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10 Famous People With Extremely Silly Quirks

by Gregory Myers
fact checked by Jamie Frater

Most of the time, we think of famous people as larger than life. They become idols that we look up to as something beyond human, and we forget what they really are.

However, sometimes, you hear about the silliest little personality quirks of famous people. It brings you back down to Earth, reminding you that they are really just people like you in the end.

These notable individuals may have incredible wealth, reputations, or similar traits. But they also have very funny things about them that will make you laugh and forget for a moment that you think of them as above you.

10 Mark Zuckerberg Will Only Eat Meat From Animals That He Kills Himself

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Mark Zuckerberg is well-known for being a strange guy in general. He was privileged enough to go to Harvard but dropped out to pursue Facebook. Of course, this worked out well for him.

He is now worth a staggering amount of money, but that hasn’t changed the fact that he is weird. During recent Congressional hearings, people often joked that his behavior seemed strange and compared him to an android or an alien in disguise who was trying to mimic human behavior.

While these jokes are amusing, some of Zuckerberg’s real habits are even stranger. Every year, he likes to challenge himself to do new things. In 2011, his new commitment was to only eat animals that he killed. With his riches, he believes that he shouldn’t take healthy eating for granted and should have to participate in the process up close.[1]

Zuckerberg has his own livestock that he slaughters, and then he has a butcher friend prepare it for him. Yes, he obsessively uses every last part of the animal, even if it means making a stock out of chicken feet.

9 Ronald Reagan Liked To Touch The Earlobes Of His Friends And Relatives

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Ronald Reagan was the first major celebrity to become an elected politician and then president. He had a certain charisma that really struck a chord with a large portion of the American people, securing himself a second term and remaining fairly popular throughout that time. Also a bit of a joker, he was a very affectionate man with his friends and family.

Although most people think about him as a politician and president, his friends and family knew him as a warmhearted man who really had a thing for earlobes. He grabbed the ears of immediate family members, friends, and even actors (during Screen Actors Guild negotiations while he was president of that group).[2]

There is no reason to believe that it was at all sexual in nature or at least not overtly so. As far as anyone ever knew, Reagan had just grown up to feel natural showing affection and closeness to others by grabbing a bit of their ears.

8 Kanye West Falls Asleep All Over The Place And Always Blames It On Jet Lag

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Kim Kardashian is famously married to Kanye West. During a recent appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Kim took part in a game called “Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts.”

Essentially, the host and a celebrity guest ask each other questions prepared by the show’s writers. The individual who is asked the embarrassing question gets to choose whether to answer or eat something disgusting that the other person picked out—such as a 1,000-year-old egg, pickled pig’s feet, clam juice, or something similarly repulsive.

When asked to dish on Kanye’s weirdest habit, Kim immediately explained that Kanye tends to fall asleep everywhere—in inappropriate places or situations—and doesn’t understand why his behavior might be a bit of a problem.

She has had situations where he took her to see designers whom she had never met. Then he fell asleep during the meeting, leaving her feeling rather awkward as she faced the new people on her own. According to Kim, anytime she gets a little annoyed with him about it, he blames it on jet lag—even if he hasn’t flown anywhere in months.[3]

7 Jeff Bezos Dismantled His Own Crib As A Child Because He Wanted To Sleep In A Bed

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Jeff Bezos has been in the news a lot recently, mainly because he is now neck and neck with Bill Gates and had beaten him for the top spot on Forbes’ 2019 list of richest people in the world. Also, as Amazon becomes more and more of a household name, it is no surprise that the founder and leader would increasingly become known to everyone in America and in most of the world as well.

While most people only know Bezos as the bald, wannabe supervillain who is running the largest e-store in the world, he was a precocious genius even at a young age. Back then, he surprised everyone around him with his desire to change his surroundings and move up in the world—before he even knew how to properly read and write.

The stories claim that when Jeff Bezos was a toddler, he dismantled his crib with a screwdriver when the adults were not watching. He no longer wanted to sleep in a crib. Instead, he wanted to move up to a real bed like a big boy.[4]

This precocious youngster was so obsessed with moving to greater heights even at such a young age that he took apart his entire cot to prove a point. Even then, his parents likely realized that he was destined for great things. They certainly did everything they could to foster and nurture his intellectual growth.

6 Donald Trump Is Convinced An Exercise Regimen Will Do Him More Harm Than Good

Photo credit: Shealah Craighead

When US President Donald Trump was first given a serious presidential physical by White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson, he stated that the president was mostly okay except that he was close to the line of obesity. Jackson recommended that Trump eat less in terms of portion size, cut down a bit on unhealthy foods, and add some regular exercise to his routine.

The president took to the diet advice fairly well. He has reportedly cut his portions and removed a bit of fat from his meals. But he’s struggling with the exercise routine.[5]

He is convinced that exercise mostly does more harm than good. As a slightly younger man, he once was quoted as believing that humans overall have a finite amount of energy, like a battery, and may die younger if they regularly exercise.

Actually, we are more like rechargeable batteries. Nevertheless, working out too much or in the wrong way can hurt you, so there is a certain level of truth to how he came to believe what he does.

5 President John Quincy Adams Took A Naked Bath In The Potomac at 5:00 AM Every Day

Photo credit: Smithsonian Magazine

John Quincy Adams was known for being an incredibly stern man. He was the sixth president of the United States and a no-nonsense leader who had almost no sense of humor. As a leader, he was especially known for being a great negotiator, having spent much of his earlier career helping to craft treaties with various foreign powers. This included the Treaty of Ghent, which ended the war of 1812.

However, like all men, he had his silly quirk and it once got him into a bind. Adams liked to go for a naked bath in the Potomac River every morning around 5:00 AM. He was a creature of habit, so he could be relied upon to do this.

Now presidents did not answer questions from female reporters during that time period, and Adams was no exception. For a while, female reporter Anne Royall had been trying to get an interview with the president. When she learned about his quirky, publicly nude bathing habit, she came up with a devious but effective plan to secure her interview once and for all.

She waited until he had gone into the water for his morning swim and had been moving around for some time. Then she asked him for the interview again. When he refused to answer her questions, she explained that she had his clothes and he could have them back after he talked to her. And that’s how Royall became the first woman to get an interview with a sitting president.[6]

4 Eminem Refused To Star In Elysium Because He Won’t Leave Detroit For That Long

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The movie Elysium was a sci-fi thriller set in a dystopian future where the rich lived in space with a magic heal box that could keep them healthy and alive almost forever. Meanwhile, the vast majority of the remaining people were living in squalor and with horrible diseases on the surface of the planet.

Eventually, the hero manages to bring a bunch of heal boxes down to Earth, as if this will somehow solve things like hunger, dehydration, or the desire of most humans to take the best land for themselves. Nevertheless, it was a fairly popular movie at the time, but it could have been very different.

The movie starred Matt Damon, and most people would say that he fit the role well. However, the part had originally been written and planned out with Eminem in mind. They asked him to do the film, and he wasn’t entirely uninterested. But he wanted the movie shot in Detroit because he did not want to leave home for that long. He is really just a huge homebody.

Eminem was willing to star in 8 Mile because it was about his life and could be filmed at home. However, with the producers unwilling to meet his demand to film Elysium in Detroit, he backed out of any role in the project.[7]

3 Lady Gaga Is A Traditionally Minded Catholic Who Doesn’t Believe In Premarital Sex

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Lady Gaga is one of the most famous pop stars in the world mostly because she shocked the living daylights out of almost everyone when her type of act was far beyond what anyone would expect from a pop idol. Her garish displays, ridiculous dance numbers, and provocative outfits and lyrics kept everyone talking about her.

Most extremely religious people considered her a bad influence. They imagined her to be quite the promiscuous individual who promoted such a lifestyle to others.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Lady Gaga is a devout Catholic who went to a Catholic school as a youth and still believes strongly in her faith. While she isn’t one to push it on others to an evangelical degree, she does not believe in premarital sex for herself as it is against her faith.[8]

Now we aren’t saying that being against premarital sex is itself a weird quirk as this is a belief held by many who adhere to various religions around the world. Rather, it is strange that a woman known for being so provocative and using the trappings of a sex symbol to her advantage could not imagine using her body in the way that so many people would accuse her of doing.

2 Bill Gates Used To Keep Track Of Employee License Plate Numbers In His Head

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Bill Gates is known for being one of the most philanthropic rich people of all time. Despite being the richest man in the world for many years, he pledged a huge portion of his billions to charity, fought tirelessly for charitable causes, and convinced many other rich people to do the same.

Since actively leaving the management of Microsoft, Gates has done incredible good in the world. However, while he is now a billionaire who has apparently seen the light, he was once a man who was trying to create a thriving business.

Back when Microsoft was a small start-up, Gates would mentally keep track of all employee license plate numbers to better know their comings and goings. This gave him a better idea of who was staying late, showing up late, or coming in early and helped him keep an eye on productivity.[9]

Some people would find this behavior rather weird, and it certainly does have a bit of a stalker vibe to it. But it didn’t hurt overmuch as Microsoft continued to grow to the point that he simply couldn’t keep track of all the license plate numbers anymore.

1 Ulysses S. Grant Was Extremely Sensitive And Would Not Let Others See Him Naked

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Ulysses S. Grant was one of the most important men in the early days of America, but he was also a really strange guy. Although he was the brilliant leader who led the Union troops to victory over the South, he wasn’t much of a politician. He only managed to make his way into the presidency because of his fame as a war hero.

Once Grant became president, he mostly just put many of his friends into office and failed to do the job properly at all. A lot of people say that he regretted taking the position once he fully understood what it entailed.

However, Grant strangest trait was perhaps his inability psychologically to allow others to see him naked. Today, Grant’s position on being seen naked may not seem that weird, but for the time, it was really rather odd.

Even if you were of a high rank, soldiers tended to get naked rather publicly and servants would douse them with water. It was also common for servants to dress higher-status people and see them naked all the time.

While Grant showed no aversion to seeing others showering around him, he was a very private man and preferred to bathe by himself in his own tent. He did not even want servants to see him. As far as anyone knows, only his wife and perhaps his physicians ever saw Grant naked during his adult life.[10]

fact checked by Jamie Frater