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10 Eerie Videos Of UFOs Captured On Live Television

by Marcus Lowth
fact checked by Jamie Frater

When UFOs are witnessed in the wilderness by a single person, they’re largely dismissed without a second thought. When multiple eyewitnesses see something strange, there is a little more interest, but it’s largely reserved at best. When something strange is seen by thousands or even millions of people on live television, however, it’s another matter.

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Even though explanations might be found for some of these live sightings, at the time they were seen and broadcast on television, they served to create immense interest, if only for a short period. Here are ten instances where live television broadcast a little more than they originally bargained for . . . 

10 Orb Spotted From The Roof Of The TVA Building

UFO Live on TV News Montreal October 2 2014 Colette Provencher TVA

While reporting the weather for TVA News on top of the roof of the network’s building in Montreal, Canada, on the evening of October 2, 2014, Colette Provencher was perhaps the only person involved in the live broadcast who didn’t see the strange green orb making its way through the sky behind her.[1]

Many commentators, after the initial frenzy, claimed assuredly that it was merely a meteor or shooting star, including Sebastian Giguere, scientific and education coordinator for the Mont-Megantic Observatory AstroLab. Other Internet users, however, pointed out that the glowing orb appeared much too big for a meteor. Also, its movements were not entirely consistent with naturally occurring aerial phenomena.

9 ‘Streak Of White Light’ On BBC Breakfast

Thousands See UFO Live On British TV

On August 5, 2009, while anchor Colin Briggs hosted the morning news, a strange speeding object was seen by millions on the BBC’s live webcam as it whizzed past the Millennium Bridge in Newcastle.[2]

From the lower left of the large screen behind Briggs, a “streak of white light” appeared, going under one of the bridge’s arches and then moving upward at a 45-degree angle. Many eagle-eyed viewers soon copied the clip onto social media platforms, and a plethora of theories as to what it was soon piled up—ranging from a model airplane to the obvious claims of extraterrestrials.

When leading UK UFO expert Nick Pope was asked his opinion, he, at least in part, offered those looking for “the truth” a little credibility when he stated that the slowed down footage ruled out the object being a bird and that it was “an intriguing film and a genuine mystery.”

8 UFO Caught On TV Gazeta

A UFO caught on live TV in Brazil

In February 2009, Brazilian station TV Gazeta caught footage of a UFO that changed colors several times on live television as viewers at home looked on in amazement.[3] Around 25 witnesses also viewed the object at the scene itself. The brightly lit craft changed between white, blue, and red while performing some quite bewildering movements.

The strange UFO was clearly visible for over two hours as it appeared to make its way calmly over Rio Branco, Acre. By way of being able to estimate the object’s size and destination, both the moon and a clear star were also visible during the encounter. While it is possible that the object could have been a drone or even a kite with LED lights attached to it, many people viewed the footage online, and it remains unanswered as to what the object actually was.

7 UFO Appears Over Washington Monument Live On Fox News

UFO Caught Live on Fox News (1/20/13) ORIGINAL

On January 20, 2013, as Fox News broadcast live footage of the Washington Monument, viewers would spot a brightly lit object seemingly appear “out of nowhere” over the famous site.[4] It was the night before President Obama’s second inauguration, leading some to suggest that a security services helicopter was likely what had been seen.

However, when the footage is viewed, it certainly doesn’t appear to be a run-of-the-mill helicopter. While it is perhaps a trick of the lights from the ground below (arguably the most likely explanation due to how the object disappeared as quickly as it arrived) many had more imaginative theories to offer. Some suggested it was likely a secret government craft utilizing advanced stealth or cloaking technology, while others believed the UFO appeared through a portal above the capital.

6 Mysterious ‘Blobs’ Appear On KOTV’s Storm Tracker

#shorts – UFOs Caught From Stormchaser Camera

In April 2017, as KOTV anchors Darren Stephens and Travis Meyer discussed an upcoming storm with Darren’s live video feed being used to fill the screen, two mysterious “black blobs” were seen against the cloud-covered Oklahoma sky.[5]

One attentive viewer managed to record the feed and made it available online, where it quickly spread—as did the theories as to what these strange dark objects were. It would appear that on this occasion, these things really did appear to be nothing more than bugs on the windshield behind the camera. Perhaps interestingly, though (to some), there are numerous UFO sightings ahead of and immediately following large storms all over the world, with some UFO researchers even suggesting a direct link between the two.

5 UFO Live On KLKN’s Towercam


In Lincoln, Nebraska, just after 6:00 AM on September 4, 2013, meterologist Sean McMullen observed the view from KLKN’s HD Towercam 8 during the usual morning segment, and he was sent temporarily into a mild state of shock.[6] A strange triangular-shaped object with flashing lights on its surface appeared to be hovering over the city. McMullen repeated several times while on air, “I have never seen anything like this before!”

The station contacted MUFON with their footage, and the group stated that it was indeed “curious.” Perhaps more interesting is the fact that another sighting MUFON was investigating from that morning had occurred only hours earlier in (relatively) nearby Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The description of the object matched the strange craft seen in the station’s Towercam footage.

The object remained visible for almost 45 minutes, and at least one of the channel’s viewers managed to record their own independent footage of it.

4 UFO Live On RT

UFO: Pentagon releases three leaked videos – is the truth finally out there?

During a live transmission of The Keiser Report in 2013 on Russia’s RT network, a strange blur of an object positively shot past the studio windows.[7] Broadcasting from London, England, the strange object can be seen heading along the River Thames outside.

The usual and arguably unavoidable cries that it was merely a bird or a bug appeared to be discounted early on in the unofficial debates that raged in various corners of the Internet, due to the sheer speed at which the object was traveling. It also appeared to be moving in a nearly perfect straight line, something a bird or an insect would not do. While that is far from conclusive proof that the UFO seen in the broadcast was an authentic “nuts and bolts” object, on this occasion, it appeared there was certainly something of substance to investigate.

3 German News Crew Films UFO On Live TV At Upside Down Mountain

UFO Sighting during live TV news broadcast alien craft caught on tape germany

An area in Southern France known as Upside Down Mountain, or sometimes End Of The World Mountain, is synonymous with UFO sightings and various tales of strange activity.[8] Perhaps it’s not too much of a surprise, then, that in 2014, a German TV station managed to capture a strange disc-shaped object hovering over the mountaintop as they filmed the area while discussing an upcoming festival on live television.

The airborne craft remains stationary as if observing the area for several moments, before moving upward and out of the shot and presumably out of the sight of anyone on the ground. Interestingly enough, many claims persist that this particular mountain contains a secret alien base, and there are numerous reports of strange lights and disc-shaped objects. Make of that what you will.

2 UFOs ‘Summoned At Will’ On Las Vegas TV

UFO’s summoned at will live on TV News – LAS VEGAS KTNV ABC Channel 13

Ramon Watkins, also known locally as “Prophet Yahweh,” was said to have the power to “summon UFOs at will.”[9] So when Las Vegas TV station KTNV asked him to do this live on television in front of a camera in 2005, he was happy to oblige. What’s more, it appears he also delivered. In truth, Watkins claimed that it wasn’t that he could summon the otherworldly objects to appear but that he heard voices telling him where they would be and when.

As the expectant camera crew and reporter headed out to Lake Meade with Watkins, they were all more than surprised when he made good on his claims, and two bright spherical UFOs appeared in the skies above them. The incident also went out on live television, leaving many people the opportunity to record the event and upload the footage online to be dissected repeatedly in an effort to understand what they had seen and decide if Watkins was indeed the real deal.

1 Red Spherical Object Seen Live On Cincinnati Morning Weather

News reporter, reports UFO in Cincinnati Thursday June 16 2011?

While a local news station going through the normal morning weather report for Cincinnati and the surrounding area on June 16, 2011, a strange red sphere appeared on the city’s live webcam being used as a backdrop for the live broadcast.[10] While some people speculated that the object was possibly Venus still visible in the morning sky, the way it moved appeared to discount this possibility entirely—not to mention that it appeared to have a distinct red tinge to it.

What is perhaps even more strange is that only two weeks earlier, a report was made in exactly the same area of downtown Cincinnati, describing exactly the same red, spherical object. This report also described the UFO as about “twice the size of Venus” as you would see it with the naked eye, dismissing any notion that it might have been a planet that had been observed. The sighting remains a mystery.


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fact checked by Jamie Frater
Marcus Lowth

Marcus Lowth is a writer with a passion for anything interesting, be it UFOs, the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the paranormal or conspiracies. He also has a liking for the NFL, film and music.

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