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10 Signs That The UK Is Going Down The Tubes

by Sammie Dove
fact checked by Jamie Frater

Great Britain is the source of habeas corpus law and the Magna Carta. The British Empire once spanned the world, and it brought with it forces of modernization that did more good than harm. London has long stood as the financial epicenter of the world.

Despite this great and powerful history, all signs point toward the disturbing conclusion that the story of the United Kingdom is nearing its end.

10 Cutting Down Trees To Stop Climate Change

This is one story that seems too crazy to be true. For a number of years, the UK’s biggest power supplier has been producing “sustainable” energy by cutting down American trees, turning them into pellets, and shipping them on cargo barges across the Atlantic Ocean. These pellets are then incinerated, and the smoke released produces more carbon dioxide (CO2) than burning coal. However, the British government has jubilantly proclaimed that it has helped the environment by reducing the use of fossil fuels.[1]

To put things in perspective, let’s recall a lesson from basic botany. In order to produce energy through photosynthesis, trees and other plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. CO2 is known as a greenhouse gas, and climatologists have identified excess CO2 in the atmosphere as one of the causes of climate change.

To combat the grisly specter of climate change, it would logically follow that we would want to have as many trees as possible. Yet trees are being indiscriminately cut down in order to supposedly produce clean energy, reducing the amount of CO2 that can be reabsorbed into the environment. Who financially benefits from such a backward, Orwellian policy? The UK government, American timber producers, and international shipping companies.

Who loses? American forests, which take decades to grow back, British taxpayers, who are gouged with an enormous “sustainable energy” levy to support this project, and genuine climate activists, who are sold snake oil in the form of a cure.

9 The Islamic Takeover Of Culture

In recent years, Muslim migrants have begun to flow into Europe at unprecedented speeds. Much like Central and South American immigrants who consistently ignore US border laws to enter the country illegally, these migrants are fleeing dangerous domestic situations that have been created by Western oligarchs.

It’s an open secret that the CIA orchestrated coups in Central and South America that destroyed the economies and cultures of numerous countries. In many cases, this was done to improve the flow of drugs into the United States, which the CIA used as a cash cow to fund secret operations.

Similarly, the Middle East and Africa were destabilized due to Western intervention. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gloated about killing Muammar Gadhafi, who had long served as the gatekeeper of Europe. American adventurism destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, and Western encouragement has drawn millions of Muslim migrants from countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh to Europe.

Muslims already make up the majority of many UK communities. By 2050, Muslims will account for 20 percent of the population of the European Union, and they will have outnumbered whites in the city of Birmingham by 2026.[2]

This is not a question as to whether either culture is superior. Both Islam and the West have an equal right to exist. But if Westerners started flooding into Islamic countries en masse, it’s guaranteed that Muslims would react violently. In fact, it is the Christian tolerance of the Western peoples that will seemingly be their undoing. Already, Muslim radicals are attempting to impose sharia law in parts of the UK, and it’s only a matter of time until they succeed.

8 Muslim Mayor Says ‘Get Used to Terrorism’

Photo credit: Policy Exchange

The British Isles have endured many invasions and attacks in the last few centuries. But in the past, the enemy was clearly labeled, and Britons were more afraid of bombs falling from the skies than they were of bombs in cars. Jack the Ripper may have terrorized London in the 19th century, but Londoners of the 1800s could never have imagined living side by side with a religious group whose young men were all potential serial stabbers.

According to London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan, however, terrorist attacks are all part of the plan.[3] It is his opinion that being purposefully mowed down by a van, stabbed in the street, or bombed on a train is simply a part of city life these days. Though Khan has led a robust antiterrorrism campaign, his rhetoric seems to suggest that nothing can be done to remove the root cause of terrorism-related killings.

Like most mainstream politicians and media pundits, Khan seems incapable of naming the reason why London is now more prone to acts of terrorism than practically any other city. When hundreds of thousands of people who have no intention of assimilating into a host culture are imported into a country that they view as inferior, it is only natural that such a nation would begin experiencing more violent crime.

However, since it would be inhumane to send Muslim immigrants back to their war-torn countries, citizens of the UK will simply have to deal with the war being brought to their own doorsteps.

7 Higher Murder Rate Than New York

Under the reign of Sadiq Khan, London’s murder rate has overtaken New York City.[4] Of course, this has nothing to do with importing enormous numbers of people who openly voice their contempt of and intent to kill anyone who they perceive to be an infidel. It’s because the original inhabitants of Britain are backward and unwelcoming; in essence, they are asking for it.

Interestingly, the UK has some of the most stringent gun laws in the world. However, criminals in the UK have proven that you don’t need a gun to kill lots of people. In lieu of firearms, mass murderers in London and other British cities use knives, bombs, and trucks to inflict grievous bodily harm.

This substitution of weapons seems to prove that outlawing guns doesn’t actually reduce the instance of violence. Those who wish to kill others will use whatever weapons are at hand, and guns are only one of many tools used to commit murder.

6 Islamic Child Rape Gangs

Islamic men have taken to kidnapping, coercing, or otherwise luring young UK girls into sex slavery. Since time immemorial, teen and preteen girls have been in high demand as sex commodities, and immigrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and other Islamic countries have a rich common history of exploiting this universal human depravity.

The most common method employed when recruiting these UK girls, who are mostly white, is called “grooming.” This practice employs various psychological tactics to gradually gaslight a girl into selling her body for sex. As a way of making this Muslim-sponsored child rape appear more politically correct in news headlines, UK authorities have taken to calling these sex rings “grooming gangs,” a term which, to the uninitiated, could well refer to members of the Bloods or the Crips who have taken up dog-washing as part-time jobs.

Conservative figures estimate that at least 700 girls and women have fallen victim to these Muslim rape gangs in the Newcastle area alone.[5] These girls are fed drugs and alcohol, and they are then taken to “sessions,” where they are raped by an unknown amount of men.

To fully understand this phenomenon, it is important to grapple with the way that Muslim men feel about white women. To some men of the Islamic faith, non-Muslim women are animals. They are subhuman, and they can be used in any way imaginable without any moral recrimination. Muslims are surprisingly ethical people, but only when it comes to members of their own group. When it comes to non-Muslims, no holds are barred, and some Muslim men actually feel that it is their duty to rape and kill as many infidel men, women, and children as possible.

While such a blatantly racist and intolerant view of other cultures may seem too backward, bigoted, and inhumane to have a place in the modern world, this is nonetheless how some Muslim men have been taught to feel and behave. The right of Islamic immigrants to hold these views is fiercely protected by governmental policies and nongovernmental advocacy groups in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, and the native inhabitants of European countries are strongly encouraged by their governments and media organizations to simply roll over and accept the genocidal ambitions of this religion.

To drive this point home, here are the remarks of grooming gang member Badrul Hussain regarding the place of white women in an Islam-dominated society:

“All white women are only good for one thing—for men like me to f—k and use like trash. That’s all women like you are worth.”

Despite claims by UK law enforcement that greater measures are being taken to stop child sex trafficking than have ever been employed before, dozens of young girls continue to be fall victim to Muslim rape gangs every day. But are the members of these gangs the ultimate beneficiaries of their pedophilic practices, or is another group secretly pulling the strings?

5 Elite Pedophilia

A few decades ago, Jimmy Savile was somewhat of a media darling in the UK. This eccentric and well-connected man was the host of a number of popular British television programs, and his rose-colored glasses and funny outfits became synonymous with Britain’s sexually liberated yuppie generation.

Everyone knew that Savile was friends with the Queen, but no one thought much of it. In 1990, Savile was knighted for “charitable services,” and he was a constant fixture around Buckingham Palace. The types of charitable services that he offered to the Crown, however, only became apparent after Savile’s death.

Throughout his professional life, Savile was philanthropically involved in a number of different UK orphanages and full-time childcare facilities. Since he was such a famous entertainer, no one questioned why this bug-eyed candidate for the Lunatic of the Year Award was lurking around small, disadvantaged children.

However, in the years since his death, hundreds of people have come forward with claims that Savile was a rampant pedophile. These testimonies come from the mouths of former victims and orphanage staff, and they inescapably point to the fact that Savile’s story is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to elite pedophilia in the UK.

Savile was a close adviser of Prince Charles, and Margaret Thatcher was one of the biggest proponents of Savile’s knighthood. Thatcher’s administration was well aware of a pedophilia ring at the highest levels of UK government but did nothing to stop it. One British child protection manager has evidence suggesting that pedophiles populate the highest stations in Parliament and the UK’s judicial system.[6]

Not only does sexually abusing children utterly satisfy the will to power of disturbed people, but it is also the perfect proclivity to use as blackmail. Entire groups of politicians, media personalities, and other elite individuals can be kept under strict control with the use of compromising evidence displaying sexual acts with minors. Consent to policies that hurt the average person and benefit only the elite can be artificially manufactured with the threat of releasing this evidence to the masses.

It would be illogical to assume that this practice of systemic child rape and molestation would be confined to the British Isles. Instead, it appears that pedophilia is a common practice of the one percent worldwide. In fact, all signs point to the unbelievably disturbing reality that young girls and boys are bought and sold as highly valuable commodities in a modern human trafficking ring that has compromised nearly the entirety of the control system on planet Earth.

4 Children Are Owned By The State

Parents in the United Kingdom aren’t allowed to decide which types of medical treatments are right for their children. In 2017, the parents of Charlie Gard were forbidden to bring their dying baby boy to the United States for treatment despite the fact that a hospital in the US had agreed to treat him. Charlie’s life support was withdrawn, and he was allowed to die by the British government.

In 2018, Alfie Evans was also given the death sentence by the National Health Service (NHS). This two-year-old boy was allowed to die because the NHS decided that it would be too risky to send him to Italy for treatment. The Pope himself even urged Evans’s parents to seek treatment in Italy, but it is apparently the policy of the NHS that outright killing a child is less risky than allowing that child to receive treatment in another country that might make the UK’s medical system seem inadequate.[7]

If children in the UK are owned by the state, this means that the adults they eventually become are owned by the state as well. In centuries past, common folk lived because the king allowed them to live, and it appears that these days have returned to the British Isles. While democracies view individuals as sovereign beings who live by their own volition, monarchies, dictatorships, and communist societies treat people as nothing more than the chattel of the elite. It is becoming increasingly clear which type of governing system the people of the UK must now contend with in order to survive.

3 Brexit Blocked

On June 23, 2016, the New World Order was dealt the first in a series of unpredicted and brutal blows. Taking the world utterly by surprise, the inhabitants of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. The common people of the UK, it seems, had become fed up with centrally dictated immigration quotas, unfair trade deals, and open borders. The masses spoke out, and the government was supposed to listen.

However, a panicked British elite immediately began backpedaling with as much red tape and legal confusion as possible. Dozens of reasons were given why Brexit would crash the economy, ruin trade relations, and reduce the overall quality of life in the UK. Debates began as to which type of Brexit should be pursued, and it became increasingly obvious that the citizens of the UK would be ignored and that their dream of a clean break from EU policies that benefit only the elite would likely never be fully realized.

Essentially, the Brexit vote was a sham because the tyrannical UK government never had any intention of honoring the will of the people. The elite in the US also never planned to allow Donald Trump to become president of the United States, but they were nonetheless incapable of stopping the occurrence of this historically unprecedented event.

After nearly two years, this initiative seems to be no closer to coming about than when the vote passed. Time, however, is running out for the UK elite, who have less than a year left to stop Brexit from taking place.[8] Will they be able to successfully ignore the public will and complete the UK’s transformation into a fascist dictatorship, or will the inhabitants of the United Kingdom have their chance to make their country great again? Only time will tell.

2 Laws Against Free Speech

The UK government makes no pretenses of supporting free speech. According to the Orwellian code of ethics used by UK legislators, hate speech isn’t free speech, and just about anything that the UK oligarchs don’t agree with is hate speech.[9]

Convenient, right?

In the United States, people have the luxury of being able to say pretty much anything they want and get away with it. One of the only types of speech that isn’t protected by the First Amendment is threatening the president of the United States, but apparently, that law doesn’t apply to President Donald Trump. Madonna mused in public about her fantasies of blowing up the White House, left-wingers spew tirades of violent hate at President Trump every day on social media, and Snoop Dogg shot an effigy of Trump in the head in a music video.

These types of expression seem to be protected in the United States, but in the UK, you can be thrown in prison for teaching a dog to do a Nazi salute, reading Bible verses out loud, or talking ill of law enforcement.

In the modern-day fascist police state that is the UK, if you step on the toes of the establishment hard enough, you can even lose the ability to have your arrest reported on by the media.

1 The Imprisonment Of Tommy Robinson

Photo credit: Facebook

Tommy Robinson is a right-wing activist in the UK. He has made it his mission to expose the negative aspects of unchecked Islamic immigration into his country. Specifically, he has documented in detail the child sex trafficking gangs that now pose such a menace to the lives of young girls throughout the UK.

In May 2018, Robinson went to Leeds Crown Court to cover the trial of a Muslim child grooming gang. Though there are no signs that he was inciting violence in any way, he was almost immediately arrested by British law enforcement. Within a day, his case went before a judge, and he was sentenced to 13 months in prison.[10]

What makes this story so incredible is that the UK government issued a decree that no one could talk about Robinson’s arrest. His arrest and subsequent imprisonment were stricken from the public record, and numerous publications were forced to either remove articles covering the event or redact Robinson’s name from their reporting.

As this story is examined in detail, it becomes increasingly obvious that the only crime that Robinson committed wasn’t a crime at all. He simply held and expressed views that were critical of the prevailing orthodoxy in the UK, and as a result, he was subjected to a Stalinist summary trial and shipped off to a modern-day gulag.

While no one in their right minds would accuse the UK of being as free as the United States, the world has long considered British society to hold human rights in high regard. If the state of affairs in the UK continues to head in its current direction, however, the legacy of British culture will be remembered alongside the legacies of Communist China and the Soviet Union.

fact checked by Jamie Frater