 1. Sorted.

          BUT – not all of the generation get to breed, more of the larger than average dinosaurs get more chance to produce offspring. Taking the average size of generation 3 dinosaurs to be the same as the average size of the breeding set of generation 2, this increases the average size since the average of the breeding set was larger than the average of the whole generation. This repeats over time to produce larger species. This ONLY applies where being larger is a benefit, hence why there were also little dinosaurs who didn’t evolve huge.

          When you throw mutation into the mix you get different characteristics that make different animals suited for different things, which eventually will split into separate species as for example the ones better suited to hunt breed with other hunters, and ones better suited to scavenge stick with scavengers.

          A few dinosaurs being greedy during their lifetime will make no difference to the genetic size programming of the species, it will just make them fat.

          And your point about there being an abundance of food making them large being against the fact that food availability controls population growth… did you even think about that comment?

          Abundance of food means many more young survive and there’s a growth explosion until the population reaches an equilibrium with the food source. It does not mean that the population will stay the same and scarf their greedy faces and get bigger to match the food source. Significant size change of a species takes hundreds of generations, population fluctuation happens relatively to food fluctuation, and that’s not coincidental.

          These are just examples that I hope will be easy for you to understand, I’m not saying these exact examples happened; most of the evolution to make thousands of species happened before animals recognised as dinosaurs developed out of the previous species.

  • Jesus

    Very interesting list, good work.

    Drinks and food go together, I’m sure the readers of Listverse aren’t that pedantic!

  • Not a bad List, but now I have to try and convince Mrs CQSteve to read “Top 10 Things that Are Surprisingly Good For You”, so she won’t sh*t bricks when she comes home from work to find I’ve been into the beer.

    • abc

      *Wha-chssh* – Sound of you being whipped.

      • It’s not the whip that hurts, it’s the tongue lashing :)

  • Sardonism

    Everything according to the media is unhealthy/causes cancer. My method is to eat whatever I want and go to a gym. It generally works.

    • No! media just do their job to tell the facts! In fact, the media also is the one who advertise these products as healthy through product ads……

      The purpose of gym just to build up your muscles…It has nothing to do with preventing cancer….. A muscular body physique will not be always an indication that you are healthy!

  • odaltyr


    The only fruit juice I ever buy is 100% with no additives or preservatives. And I only buy orange juice with pulp. These are fairly easy to find where I’m from. Woopty doo.

  • Bob

    Are you kidding? Who didn’t know that wasnt good for you? Americans?

    • Sistarose

      No Americans are good for you, sure they are high in calories, but one alone can last several meals.

      • CannibalHolocaust

        True, Americans have a lot of nutritional value, and if they initially taste obnoxious, you should add some Tabasco.

  • Will Trame

    Oh man what a bummer. The majority of the stuff on this list….save for the cheese, diet drinks, and soy sauce….is precisely what I like. Definitely food for thought but I’m not giving up peanuts, pasta or fruit juice. Bad enough my gout caused me to give up pork and caused me to limit my consumption of red meat.

  • Vincent

    I don’t know anyone who thinks white bread is “good” for you. That oughta be #1. You’d be surprised how quickly weight falls off when you cut back on the carbs, even without sacrificing other foods.

  • Peter van Kan

    Hello ???? Where is meat ? Yes, meat. A major gloabl study, initiated by the WHO and released in 2007, was quite clear: red meat, and meat products, increase the risk of colon cancer. Period. Want to be healthy ? Don’t eat meat. And if you (think you) have to, eat white meat.

    Other that this, nice list.

    • MeatFeast

      Aww but I like meat! When I think of a cute lamb prancing around a field I know it’s bad to eat them but they are yummy for my tummy.

      • Van Hohenheim

        Meat helped humanity to evolve.

    • Trek Girl

      @Peter van Kan: Oy vey. Yes, eating too much meat is bad, but meat has concentrated amounts of nutrients that are essential to the health and proper functioning of the human body.
      Many people can stop eating meat, or never eat meat, and be just just fine, but there are many others who need – yes, need – to eat meat, and their health suffers when they don’t.

      Van Hohenheim is correct: eating meat was essential to the evolution of humans.

    • Zach

      Chicken, turkey, fish = not bad. I don’t think anyone thinks steaks and burgers are good for you.

    • Vincent

      As the saying goes, ‘if God didn’t want us to eat cows, he shouldn’t have made them taste like meat.’

      Koalas are forever in God’s debt ‘cos they taste like eucalyptus.

    • Koala

      And I bet you did a bunch of research beyond that one thing that confirms what you already believed, right?

  • Jakob

    Very salt-antagonistic list. I’m sure it’s correct, but I really like salt.

  • Missy

    Is it true that the white in white bread is actually French chalk? Pity about the soup mix, I always use that in my soups.

    • Flippant

      Pity about the soup mix, I always use that in my soups.

      Hmm.. it seems to me that you haven’t got anything to worry about, Missy. What you and I call “soup mix” isn’t what the author is talking about.. it’s just that the pic attached to that entry is what you and I call “soup mix.”

      From details in the Soup Mix entry, Rune is talking about something like Continental Cup-a-Soup Mix, whereby you add boiling water to a sachet of powder to get *cough* soup.

      The pic attached to the Soup Mix entry is of something like McKenzie’s Soup Mix, and presumably what you yourself add to your soups, which just consists of peas, barley, and lentils – no salt, no preservatives, no nasties whatsoever.

  • mechrabbit

    This list is terrible. Who thinks any of this stuff is good for you? Pop, fake cheese, WHITE bread…..seriously

  • This guy’s “beef” is all about SALT. Poor list.

  • Good list buddy!

    Like they say, if it tastes like crap, its probably good for you.

    Tusen Takk!

  • Planet Earth

    Guess you brought you Aspartame none other than Donald Rumsfeld(war criminal). The evil people are running the planet and most people are to dumb to notice .

  • Unhealthy foods you think are healthy??!?!? How could anyone think any of these were EVER thought healthy? I feel like I stepped into a list written in the 80’s!

  • listverseusedtobegood

    only an american would write a list of foods you think are healthy and include

    diet sodas
    processed cheese
    white bread/pasta

    the rest of the world does not think these things are healthy… we do now understand however why you are all obese.

    • WasabiNinja

      So I guess you, in your infinite wisdom, missed the multiple reference to the fact that the list writer is not from America?

    • Ernest J. King

      Taken straight from the text,

      “I’m not sure if the definition of “food” includes drinks in the English language, as it doesn’t in my native tongue.”

      Again, you bewildered anti-American fools proudly showing what imbeciles you are. Since when is English not America’s tongue?

      • ParusMajor

        The list writer said he’s Norwegian, English is not his native tongue.

        • *sings*
          I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me…
          She showed me her room, isn’t it good, norwegian wood?

          She asked me to stay and she told me to sit anywhere,
          So I looked around and I noticed there wasn’t a chair.

          I sat on a rug, biding my time, drinking her wine
          We talked until two and then she said, “It’s time for bed”

          She told me she worked in the morning and started to laugh.
          I told her I didn’t and crawled off to sleep in the bath

          And when I awoke, I was alone, this bird had flown
          So I lit a fire, isn’t it good, Norwegian wood.

  • Van Hohenheim

    Peanuts aren’t nuts, they’re beans.

    • CharlieBrown

      I resent that.

  • Drewbus

    It seems that so many of these have truth, but your reasoning is full of false argument.
    “ketchup has 26% of carbohydrates”
    Well doesn’t it have 100% if you eat enough of it?
    “salt is bad”
    Salt is necessary for your health. And I think you mean “sodium” because salt is the result of an acid and a base coming together.
    “vegetable oil is bad”
    What about canola or olive oil? All those healthy omega 3’s? And more research has shown that even saturated fats have their place in our diet as well.
    And between potatoes, pasta, and white bread, you don’t mention that it’s because they are simple carbohydrates that have a tendency to develop insulin resistance which causes diabetes. And this is because of the sugar spikes in your blood.

    Your heart was in the right place, but you can’t just steal a bunch of foods from “men’s health” and write bullshit behind and consider it an argument.

    You also can’t state something as “scientific fact”. You really have no clue how science works. And while we’re on the subject, you can’t state it as “theory” just because someone in the world postulated it.

    • Arsnl

      “Salt is necessary for your health. And I think you mean “sodium” because salt is the result of an acid and a base coming together.”
      What are you talking about? NaCl, NaI, NaF are SALTS so he was correct. That’s what you put in your food.
      And sodium is a metal. And we don’t need sodium, we need sodium ions which is different. And we don’t nees just sodium ions, we need the chloride or the ionide or the flouride so don’t try to pretend you’re smarter than you actually are cuz you’ll fail.
      Go study some chemistry before talking about science.
      “You really have no clue how science works. ”
      And you do?

      • Drewbus

        First off, science is the ideology not the “facts”.
        Secondly, he said “salt” is bad. That signifies all salt is bad. This would include magnesium salts, potassium salts, calcium salts, etc.
        Know your audience.

        The ideology I was referring to was haphazardly using words like “theory” or “fact” do you can give “bullshit” more merit.

        PS I have a master’s degree in Physics. I don’t pretend.

  • Sbtier

    Anyonw who is ‘shocked’ that soy sauce is bad for you doesn’t know enough about food to write a list about it.

  • Does anyone seriously think that ketchup, soy sauce, processed cheese, diet soda, soup mix, white bread, and pasta are “healthy”?

    As for oils, it sounds to me like vegetable oils are healthy, but that the author’s concern is the oil used in fast food establishments. Interestingly, if he’d done a little research, he’d have found out that McDonald’s (usually held up as the height of evil fast food) doesn’t use palm oil. It uses a canola-soybean blend oil with no transfats. I don’t know if it’s still in a shortening format when it arrives at the store (it used to be, back in the 80’s when shortening was considered OK, back before the health Nazis went nuts over trans fats), but it is not palm oil.

    Also – the author seems to be obsessed (as many health nuts are) with salt intake. People who actually look at unbiased studies know that while some foods contain excessive salt (pickles, fast food, etc.), there is not necessarily a causative link between salt and initiating hypertension. It certainly can exacerbate hypertension, but it doesn’t cause it.

    End of the day: a poorly researched list.

    • PS: Dr. Michael Alderman, the former head of the American Society of Hypertension says that the government’s and health Nazis’ war on salt is overblown. He states that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that the 2,400 mg is a good number for an average person.

      He does believe that reducing salt intake can assist people who are already suffering from hypertension, but cautions that while there is scientific evidence that antihypertensive drugs save lives, there is much less evidence that a sodium restricted diet will absolutely lower blood pressure.

  • Ni99a

    Rejoice for I won’t troll today.

    Too tired from playing basketball.

    On a serious note:
    This list is not very clear. It is trying to say the food is bad. Then halfway through it, it is suddenly good for you.

    Please improve.

  • Ex-Listverser

    Yet another shoddy list.

    1. Most people already knew that these foods aren’t healthy. I mean, processed cheese? Come on.
    2. The list is packed with generalizations and oversimplifications. Example: there are many types of fruit juice — some are unhealthy, but some (e.g. freshly squeezed blueberry juice) are incredibly healthy. To call all fruit juices unhealthy is staggeringly narrow-sighted.
    3. Your description of pasta is utterly wrong. Pasta is not made from plain white flour, it is made from durum wheat. BIG difference. Also it contains minimal fat (although lots of carbs). And finally, noodles and pasta are NOT the same thing.

    I’m so tired of Listverse devolving from a fun website of engaging, entertaining lists to a farcical myth-fest. This will be my last visit here.

    • Arsnl

      Close the door before you leave. It’s drafty here.

      • Jimbob

        Don’t you mean after you leave?

        • Arsnl

          Neah. I want him to slam his face into the door.

          • ParusMajor

            Well played, Arsnl. :)

  • drunkwityomammy

    Like a famous chef once said: No salt no, no glory. No sex, no love. All the exciting things in life are salty.

    The French say if you over salt your food you must be in love.

  • oouchan

    Thankfully I’ve cut out most of these. My only downfalls are ketchup and soy sauce. Can’t seem to give up either, but I will start to use less now. :)

    Nice list.

  • SquintyWhistles

    “white bread”? Give me a break – who thinks of that as healthy?

  • Cerotone

    Remember, not all juice is created equal. Look in your produce section for these brands. They typically come as smoothies, and are thicker due to the pulp content from the fruit they are comprised of. , ,

  • kavkav

    Penuts are not nuts, they are legumes, FYI

  • K

    Peanuts are not a nut. Theyre actually part of the legume family and are more closely related to beans and soy.

  • Diana @PrecisePortions

    Do you really think someone believes diet soda is healthy? It’s still soda, you know LOL. As of the other claims – some discrepancies there, too. For instance, the rule for oils isn’t just about being liquid = being good; you’ve missed (intentionally?) the key phrase “at room temperature”. Good fats are liquid at room temperature ;) Here’s a comprehensive and down to earth blog post about different types of fats: – our body does need oils; just make wise choices and use in moderation!

  • Duke of Omnium

    Great anecdote about the American cheese. And it does make you wonder what Burger King is putting on the Whoppers in Oslo …

  • Mr. A. Swell

    swell list, but I have never thought most of this stuff was healthy, especially diet soda and feckin processed ‘cheese’

  • Cari Hislop

    I’m glad you put fruit juice as 1. Not only is high in sugar, but orange juice in particular has a lot of natural mold. If like me drinking the stuff makes you feel like you’ve been dropped in itching power…you’re probably in your own Candida hell!

  • calmincense

    The author forgot to include alcohol, cigarettes, dirt, concrete, poison ivy, and anthrax.

    • Van Hohenheim

      You think that anthrax is healthy? Look at the title of the list.

      • calmincense

        You think white bread, ketchup, soy sauce, and diet soda are healthy? You’re a fucking idiot.

      • calmincense

        You think that ketchup, soy sauce, and diet soda is healthy?

        • fendabenda

          Anthrax is a good band, it’s healthy to listen to them.

          • Callum

            I think there must have been a typo in your comment, you’ve put “good”, instead of absolutly f**cking awful. Just thought I’d point that out :)

            And good list, I knew all weren’t healthy for you but interesting all the same.

          • Lol Callum.. bold.. and funny. :lol:

          • fendabenda

            Callum.. thank you for your comment, but I don’t agree. Watch this:

            I think that’s a brilliant punk metal song.

      • Sarcasm must be a foreign language to you…dont you understand that he was trying to sarcastic???

  • foetus1102

    There does not seem to be a great deal of scientific evidence on this list and more seems to be a collection of media induced scares. The trick to being healthy is (surprise, surprise) Eating everything in moderation and getting regular exercise… As for the Vegie brigade; what you always fail to tell people is the diseases and health issue you will get by cutting meat out of your diet…

    • Peter van Kan

      Like I and so many others did long ago with way better health as a result ? There is a minority that needs to take B12 or some other supplement, but the vast majority of vegetarians (even more so those that eat a lot of raw food) is way way way healther than average.

    • calmincense

      Should I eat sawdust in moderation?

      How about used condoms? In moderation, right?

      • Maggot

        If you wish those things to be a part of your diet, then eating them in moderation would not hurt you. The variable here is the amount consumed of a particular item that is considered to be “moderate” (i.e. not harmful), not the items themselves.

    • foetus1102 you are way mistaken if you think that vegetarian people get diseases or health issues because they do not eat meat…I am a staunch vegetarian from birth and also an amateur body builder…I never had any major disease or health issues because of my vegetarian diet…in fact there are a huge percentage of people here in India who are vegetarians and they lead perfectly healthy, normal lives. You must be daft if you think that vegetarians are weak, feeble and disease ridden…just goes to show how narrow minded your outlook is!!!

  • Scott

    Bread makes you fat?!

    • Peter van Kan

      Also I was a little surprised when I fisrt learned taht. But the anser is: yes, absolutely.

    • calmincense

      Should I eat dirt in moderation?

      How about used tampons? In moderation, right?

    • calmincense

      Water makes you wet?!

    • PowderedToastMan

      Yes, white bread may make you fat if you eat enough. It has almost zero nutritional value, it’s just carbon hydrates. If you like bread, you should eat whole meal bread or e.g. rye bread.

  • jesherman

    I never thought ANY of this stuff was good for you.

  • Heidenreich

    Jesus Christ, this is all common knowledge in my country.

  • I think peanuts should not be included in the list. Peanut is one of the most recommended fat-losing source of foo by more dieticians…Plus peanuts are legumes, no nuts!

  • The best choice not included in the list is the margarine, including the fake butter……Many TV product ads recommend margarine as a substitute to butter for a reason that it is cheaper and most of all ,healthier…Sad to say , many people are tempted to believe in this misconcepion, especially that margarine was far more affordable than true butter.

    Among foods, margarine is one of the richest source of hydrogenated fats, one of the biggest contributor to heart diseases cases in the world…

  • Yes, the whole wheat bread! But the whole-grain bread is healthy….In biscuits, that’s reverse-whole-grain biscuit is unhealthy.

  • Dutchisgood

    I think only Americans would think these products are healthy XD

    • No! That’s worldwide! I think!

  • Tyler F

    Can you not do a list of healthy foods that you think are unhealthy?

  • Eric

    I knew all this!

  • Lists like this – well, most lists about things that are/aren’t good for your health – irritate the hell out of me. Why do people worry so damn much about this kind of foolishness? You can eat the healthiest food in the world, get the perfect amount of sleep and exercise, never drink or smoke… and you’re STILL gonna die eventually!

    Would you rather die thinking, “Well, it was a fun ride”, or have your last thought be, “But… but I did everything RIGHT!”

    • Maggot

      people worry so damn much about this kind of foolishness… and you’re STILL gonna die eventually!

      Or, you could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Point is, wouldn’t you like for that eventuality to be as distant into the future from today as possible? Assuming so, what’s so foolish about trying to influence that?

      Would you rather die thinking, “Well, it was a fun ride”, or have your last thought be, “But… but I did everything RIGHT!”

      Would you rather be making that choice at age 40, or at 90?

      • Arsnl

        Maggs nice to see you again man

        • Maggot

          Hey dude. I was out your way last month. Maybe again in Sep/Oct timeframe. Gotta hook up!

          • Gotta hook up!

            *jealous-face emoticon*

            Lol I’m gonna check France’s weather around Sept-Oct.. if it’s not cold then I’ll book a flight and invite myself along to this Listverse meet-up! :D

      • I think that moderation is the key to everything…just coz you are going to kick the bucket eventually doesnt mean you should abuse your body…or even be deprived of every kind of joy…in fact thinking too much about these things is also not good…eat well, sleep, exercise, have lots of hobbies and activities, love your close ones…that is the way to go!!!

        • Peter van Kan

          If you take unhealthy food in moderation, it’s still unhealthy. Your assumption that if you eat healthily you will be deprived of every kindof joy, must be based on lack of knowledge and experience and/or laziness. Why not love your close ones, have lots of hobby etc. and also enjoy wonderful fresh healthy organic food ? And no you don’t need to think about it all the time. Just educate yourself and use that knowledge. Is that so hard ?

  • amazingracie

    boring list, All of the food mentioned are obviously unhealthy, anyone who is half conscience of what they out in their mouth should know this. I’m scared for society if they though any of these were healthy before reading this!!

    • Boastful fella!

    • Davidson

      Just believe that you can do it. Read stoeirs of people who lose weight because of their perseverance and with this, inspire you to do better. Have your support group so that you’ll keep on track. As long as you know you can do it, you can.

  • Corinna

    Where’s moxie today?

    • Flippant

      I’m here, Corrina. :)

      I’m in the process of weaning myself off Listverse though.. I won’t be here much anymore. *melodramatic sigh* Maggy hurt my li’l chat feelers the other day, and that’s all it took for me to finally see that I’ve worn out my welcome around these here parts. 8O

      Seeya.. you take care, C. ;)

      • Maggot

        Maggy hurt my li’l chat feelers

        Just because I said tongue-in-cheekly (ahem) that you didn’t follow proper pangram procedures? Lol, shake it off, girl…you’re way tougher than that…you don’t want me thinking you’re all high-maintenance now, do you?

        I’ve worn out my welcome…Seeya…

        The moment you let others influence your presence here, the terrorists have won.


        • Just because I said tongue-in-cheekly (ahem) that you didn’t follow proper pangram procedures?

          No, no! It wasn’t that.. exactly. I laughed when you said that, Maggy.. and agreed wholeheartedly to myself that my posts were like watching a trainwreck unfold. It’s just that.. uhh.. well.. I don’t care to elaborate here lest all and sundry (read: Flip trolls) know which angle I’m vulnerable and can get ridiculously precious on. :P

          you’re way tougher than that

          You know it, mister. ;)

          you don’t want me thinking you’re all high-maintenance now, do you?

          LoL! Never! Perish the thought, hun. I’m far too rough-and-tumble to be considered “high-maintenance” anyways. :D


          *sings* I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray…

          • Maggot

            which angle I’m vulnerable

            Nothing hotter than a tough girl with vulnerabilities. Not that I’d ever purposely try to exploit them. But don’t think I didn’t notice the other things you said. I just assumed that when you were talking about your hand finding that sweet spot, you were referring to a bowl of ice cream that you spilled in your lap or something.

          • you were referring to a bowl of ice cream that you spilled in your lap or something.

            Yeah? Of course I was. What! Wait?! Lol you didn’t have your mind in the gutter, did you, Maggy?? Like, c’mon!! I’m a NICE girl!! For shame *laffn* :lol: :P

      • cascara sagrada

        No one really pays attention to your comments anymore. You spend so much time trying to make people entertain people and make them smile but they don’t really even care lol. Maggots most likely a 45 year old office worker who has wasted his entire life in an office building and only reads and talks about living life. He would be a miserable person to talk to in real life, hearing the same serious conversation everyday with no personality would be extremely dry. Everything serious has been said before, the world needs more humor because talking about serious stuff on the internet isn’t helping and never has. I understand that you have no idea what I am saying and to you it makes no sense because of your mental problems and stuff. Keep your chin up girl, I hear that it’s hard not having friends in real life, you just need to stick to what you do best, writing dumb stuff and feeling special when you get one reply. You gotta look past whatever you see in maggots comments and see his ugly white face in his lame 9 to 5 job.

        • No one really pays attention to your comments anymore.

          Lol wut? You say that like you think I’ll be losing sleep over what you say. I don’t come here for attention, to be agreed with, to be reassured, and I don’t need to be bolstered. I say what I feel like.. end of story. *shrugs*

          You spend so much time trying to make people entertain people

          Lol wut! I don’t even know what that means, let alone what you’re trying to say in your two-bit psychoanalysis of me. How, not to mention why, would I try to make people entertain other people? Do I cyber twist arms or something? A menacing glare that says “entertain others, or else”?

          Maggots most likely a 45 year old office worker who has wasted his entire life in an office building and only reads and talks about living life.

          Lol wut? Why do you care about him? It’s ME that crushes hard on him, not you. Furthermore, I really don’t get how you can àssume to know Maggy, myself, or anyone for that matter, from posts on a message-board. You don’t know him, you don’t know me, you don’t know anyone. All you’re doing is projecting how you wish other peoples lives are. Doesn’t make it so though, pal! :P

          He would be a miserable person to talk to in real life
          You reckon? Well, I couldn’t disagree more! He would be a wonderful person to spend some time with and talk to in real life.. he has a wealth of knowledge, a sharp mind with an acidic tongue, and a delightfully wicked sense of humour. He could keep anyone entertained for hours at a time.

          Everything serious has been said before, the world needs more humor because talking about serious stuff on the internet isn’t helping and never has.

          You strike me as a bit of a miserable person. I haven’t read the whole Internet.. so, I don’t know what’s been said before. But, what I do know, I like to read people’s perspectives and opinions in present time. I don’t care if a serious discussion has already been had on the Internet, five years ago, about any given subject.. attitudes change.. and there’s nothing at all wrong with “serious discussions” on the Internet now.

          I understand that you have no idea what I am saying and to you it makes no sense because of your mental problems and stuff.

          You’re correct there – I have no idea what you’re saying and you make no sense to me. But it’s got nothing to do with any of these perceived mental problems you think I have, it’s because you actually make no sense. 

          Why do you put so much stock into what gets said on messageboards? Why do you care about people you don’t, and don’t want to, know? Does it make you feel good to try tear people down and be insulting just because you don’t like them?

          Sure, I can come out with some stupid, some crude, some belligerent, and some offensive stuff. But, unlike you, I’ve really gotta be pushed to be straight-up cruel and nasty to people. To attack a person means that you care about some aspect.. whether it be something they’ve said or them themself.

          Now, as you’ve said I only post “dumb stuff”, it stand to reason that you care about me. Well, please don’t. I’ve already got enough weirdo ex’s trying to concern themselves in my business when they, like you, have no place.

          Until such a time as you become brave enough to stick to one screenname, instead of using a new one for each of your try-hard attacks, you’ll never garner the respect and recognition that you appear to so desperately want. To try to bring people down within the safety of your shroud of anonimity is just beyond pìss-weak.

          I hear that it’s hard not having friends in real life

          Lol wut? Seriously? You really gonna churn out that ol’ mainstay item of fodder for attacking on the Internet? Ohhh you post on the interwebs, means you have no friends in real life!! Grow up, ya goofball.

          you just need to stick to what you do best, writing dumb stuff

          Oh! I most certainly will! It’s just that even when I know I’m coming out with something stupid, in the back of my mind I realise that it’s gonna niggle you.. and I’ll grin wider. :D

          and feeling special when you get one reply.

          Lol wut? Again, you put way too much stock in the Internet. Who cares if there’s none, one, ten replies? What, you think all the people in this List’s comment area, who haven’t been replied to, are devastated and heart-broken? It doesn’t matter. I don’t live for a reply, I’m pretty sure no one else here counts them and cares about replies either.. except YOU.

          You gotta look past whatever you see in maggots comments and see his ugly white face in his lame 9 to 5 job.

          Lol wut? I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with Maggy and I, but I’ll feed your fascination a tidbit. I absolutely adore his mind and thought-process.. I know full well that I’m crushing on a man I’ve never seen. No matter. Why does it even matter.. even the most ordinary looking of comedians can win a beautiful girl – just because he makes her laugh or just has that “something” that appeals to her.

          You’re appearing very shallow now. I adore my Maggy because he’s Maggy.. his chassis is somewhat irrelevant (even though my stalking efforts tell me hes fit and strong, and will play hard).

          Unlucky for you, sucker.. you haven’t even any mental stimulation to offer and carry you through this life. :P

        • Sophia

          Yikes. I was the one that made the train wreck comment yesterday because it was a bit much imo but this was a little harsh cascara.

          • I was the one that made the train wreck comment yesterday

            And this is why it’s better if people stand up and (boldly) say what they think under one name.

            It was actually “Jax” that came out with the “trainwreck” comment. So, Sophia, were you Jax in that List? It’s okay.. I’m just losing track of random names and at least one can be put together. Thanks. ;)

          • Sophia

            Yep..sorry. I have two phones..but Sophia = Jax.

            I’ll be posting under either of those since they are now saved… if it makes it easier. ;) idk who the rest are though…

        • and see his ugly white face

          Why would you say that? You sound like an angry, insecure black person.

        • Maggot

          @ cascara: Lmao, what an embarrassment you are. No doubt you’re that failure who limped away with your tail between your legs after I wiped the floor with your dumb ass a month or so ago. Now you’re reduced to flaming me indirectly? And you can’t even do it under your regular nic, even though we’re all somewhat anonymous here anyway. No matter, I’ve got a pretty good idea who you really are. And well looky here, what’s this I have rattling around in my pocket alongside some loose change and lint? Oh it’s nothing much, just your balls.

          • Lol Maggy.. *twirls*

            Aww for shame.. only time dude’s balls are gonna drop is if you’ve got a hole in your pocket. :D

  • mom424

    Not so wonderful today……some truth, but not enough.

    10 – Vegetable oils are good for you; canola (rapeseed sounds so much worse eh?), olive, corn, are fine. It’s the tropical oils; palm oil specifically. Of course gallons of the good stuff isn’t good for you either.

    9 – Pasta in Canada is made of fortified durum wheat, eggs maybe, oil, water, salt. None of it bad for you as long as you don’t eat a mountain of it.

    8 – This is pretty much correct but I would add a caveat; there are artisan breads made with bleached flour that aren’t mostly air and additives. It’s the mass produced buck a loaf stuff that’s crap. Still, if you don’t gorge on it and you cram it full of healthy stuff…who cares?

    7 – Soup mix? Depends – read the label. Most canned soups are horrid though, and it’s not the salt that I object to. It’s the lack of anything else. They use the salt, not to make the ingredients taste good, but in place of ingredients. Not good. (I still use Campbell’s Tomato to make meat loaf though….again, we don’t eat it every day so who cares?)

    6 – It’s a condiment; if you’re not one of those that eats it by the gallon, pours it on everything, it’s a non issue. And if you are one of those – learn to cook. The only reason you’d pour ketchup on everything, is that everything tastes like a s s. You can fix that.

    5 – Duh. Of course it’s not good for you. It’s empty calories regardless. But Aspartame is not dangerous; very few things we eat have been tested so thoroughly; it doesn’t cause cancer.

    4 – It’s common knowledge that cheese isn’t good for you? This is wrong. Real cheese is very good for you. It’s high in calcium, protein etc. It’s fattening, so you shouldn’t eat too much, but it’s very healthy. Process cheese? It’s not cheese, it has very few milk ingredients – it’s grease and salt. And maybe some seaweed crap to make it firm. ew.

    3 – It’s a condiment. Don’t use too much. It’s not bad for you though – it makes tasteless stuff that’s good for you have flavor. So you eat lots of that instead of rich and greasy…..all those lean healthy Asian folk (and this isn’t a stereotype, it’s a truth), can’t be wrong.

    2 – b.s. Peanuts are good for you; they’re fattening and salty, but they’re high in protein and very satisfying. So a small handful tossed into cabbage salad (mmm, you’d be surprised), is just fine. Again, don’t eat a ton of ’em.

    1 – You’re correct in your assertion that folks shouldn’t substitute juice for the actual fruit. The also shouldn’t drink punch/cocktails etc. They’re just sugar and water. Teach your kids to drink juice with meals and water the rest of the time. And not bottled water. Trash the environment for no reason; at least most places in North America. And pretty much all places in Canada.

    You’re hate on salt is silly – unless you’re salt sensitive, it’s a non-issue. Processed foods though? That’s the issue. They’re not only high in salt, they’re low in actual food. Full of fillers and chemicals. Change it up for next time.

    9 –

    • Sgt. York

      Are you somehow saying everything is good in moderation?

      That’s some kind of crazy talk!

    • Sir Squash’o lot

      10- Durr

      durrr derp? derp durr durr derp? derpy derp?

    • Tony

      actually, peanuts are horrible for you. other than the bad fat profile, they are one of the most common food allergen, are loaded with antinutrients, high in lectins and are a source of aflatoxin, a known carcinogen.

      not even fit for human consumption

  • Chris

    Who is under the impression that any of that food is healthy?

    • fendabenda

      I thought peanuts were healthy. And I guess they are, unless they’re roasted and/or salted.

  • bjornsdotter

    “Since we all know that Norway is a much better place to be than Sweden, despite the two countries being pretty much the same, EXCEPT for the Swedes selling this cheese, I felt had to do some investigation.”

    Really?! Was this sentence necessary? Insecure much……

    • FinnishMan

      Oh, come on. It was a (n inside) joke. For us Nordic people. You are all cool, Swedes and Norwegians. But we are the best (at least in ice hockey). :D

  • Sylko

    Does one intelligent person think these foods are healthy? I thought this was a list to combat misperceptions.

  • anl

    anyone who isnt living under a rock should know this.

  • LMS

    I know this is all true from experience. I’m on a low-carb (Atkins) diet, which prohibits all of these, along with the usual deep-fried and sugary stuff. I’ve lost 60+ pounds so far in less than a year.

    • FMH

      You know that the Atkins diet is very unhealthy? The weight you are losing is mainly muscle tissue and only a smaller fraction of fat. Also it prevents you from building new muscles as good as you would be on a normal diet, so working out doesn’t give you the same effects.
      It may also cause acne.
      Really, the best diet is just to eat healthy, but half of what you would normally eat. At least that’s what I learned it physiology class.

  • Sgt. York

    This list was ‘swell’.

    Nothing here I didn’t knwo, but your juice entry needs clarification. If it’s “100% fruit juice” as many labels indicate, then there are no added sugars, etc. And I can get fiber from the crackers I eat with my fruit juice.

    The title of the article is “Ten foods you think are healthy but are not”.

    Problem is, most of them are simply “not as healthy as you think” as opposed to being outright unhealthy.

  • Miyuron

    I remember that my baker hated it when people said “white bread is unhealthy.” There really is no ‘unhealthy’ bread, there’s just healthy and healthier ones. ^^

  • Sup

    What about white rice

    • fendabenda

      White rice has very little nutritional value, but if you like rice you should buy brown rice. I know this, I’ve consulted both Chip and Dale.

  • HulkSmashNow

    All I know is that I dropped like thirty pounds in two months after quitting sugary soda and switching to diet.

  • A Beta Boy

    Do Americans consider this stuff to be healthy? No wonder you are such fat bastards.

    • fendabenda

      I think this list was written by a Norwegian, and even I thought fruit juice and peanuts were healthy. Not sure about the other items.

  • d

    Well, peanuts are not a kind of nut, they are a kind of pea. Just sayin’. Still unhealthy though, because of the sodium intake the added salt adds (sorry for the redundance there

  • Someone25


  • Your research is much lacking and therefore is misleading. For instance, pasta CAN be healthy if homemade with flour, salt and eggs (what my wife and I had for dinner tonight). And not all veg oils are bad. Please consider being more responsible in developing the information you give to people.

  • Tim

    Maybe peanuts aren’t as healthy as other kinds of nuts because THEY AREN’T NUTS!
    As the author failed to mention, they are legumes. But of course, you probably already knew that.

  • ms medieval

    When I started my diet a few months ago I was told all this (exactly) by my nutritionist. Who knew?! Needless to say, since I cut out these foods & substituted them with healthier options (whole wheat, whole fruits, real cheese) I’ve lost a lot of weight! It’s scary the amount of garbage we put int our bodies without knowing.

  • Sardondi

    Let me see if I have this right: obese, sedentary Westerners ingest incredibly poisonous chemicals masquerading as food, while reed-thin Bushmen run down their food, and eat a diet of 100% natural protein, carbs and fats which are simply bursting with nutrition. And somehow the poisoned Westerners live about twice as long as the ones eating all that gloriously healthy food.

    Having to sit through a sermon by a true believer of the Church of The Righteous Foodie makes shooting a nailgun into my eyes sound like tremendous fun by comparison.

  • Rae

    I do hate to criticize but this list was fairly mainstream information. I will never claim to be a healthy eater and I was already aware of all the items on this list.

    Some soup mixes can be good, if you chuck the seasoning and just use the beans and add some low sodium broth. Cheese isn’t exactly bad for you either. Processed cheese will never be good for you, but eaten in moderation, unprocessed cheese can be good.

    Dry roasted peanuts are about as good as you can get for eating peanuts. There isn’t a lot of sodium and since they are dry roasted they have only the natural oils present.

    You had a good point about fruit juice though. In many cases eating a fruit is preferable to drinking a juice concoction. However, if it was a battle between fruit juice made from actual fruit or a “fruit flavored drink”, in the absence of whole fruit, fruit juice would not be too horrible.(Still beats out drinking soda.)

  • marge

    uhhh after reading this it makes me believe the majority of people in the world are idiots
    I thought all of these were obvious except for fruit juice


  • kjskj

    I think this list is for Americans. Pretty much everyone else in the world knows that these are unhealthy.

    Also, fruit juice is only unhealthy if they add stuff to it. Pure fruit juice is not.

  • M.Atti

    Someone thinks that white bread if healthy? Must be an American thing.

    • akiva

      Most American know that white bread is not healthy and whole wheat or grain breads are healthier. They use white bread mostly because it is cheaper and while not healthy it is better than other unhealthy food. So I guess you can say the lesser of two evils.

  • I didn’t think any of these were healthy…. but then again, I suppose I don’t quite count as a layperson in matters of health.

  • hilhan

    BULLSHITTT i love ur lists and all but I think this list is justa random foods….
    read it and then talk!! OMG i can’t believe people think it’s truee!!

  • For those who are insisting that they know already the foods in this list are healthy and those who say that’s common knowledge already:

    Be reminded that the lists on this site are not only written for those who already know and for those who are boasting of their knowledge! This site is build for anyone, to be educated,to learn and to have fun knowing these facts…There are many people of different personalities and knowledges would read this list!

    For sure, there are many people who still not aware these foods are unhealthy. Especially now that media is wrongly advertising these products in order to gain.

  • @mck: I’m sorry!

  • David Hopkins

    I remember a line from Barney and friends from when I was a kid from a song about healthy food. “Nuts and cheese and some of these and a glass of fruit juice too.” Shouldn’t take that song too seriously, really.

    I don’t like soy sauce anyway.

  • VikingBerserker

    Excellent article!

  • Logan W

    I’m pretty sure that peanuts aren’t nuts anyways, they’re legumes.

  • Yep

    This list is mostly delicious.

  • Salt is bad for high blood pressure (hypertension), but if you don’t have hypertension, it does not cause it. That’s the only problem with salt — it exacerbates hypertension, and while hypertension will wear your heart and other organs out prematurely, it doesnt cause any other problems for the heart. To say that salt causes heart disease is correct only if one has hypertension, and sometimes not even then. That shoots down about seven of the ten on the list.

  • Do your research:
    Most of the pastas you buy in US supermarkets are almost pure semolina flour, and maybe a little salt. All the liquid is dried out before packaging, and that’s just water anyway.

    The only flour/egg “pasta” you’ll find is the wavy, curly “egg noodles” (aptly named, eh?), udon, and many other asian noodles.

    Not that semolina is any healthier flour… but at least it doesn’t have eggs? Still not healthy though.

  • Josefina

    This list was created on the fly and without using credible sources. This list is a waste of time as most of the foods featured are well known to be unhealthy…this is not a shocking revelation of knowledge…just a waste of time.

  • frenemy

    Thanks for a list that didn’t have any shock value at all for me at least. I mean I feel real smart since me and you are the only two people in the ENTIRE world who know this *smart ass secret wink wink*.

  • SamE

    I like orange juice with it’s pulp in it. That being said that is the only healthy thing I found comforting on this list. lol :(

  • Name

    Why didn’t you include information about vitamins in fruit juice? How most of them are synthetic and how that has been questioned whether it works by scientists.

  • Fred

    Why is white bread bad for you? The author’s argument is ‘trust me’. Care to share any more info????

    • fendabenda

      White bread has no nutritional value. It’s not necessarily unhealthy as such but it may make you fat if you eat a lot of it. Just like candy or pop.

  • wow! i am surprised to see ketchup and peanut on the list.

    • FMH

      It’s not unhealthy, it’s just less healthy than other kinds of bread. It’s digested very quickly and therefore you get hungry again very soon, so it can lead to getting fat more than wholegrain bread.

    • FMH

      Sorry, wrong field

  • FMH

    Whoever thought that most of these foods are healthy at all has some serious problems with reality.

  • petet2112

    I was crossing my fingers that Mayonaise was not on this list. My Refrigerator has never once been without it. But then again, I know its not healthy. By the way, if you were to hand write this list and show it to a world class Marathon Runner, he would laugh, tear up the list and throw it into your face as they consume between 12,000 and 14,000 calories per day, but obviously they run 20 miles a day at less than 5 minutes per mile. Look at Michael Phelps and his diet. Its amazing. All You Can Eat Chinese Restaurants must fear it when he walks into one.

  • petet2112

    I would also like to add that all of the products on this list are what as known as “Impulse Items”. Its almost as though they have to be in our refrigerators or in out kitchen cabinets. Sad but True.

  • mattyxl

    captain obvious wrote this list

  • skywatcher

    I see a lot of young people in the discussion group, claiming that “everyone” always knew these foods were unhealthy. But I can remember when WSonder Bread claimed it “helps build strong bodies 12 ways.” I grew up on the Biblical admonition that “Bread is the staff of life,” and when I was young people fully believed that white bread was the healthiest food possible. Same with pasta.

    Now we know that grains are generally not very good for you and a diet with no grain at all is best. That’s not just for people with celiac disease; grains are just bad.

    You left off cow’s milk, once regarded as “Nature’s most perfect food,” and now something to be taken in moderation if at all. It’s especially bad for American Indians as they tend to be allergic to it.

    Of course, the diet soda surveys are rigged. But I do avoid Aspartame at all costs. It causes me to have leg cramps.

    Of all these, most were shown to be unhealthy about 20-40 years ago. This was a fine list, but it was about 40 years out of date.

  • akiva

    ketchup was not considered a fruit in the US and was never considered a fruit in the US. Tomatoes on the other hand are a fruit based on the fact that they are part of the citrus family. Ketchup is considered a condiment most of which are bad anyways.

  • This is why I hate “things you thought” lists.

    What they think we think are totally not what we think. In fact, most people don’t think this. I really pity the writer who must’ve never had actual good healthy food.

  • This list is kinda pointless really!!! Most of the items on this list are well known for being unhealthy…white bread, pasta, diet soda, ketchup….!!!! come on, its been known for ages that these things are terrible for you…which decade is the author of this piece living in? And by the way, fruit juice IS good for your health…provided it is fresh and without additional preservatives…it is just that eating fruit whole is better!!! This list must be one of the more lousy ones on Listverse…ie., not upto listverse standards!!!

  • Josh

    I typically stay on a strict diet for bodybuilding and foods like pasta or rice are great for pre workout. People forget that carbs are needed for energy, unless you are cutting weight and are on a hogh protein diet on whoch the protein would be used as energy. Peanuts are great to snack pn for the healthy fats and protein. Icant recall anyone thonking foods like ketchup as healthy, but these foods surely ate not the worst.

  • Felix

    What are you people talking about? Ketchup is extremely healthy!

    • Heinz

      I couldn’t agree more, mate! Ketchup is the ultimate health food!

  • noisemonster

    The real reason fast food is fried with saturated fats is not entirely because it’s cheaper than insaturated fats (like olive oil, or fish oil). It is because insaturated fats are much more prone to oxidative rancification, reducing the viability of this particular fat for frying. Also, during the rancification process, lots of free radicals are generated, being nocive to celular metabolism.
    Very good list!

  • jukkapoika

    Well, I knew they are all unhealthy.
    As a wannabe bodybuilder I have to pay plenty of attention to what I eat so :)

  • Jotopsy

    Didn’t you hear? Everything is bad for you. Everything causes cancer. Everything is specifically designed to kill you. Even your water is poisoned. The air is unsafe to breath and we’re all doomed doomed doomed doomed doomed. Scare mongering bullshit every time you turn on a computer or the tv or read a newspaper. And i firmly believe th………UGH!!! MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TaDI

    DUDE! everything IS pretty obvious! i mean, we all know that nothing good comes from processed food, drinks, etc.

  • graduate

    i major in food science and i must point out that most of the information on the list are not true. as all nutrionists come to understand, there is no such thing as “unhealthy” foods. foods are consumed largely according to your bodily needs and physical output. and by the way, drinks ARE in fact “food” in terms of SCIENCE, not english. and if you want to write a list with such particular topic, may i point out that all foods contain acrylamide? ALL foods in this world contain acrylamide, a cancer causing substance. so to be precise, no food is healthy should i go into details the way you did.

  • tassie devil

    In the white bread entry the author asks us to “trust me”. Well, trust is something that must be earned so why dont they just explain why it is bad and leave the trusting out of it.

  • Does it even matter the United States has no healthy foods

  • None of these really come as a surprise. BUT good job

  • Fred

    A quality juice wont be a health hazard but if you buy crap juice you get crap! Next time your’e in the shop get a 100% fresh juice not that from concentrate junk.

  • Deason

    I was always under the impression that “diet” sodas mean that they’re for people on special diets – such as diabetics who can’t have sugar – rather than people trying to lose weight.

  • susan

    What a horrible, false, misleading article.

  • Emma

    Peanuts are not nuts… they are beans..
    And please, do research before postulating that aspartame does not cause cancer

  • sufferingforfashion

    Nobody in the history of the world thinks vegetable oil, pasta, white bread, diet soda and processed cheese are “healthy.”

  • I

    i already knew all this stuff! so yeah……………

  • frgferger

    Does this mean my regular lunch of a krispy kreme donut double beef cheese bacon burger deepfried in truffle oil and washed down with a glass of chocolate syrup cookie dough mix is BAD for me????

    I’m shocked.

  • rakky

    i seem to have trouble reading this… not because of the list but the way it was written…

  • eatwhatiwant

    I never thought any of these were particually good for you…

  • Sparks

    Peanuts are not nuts… They’re legumes.

  • The fat thing… isn’t it all about whether its liquid AT ROOM TEMPERATURE? Even lard is liquid if you heat it, don’t make it healthy.

  • Re: the fat thing… isn’t it about what’s liquid AT ROOM TEMERATURE? Even lard is liquid if it’s heated….

  • Baicemymmerne


  • Israel Kurap

    excuse me. palm oil is not semi-solid at room temperature, it is actually always liquid at room temperature. they never been solid or semi-solid unless frozen.

  • SoySauce

    I would like to point out that soy sauce’s purpose of existence is to be a salt delivery system. You would use soy sauce in place of actually sprinkling salt on your food. People require salt to live, and just a couple hundred years ago it used to be a valuable commodity, and soy sauce is one of the ways that developed in ancient times in order for people to get their salt.

  • Rob

    You may surprised that your categorization of ‘Soy Sauce causing cancer’ is incorrect. A quick Google search reveals your misinformation.

    There have been some ‘potentially’ cancer causing elements found in SOME soy sauce products. See here: (Also available on the BBC).

    Next, Canadians are apparently protected from these dangerous chemicals because the food watchdogs are constantly analyzing samples. See here:

    I also don’t agree with most of the items on the list, save for soda, ketchup and other ‘obvious’ unhealthy foods.

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    Make a list about food and everyone wants to talk about dinosaurs lol

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  • porkchop

    ok bro..i understand were your going..your saying that evolution made the dinosaur big through the millions of evolution..starting from the first dinosaur evolving to a bigger dinosaur due to larger prey, predator and abundance of plants to feed on and the condition and environment..just like the humans you were explaining that might be being bigger through out the years because of the abundance and abuse of food consumption..ha..damn should have explained it like this so people won’t take your dinosaur being too big because of gluttony theory too literally..

  • chris b

    What happens to flour when it has a long slow interaction with yeast? Much commercial white bread is rather pasta like, but slow fermented artisinal, sourdough bread does appear to be a different animal….

  • Malagouda

    . Your favourite jutocfiiatisn seemed to be on the web the simplest thing to take note of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while other folks consider issues that they just do not know about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest and outlined out the entire thing with no need side-effects , other folks can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thank you

  • maha kheil

    it’s really ,, unhealthy foods i’m thing it’s healthy foods

  • ta3lim

    I have been exploring for a little for any high quality articles or weblog posts on this kind of house . Exploring in Yahoo I finally stumbled upon this web site. Studying this information So i’m happy to convey that I have an incredibly excellent uncanny feeling I came upon just what I needed. I such a lot no doubt will make certain to don?t disregard this site and provides it a glance regularly.

  • jayson

    everything listed is healthy (until humans came and modify them)

  • roxanne

    im sure everyone nows these thing erant healthy for u

  • chris

    ummm lol? this article is stupid. everybody knows these things are unhealthy.

  • kieran

    ftr like min

  • SteamBot

    Why would I have thought that any of these were healthy for you?? These have long been known as problem foods.

  • Nina

    Thank you! I actually knew about all of this (and the reasons behind) but your writing just made me keep reading.
    Your writing style is lovely, I hope you keep producing articles. ;)

  • mia

    I’m not sure if someone has already mentioned this in the comments, but peanuts aren’t nuts, they are a legume

  • shannon mcquaid

    what do u mean about that lol kk