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10 Accounts Of Paralysis From UFO ‘Laser Beams’

by Marcus Lowth
fact checked by Jamie Frater

There are many thousands of UFO sightings on record. Similarly numerous are accounts of alleged encounters with cosmic beings from another world. But when incidents are reported that share such a particular and precise detail as being paralyzed by a laser or light beam, it not only lends a certain amount of credibility, but it makes one wonder whether these encounters may be connected.

Whether these incidents are top secret military experiments or indeed run-ins with aliens from far away, they are unlikely to be hoaxes or fabrication—at least in the author’s humble opinion. So without further ado, here are ten UFO encounters that left those who witnessed them temporarily paralyzed under the power of a seemingly highly advanced laser technology.

10 Denise Bishop

In September 1981, 23-year-old Denise Bishop was returning home to the Plymouth, England, house she shared with her mother and sister. As she got out of her taxi, she noticed strange lights and activity at the back of the property. As she went closer, she was confronted by a bizarre and otherworldly craft hovering several feet from the ground.[1]

More than a little panicked, she fumbled for her house keys and inserted the relevant one into the lock. At the same time, a bright green “laser” came from the craft and struck her hand, rendering her unable to move (although she was still aware). As soon as the light went off, she smoothly continued opening the door as if the whole encounter was “a film that had been stopped and continued.”

She would tell her sister and her boyfriend of the ordeal, who in turn would make a report to the police. The spot where the laser had struck Denise’s hand developed a severe burn within hours, and it wouldn’t heal for several weeks.

9 Marius Dewilde

A commotion from outside of his property rudely brought Marius Dewilde’s attention to the window of his house in Quarobule, France, in September 1954. His dog was howling and becoming increasingly worked up, and when Dewilde saw the huge, dark mass directly opposite his home, he could see why. Or perhaps it was the two bizarre beings with oversize heads and strange, tight-fitting suits that were studying the area around them.[2]

Leaving his property, Dewilde began approaching the two creatures. Before he could make any ground, however, a bright light shone directly at him from the huge craft and instantly froze him to the spot.

The two beings continued their studying before entering the dark object, which then shot off directly upward. The light went out as it did, and Dewilde was instantly able to move again. He raised his head to the sky just in time to see the once-huge object become a speck of light vanishing from view.

8 Many Paralysis Accounts In 1954 Wave

Marius Dewilde wasn’t the only person in France to experience such an encounter in the autumn of 1954, as the entire country experienced a wave of strange sightings during this time, with many of the witnesses reporting paralysis.[3]

In late September, the owner of a vineyard noticed a luminous, glowing craft descend onto his land. Three strange beings exited the craft and, upon noticing him, rendered him paralyzed. The next thing the vineyard owner knew, he awoke alone in his field with the glowing craft having gone.

In the small town of Bergerac, a gentleman would be paralyzed when a green beam fired from a silver disc he noticed outside his house as he went to close his garden gate late one evening. He would remain unable to move until the craft (and the green light) had gone.

Several days later, a group of bikers noticed a strange object overhead that appeared to shine a green light down toward them. A uncomfortable prickling sensation arose in their bodies, and within seconds, each was stricken motionless until the craft had disappeared.

7 Benedito Campos And Silvia Mara

On October 29, 1977, Benedito Campos and his pregnant wife, Silvia Mara, were relaxing after a hard day’s work at their family home in Mosqueiro, Brazil. It was just after 6:00 PM, and they were the only people in a normally busy house.

Suddenly, a large, silver, oval object appeared in their line of sight. A strange green beam, like a searchlight but more precise, was shining down from the strange craft. Intrigued, the pair moved to the window to get a clearer look. Out of nowhere, the bright beam shot in their direction, seemingly going through the window and striking Silvia directly. She instantly went into a frozen, trancelike state.[4]

As this already bizarre scenario was unfolding, two strange beings then entered the house, each pointing an object that projected the beams of light, one of which struck Silvia again. A neighbor, alerted by the screams, came into the house with a shotgun and managed to drive the creatures off. He took the terrified couple to his house, where, slowly, Silvia came around and regained movement—although she was left frantic by the incident.

The object would return shortly after. This time, one of the high-tech light beams struck Benedito and paralyzed him for a short time. Then, as quickly as it first arrived, it vanished, letting out a “tremendous noise” as it did so.

6 Sphere Firing ‘Orange Beams’

While smoking a cigarette on the back porch of the Juneau Receiving Home in Juneau, Alaska, in the middle of a summer day in June 1982, an unnamed witness noticed a “deep black globe,” around 1 meter (3 ft) wide, hovering in front of him just short of 90 meters (300 ft) away. The report stated the object was so deeply black that the witness first thought he was looking at “a hole in space.”[5]

As if prompted by his gaze, the globe glided toward the witness, a low hum accompanying its movements. When it was almost overhead, a strange “fan-shaped orange beam” shot out from its underside, hitting the ground and sweeping left to right. Objects that were caught in the beam’s rays would glow a bright orange, something that made the witness panic and run. As he reached the door of the home, the light caught him its glare, leaving him unable to move.

The next thing the witness could remember was waking up in his room around 20 minutes later. He had no memory of how he had gotten there or what had happened to the strange black globe.

5 ‘Vladimir S.’

While camping with friends in the Ural region of the old Soviet Union in the summer of 1976, an 18-year-old, recorded only as Vladimir S., was awoken in the middle of the night due to strange lights and movements outside. As he vacated his tent to investigate, he could see a huge, luminous object rising out of the lake near their camp. Inside this rising object stood a humanoid being, its arms locked at its side as if anticipating flight.

Vladimir could also feel an intense heat coming from the craft, and by the time he noticed a strange green light fall upon his face, he realized he couldn’t move. The light remained on him for several moments, only lifting as the craft itself disappeared from sight. Incidentally, Vladimir claimed that a permanent injury to his back was miraculously gone following the incident—something he would attribute to the strange light that enveloped him.[6]

4 Henry Gallois And Luis Vingeran

In October 1954, Henry Gallois and Louis Vigneron were driving toward the small French town of Sassier when a strange, uncomfortable feeling, not unlike an electric shock, surged through their bodies. Their vehicle abruptly stopped, and all the electrics suddenly went dead. Each was also aware that he could not move at all.[7]

It may not have mattered if they could, as the sight in front of them would likely have frozen them out of a combination of wonder and fright. About 50 meters (160 ft) away, a strange metallic object stood, projecting a light beam which fell on their vehicle, lighting up the area around them. Both men could see three small creatures enter the object, which then rose upward, vanishing in an instant and returning the area to darkness. It also returned movement to each of the gentlemens’ limbs as well as life back to their once-stricken and stranded vehicle.

3 Soldier Blinded And Paralyzed

In the early hours of November 12, 1976, while on sentry duty at Talavera le Real Air Force base in Badajoz, Spain, two soldiers were suddenly subjected to an extremely uncomfortable, high-pitched screeching noise. A third soldier joined his colleagues outside. They soon located a strange, bright light moving overhead.[8]

They did a basic search of the base’s perimeter, and after finding nothing on the ground, they began to make their way to their posts. Suddenly, a strong wind blew over them from nowhere, and sounds of breaking twigs came from the woods nearby. They sent their German Shepherd dog in the direction of the sounds to investigate, only to have it to return to them moments later in a disorientated state.

From the wooded area, a figure in a shiny space suit, wearing a helmet and surrounded by a strange green glow, came toward them. One of the soldiers raised his rifle, but a flash of light temporarily blinded him and rendered his limbs helpless. Another flash of light lit up the area, and when the soldiers looked again, the being had vanished. The paralyzed soldier would regain use of his limbs over the following days and was otherwise unharmed.

2 Object Shoots Light Into Room

Several days before Christmas in 1968, a five-year-old Alaskan boy (name withheld), was awoken by a bright, blue glow lighting up his bedroom.[9] Stepping out of bed, the young boy was more intrigued than frightened and promptly stepped into the light, looking up at the source of the brilliant glow. As soon as he did so, however, he became paralyzed.

Above him, the source of the light was a strange “half-moon shaped” object, almost like a probe. Due to the witness in this case being so young, he is not sure how long he remained paralyzed for. When the report was made 31 years later in 1999, he estimated it to be around 15 to 30 minutes. Then, the object moved out of the room, and with the light gone, he was able to move again.

He also reported that after that incident, he would periodically experience intense dreams of being trapped in bright-colored lights. Dreams? Or further encounters?

1 Dionisio Llanca

Photo credit: Alien Policy

Long-distance truck driver Dionisio Llanca had over a decade of experience delivering materials all over Argentina when on October 27, 1973, his journey to Rio Gallegos was interrupted in the most unsettling manner.

He had noticed a problem with one of the rear tires of his truck around an hour into his journey at 1:00 AM. He pulled the mammoth vehicle over on a lonely road and proceeded to replace several of the tires, when a sudden flash would light up the area around his truck. Llanca could see the light moving, but it was so bright that he couldn’t see any shape behind it. He went to get up. It was then that he realized the light was shining on him and that he was unable to move. Even his vocal chords were seemingly affected, as his attempts to shout failed.[10]

In his line of sight, he could make out a disc-shaped craft. As he focused on this, he noticed that three humanoid beings stood behind him, two male and one female. Each was dressed in a tight-fitting, one-piece suit but otherwise had no features that stood out, aside from overly large foreheads.

The next thing Llanco knew, he woke up in between two parked cars at a destination several miles away from his truck (which the police would locate in the following days). He was picked up by the local police when he was found wondering on the road and eventually transferred to a hospital. Although he initially had no memory of the encounter, he eventually recalled going aboard the strange craft with the alien beings and gave details of the encounter under hypnosis.

fact checked by Jamie Frater
Marcus Lowth

Marcus Lowth is a writer with a passion for anything interesting, be it UFOs, the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the paranormal or conspiracies. He also has a liking for the NFL, film and music.

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