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10 People Who Claim To Have Been On Board An Alien Craft

by Marcus Lowth
fact checked by Jamie Frater

It’s one thing for someone to claim to have seen strange lights in the sky, or even a definite aerial craft up close, perhaps landing or taking off. It is, however, another thing entirely to claim to have been on board such a craft and to have intricate memories of the encounter. And then there are the recollections of the craft’s occupants.

A number of people have told of boarding UFOs, whether by invitation or against their will. Such claims are at the very least met with a certain amount of skepticism from some and are outright rejected and mocked by most. As with anything, some of these are more believable than others, but the following ten people claim to have been on board a vehicle not made on this planet.

10 Daniel Fry—An Extraterrestrial Relationship That Lasted Years

While the accounts of Daniel Fry are extremely detailed, even the most ardent UFO researchers struggle to take them seriously.[1] In fact, it is this extraordinary amount of detail that leads many to suspect an elaboration of events at best.

According to Fry, one evening in the summer of 1949, while serving in the US military and based at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, he would stumble upon a strange craft nearby. Furthermore, the craft, or the intelligence behind it, communicated with him and invited him aboard.

Once inside, the bottom of the craft became transparent, and Fry was able to see the ground below him. He was apparently flown to New York City and back so that he could see the “fascinating appearance” of the lights. The whole journey took only 30 minutes, meaning the ship was traveling approximately 13,000 kilometers per hour (8,000 mph). Further details revealed by Fry stated the craft used antigravity technology, which kept his body from imploding in on itself at such high speeds.

According to Fry, the communication would last for several years, and he would reveal the voice to be an alien being who was in the process of becoming accustomed to the atmosphere on Earth so that he could settle here and carry on his mission of “helping mankind.” The ship that Fry had traveled in was a scout vessel designed to take elements of the Earth’s atmosphere back to the mothership high above the planet.

9 Alfred Burtoo—Not Fit Enough For Alien Abduction?

In contrast to Daniel Fry’s account, Alfred Burtoo’s claims are a little more believable, not least because of his wife seeming to quash rumors of a hoax by going on record after her husband’s death. She stated that upon his return home on the evening of his alleged encounter, he had “the look of a man who had seen a miracle happen.” And her husband was not one for jokes.

The incident in question occurred shortly after midnight on August 12, 1983, during a planned night fishing trip on the banks of the Basingstoke Canal in Aldershot, England.[2] After setting up at his preferred spot, having a cigarette, and pouring some tea from his flask, he noticed a bright light several feet in front of him coming from the bushes. Shortly after, two strange beings, each around 1.2 meters (4 ft) in height, stepped out of the brightness and motioned for him to follow them.

Each was dressed in tight-fitting green overalls and a helmet with a jet-black visor. Not at all feeling any fear, Burtoo got to his feet and followed them. They would lead him to a shiny metal craft resting on a pair of “ski-type runners” in a clearing away from the canal. A set of steps extended and led inside. The beings again motioned for him to get on board, which he did.

As he did, he noticed an intense smell similar to rotting meat, and the temperature was a lot higher than the night air outside. The room had the look of “unfinished metal,” mainly black in color and seemingly made from one piece of material. As he looked around the intriguing vehicle, a voice sounded out all around him: “Come and stand under the amber light.” Again, he did as instructed.

The voice came again, this time asking Alfred his age. He informed the voice he was 77 years old. A silence continued for several seconds before the voice came again, this time stating, “You can go. You are too old and infirm for our purpose.”

After he’d left the craft and had taken several steps away from it, he turned just in time to see it rise and vanish into the sky. Had he had a lucky escape? Or might he have missed the chance to accompany whoever, or whatever, intelligence was on board?

8 George Van Tassel’s Integratron

Photo credit: Jessie Eastland

In the Mojave Desert in California is a round-roofed building which now acts as a tourist spot. It was commissioned and built by George Van Tassel to house the Integratron in the early 1950s.[3] This was apparently done on the instructions of an alien being, who mandated that the building’s location be in line with the Great Pyramids of Giza.

The story goes that in the early hours of August 24, 1953, Van Tassel awoke to see a “strange man” at the bottom of his bed. Outside the house stood the mystery person’s shiny saucer-like craft, which Van Tassel was invited to board. The man stated that he was from Venus and that his name was Solganda. While Van Tassel rode in the spacecraft, Solganda imparted instructions and the knowledge required for Van Tassel to build what would become his Integratron—something that would take him a quarter of a century to do.

Its purpose is said to have ranged from understanding the energy of the universe to time travel. Van Tassel wrote several books on his experiences and even told of his encounters in Life magazine. Needless to say, he was mocked and labeled a “crackpot.”

Although any member of the public is still free to visit the structure and even wander around the inside of it, the Integratron itself has not resided there for some time, with its location unknown.

7 Herbert Schirmer ‘Remembers’ Going Aboard Alien Craft

When young police officer Herbert Schirmer first saw the lights shining ahead on State Highway 63 in Ashland, Nebraska, in December 1967, he suspected he would find an overturned vehicle following a crash. When his own headlights hit the object ahead, however, he could see it certainly wasn’t a normal car or truck.[4]

He would speak of his account to The Ashland Gazette, stating that in front of him was an metallic oval-shaped craft, almost 6 meters (20 ft) in length. The object itself was hovering slightly over the surface of the ground and remained there for several moments before suddenly disappearing from sight.

Schirmer would officially report his sighting to his superiors, but it wasn’t until February of the following year that more details would emerge. When Schirmer’s case came to the attention of Dr. Leo Sprinkle, he wished to regress the police officer using hypnosis, as he suspected there would be details that Schirmer’s brain had locked away. He was right.

Under hypnosis, Schirmer would recall how he entered the craft—of his own accord but almost as if he were under some kind of remote control. Inside, there were several crew members who looked exactly the same as humans. Each was dressed in the same uniform with a “snake insignia” on the front of it. They would show him various aspects of the craft, including how it worked and details of the propulsion system on which it operated.

Whether his account was truthful or not is open to debate, but Schirmer would soon leave the police force shortly after the encounter, such was the negative attention he received.

6 Sidney Patrick Disregarded As An Opportunist

When Sidney Patrick made his report of being on board an alien craft to the United States military in January 1965, they would reject his account and claim they were only being told of it so as to lend Patrick a certain amount of authenticity.[5]

According to Patrick, he was walking along Manresa Beach near his home in Watsonville, California, late one evening, something he often did. On this night, however, he found himself looking upon a large object resting on the sand “like two real thick saucers inverted.” Just as he began to back away, a voice emanated from the craft, stating, “Do not be frightened. We are not hostile.” After a brief contemplation of his options, Patrick stepped forward toward the object. A door opened in the side of the craft, and he took it as an invite to step aboard.

Sid was at first in a small room before moving on into a larger area. It was here that he would meet a person looking no different from a human being, aside from a slight “pointiness” to his chin and nose. A quick look around the room would reveal to him several other beings of the same appearance. They were all dressed in light blue two-piece suits, with no buttons or zippers, which appeared to be connected to a pair of tight shoes.

Only the being who greeted him spoke, telling Patrick to call him “Xeno” and informing him that they were taking him for ride in the craft and would shortly allow him to venture out and examine his surroundings in order that he would not dismiss the experience as a dream. After wandering around the craft and his now much-different surroundings, Sid was returned home to Manresa Beach.

Patrick insisted he was truthful in his account and would promise to produce a manuscript detailing it further. However, by 1971, he was on the losing side of a court case regarding a loan of $1,000 to produce the book. When asked to produce a manuscript, he claimed it was no longer in his possession and had become lost.

5 Jan Siedlecki—Awoken In His Bed By Intense Light

After working late one evening in August 1976 at Brydon’s Garage near Leeds in the north of England, Jan Siedlecki, who had not long been in bed, saw his entire room suddenly lit up by an intense light coming from outside.[6] He squinted his eyes and looked out of the window. In front of him, was a deep blue–colored saucer-shaped object, steadily coming down to the ground.

He rushed downstairs and quietly crept outside in order to gain a better view. By this time, the object was now on the ground, and a strange tube was descending from its underside. Two 1.2-meter-tall (4 ft) beings emerged from the tube and scanned their surroundings, noticing Jan as they did so. They motioned for him to come closer. Perhaps against his better judgement, he did so.

The aliens appeared to be speaking in a language that he could not understand. Each was also dressed in an orange one-piece bodysuit and a helmet with a dark visor. On their chests were strange panels with buttons and switches. The beings began to manipulate the buttons on their chests, and suddenly, they spoke to Jan in English, as if the devices allowed them to do so. He followed the two beings onto the craft and found himself in a room with a shiny surface and an aroma of “rotting grass.”

Jan noticed the entire inside of the ship was bathed in a yellow-orange glow which appeared to come from inside, as he noticed no windows anywhere around him. He began to ask about the propulsion and what powered the craft. One of the beings informed him it was a substance called “B-13,” but before they could elaborate, an orange orb, around the size of a soccer ball, began to zig-zag around the ship, seemingly bouncing off the walls. The host stated they had a “space-bug” and that he should now leave and run clear of the craft. Jan did, and he saw the spaceship take off into the air. An intense red fire hugging the craft’s underside was clearly visible.

4 Carlos Mercado Taken To Alien Base On Earth

In 1988, unable to sleep due to the unbelievably high Puerto Rico heat, Carlos Mercado would leave his wife sleeping in their bedroom while he went to lie on the sofa in the next room. Not long after beginning to settle, he heard the sound of a loud humming noise outside the house. Then came a sound of tapping at the window. When he looked out, he could see three small humanoid creatures looking in at him. Behind them was a shiny saucer-shaped craft.[7]

The description Mercado would later give would be very similar to the typical “grey alien” descriptions. Appearing to speak directly into his mind, the beings beckoned Carlos to come out. He did so, and the three small creatures led him to the silver object.

Inside, the interior was full of lights and machinery, most of which Carlos didn’t understand. There were other beings inside the room, each the same size as the three who had tapped on his window. One being, though, was much taller than the rest. He was their leader, and the voice in Carlos’s head said he was called “the Doctor.”

Perhaps the most startling part of the claim is that he was taken not into outer space but to an alien base in under the mountains of Sierra Bermeja. After entering the secret base through a tunnel in the side of one of the mountains, the UFO eventually arrived in a vast, open space, where dozens of similar small humanoid beings worked and busied themselves.

According to Mercado, he was brought to the location and shown the things he was so that he could tell humanity of their presence and also assure the world that their intentions were not malevolent.

3 Elizabeth Klarer ‘Calls Down’ Alien Scout Ship

While there may be doubt around some of the claims on this list, the accounts of Elizabeth Klarer from South Africa are almost certainly extremely exaggerated events at best.[8]

Beginning in 1917, when she was seven years old, Klarer claimed to have started to receive telepathic communications from an alien being who went by the name of Akon. This continued off and on for years, presumably even while Klarer worked for South African Air Force Intelligence during World War II.

Klarer claimed to have “called down” Akon’s ship in the late 1950s. She got on board and was taken to a mothership. How with Akon, she taken to Meton, which Klarer claimed was in the star system Alpha Centauri. Further still, the couple conceived a child, a son who remained on Meton with his father while Klarer returned to Earth to tell of her experiences.

If her account wasn’t wild enough for people to dismiss, the fact that she stated her like for recently released books by apparent alien contactee George Adamski (himself widely regarded as elaborating his experiences) was the final straw.

2 Meng Zhaoguo—Flown To Mars And Forced To Father A Child

While many believe the initial account of Meng Zhaoguo to have happened, it is widely thought his subsequent reports were fabricated, if not completely fictional.[9] In 1994, he and a family member were walking in the Red Flag Forest in China when they noticed what looked to be a weather balloon. The pair tracked it and followed the object to where they believed it to have landed. When they arrived, a spacecraft awaited them. In front of a doorway on the craft stood several beings, each at least 3 meters (10 ft) tall.

Scared beyond belief, the two men ran from the scene, but Zhaoguo claimed he continued to see the craft and tall beings over the following months. On one occasion, they even came through the roof of his house and took him on board their spacecraft. Furthermore, once on their craft somewhere in deep space, he was “forced to copulate” with a beautiful female alien being, who apparently informed him that they had conceived a child during their encounter.

Another encounter resulted in Zhaoguo being flown to Mars, a destination that his hosts insisted was their home planet.

1 Audrey And Debbie—Twins Who Have Been On Spaceships Since They Were Very Young

Although they wish to withhold their last names from the public arena, twin sisters Audrey and Debbie have been on board spaceships of all kinds and have been doing so since the age of five years old—at least that is their claim.[10]

The first account began when a bright blue light overtook their bedroom late one evening. At the same time, their bedroom door flew open, and a strange blue mist crept inside. More scary, however, were the “bald men” in dark robes who would follow it and then lead the girls outside and onto their spaceship.

These experiences would continue into adulthood and still continue today. Sometimes, they would be taken aboard together, while on other occasions, only one of them would make the journey. They’ve even had instances where they would be taken separately with their hosts and then met up on board a spaceship as it raced through the stars.

Although the finer details of the UFOs themselves are not as intricate as others who claim to have taken journeys on such otherworldly vehicles, one interesting detail that Debbie would offer is of remembering “standing there on the spaceship and the floor and walls disappeared.” They became translucent, allowing those inside to see their surroundings. On this particular occasion, Debbie found herself staring at the Earth below her.

The sisters are under no illusion as to who is behind these trips into space. They firmly believe extraterrestrials have been escorting them into deep space, and what’s more, it is the sisters’ further belief that they are far from the only ones.

fact checked by Jamie Frater
Marcus Lowth

Marcus Lowth is a writer with a passion for anything interesting, be it UFOs, the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the paranormal or conspiracies. He also has a liking for the NFL, film and music.

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