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Top 10 Bizarre Services You Can Buy Online

by Katana Haley
fact checked by Jamie Frater

This list presents some of the strangest and most unusual services that are available for purchase online today. Every service detailed is not only unique in the online world but offline as well. The success of these business reflects humanity’s affinity to step outside of the norm, no matter the geographical location or culture.

What could be more telling or revealing about society than which of its services are growing increasingly successful? If they’re doing well, there must be a demand. Arguably, that demand reflects the innate desires of the people in that culture.

Featured image credit: SexyMandarin

10 Hire A Man To Wipe Your Tears At Work

Ikemeso Danshi is the name of a service where attractive men come and wipe your tears while you’re at work. If you find it difficult to bring on the tears, the service also offers videos they can show you to encourage you to cry. The Ikemeso man will wipe your tears with a well-made handkerchief during the therapeutic crying session, a service referred to as “cheek pong.”[10]

You get to choose from a selection of photos of the men and can also choose their personality type The Ikemeso-for-hire will travel to your home or office to wipe your tears away. There are several different types of hunks that you can choose from: the dentist, the brother, the bad boy, singing beauty boys, and macho men, among others.

9 Attractive Models Who Teach Mandarin

Sexy Mandarin – Lesson 1: What time is it

Rosetta Stone isn’t the only way to learn a new language. You can actually hire a model to teach you, should you decide to learn Mandarin. (Mandarin is known as one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world.) Prospective teachers are required to submit a full-body photo as well as their experience in teaching and modeling. The creator of this unique language school, Kaoru Kikuchi, feels that going the traditional route to learn Mandarin is intimidating.[2] Alternatively, teaching Mandarin through short, sexy clips gives a different perspective.

The course is conducted in a series of online videos that allow you to compete with other students. Many who’ve reviewed the course feel that the videos featuring young, lingerie-clad women makes Mandarin memorable. You can only expect to learn two or three words per video, leading some to speculate that the language course is not of the same quality as similar courses.

8 The Breakup Shop

You can pay the Breakup Shop to do your relationship dirty work for you. The site allows you to pay to have someone else end your relationship for you by text or e-mail. This might be just the right service for someone without the courage to break up with their boyfriend or girlfriend themselves. Ending a relationship is financially feasible, with a breakup text costing $10, a letter costing $20, and a breakup phone call running at $29.[3]

The phone call option lasts a minute in length but is promised to do the job. The Breakup Shop promotes the text option for those who “really don’t care.” You get to decide when the 100-word text message is sent to your soon-to-be ex. The letter is described as the more refined option, allowing you to send a message curated by breakup experts on cardstock with a 70 lb envelope. The return address belongs to the Breakup Shop, allowing the senders to withhold theirs.

7 Rent A Mom

Need A Mom just might be the only service of its kind. The service allows you to conveniently rent someone else’s mother for $30 to $40 per hour.[4] Alternatively, you can choose to exchange letters or have a text messaging session with your “mom” for $20. Need A Mom was founded by Nina Keneally, a mother of 30 years. Keneally is willing to do all of the normal activities you would expect from a mom, including repairing your clothes, baking your favorite cake, and helping you shop. She likes to think of her services as motherly without the guilt or baggage. She makes a point that she’s not to be hired as a best friend or maid.

From Keneally, you can expect a motherly conversation to help you take ownership of any situation you might be dealing with. She says she’s defined boundaries in order to act as a mother. Need A Mom offers access to difficult-to-find resources in New York, such as doctors, legal advice, and even domestic abuse help. The founder’s past experience includes working as an actress for a brief period and theater production on Broadway.

6 Dwarf Rental

If you’re lucky enough to live in Montreal, you can hire little people for your bachelor party. The service promotes itself as being a highly entertaining way to celebrate life’s successes. As a side note, there are no female dwarfs available, and strippers are out of the question. The company suggests you hire their dwarf bartenders to serve mixed drinks and tallboys, escort you around town, and party with you at the location of your choice. The service includes the company of women so that men don’t feel they are “sitting around” staring at each other. Rates for the rental company begin at $500 for every two hours.[5]

As a part of the company’s offerings, they will plan out the ultimate bachelor party weekend for you, beginning with picking you up in a party bus stocked with women and alcohol. The company definitely uses ample amounts of creativity to create an agenda for the evening. Some of their specialty events include topless go-karting, “Legs and Eggs,” and a seven-course meal served on a naked model.

The service focuses on catering to bachelor parties, even offering riders to each attendee. Some riders the company has fulfilled in the past include food, prepaid cell phones, prank items, and drugs that are restricted in Canada. The service even suggests that those over 30 years of age detox prior to the party. Detox recommendations include going to a hot/cold spa or a float tank.

5 Rentachook

Would you find it useful to have fresh eggs every day? Rentachook is the perfect service for those considering having a chicken as a pet. You can see what it’s like to raise a chicken without long-term commitment. You can rent a chicken, or “chook,” to make sure it will work for you and your lifestyle. The chicken is considered a rental as long as you return it. You’ll have six weeks to make your decision as to whether you’d like to keep your chook or not.[6] You can rent one of the finest chickens in the world, the ISA Brown. This particular chicken is world-renowned for its ability to lay eggs.

Rentachook started in 2011 as a way to show people how to raise an environmentally sustainable pet. The service also provides all of the instructions, stock feed, and equipment you need to accommodate the chicken. All chooks are vaccinated and at the 16- to 20-week age of laying eggs. The service encourages schools, daycare centers, gardening groups, and festivals to engage in caring for chooks and enjoying the freshest eggs possible.

4 Invisible Boyfriend/Girlfriend

This service is ideal for those who find it hard to date and social pressures to be in a relationship too much to bear. Depending on whether you’re looking to date a male or female, the service is called Invisible Boyfriend or Invisible Girlfriend.[7] The websites for the services work in two ways: You can either obtain an invisible significant other or become one.

The service lets you build your own girlfriend or boyfriend by first selecting a photo of one of the anonymous users of the site. In addition, you get to choose the age and personality of your digital date. The service will even help you develop a story of how you and your significant other met.

Once you’ve created your ideal phony person, you can start interacting with them through text message. You can also anonymously submit a selfie to become someone else’s invisible significant other. If you decide to submit a selfie, the service keeps your photo anonymous and hidden to everyone in your local area. What more authentic way is there to prove that you are in a real relationship?

3 Cuddle Party

Photo credit: Cuddle Party

Cuddle Party is exactly what it sounds like. The company was developed on the basis that human beings need affection and far too often go without it. The service promotes the health benefits of being touched. For example, touch benefits the central nervous system. According to The Cuddle Party company, cuddle parties serve another function by helping people establish boundaries and learn the communication skills necessary for cuddling.[8] Since cuddling is a skill, every cuddle party is led by a certified and trained cuddle party facilitator. It’s possible to become a facilitator by first attending a weekend of training.

At the cuddle parties, introductions are made initially, rules are established, and games are played to get everyone in their comfort zone. Cuddle Party is actually a federally recognized nonprofit organization. Since 2004, the company has been hosting cuddle parties as well as offering workshops and training on relationships and communication. The organization places emphasis on the concept of nonsexual touch. Cuddle parties are currently scheduled across the world, including in the US, Denmark, Ireland, and the UK.

2 Potato Parcel

Photo credit: Potato Parcel

Potato Parcel is a Shark Tank–featured company that allows you to send a personalized message to anyone you like on a potato.[9] You can even have a portrait emblazoned on the spud, be it your own face, a celebrity’s face, or the face of your friend. Potato Parcel also offers Potato Postcards and even a nice burlap sack to keep them in. If your recipient is the gamer type, you can choose the potato that includes a download of the game SPACEPLAN, a game based upon A Brief History in Time by Stephen Hawking.

The potato messages are sent anonymously, with no shipping address on the package, or you can choose to spoil the surprise. People have gotten quite creative with the potato messages, sending everything from “I love you” to “You’re evicted.” Whittle your message down to 130 characters and provide your recipient’s shipping address, and you can have your potato sent off. One thing is for sure: Your recipients have probably never received a potato with a customized message.

1 The Dive Bar T-Shirt

Get America’s best T-shirts straight from bars you’ve never heard of. There simply isn’t enough time to visit all of greatest dive bars in the US and collect the shirts yourself. However, you can still get the quality tees representing watering holes across the country with no traveling necessary. Every month, the Dive Bar Shirt Club, or DBSC, sends you a fresh T-shirt that has the look of a loved and worn tee.[10]

The DBSC promises tees from only the most unusual and interesting bars. Once a style of shirt has been featured, it is retired from the club permanently. The club selects shirts via submissions that are sent to them as well as the travels of the staff members. Every tee comes with a snippet of history about the bar it originated from. T-shirt collectors have met their match.

Katana Haley is an entrepreneur and woman of many hats. When she’s not performing hard rock or songwriting, you’ll find her in a book. She has an extensive content marketing, copywriting, and musical background. Katana’s experience includes being a singer, content marketer, and web developer.


fact checked by Jamie Frater