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Top 10 Crazy Conspiracy Claims Of Rosslyn Chapel

by Marcus Lowth
fact checked by Jamie Frater

Many people believe that the Ark of the Covenant is located in Rosslyn Chapel, a centuries-old church just outside Edinburgh, Scotland. In fact, Rosslyn Chapel is the target of a number of crazy conspiracy theories, wild claims, and bizarre speculations, even though there is no proof for these theories.

The chapel is even said to be the location of interdimensional portals and intergalactic frequencies. The Dan Brown novel (and eventual film) The Da Vinci Code—which used the chapel as a key location in its story—only thrust the church even further into the spotlight. With that in mind, here are 10 of the craziest and most interesting conspiracy theories about Rosslyn Chapel.

10 It Holds The Holy Grail


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Many people also believe that the legendary Holy Grail resides within the walls of this particular house of God. Of course, there is no actual proof of this. But speculation has been rife of a connection between the ancient relic and Scotland for hundreds of years.

The legends of the Holy Grail[1] and the journey it took to get to Scotland are almost identical to the theories about the Ark of the Covenant. This has led many to believe that both relics are, in fact, one and the same. Supposedly, the Holy Grail was brought to Rosslyn Chapel by the Knights Templar and has been hidden there ever since.

9 Rosslyn Chapel Hides A Portal


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Perhaps one of the strangest theories concerning Rosslyn Chapel is that a portal to another world or universe exists there. This, the theorists claim, is the reason for the higher-than-average number of UFO sightings in the area. The area is used as a gateway.

Author Brian Allan has explored this theory extensively and believes that the portal or gateway is real. It is opened by using “specific frequencies” that can be recreated in the immediate vicinity around the chapel. He has even claimed that he and his wife once managed to open the portal to such a degree that they were “lifted off their feet!”[2]

Allan states that he has far from learned how to master opening the portal, however. He has even said that “sinister forces right here on Earth” have knowledge of the portal and how to use it. His investigations continue.

8 UFO Sightings


Many people have reported seeing UFOs or strange lights in the sky in the area immediately around Rosslyn Chapel. Some ufologists claim that more UFOs are sighted over Scotland than any other country in the world (in relation to its size).

They also say that the village of Rosslyn appears to be the hub of such activity as it lies right in the middle of an area known as the Falkirk Triangle. The only UFO encounter to result in a criminal investigation[3] occurred within this area in 1979 following the apparent abduction of Robert Taylor.

Local politician William Buchanan took the sightings extremely seriously, writing to successive UK Prime Ministers John Major, Tony Blair, and David Cameron. Buchanan demanded explanations for the sightings, which were causing increasing concern for his constituents. Although the number of sightings in this part of the world is very real, Buchanan’s desires to open a UFO theme park in the region hurt his credibility somewhat.

7 The Stonework Contains ‘Messages’


There are many strange and intriguing symbols and representations within the stonework of Rosslyn Chapel as well as many interpretations of their meaning. Although there are some strange carvings, it’s not so much what they are but when they were carved[4] that causes concern.

To some, the time when these symbols were carved suggests that the architects and artists involved in Rosslyn Chapel’s creation were privy to knowledge withheld from the general population. It also suggests the involvement of secret societies.

One stone pillar appears to show a strand of DNA—a molecular structure that would not be identified until the 1950s. Another part of the stonework clearly shows carvings of corn or maize—a foodstuff that would not be known in Europe (at least by the general population) until the years following 1492. That’s when European sailors brought it back from the Americas following their journey there.

6 The ‘Coded’ Cubes In The Ceiling


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On the ceiling of Rosslyn Chapel, strange stone cubes hang, each with a pattern or symbol on it. As you might imagine, there are several theories as to what these mean and what the cubes are for.

Perhaps one of the most interesting theories is that the cubes are coded musical patterns[5] that will open a doorway or portal. According to some, the science of Cymatics is the key to understanding and unlocking the code. In Cymatics, powder is placed on a metal plate. The powder then arranges itself into a particular pattern depending on the vibration or frequency of the plate.

What is particularly interesting about this theory, at least as far as Rosslyn Chapel is concerned, is that Cymatics was researched and documented for the first time by Ernst Chladni in 1787. However, Rosslyn Chapel and its musical cubes were built in the mid-15th century, almost 300 years before Chladni’s discovery. To some, this is evidence of secret society involvement in the construction of the chapel.

5 The ‘Bones’ Of Rosslyn Chapel


During routine conservation work in 2010, the discovery of human remains in the grounds surrounding Rosslyn Chapel sparked speculation across the Internet that the find was proof of ritual sacrifices being carried out. Although Lothian and Borders Police stated to the media that the discovery would not be treated as a crime, many people expressed their own theories in chat rooms and Internet forums alike.

Carbon testing of the bones eventually revealed them to date back to the mid-15th century—around the same time that the chapel was built. This only fueled speculation among conspiracy theorists that the remains were part of a sacrifice carried out upon completion of the building.

However, further details suggest that the burial was in line with normal Christian tradition in the Middle Ages. The heads of the buried people faced west while their feet faced east.[6]

The heads facing west suggested that they were the remains of people belonging to the church who were not clergy. Their heads faced opposite of how clergy were buried. Clergy had their heads to the east so that they could face their congregation on Judgment Day. The bones were “laid to rest” in 2015.

4 The Underground Chamber


Many people firmly believe that an underground chamber lies beneath the foundations of the chapel. What might reside in there, however, is a conspiracy theorist’s dream.

There have been attempts to see what’s inside this alleged chamber by lowering a small camera on the end of a specially designed drill. However, it has all proven fruitless.[7] The compacted sand that forms the chapel’s foundations instantly poured into the space created.

To avoid a total collapse of the building, no further investigations of the chapel will be allowed. As you might expect, this is simply a convenient way to place the alleged chamber off-limits for good.

3 The ‘Head’ Of Jesus Christ


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Perhaps one of the strangest theories concerning Rosslyn Chapel is that proposed by researcher and author Keith Laidler. In his 1998 book, The Head of God: The Lost Treasure of the Templars, he suggested that the embalmed head of Jesus Christ lies in rest at the old church.

Laidler argued that the head of Christ was likely brought to the chapel by the Knights Templar, who had a history of carrying out such activities. One reason the Knights Templar were forced underground was charges of their worship of Baphomet—a demonic deity said to be symbolized by a severed head with a beard. Laidler argued that this head is actually the head of Jesus.

Needless to say, this theory was met with outrage[8] among religious leaders. Laidler responded to critics by stating that he was pushing for permission to excavate the building because he was convinced that he was correct.

But with Rosslyn Chapel being a listed (protected) building, this proved to be difficult. Even using basic instruments such as metal detectors is not allowed. Of course, those who subscribe to such theories view the building’s listed status as a convenient block to further investigation.

2 Hidden Scrolls That Contain The ‘True’ History Of Christianity


In their 1996 book, The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasonry, and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus, authors Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas theorized that the real treasure that lies inside Rosslyn Chapel is secret information and knowledge. This knowledge is in the form of ancient scrolls that the Knights Templar discovered in Jerusalem and transported to their resting place in Rosslyn.

According to Knight and Lomas, these scrolls (similar to the infamous Dead Sea Scrolls) are likely to contain information about Jesus Christ and the true origins and purpose of Christianity. The authors have even said that the scrolls will likely challenge the accepted beliefs and teachings of modern Christianity.

Similar to the claims of Keith Laidler, Knight and Lomas also cite connections to Baphomet. They argue that Baphomet is also known as the “Father of Wisdom,” which is a reference to the scrolls and information that is awaiting discovery.[9]

1 William St. Clair And The Connection To The Freemasons


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According to records, Rosslyn Chapel was built under the direction of Sir William St. Clair,[10] whose people became the Sinclair family with a lineage that went back to Hrolf the Ganger, a Norse “raider.” Ganger invaded Normandy (modern-day France) and became the first Duke of Normandy in AD 911.

As Europe progressed toward the version we see today, the lineage of Ganger evolved into St. Clair. (Some references show their name as Saint Clare.) The St. Clair family has strong connections to the Freemasons—indeed, the 33rd degree Freemasons of the Scottish Rite.

Of course, these kinds of connections only fuel the conspiracy theories of secret societies and their connections to Rosslyn Chapel.

fact checked by Jamie Frater
Marcus Lowth

Marcus Lowth is a writer with a passion for anything interesting, be it UFOs, the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the paranormal or conspiracies. He also has a liking for the NFL, film and music.

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