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Site Competition: Most Bizarre Prize Ever

In March this year we held a competition worth $2,000. Since then we have paid out the main prize (awarded to John Thomas for his list Top 10 Lost Artworks) and roughly half the minor prizes ($40 per list published). The competition was held to ensure a good source of lists to be published during my much needed vacation in June-July. The criteria for the competition was to simply send in any original unpublished list within a month of 1,000 words or more (100 words per entry on a top ten list).

Unfortunately, due to my vacation schedule and meetings with Google I was unable to publish a list for Listverse’s 5th Birthday (1 July). So – in memory of our fifth birthday I am launching our latest competition – a competition with our most curious prize ever. This time it isn’t cash – it is a stash of bizarre objects.


The Rules

Therules Kelvin-480X296

This competition will run for the duration of August – ending on my birthday – the 31st of August at midnight UTC. All you need to do to enter is send in a list – you can send in as many as you like. The winner will be announced within seven days of the closing of the competition – in other words before the seventh of September. The competition is open to any person in any country as I am putting together the prize package myself. The list must be completely unique – it must not have been published anywhere else before. It must be written by you and it must not be a repeat of any other list on the site. It must also be a list that is sufficiently interesting to publish and it must not be in the music, movie, entertainment, or sports categories (we have about 1 million of those to publish already!) So what is the prize? Read on!


Extra Rules

Rules N Regu

Further to the rules above you must have “liked” Listverse on Facebook. You can do that here. Also, if you wish, you can add me (Jamie Frater) as a friend to get extra listverse updates from time to time – including administrative activities. The winner will be cross-checked with Facebook for eligibility so be sure to tell us your Facebook name when you send in your list via the submissions form.

If – for some reason – you do not have Facebook or can not have Facebook you can still enter – just be sure to give your legitimate reason in your list submission.


The Prize

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Over five years we have published many bizarre lists – these are our most popular. So, for the first time in our history we are launching a competition with a bizarre prize – but a prize that melds with our lists. The first prize will be a box of bizarre goodies – all from my private collection. They are:

1. A real human skull* (value: $900+ US) – in memory of Top 10 Macabre Collectibles.
2. A vial of Beaver Ass Juice – in memory of Top 10 Bizarre Food Ingredients.
3. A vial of Ambergris (sperm whale’s vomit) – in memory of Top 10 Weirdest Foods to Get You In the Mood.
4. One memento-mori photograph (post-mortem photograph) – in memory of Top 10 Creepy Aspects of Victorian Life.
5. Three deadly Tonka beans – in memory of 10 Food Facts that Should Surprise You.
6. All three Listverse books signed by me. They are:

The Ultimate Book of Top 10 Lists
The Ultimate Book of Bizarre Lists
I Call Bullshit

7. In addition to these Listverse inspired prizes, we are also including a prize that has yet to feature on Listverse. A rare bottle of perfume from “CB I hate Perfume” entitled “In the Library” which is “a warm blend of English Novel, Russian & Moroccan Leather Bindings, Worn Cloth and a hint of Wood Polish”. This is a used bottle – worn twice by me – garnering much interest for its unusual scent which really does surprisingly smell like a much-loved and well-worn old novel.

8. This prize will also be supplemented by three small unnamed items from my oddities collection.

It is my hope that this prize package will help a Listverse fan get started on their own collection of curiosities and oddities – perhaps one day inspiring a new list for our entertainment!

* Contrary to popular belief, human skulls are legally traded over the internet and can be shipped to most countries in the world – including the United States of America. The picture above is of my skull Aristotle which was imported to New Zealand from the United States. He is a 30-something year old male. He is NOT the prize for this competition. The prize skull will be a newly purchased human skull.


How to Enter


Simply submit a list of 100 words per entry – 1,000 words per top 10 list – (no photos or videos needed – but links can be included if you wish) via our submissions form. All lists sent in from now until the end date of the competition are eligible. The prize will be drawn at random.

That’s it! Get writing!

Listverse Staff

Listverse is a place for explorers. Together we seek out the most fascinating and rare gems of human knowledge. Three or more fact-packed lists daily.

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  • oouchan

    Nice! I think I will have to try this again. Mostly I just want the skull. :)

    • I know the feeling! It took me two years to garner up the courage to buy Aristotle – and I am glad I did – he is the best item in my collection so far.

  • Yuri

    What if you don’t have facebook because it is not allowed in the area you live.

    • An exception can be made in those circumstances if you can explain it clearly in your submission.

      • Maggot

        Lmao I knew the Facebook requirement would cause a ruckus. Nice that you allow exceptions. I just hope that not having FB because, you know, it’s stupid, is a valid exception.

        • Coyle

          You know Maggs, I’m liking you more and more. Your lists are great, so please get back to work. We have similar tastes in music. I probably have about 40 or 50 Led Zeppelin bootlegs, who I mostly get from a cat whose Rolling Stones collection would astonish the band themselves.

          Seriously, I am hard right wing these days, but have a feeling we could discuss things intelligently.

          Hell, one of my best friends is an NY blue-dog, and we get along fine.
          Be good and take care, and crank out some more lists.

          • Maggot

            Thanks Coyle, my check is in the mail. Lol.

            I probably have about 40 or 50 Led Zeppelin bootlegs

            I have a pretty large collection of boots myself. Funny you bring that up, because I have actually submitted a list about bootlegs months ago, over a year ago actually (it included a Zep entry btw) that Jamie has not yet published for whatever reason. I’ve got a number of other list drafts in varying stages of completion, but have kind of stalled out on my motivation. Perhaps I should get back on them. Most wouldn’t qualify for this competition though, based on the stated criteria. But I don’t really care if I win anything; I just enjoy writing about things that interest me, in hopes of engaging folks in conversation and/or debate about those topics.

        • Josh

          Even if you don’t have Facebook it’s not much effort just to make an account for the purpose of this competition. I never use Facebook though I made an account a couple of years which I rarely use.

          • Maggot

            I p.iss off too many people on here to risk linking myself to a FB page. Hehe. I suppose I could just set up a FB account with a fake name or something, but meh, why bother…

  • Russ

    I was excited by this, and had started to think of ideas, BUT I’m inelligable to enter as I don’t have, or ever will have a Facebook page in order for
    Me to ‘like’ listverse. I subscribe to the email and check the page regularly, as well as recommending it to friends, but I cannot enter your contest.
    Most unfair. Maybe my list should be ‘most unfair competition rules’ although no one will see it as I can’t enter the contest.

    • Explain your reasons for not having FB in your submission and I will allow your entry to compete.

      • Mob

        What has this world turned to?
        Explain reasons for not having a Facebook page?

        • Edvado

          I choose not to have a Facebook page because my generation agrees with Betty White. Why do I HAVE to have one? It’s just a tremendous waste of time!

      • Russ

        i don’t use FB because I don’t want to. Is this reason enough?

      • ni99a

        Are you bought over by Facebook or something?

        • Paradox

          No, we’re just confused as to why JFrater wants us to have a Facebook page just so we can like him.I don’t have one, and I don’t intend to.I will have a list submitted before the end of the month(just having trouble with these last few entries).So we’re not “bought over” by Facebook, e just don’t want to have to have a Facebook page just so we can submit a list, and we don’t want to have to explain why we don’t.

      • Planet Earth

        It’s not fair at all . It’s not a level playing field .

        The FACT remain that Facebook offer’s you a service in exchange for your personnel information witch they sell to corporation . I don’t like that idea .

  • Damn!!!!!!!!!!! These prizes would give drcula a hard on!!! I am so there now Im actually gonna try win!!!!!!!

    • Black Ninja Cat

      You know… in South Africa you’re probably going to be killed for your vial of beaver juice – I’m sure someone will consider it ‘muti’ for “beeeeg strooong erect.ions…eish” :P

  • I am so entering. Here comes pow wow list. He he, it’s pretty much all I know, that I haven’t seen on listverse, yet.

  • So it has to be unique…?


    I have a lot of things in my mind right now…

    BTW, I’m one of your Facebook friends, JFrater! :D

  • So going to get thinking for a list. Hopefully my mind would think of something orignal.

  • mike

    here is an idea for the list.
    Top 10 reasons for having a fb account

    Reason 1 – Love for beavers ass

  • flamehorse

    I don’t remember the winning list. I know I read it, but I must have forgotten. Congrats, Thomas!

  • Kayleigh

    If you are terrified of human remains is there an alternative prize?

    • You can exclude any part of the prize that you wish :) I will consider an alternative of equal value for it – or cash to $900.

      • ParusMajor

        If you are interested in these kind of things, JFrater (and obviously you are), I might recommend to you Mary Roach’s book “Stiff”. You might find it interesting.

      • Kayleigh

        I want it but I’d be too afraid to touch it! Do you ever look at it and wonder who that person was? I’d probably make up little stories about him and insist a place be set for him at Christmas dinner.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Ive always wanted to make a real skull into a bong, but theyre so expensive…I shall be entering.

  • Kaleb

    Hi! Just wondering, would a list about video games be allowed for this contest?

  • ParusMajor

    Facebook? But my Facebook identity isn’t the same as my Youtube or… oh, hi Mr. Policeman! I wasn’t doing nothing, just watching legal p0rn on my laptop, Sir… :)

  • fendabenda

    I am SO scared of the prizes, especially the skull. What can I do to make sure that I DON’T win???

    • ParusMajor

      Well, you can do what you always do: nothing. You never do anything anyway, so who cares? You used to be good in Taekwon-do and Taido but what have you done lately? NOTHING!

      • fendabenda

        Did you take your medication today, Parus?

        • smigul


  • I’m in.

  • Ben creagh

    How come only half of the minor prizes get paid out Jamie?

    • They all do – it is just that we haven’t published all the submitted lists yet – and the prizes are paid out after publication – one to two weeks at most.

      • vulnerablebrena

        I had two list submitted, both have been published, and i’ve not been paid for either. It has been well over two weeks…

        • Gritty

          Same here! I hope we get paid

  • I would not mind a skull… But I’m pretty sure that South Africa’s Law on Human Tissues requires a license of some sort. Those are some awesome goodies – but are you sure about drawing the prize at random? I would think the best list should get the prize.

    Also, if our lists are published, I assume due credit is given? :)

  • Geko

    Not interested. I used to have a human skull (Arthur), but he ran away with one of my Black Metal bands.

    Ungrateful bastrard!

  • honkster7

    Would like to enter but alas i cannot , i have a life , hence no facebook .

  • Lifeschool

    I’ve been checking the LV for a few weeks ‘cus I was sure my entry for the previous competition was going to win. But not a dickybird. :( Now Ryan Thomas is reaping a bunch of lame $40 lists in a row while my six month produced epic has not been seen. My list was Top 10 Cartoon Characters and their Inspirations; which I hoped would be more factual and interesting than some story about a fake Mothman. Not impressed LV. I don’t check back very often these days (due to the quality of recent lists) and I’m afraid after this I won’t be wasting any effort writing them. I feel like all those hours and months of research have been wasted. :(

    • Maggot

      a bunch of lame $40 lists in a row while my six month produced epic has not been seen.

      More poignant words were never spoken, Lifeschool.

    • chevalierdupin

      Lifeschool…I am having the same issue, although I’ve noticed that your list that you put so much effort into (and it shows and is a great list!!) was just recently published. I have submitted two lists this year…one back in April about the Tarantella musical format as it functions in music (something I would have thought JFrater would have found up his alley) and recently a list about Evolution. I’m not even worried about the competition–honestly, I don’t need a human skull in my possession–but given that there are so many poor quality lists that continue to surface, and numerous lists by the same users, it’s quite disappointing that I can’t even get 2 lists published…considering that my previous list about Bizarre composer deaths was somewhat popular a few years ago. I’m also finding my interest in LV waning, and I admit that I feel slighted that I spend days on two lists and neither has been published yet.

      And if that is because I didn’t reference my Facebook page, well, I’m sorry, but I am writing under a pseudonym here and I have absolutely no desire or need for this email address to be associated with my Facebook which is used for professional contacts only.

  • why not?

    Reading about ambergris before breakfast, now I’m really hungry…

  • Pompa

    I really want to enter and try to win the competition, but I don’t think my parents will appreciate me having a skull and a photograph of a dead person in my room. :[

  • emjum

    is it open to anyone around the globe? i would love to have that skull haha

  • Amber

    I want 6th place cause where I live, I can’t find the books and I’m not allowed to order online :(
    Hope I get it(: