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Top 10 Evil Children

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

From time to time the unthinkable happens: children kill. Some decide to murder members of their own family in spite of their seemingly normal upbringing. Others do so because their upbringing was far from normal – often including beatings and abuse. Then there are misguided children who, from the sheer desire to kill, go on murder sprees ending the lives of purely innocent victims. Children are supposed to be innocent and pure; without malice, contempt, sinister anger, or desires to kill, yet every year many commit horrific crimes. Here are Ten of the Most Evil Children in History, with number One exclusively dedicated to one foul group. The age limit for this list is 17 years.

10. Brian And David Freeman / Nelson Byrdwell


Bryan Freeman, 17, and David, 16, who had shaved and tattooed their heads as a symbol of their neo-Nazi beliefs, were immediate suspects when their parents and younger brother were found bludgeoned to death in their Salisbury Township, PA, home. The boys had been terrorizing the family and, as a whole, the town. As the police told it, the triple murder uncovered in Salisbury Township, Pa., that week was every parent’s nightmare — the ghastly culmination of a long-running battle of wills between Brenda and Dennis Freeman and their loutish, hulking sons Bryan, 17, and David, 16.

9. Edmund Kemper


In 1964, when Edmund Kemper was 15, he shot his grandparents, killing them both. He had been planning his repulsive act for some time and had no regrets later. The California Youth Authority detained him in Juvenile Hall so that they could put him through rigorous series of tests administered by a psychiatrist. Because the results suggested that he was a paranoid psychotic, he was sent to Atascadero State Hospital for treatment. There he learned what others thought about his crime and worked hard to make his doctors believe that he had recovered. Although he was considered a sociopath, he worked in the psychology lab to help administer the tests to others. In the process, he learned a lot about other deviant offenders. Kemper was released after another five years and remained under the supervision of the Youth Authority. His doctors recommended that he not be returned to his mother’s care, but the Youth Authority ignored this. After Kemper murdered and dismembered eight women over the next five years, these same doctors affirmed his insanity defense. In fact, even as he was carrying parts of his victims around, a panel of psychiatrists judged him to be no threat to society.

8. Joshua Phillips


In 1998, 14-year-old Joshua Phillips bludgeoned his 8-year-old neighbor to death and hid her body beneath his bed. Seven days later, his mother noticed something leaking from beneath the bed. Joshua claimed that’s he’d accidentally hit Maddie in the eye with his baseball bat causing her to scream. In his panic he dragged her to his home where he hit her again and then stabbed her eleven times. His story failed to convince a Florida jury, who convicted him of first-degree murder. His mother is still appealing his conviction based upon the fact that he was given an adult penalty for his crime.

7. Willie Bosket


Willie Bosket, born on December 9, 1962, is a convicted murderer, whose crimes, committed while he was still a minor, led to a change in New York state law, so that juveniles as young as thirteen could be tried in adult court for murder and would face the same penalties. On March 19, 1978, Willie Bosket, then fifteen years old, shot dead Noel Perez on the New York subway, during an attempt to steal some money and a watch. Eight days later, Bosket shot another man, Moises Perez (no relation to his first victim) in another botched robbery attempt. Bosket was tried and convicted of the murders in the New York City Family court, where he was sentenced to five years in prison (the maximum for a minor). The short length of Bosket’s sentence caused a public outcry, and led the New York State Legislature to pass the Juvenile Offender Act of 1978. Under this act, children as young as thirteen years old could be tried in an adult court for crimes such as murder, and receive the same penalties as adults. New York was the first state to enact a law of this nature; many other legislatures have since followed suit. Bosket was eventually released from prison, but has subsequently been convicted of a number of other felonies, for which he has received a number of life sentences. He is currently in the New York prison system, in solitary confinement.

6. Laurie Tackett


On the morning of Saturday, January 11, 1992, Indiana resident Donn Foley and his brother Ralph decided to do some quail hunting in a nearby Jefferson County forest. Just one mile into their trip, as Donn turned onto Lemon Road, Ralph spotted a strange object just a few feet from the road in a barren soybean field. At once it appeared to them that it might be a body, but the form was so badly burned and scarred that it looked to them to be a doll. Upon closer investigation, it became painfully obvious that it was not a doll. Upon investigation, it turned out to be the body of Shanda Sharer who would later be found the victim of a jealous lesbian love triangle. Her body, prior to the murder, had been slashed and stabbed with death eventually resulting from torching. Laurie Tackett was ultimately implicated along with Toni Lawrence and Hope Rippey.
Mary Laurine (Laurie) Tackett was born on October 5, 1974 in Madison, Indiana. Her mother was a fundamentalist Pentecostal Christian and her father was a factory worker with two felony convictions and prison stints in the 1960s. Tackett claimed she was molested at least twice as a child, at ages five and twelve.

5. Brenda Anne Spencer


On Monday, January 29, 1979, 16-year-old Brenda Ann Spencer used a rifle to wound eight children and one police officer at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, and to kill Principal Burton Wragg and custodian Mike Suchar. The school was across the street from her house. She used the rifle she had recently been given for Christmas by her father. When the six-hour incident ended and the pretty teenager was asked why she had committed the crime, she shrugged and replied, “I don’t like Mondays. This livens up the day.” She also said: “I had no reason for it, and it was just a lot of fun.” “It was just like shooting ducks in a pond.” and “[The children] looked like a herd of cows standing around; it was really easy pickings.” Her lack of remorse and inability to provide a serious explanation for her actions when captured inspired the song “I Don’t Like Mondays” by The Boomtown Rats, written by socialist musician Bob Geldof. Her quote “I don’t like Mondays” also appears written on a wall in the movie, The Breakfast Club.

4. Jon Venables and Robert Thompson


Jon Venables and Robert Thompson (both 10 years old) had been stealing things all day at the shopping center — candy, a troll doll, some batteries, a can of blue paint, and other incidentals. Why did they decide to steal 2 year-old James Bulger? Was it a plot or a sudden, overwhelming compulsion? Once they had him, they didn’t know what to do with him. They could have easily discarded him, leaving him alone on the sidewalk by a shop where someone would discover the crying baby. But Jon and Robert, like children who would rather destroy their own possessions than give them to another, murdered the little boy. James’s parents would never see their baby alive again. The video cameras at the mall caught several images of James Bulger in the hands of his killers, frozen in time. He was to be taken on a long, aimless walk, cruelly tortured along the way. James was senselessly beaten to death by his ten-year-old captors, who callously abandoned him on the railroad tracks.

3. Jesse Pomeroy


Jesse Pomeroy was 14 when he was arrested in 1874 for the horrific murder of a four-year-old boy. He was quickly labeled “The Boston Boy Fiend.” His horrible trek had begun three years earlier with the sexual torture of seven other boys. For those crimes, Pomeroy was sentenced to a children’s reform school but was released early. Not long after, he mutilated and killed a 10-year-old girl who came into his mother’s store. A month later, he kidnapped 4-year-old Horace Mullen, took him to a swamp outside town and slashed him so savagely with a knife that he nearly decapitated him. Because of his strange appearance (he had a milky white eye) and his previous abhorrent behavior, he was under suspicion. When he was shown the body and asked if he’d done it, he responded with a nonchalant, “I suppose I did.” Then the girl was found buried in his mother’s cellar and he confessed to that murder, as well. He was convicted and sentenced to death. Following a public outcry against condemning children to death, his sentence was commuted to forty years of solitary confinement.

2. Mary Bell


Mary Bell was convicted of strangling a young boy, Martin Brown, on May 25, 1968, the day before her 11th birthday. She was, as far as anyone knows, alone on this occasion. On July 31, 1968, Mary and her friend (Norma Bell – no relation to Mary) took part in the death, again by strangulation, of three-year-old Brian Howe. Police reports concluded that Mary Bell had gone back after killing him to carve an “N” into his stomach with a razor, this was then changed using the same razor but with a different hand to an “M”. Mary Bell also used a pair of scissors to cut off bits of Brian Howe’s hair and part of his genitals. As the girls were so young and their testimonies contradicted each other, it has never been entirely clear precisely what happened. Martin Brown’s death was initially ruled an accident as there was no evidence of foul play. Eventually, his death was linked with Brian Howe’s killing and in August, the two girls were charged with two counts of manslaughter. Mary was released in 1980 with court ordered anonymity. In 2003, the courts awarded her and her daughter anonymity for life.

1. School Shootings


The rise of school shootings has been staggering over the past 15 years and they still leave many people ultimately wondering why? Most of the kids involved had been ridiculed one way or another by not only school mates, but also family members at home. These murderous children acquired large caliber weapons in most cases; though in others, knives, hand guns, or the like were brought in to their schools and use just as effectively. Teachers, faculty, and students loose their lives each and every time this happens. Here are just a few of the incidents:

March 24th, 1998 – Andrew Golden (11) and Mitchell Johnson (13) gunned down 15 people in the Westside Middle School Playground.
April 20th, 1999 – Eric Harris (18) and Dylan Klebold (17) Columbine High School – 13 dead, 25 injured.
November 15th, 1995 – Jamie Rouse (17) Richland School Tennessee – 4 injured, 2 dead
February 2nd, 1996 – Barry Loukaitis (14) Moses Lake, Washington School – 3 dead, 2 injured
May 21st, 1998 – Kipland Kinkle (14) Springfield Oregon – 3 dead including parents, 8 wounded

This list is but the tip of the ever-increasing iceberg.

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • In the Mary Bell entry (#2), Which Bell is it that got anonymity? I doesn't specify between the two girls.

    "Bell was released in 1980 with court ordered anonymity. In 2003, the courts awarded her and her daughter anonymity for life"

    Or am I just missing something?

    • G.H


    • guest

      okay what about # 4 they wanted to release these two with new names and relocate them to Canada…they can keep them in Britain Canada don't want them….

      • Ninjaduck

        One of these two are back inside for indecent child pictures,I forget which Britain and Canada have gone 50/50.still, feel sorry for you guys having one of these monsters in your country.

    • Luca

      It was Mary Bell who got anonymity. Norma Bell was aquitted. But she is still sought out by reporters to this day, she also almost lost her anonymity due to her almost writing a book called Cries Unheard with an author. But shortly after she got anonymity for life. As of 2009 she is a grandmother apparently

      • rob

        she didn’t deserve to live let alone be granted anything

    • trevor vayo

      google it. lol.

    • kassandra

      it does matter to all of us

  • BrokenBunny: Thanks – corrected :)

    Kati: totally – that is what makes it so evil.

    SDavis: I think she not have been granted anonymity personally – she should be known where she goes so it can't happen again.

    • Catherine

      She was 10/11 at the time…I agree with anonymity this was years ago and to my understanding she has grandchildren. Just because someone did it once, does not mean it will happen agian. she might hjave needed help that someone missed…maybe she got that help and has turned her life around

      • NotaSupporter

        Catherine, what about the young boy she killed? That can never be forgiven! That boy can’t ever turn his life around, because she took it Away! What about the parents of the boy who were probably never the same again?
        A murderer will always be a murderer, no matter how much time has passed since the crime!
        Shame on you for supporting them.

        • austin128

          Which is better, to end one life or two? Think how much you’ve changed since then. She could very well be the same (our system tends to do that), but maybe she’s not. A mistake someone makes when they’re young should not ruin the next 70 years of their life if they learn from it. Maybe she found the Lord, which can change ANYONE, because you’re not as held back by biological limitations; the Lord comes into your heart and changes you.

          • J

            Would you tell the parents of that boy that what she did was just a ‘mistake’? A boy is dead, and she killed him. Why in the world would you gamble other innocents’ lives on the tentative chance that she ‘found the Lord’ and ‘changed her ways’? (Which, by the way, no one would ever know.)

  • Martin L

    Think you forgot somebody. From Wikipedia: "Caril Ann Fugate (born 31 July 1943) was the fourteen-year-old accomplice of spree killer Charles Starkweather. Caril is the youngest female in United States history to be tried for first-degree murder." There has been ongoing controversy as to her level of involvement, though; in fact, she was the inspiration for a debate in the early 80s in the US about whether adult convicts should go on serving time for offenses committed as children, since as kids they were essentially completely different people with no judgment and no life experience. (Not like adults who've spent most of their lives in the penal system, you see.)
    And I'm sure it's escaped no one's notice that all of these bad seeds were found sprouting in American soil. We do seem to have a higher percentage of nasty little monsters than other countries. (Sigh.) What I thought was interesting was that right after the Columbine massacre, you suddenly had all these articles and interviews with experts saying, "Well, Klebold and Harris were BULLIED all the time, BULLIES are a BAD thing!" And all of a sudden, school bullies by the thousands are getting dragged into counseling sessions and how-to-make-nice classes. Where was this BS when I was a bullying victim back in the 70s? Ah … it is to laugh. (And fortunately for a whole bunch of assholes, especially from the football team, I wasn't a violent type with a stash of weapons. Not … at … all …) I'll tell you one thing, though — television and movies have little or nothing to do with it. What's wrong with American kids is the number of people who should never have been allowed to "raise" children in the first place, like the parents of Klebold and Harris, and those of #5 and #6. There are people in this country who are either totally negligent parents, or have the most heinous ideas of how to "mold a child's character" — especially some of the Christian psychopaths we have in our hinterland. But how I do go on.
    God I love this site.

    • chas

      a lot of these were in england, you dont seem to know what your talking about!

      • Alexandra

        Actually only 2 of these happened in England the rest were in America

  • Kati

    That’s crazy.
    A lot of them are way too young to be even thinking of things like that!

  • SDavis

    Good point Bunny. 2003 was ‘yesterday’. Now she has offspring too and they’re both running around loose.

    That raises a point… if either one commits a similiar crime nowadays, will the previous crime be admissible in court? Hmmmmm….

  • JMurf


    the photograph is terrifying

  • angelina

    Mmmm . . . makes me think twice about having kids . . .

  • JMurf: I agree completely – of all the photos that is the most gut wrenching – the boys are holding hands and you know the little one trusts the older one – but the older one is probably already thinking about how he is going to kill the little one. Truly sickening.

    angelina: have them – have lots in fact (they will look after each other) – but smack them when they are naughty :)

  • Hard to believe some kids are that fucked up!
    Which is why Im in total support of abortion.

    • MOR

      And how would you know in advance which ones to abort?

      • GingaNinja

        Easy, you encourage people to abort them or euthanise them at a very young age if they don’t actually want to commit themselves to the responsibility of parenthood. Much better than having loads of neglected abused kids killing people

  • Martin: Fugate the wicked bitch can be found on the top 10 Partners in Crime (which is why she is not here).

    Juggz: with proper upbringings I am sure this can be avoided. Welcome back btw :) The site is just not the same without you.

    • Md.

      Some of these children fall in the category of psychopaths. Proper upbringing won't do nothing, since they lack empathy, guilt, or any sense of morality. Even if you put them in jail, and teach them feelings, they will come out, and do the same crime, and will be more immune to human psychology. Note that Ted Bundy was a psychology student. These people go to great lengths to hide their crimes, and manipulate others. That is the difference between psychopaths, and sociopaths. Sociopaths have improper upbringings, but Psychopaths are born that way. The only way to stop them is by making them understand that not killing is actually good for them, and they must resist it. Else, a gunshot to the head like a diseased farm animal is the safest alternative. The universe is indifferent, and that is why we don't live in a fairy tale world.

  • angelina

    Martin L: I totally agree with your comments about parents vs. TV/movies. I guess smart people have stopped having kids. Maybe their careers are more important or they don’t want to settle down but at least they made the decision not to bring another child into this world. And with the way things are going, why would anyone? Parents who blame TV and movies for what their kids have turned into are just plain lazy and ignorant of their own shortcomings. I don’t have kids because I’m not ready yet and maybe I’ll never be. But if I do, it will be a very well-thought out decision.

    jfrater: I guess I could have a couple . . .Hell, they can take care of my ass when I get old and gray! :)

  • Completely horrifying. I hope my kids are never involved with (from either end criminal or victom) anything like this.

    #9-Edmund Kemper-is just inexplainable. How the hell do you consider someone safe in public when he walks down the street with body parts of his latest victom in tow. Did I read that wrong. I mean seriously.

  • aplspud

    Juggz: I am pro-choice, but there is no test to determine if a fetus will become a serial killer.

    Martin L: Its true these kids are American, and there are many problems with American culture that contribute to our youth turning to violence. However, it is also particular to America to profile these episodes. Meantime, there are youth in Palestine, the Middle East, and many other countries who are part of militant factions, and commit suicide bombings or other acts of violence, often killing dozens. We just don’t know who they are.
    I agree with you though about the idea that there are so many people in this country (and again probably around the world) who are having kids they can’t afford or they are incapable of raising. I have had to teach some of them, and its heartbreaking how poorly adjusted some of these children are as a result of abusive and neglectful homes. Too often these are the same people who protest against right to choose and birth control measures in the government, and are quickest to blame the video games and movies they let their kids play and watch.
    There were violent children and youth long before violent media. In the mean time, we are banning games of cops and robbers amongst kindergarteners (this was a news piece I read not too long ago, if I can find the article I’ll post the link) instead of requiring parents to take responsibility for raising their children.
    PS I have chosen not to have children (dh calls us conscious non-breeders) because I know my limitations. If one day I feel capable of raising children, I will adopt.

  • edmund kemper murdered his mother, great list! but i would have mentioned the fact that he killed his mother in a horrible way. crazy guy

  • Randall

    Whoa whoa whoa… while I agree that the media is way down the list in terms of culpability for our culture of violence, let’s not just excuse the media entirely. I have never thought TV and the movies were *responsible* for deepening violence in our society—but they certainly feed into it (after feeding *on* it). In other words, the media certainly tends to reflect society, but it in turn then influences it as well.

    Certainly there always have been and (unfortunately) always will be violent people who commit terrible crimes. But we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the way media attention tends to further encourage and inspire violent acts. We live in a sick society (in America). It lacks focus on the life-affirming and often revels in destruction, death, and violence. Our media isn’t to blame for it, but neither should it be let off scot-free—as it too often cheerfully joins in on the revelry, inspiration, and fascination surrounding violence, and sometimes romanticizes it shamefully.

    Having said that… I see little that can be done about it; our political system, thankfully, doesn’t allow for it–nor should it. (Though it’s a peculiar and twisted injustice of our society, also, that we tolerate the censorship of sex in our media, while allowing free reign to the depiction of violence). Nevertheless, to pretend our media plays no part in this mess is, I feel, naive.

  • Woah, this list is all kinds of crazy. Didn’t Mary Bell kill more than one child? Maybe I’m just crazy….well, okay, maybe not CRAZY, but you know.

  • eric

    sometimes I think your lists are too US-centred. If you talk about school shootings, you have to mention Robert Steinhäuser who, in 2002, killed 16 people in a school in Erfut, Germany

  • Mary Bell killed two kids.

    eric: that is interesting – I am not American and I don’t try to do American centric lists – this one is a collaboration between an American and a non-American.

  • Rayvn / Jesse: Yeah, that guy absolutely brought vomit to my gorge as I read about him. I think, aside from the school shootings, his made me shudder the most.

    eric: I tried very hard not to center this list too much around the US (though that’s where I’m from) and I honestly haven’t heard of Steinhauser, but he is certainly a notable omission. I hope you weren’t offended by my lack of knowledge toward him.

  • MaS

    The Columbine Highschool Massacre. I lived it. I was there that day, hiding in the choir room. Something I will never forget as long as I live… Great list by the way.

  • aplspud

    Randall: Very valid points. Especially about how sex and “swear words” are censored but violence is practically condoned.

  • Jamie: thats why i say im for abortion. Parents who want one for there soon to be, are usually not ready to be parents, rather then have the kid and not raise him properly, i say do the world a favor and prevent the possibility

    aplspud: better safe then sorry!

  • MaS: Good lord! I cannot even remotely imagine what that horror must feel like. I was freaked out enough just MAKING the list. I pray for your sanity.

  • Dave

    Iam kinnda surprised Sean Sellers wasnt on this list hes the only person executed for a crime commited while under the age of 18

  • elocin

    Man, you forgot the crazy 14 year old from Canada. They can’t say it but she killed her parents and her brother. If they identify her in the article as the victim’s child and sister then they identify her and the Youth Justice Act of Canada goes bezerk.

    “MEDICINE HAT, Alta. — A 14-year-old girl convicted of three counts of first-degree murder – the youngest person ever convicted of multiple murder in Canadian history – was sentenced Thursday to four years in custody and 4 1/2 years under supervision.

    The girl, described as “seriously disturbed” by the Crown after reviewing her psychiatric reports, was 12 at the time she participated in the slaughter of a family in Medicine Hat, 300 kilometres southeast of Calgary. Under federal law she cannot be identified.”

  • Sassy

    Why would any court grant the Bell murderer (it doesn’t say which one) anonimity? This women killed in cold blood at age 10. Why should she receive anonimity when sex offenders, which are sometimes only boyfriend/girlfriends that are perhaps 19 and 15, have to register and report their whereabouts for the rest of their lives. Doesn’t seem like appropriate justice.

    • mike

      as a matter of fact thats not justice at all. Its total insanity. Only in Britain though. The same thing was with Jon Venables and Thomson (the one holding hand of little 2 year old Bugler on the pic) they came from poor, dysfunctional families and after torturing and murdering a 2 year old James, they received NEW HOUSES paid by government, relocated with entire families to those houses, new identities, education for free and goverment protection! Even more, because if they commit further crime, they will be set free in order to not be unidentified, unless its a very serious crime. That is insane.

  • cassie

    actually not all of the kids listed here are americans

  • JJ

    i hate it when people blame movies and tv for things like this. the media in no way promotes or causes violence . hell i was raised on scary movies, watched friday the 13th when i was only 5,,if you blame the movies why not books (stephan king for example) or the bible for that matter plenty of violence and murder in there,kids do violent things because there are messed up not the media,

  • What aboout my girlfriends little brother?
    that effin’ demon…

    he’s like that kid damien from the omen.

    speaking of which, damien wouldn’t have been a bad addition either,
    if he was real.

  • Reynan G. Retazo

    What, no Sadako, from the movie, the Ring? She’s the evilest kid of them all! ;)

  • Hobolad

    JJ: The media in no way promotes violence? Violence, gangsterism, gun culture etc. are completely glamourised in films, and yes video games.

    Watch “Funny Games”, it’s violent but in exactly the opposite way. It’s like the anti-Hollywood violence, dwelling on the suffering and whatnot instead of “Wow! Blood and explosions! That’s so cool!”

    It’s a really uncomfortable watch, but shouldn’t all violence be uncomfortable to watch? Why should violence be entertaining?

  • The only thing culture has done to promote violence is to make it more available and visible to the consumer. Do I blame the media and movies and music and games? HELL NO! I myself love violence i love watching it I love it in video games and I love to take about it. But I have not been a violent person in life because I was raised to know what is right and what is wrong. We are products of what our parents thought was moral and have been installed with there beliefs. Even if you dont necassarily see it, it is there. If there is someone to blame it is the parents who did not raise there children to know right from wrong and understand the consequences of doing something wrong. I say this as a father and son.

    • Jynxed

      There are situations where the upbringing of a child influences the behaviour. But you can't say that is the cause of all of it. There are plenty of situations where, despite all teaching to the contrary, a child (or adult) will do whatever it is that they decide. You can't always blame the parent for the actions of the child.

      This isn't even touching on psychological disorders that make a individual unable to empathize. There are just so many factors in a persons makeup you can't just point your finger and say "There! That is what made them do it" There is no broad answer that is correct.

  • Stephi

    I blame the parents who allow their children to watch the movies and play the video games.

    My boyfriend works at a video game store where it’s never anything new to hear parents tell their kids no when they ask for games with nude or semi nude women and be completely ok with their kids playing games with gore and violence at the age of 7.

  • Devon

    And these evil acts will only increase as our young people are brought up without Judeo/Christian values….very sad….nihilism is the order of the day…

    As Dostevsky wrote…’Without God, all things are permissible’……he didn’t write that as a good thing but as a warning over a century ago…

  • Hobolad

    Juggz: That’s assuming parents have sole control over the children though- y’know, the amount of time kids spend sat in front of the TV watching the Sopranos or on the X-Box playing at killing things is a lot more than is spent interacting with parents.

    I personally have nothing like the moral code my parents had. I reckon it’s more experiences that shape a person than parents.

    @Stephi: Parents can’t be there all the time, and if they’re too controlling that could cause more damage than flat out rejection. The problem lies with our culture being one that promotes violence, guns, etc.

    @Devon: It’s possible to have secular morals and it’s possible to have religion with immorality. Where’s the quote from? Can’t remember ever reading it.

  • MaS

    StewWriter: I think my sanity is ok now =). It took a long, LONG time before those of us who lived through it were able to move on with our lives. Especially those of us who lost friends in the shooting. The crazy thing is, I was on my way to the library (where most of the killings took place) to type a report when Eric and Dylan came into the school shooting. I thank god everyday to be alive.

  • MaS: I’m so glad you made it out relatively unscathed if not just to tell the tale on our little site here. You have easily leaped to the top of my bravery list for sure and I have to ask: What kind of ill-will do you harbor towards those kids (although dead) and any children similar who may feel the need to copy-cat, as has been done many times sense? Once again, glad you’re here.

  • James Frazer

    The James Bulger case seems like it just happened yesterday, I still remember that happening on the news. Such a terrible terrible murder.

  • repkakoi

    To really find out some scary children you have to go to Japan. It is really a safe place, but when someone there loses it, they really lose it. In 2004, an 11-year old girl “Nevada-chan” slashed and killed her classmate. The most famous case happened in 1997 when 14-year old “Seito Sakakibara” killed and decapitated an 11-year school kid and placed his head on the school gates (among other things, including another murder and taunting the police). Scary.

  • James Frazer: did you notice today in history (right panel on the site)? Today is the anniversary of the scumbags being convicted

  • Repkakoi: that is awful! I wonder why we don’t hear of these things in the west

  • It's a romantic lie that children are little angels and all inconnenct… In fact kids are the bottom of our human evilness. Because they lack the moral feelings so they dont feel remorse for doing bad things (unless we taught them 1st) Im not showing the list as example but just look at a playground.

    By the way, wasnt there a school shooting in Finland recently?

    • Ettina

      Wrong. Actually, research shows that even at the ages of 3 or 4, most children can tell you that some things are against the rules and other things are actually wrong, and the difference is whether they hurt others. Ask a preschooler ‘is it OK to hit other kids?’ They’ll say no. Then ask them ‘what if the teacher said it was OK?’ The vast majority of children will insist that it’s still wrong, and if you ask why, they’ll point out that it hurts to be hit. If you ask them if it’s wrong to, say, ‘not hang up your jacket’ (or some other rule they’re made to follow) the answer will be totally different.

      The only way that a normally-developing child will answer wrong is if they don’t have the verbal skills to understand the question. By age 4, they know right from wrong in at least a basic sense.

  • Space Ace

    @ Devon and all others blaming modern society:

    Given that you guys read this site, maybe you should have a look at Top 10 of horrible executions. I believe only one of the methods on that list is modern, and it isn’t even Western, at that.

    The most horrible acts have been (and are still being) committed in the the name of God, and all before television and the media as we know them even existed. In fact, it’s safe to say we live in the most enlightened age in history so far.

    @ jfrater in 41

    Because the news is ethnocentric. We don’t even hear a lot about things happening in other Western countries (even though Japan is a Schrödinger’s cat when it comes to that), unless they’re particularly shocking. And sometimes not even then. For instance, have you ever heard of Dutroux? Or the Enschede disaster?

  • I find it odd that I stumbled upon this list after watching a movie called “Bully”. It’s based on a true story abouy a group of friends who kill one of their own because he was a ‘bully’. It was an eye opening film to anyone who was ‘blind’ to the behaviors of adolescents. I must speak up on the subject of abuse. Just because a person is abused, molested or subjected to gory imagery, it doesn’t incite malicious behaviour. I have been through ALL of these throughout my life. As a young kid, I saw my mother beaten, repeatedly, and was the lucky reciepeint of the spill over, and this was the upside of my young childhood! I went on to be a semi-normal, semi-moral human being. I’ve worked in nursing homes assisting many wonderful people, I’ve always tried to be a good person and do good things. Now, I can’t say I’ve never considered malevolent actions, especially against those who have severly hurt me … but I never followed through. I think a lot of it has to be brought down to creditation for self actions. The scariest part in all these…I have a step-daughter who hurts small animals… It scares the living #%!! out of me, and telling her “No, that’s bad” doesn’t work.

  • MaS

    StewWriter: Well to be honest, for years after the shootings, I was very bitter towards the family of Eric and Dylan and I harbored nothing but hatred for them (Dylan and Eric). But now I have managed to let it go. My friend Lauren was one of the casualties and I make it a point to go to her grave a few times a month. I think kids who do such things are seriously mentally disturbed and need help.

  • Hey MaS, I was supposed to go to Highschool with you.. I moved from Littleton a few years before high school though. I’m sorry for all that you had to experience that day, you are a good person to have come so far. I do feel bad for one thing though… The friends I did have in high school, were our version of those two. We were outcasts, weird, picked on, but we had eachother.

  • MaS: Well that sounds about as normal and human a reaction as one could honestly expect from being on the receiving end of such atrocities. I’m glad to hear you visit the sight of your deceased friend and at least maintain that level of closure for yourself. I wouldn’t know what to do if I’d fallen prey to such a situation and I just pray a often as I can that my children don’t get themselves involved in similar occurrences. Thanks for replying by the way, it really brings such a touch of reality and closeness to this list to hear of someone directly involved.

  • Fallenangel: I found the movie Bully to be very disturbing – I felt so awful for the fat boy. The director was Larry Clark who also directed the film “Kids”. Props to you for coming out of a terrible situation and showing that you can survive it without become a bitter person.

  • Mila

    That Canadian girl killed her family because they opposed the fact that she was going out with a 22-23 year-old man. She was 12 when she did it.

    Completely sane rationale. =P

    • Anonymous

      They were controlling her. Even though she's a female, at least she stands up for herself.

  • Space Ace: as it happens no – I have not heart of either of those things. I have just read about them thanks to your comment and I am astounded! Do we really care so little about what happens in Europe and other parts of the world that we don’t report an explosion in Holland that made 1,250 people homeless?!

  • MaS

    Fallenangel: Even though I wasn’t a part of the “outcasts”, I never treated them as if they didn’t matter. I never believed in picking on others just because they were different. My friend Lauren didn’t either, which makes me believe that Eric and Dylan didn’t kill because they were bullied, but killed because they were sick. A lot of the kids killed that day, were not part of the in crowd. Thank you for your kind words.

    StewWriter: Having a child myself, I try and teach him to treat others with respect no matter how different or “weird” they are. I never want him to experience what I experienced that day at Columbine, and I can not tell you how hard it is to send him to school everyday knowing that it is not as safe as everyone wants to believe. In fact, about 2 months ago his elementary was put on lock down because there was an alleged gunman outside of the school. I FREAKED out, and you can imagine what was going through my head. Thank god it was nothing. Thank you for your praise and kind words.

  • Vespoidea

    The Jamie Bulger murderers were English, and they also got anonymity when they eventually got out.

  • Space Ace

    @ jfrater

    Well, I don’t know where you’re from. Have you at least heard of the murders of Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh? Those were high profile cases. Or how about the Austrian fellow who kidnapped a girl and kept her in his basement for more than a decade? That one happened in Japan, too, BTW.

  • bopper

    None of these people frighten me except for number 3, that kid is horrifying.

  • Fallenangel

    Thank you for the kind words Jamie, I thought that movie was pretty disturbing myself, as was the movie Kids. I’ve known a lot of people like the Kids portrayed in that movie.

  • sdggrant

    You think these kids are EVIL?!?!?! You folks obivously haven’t met my girlfriends 5 year old nephew. God damn life was good til my girls cow-sized sister decided to pop that demon out.

  • bucslim

    Those two gals from New Zealand who killed their mom with a brick weren’t too nice. (Heavenly Creatures)

    Don’t know how old the Menedez boys were, but reloading the shotgun to dust off mom was pretty brutal too.

    Can’t understand how a 10 year old get’s it into their head to kill.

  • bucslim: you are right – it is a brilliant film too. My mother was growing up in New Zealand when the girls did that – she remembers it from the newspapers.

  • 2overpar

    in regard to #6, i believe the mug shot is that of toni lawrence, one of the other girls involved in this horrific crime – not laurie tackett.

  • tyro

    Reading things like this reminds me why I’m going into forensic psychology. I want to help find out what causes things like this to happen.

    Or maybe I’ve just read too many books about serial killers.

  • 2overpar: thanks – I will try to find an alternative image.

    tyro: good luck with that – I am sure you will find it incredibly fascinating!

  • 2overpar

    also in regard to #6, the main instigator of this murder was melinda loveless.

  • davo

    blaming TV/movies/media is a good way to move responsibility away from the parents. I’ve seen heaps of violent movies, played the video games, read about murderers etc, but have never had the urge to do anything terrible. Most of the above children were in a time before violent movies etc anyway

  • Tyree

    I’m from a town less than an hour away from Springfield, Oregon, and I remember when Kip Kinkle went on his rampage. I was seven at the time, so I didn’t really understand what was going on, but I remember people’s reactions, and seeing it on the news. I’m sure it’s something I’ll never forget.

    Kip Kinkle was a disturbed young man though–in some of these cases blame also has to be put on parents, teachers, or society as a whole for not recognizing obvious cries for help before something like this happens.

  • rebelaessedai

    What ended up happening to Jesse Pomeroy after solitary confinement?

  • Rebel: from Wikipedia:

    In 1917, Pomeroy’s sentence was commuted to the extent of allowing him the privileges afforded to other life prisoners. At first he resisted this, wanting nothing less than a pardon, but he eventually did adjust to his changed circumstances, and even appeared in a minstrel show at the prison. In 1929, by this time an elderly man in frail health, he was transferred to Bridgewater Hospital for the Criminally Insane, where he died on September 29, 1932, at the age of 72.

  • Smartlydone

    Just echoing what is above from many brilliant people:
    Was also a victim of several bullies myself, from 1st-7th grade, parents and teachers just told me to suck it up, and somehow I never became one, nor have I snapped and murdered anyone. Totally believe that there should be some sort of battery of tests before you are allowed to bare and raise children (a priviledge, not a right, since any intelligent taxpayer will tell you it really does take a village to raise a child, may as well make it a good one from the get go, limited resources and sustainability and all that–just think of how much better off we all would be, etc). And abortion should be free and available on demand.

  • Tyree

    Smartlydone: I concur. Nicely said. *virtual high-five*

  • MV

    This list is offensive. A child (or any other human being) isn’t “evil” as if they are a bad seed that has come into an otherwise happy, normal world. Their actions are evil but these kids are children of God just like any other child that comes into the world and when a kid does bad things I firmly believe society has failed them. Kids who do evil reflect the society they live in, and we are all responsible, whether we drove them to an action or did nothing to help them or stop them.

  • johnmanno

    How wonderfully simple life is, and how wonderfully simple humans are, when you subscribe to the concept(s) of “good” and “evil”.

    God is good, whether or not there is one. Satan is evil, whether or not there is one.

    People can be neatly grouped into those two categories. As can actions. Of course, my ex-partner’s eldest brother killed many many infants in Vietnam (“enemy combatant zones”, everyone dies, you kill the women, whatcha gonna do with all those kids? Can’t take ’em with you, so, they die too…) He volunteered to do it. No other guys in his platoon could stomach it.

    But of course, that was fighting them commies, so he’s “good:.

    Alas, these children, who, by your, um, essay(?) at the beginning of this website, should be “innocent” (whatever you mean by that term), are NOT “good”. Nope. Evil. Bad. Worthless.

    Beautiful! Simple. Simple is good, right? Isn’t that what most Americans think? Keep it simple.

    Thank you!

  • bobletto

    Just to let ppl know, there has been a massive outcry here in the uk as the two boy killers are released under new identities.

  • Smartlydone

    Ah, shucks, Tyree–thanks!

  • livingfree

    Just to let anyone know that the picture no:6 of “Laurie Tackett” isn’t her, its actually “Toni Lawrance”. (not that it matters as they all committed a terrible crime) Toni was released 1st as she accepted a plea bargain and was charged with one crime, basically kidnapping. Laurie Tackett was far more active in the crime. (and is still serving time)

  • livingfree: thanks – someone else had mentioned that and I forgot – I have now replaced it with a photo of Laurie.

  • Johnnys Girl

    To whoever wrote this, I cannot believe you did not mention Melinda Loveless in the murder of Shanda Sharer. After all, she was the main one behind. And as for Tackett, she is the only one that has seemed to accept responsability for what happened, while Melinda Loveless seems to think she should be released now!!!!

  • kiwiboi

    Bucslim / jfrater : one of the girls who committed the Heavenly Creatures murder grew up to be a reasonably well known writer, Anne Perry. She lives in England as does – perversely – her partner in crime. I remember reading that they have not met since committing the crime all those years ago.

  • Stephanie

    You forgot about Nevada-tan. She was a Japanese schoolgirl about 10 years I believe who murdered a fellow classmate with a box-cutter. Apparently the classmate had been bad-mouthing the girl online.

  • Stormy

    I remember all to well when those horrible (I don’t care what anyone says) EVIL boys killed that poor little boy over in England. My son was the same age, I sat in front of the TV watching the story crying over it, as I did again later reading about it online on courttv’s crime library. That is one of the most horrible things I have ever seen.

  • WildGrits


    I would like to add to this story. These boys are and have been out of jail for awhile now. And to top it off, they where given new identities to protect them. And they say our USA justice system is messed up.

  • Liyla

    These Are Some Crazy Stories, You Can Also Get The Full Stories Of Most of These Cases On Which Is A Very Good Site If You Like True Crime Stories. Thanks For Another Interesting But Very Sad List!! :o)

  • Newt

    Hmm, I wonder what the chances are of finding the new identities of the Bulger 2? I would like just half an hour with each of them!! Oh yeah, is no 3 Robbie Williams, never trusted him!!

  • belfire

    I have to disagree with Jon Venables and Robert Thompson as it is now thought that the two boys killing of James was accidental and that they were simulating abuse they themselves had experienced. the simulation of experienced abuse is fairly common amongst abused children and one of the most common pointers to sexual abuse is inappropriate sexual knowledge and behaviour.

    These two were not deliberately evil. They said themselves that the only reason they injured James to the point of death is that they wanted him to lie down and every time he got up they hit him to make him lie down again they didn't mean to kill him and they didn't entirely realise that what they were doing would kill him although they certainly knew that what they were doing was wrong.

    • chas

      I don’t think youre right and i have researched this case for the longest time and i have never heard of them saying anything! anything close to this. So when does beating a child to death with an iron bar, bricks, and stones throwing paint in his eyes and putting batteriest in his mouth become an accident putting stones on his bleeding head then leaving so the train can cut him in half making it seem as if he wondered of or something. Plus they removed all his clothing from the waist and below and you call that an accident yea they were abused but still the crime was terrible.

  • blue

    Someone said that you got it wrong with #6 that the photo you had posted wasn’t Laurie Tackette,that it was Toni Lawrence.There wrong,the picture is of Laurie Tackette from the murder of Shandra Sherer(my spelling is terrible),you have it right.As for Melinda Loveless,this heartless cold blooded murderer should never see the light of day.Even after all this time that’s past,every picture of her taken she is cracking a big smile,even her mug shot.She is a cold evil child that has grown into a cold evil woman.

  • blue

    Melinda Loveless should never be let out of prison for her crimes,I read that she is proud of the fact that she killed this child the way she did.If there is one person that should pay for her crimes it’s this one,please read what this monster did.

  • Canacan

    Kevin Pazarro – South Africa,
    Shot both his parents, the maid and dog.
    worth a special mention…
    He might have been 19
    what about a parent killer list?

  • sue

    I read a more detailed account of the no.4 boys,I think it said something about the boys being let out of jail.There seems to be no justice in this world if a mother is forced to mourn her child forever and the savages that did this to her son are allowed to walk the streets again.

  • blue: wow that’s harsh reading. I can’t beleive people who would do that could be released early, if at all…

  • Mom424

    dragorironhide; have you read about the canadian chick…
    she’ll be out before you know it…
    there’s also an article at crimelibrary

  • delioglan

    now in my country everybody is talking about the 11-year-old girl who stabbed a 9-year-old boy 101 times (yes, #one hundred and one#).

    its probably all aobut their parents and maybe a little of television or something. or how can they even imagine things like that..

  • Csimmons

    There is only one solution to kids who kill, f***ing smack em’ before they get old enough.

  • Malcom Shabazz (Malcolm X’s grandson) was 12 when he killed his grandmother Betty, Malcolm’s wife, after setting her apartment on fire. She died of thrid degree burns a month latter. He had been put in Betty’s care after his mom Quibilah was in jail pending a trial for trying to kill Louis Farrakhan.

  • Kaveh

    I think in the above mentioned cases parents are more guilty than children bcs if i ( as a parent for example ) care my childrens act and if i made a relax home despite of any problem out of house i made a family without any background of thinking to crime and even less bad activities

  • kiwiboi

    Kaveh – in many cases you are probably right, as it seems that the breakdown of the traditional family unit has contributed in no small way to changing patterns and a growth in crime.

    However, there are also children that are born with a dysfunction; eg. a sociopath is widely held to have been genetically “wired” to have little or no concept as to right and wrong or what is appropriate and what is not. etc etc.

    What is important with respect to the latter, is that such children are diagnosed/identified at an early stage, and receive adequate treatment.

  • Denzell

    Whoa! These kids are complete psychos…

  • J

    You left out one other girl that was involved with Laurie Tackett. Melinda Lovelace. She was recently denied parole.

  • JMead

    Just pointing out that all of the children are not American.

  • Laura

    Okay, it is important to realize that the history of Mary Bell is a lot more complex than represented here.
    As an infant, she was repeatedly drugged by her mother to the point of almost dying. Her mother exhibited Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome, and she purposely tortured Mary so that people would feel sorry for her, and she sexually abused her daughter – even using Mary as a “sex prop” in prostituting herself. Mary was simply torturing others by directly copying what her own mother did to her. I don’t think we can blame her for simply copying her mother, especially since she lived a “normal” and apparently crime-free life after authorities removed her from her mother’s care and she no longer exhibited sociopathic tendencies (although it is not proven that sociopathy and these criminal impulses can be completely CURED, Mary seems to have controlled them enough to seem normal and provide a somewhat normal life for her own daughter)
    When Mary got older she was rehabilitated and basically was re-born. Her anonimity was designed to protect herself and her family from “vigilantes” who wanted to hurt them without regard for Mary’s (apparently) earnest attempts to become normal (she claims to have written the book exposing her past in the hopes that she would then be left alone).
    I’m not saying she was blameless; however, I do think that she herself was a victim (especially considering that she was so extremely young when she committed these heinous crimes and her mother treated her so horribly) and that we need to treat her adulthood as separate from her terrible childhood activities.

  • Rylan

    “Teachers, faculty, and students loose their lives each and every time this happens. Here are just a few of the incidents”

    lose, not loose

  • VeraLynn

    There were 2 boys in Chicago maybe 10-12 years ago who took a 6 yro who wouldnt steal candy to the top of a 10 story building and dropped him off the edge. Story still haunts me. He must have been so scared. They were sentenced to life behind bars. Breaks my heart. What a waste.

  • chris

    i dunno but one look at Robert Thompson (from #4)you know this kid is sick…i mean all this kids are fucked up…let them rot in jail..

  • bianca smith

    this is terrible. I had to stop reading it.

  • BibaNova

    These monsters knew perfectly well what they were doing and should have been either executed or incarcerated for life. Old enough to kill = old enough to face the consequences.

  • NeedHelp

    I have a stepson 11 years old, who has shown signs of being troubled since he was three. I have argued with family for years to get help but until recently they have been in denial. Finally school councillor has noticed, found and assessed that he needs help. I am frightened for my three children and have advised them to lock there bedroom doors at night when he is over. He knows what he’s doing and enjoys it. He has no sense of compassion, consideration or consequence.

  • Ben

    Does anyone know the name of that redhead kid with glasses who killed another boy?

  • Mark

    You forgot that 7 year old kid who brought a gun to school, told a kid “I don’t like you”, and after the 6 year old victim responded with “so”, SHOT HER IN THE NECK AND KILLED HER!
    Sources: Wikipedia

  • Mark

    I think that’s how it went, anyway, I haven’t seen that article for years, it might have been deleted.

  • Mystic

    Still to this day the father of James Bulger is still trying to find those devil children that killed his son. He said whwen ever he finds them he’s goin to kill them. I still think half of these kids should be in jail. I can’t believe it.

  • Mark

    I read on Wikipedia that some kids in Canada attacked a house and killed the family cat by putting it the microwave. I love kitties :-( DEATH PENALTY!!!

  • Ellen

    I agree with the people above saying Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme (at least I think that were their names) and if you haven’t seen the movie (Heavenly Creatures), I recommend it; it really is chilling to see how they kill Pauline’s mother with the brick in cold blood.

    Anyway, I don’t think movies and TV are completely to blame. Throughout history children’s stories have always been morbid- just look at the earliest versions of Snow White and Peter Pan; creepy stuff!- because children are fascinated with violence. Pulling hte wings of insects, frying ants with magnifying glasses. I think almost everyone has done stuff like that when they were little. These kids just took it a little too far..probably because of their upbringing?

  • Chamale

    #5 is a school shooting, so why is it considered distinct from the others?

  • Glen or is it? :P

    look, I belive that no matter what age you are, if you take a life as in “murder” not war, man-slaughter or something like that then you should therefore be killed.

    human life is the most precious thing in the world, and to take one in murder can only be paid with your own life.

  • krysten

    that picture of Mary Bell looks like Miranda Cosgrove from nickelodean.

  • LilNic

    just out of curiosity jfrater, where are you british myself and was shocked by the James Bulger story.I actually hadnt heard of it util about two years ago.Mainly because my family never spoke of it and the fact i was born in 1992.i guess it really shocked them and they were being protective.

  • Mickey

    what, no Lizzie Borden?

  • they r all sick espesaly Jon Venables and Robert Thompson and mary bell i mean who would do that am a 12 years old and that is just sick

  • Hillery

    I lived in the same town when the Joshua Phillips case broke. I remember when the girl was originally just missing, and the flyers up everywhere for her. Then they found her. A couple gruesome details were left out: when he initially hit her with the baseball bat, it knocked her eye out. Also, he didn’t hide her *under* the bed, he hid her *in* the bed. It was a waterbed. She was hidden in the frame underneath the partially drained mattress. All the homes in the area were searched within a few days of her going missing, and the first search through, she had already begun to smell. He was burning incense to try and cover it up, but the detectives asked about it. He said it was his pet parrot whose cage was foul smelling, and they believed him! Then, days later, while he was at school, his mother realized the smell was far too bad for their Parrot, and eventually found the body. He was arrested at school. Thought I should add that. The blurb about him didn’t sound as bad as it should have, considering.

  • Hillery

    Ben: Eric Smith:

    Which reminds me… Eric Smith should have been on this list…

  • FullMoonVideo

    The picture i see of #6 is Laurie Tackett. Here is a link to a short video about the murder of Shanda Sharer

    The other three parts are about tracking down some of the locations and the two released girls, Toni Lawrence and Hope Anna Rippey.
    Melinda Loveless was trying for an early release as well.

  • carm

    whats the name of the book if someone knows the name of the book on melinda lovelace please email me .

  • Rina

    Its truely a sad day when one reads this list and think, I’ve heard of worst. Here in Sunny South Africa we have our share of evil kids too. A boy killed another one with a sword a few weeks back and a couple of kids stoned a girl to death. 4 young men going to jail for killing a homeless guy while they were still boys. Youngsters raped and kicked a woman to death and the list goes on and on. Scary!!

  • nasia08

    ok i sat here and read all of the comments published on this site. the one thing that i came across is that everyone blames the parents. well let me ask you this: what about the parents that did in fact raise their children right? what about the parents that watched what their children said or watched? how do you explain the fact that those same children turn out to be little monsters like the one’s above? in my eyes t.v. and society are the one’s to blame. if any of you can explain why kids still turn evil after all the good things their parents do and not blame the parents, please let me know. and i’m talkin about the kids with disorders and mental problems!

  • nasia08

    i meant and i’m NOT talkin about the kids with disorders and mental problems.

  • Andrea

    Just to let you know the information about Kipland Kinkel is wrong. He actually killed 4 poeple including his parents and injured 25 students at his school. Also he was 15 when he committed the crimes not 14.

  • plachalam

    Nice website, but there are worse than those on this list. try looking at the janine balding abduction rape and murder. that is the most evil act by children and should be rated as perhaps the most appauling crime ever committed by children.

  • Mai

    petiso orejudo is missing!

  • bailey.

    my vice-principal’s wife lived in the town where laurie tackett killed shanda sharer. her father owned the land where she was killed.

  • maybesteve

    nasia08: kids without disorders and mental problems don’t go out and kill people. That is the whole point :P

  • dex

    does anyone else think jesse pomeroy looks like robbie williams!

  • Parker

    Rod Ferrell comes to mind when i think of Evil children… anyone who is thought to be like Charles Manson is.. evil.. he started his own “vampire cult” where his followers drank blood and murdered one of the members parents.

    but it was right to top the list with school shootings. It is traumatizing and children who know about things like this are scared to go to school. At my highschool there are bomb threats more then once a year. It scares me to death that a person would feel they have to go to that extream because something went wrong in their life.. just children.. they shouldnt be feeling this way.

  • G

    I noticed some people thinks that abortion is the way to go with so many unruly kids. But has any one thought that perhaps, if you don’t want kids, and can’t raise kids, they should go for abstinance?

    People sometimes feel sorry for women and children who are abused, but they never really think about the reasons behind it.

    These children, perhaps may have gone through some rough early life, and know no better. But adults are the best source of learning how to behave in the society, and I think we really should look at ourselves and how we behave, and perhaps we can see a shadow which these children learn from in ourselves.

  • Becky

    Although all these children committed horrible murders, there are some kids out there who commit other terrible crimes who deserve to be on this list. For instance, David Henry Tuck and Keith Robert Turner who beat up and sodomized another boy with a plastic rod at a high school party. The young man was in critical condition and killed himself a year later by jumping off a cruise ship. I think what those boys did is worse than murder. They didn’t just kill another person, they killed his spirit and left him broken and beaten to the point that he couldn’t even live. Driving someone else to commit suicide is far worse than homicide.

  • GobHoblin

    I notice that #4 doesn’t give any indication as to where it took place. It happened in the city of Liverpool in England. I myself am from Liverpool and would have been about 7 at the time. All I can remember is not being able to understand it. In my seven year old head, the murderers, being 10, were “big boys” who were just being nasty. I believe the true extent of what was done to little James has never been revealed because his mother doesn’t want to know. What is known is that bricks, an iron bar, modelling paint and batteries were all involved in a pretty gruesome torture.

    I’m now 24 and it still brings tears to my eyes to think of it.

  • gatineau

    the parents of those children should have to pay for the compensation and never allowed to have kids again!

  • gatineau

    and the kids should get locked up for life in an adult penetentiary with the other murderers.

  • Cybogen

    What a frightening list to read in the sense that years ago you wouldn’t imagine children of these ages doing anything like what these children did. Whats waiting down the the road for us in future generations? I think its the infiltration of evil thats just progressing more and more as time goes on. Wish we could make it change for the better!

  • Richard

    If you research Mary Bell you will discover that her mother was a monster who used Mary to pleasure pedophiles. That would screw up any child. It’s a wonder to me how so many people wonder ‘why’ about Mary Bell.

  • philippines

    I have a question regarding the conviction of “tackett” and the leader “Loveless”..I want to know If this two will ever come out of prison..Because I speak for all that..” We’ll be WAITING for you”

  • jum1801

    No one mentioned the Menendez Brothers? They were spoiled Beverly Hills rich-kid brats who always wanted more than the considerable amount their wealthy, but responsible, parents gave them. 21 and 18 at the time of the 1989 murders, the “boys” were Princeton students who had already committed a series of burglaries of their rich friends’ houses in order to score more than $100,00 in order to finance the extravagant spending habits.

    They decided to murder their parents in order to inherit their considerable estate. They shotgunned their father and mother in their bed as they slept at night, then went to a “Batman” movie. When they got home they worked up some tears and called police, who initially didn’t suspect them because the “boys” were such good actors.

    They got millions in the estate. In the first 6 months after they got their parents’ money, they spent over $1,000,000 on things like Porches, jewelry, travel and partying.

    But their true repulsiveness didn’t reach its depth until their trials. With the urging and help of a loathsomely self-promoting defense attorney, Leslie Abramson, they concocted a “victim defense”, falsely claiming they had been abused by their parents, even sexually molested by their father. Even though they were athletes and physically powerful, they claimed that murder of their sleeping parents was the only way to defend themselves(!).

    The defense team’s disgusting tactics backfired when it came to light the defense attorney extorted a psychiatrist to tamper with evidence and change some notes he had made about interviews with the “boys”. They were convicted after two trials (first was a mistrial), and are now serving “real” life sentences prison.

    Now those are two vicious “children”.

  • SocoSojo

    Great List! I only wish it were longer, maybe you could consider lengthening it to 20? But, then we would always want to add more, like . I was impressed that you remembered to include the killing prodigy, Jesse Harding Pomeroy, as he is no longer so well known. I actually found a photograph taken of his young victim, the toddler, Horace Millen. It is a “memento mori”, a photograph taken of the deceased to remmeber them with. He was so tiny and sweet looking, that to actually see him… it’s terribly disturbing.

    One question asked by BrokenBunny was whether it was Norma Bell or Mary Bell who received court-granted anonymity. It was Mary Bell who received anonymity. Mary was the primary initiator and antagonist in the girl’s crimes. In fact, she had murdered alone before Norma Bell was involved. Mary was found guilty of manslaughter by diminished responsibility, (due to her age) and Norma was found guilty of breaking and entering of Day Nursery, (which would’ve been known as a kindergarten here in America). Norma Bell received probation.

    Kelsi; Yes, Mary Bell killed more than one child and she did it on her own, before.
    Especially disturbing was her behavior. She and Norma interrogated of one of the victims’ family, reveling in the crimes they had committed by asking questions such as “Do you miss him?”, “Do you cry for him?”, “Does June, (Martin’s mother) cry for him?”. When a coffin was carried from one of the victim’s homes, Mary Bell was said to watch while rubbing her hands together in glee and laughed, delighted at the spectacle.

    From the website :
    Mary Bell was placed in a boy’s home, since prison was not deemed appropriate, and she was considered far too dangerous for a home for troubled girls. At age 23 she was set free, and after living with her mother for some time, becoming addicted to drugs, and spending time in intensive therapy, Mary Bell became a mother herself. She is currently living free and clear, with no supervision.
    When asked about her crimes, she is reluctant to assume responsibility. Recently she and her family were driven from their home when villagers learned of her identity. Signs were posted screaming “Murderer Out!”, and, with blankets covering their faces, she and her family escaped a mob not unlike the final scene in Frankenstein, where the enraged villagers drive the monster from their home.
    In a twist only this horror story could have, it was then that Mary Bell’s daughter discovered that her own mother was the Mary Bell of British history, the child killer who was but a child herself.

    Psychologists and those involved in the science of criminology have made great advances since 1968. We now know that as a child, Mary exhibited classic examples of psychosis, or traits that could eventually lead to psychosis. As mentioned before in this site, there is a phenomenon called the ‘Homicidal Triad’, and includes late bed-wetting, a preoccupation with starting fires, and cruelty to animals. Although there is no evidence of fire-starting with Mary Bell, she was prone to destructiveness in her early years. She was a late bed-wetter, and while incarcerated before her trial told guards that she was terrified of ‘messing the bed’. She was also reprimanded often by neighbors, relatives, and strangers for cruelty to animals.

    Her childhood may also have contributed to her crimes. Although not an exscusal, many serial killers have experienced terrible abuse or dysfunctional, (to say the least,) family lives. Mary’s mother was a prositute, who oftentimes left for Glasgow, England on ‘business’. Her father figure, (her biological father was absent,) was a thief and spent time in prison. Those who have studied her case have discovered that several times during her early childhood, even as early as her first year of life, Mary experienced overdoses of medication. Once, she ingested so many iron tablets that her stomach had to be pumped. The pills had been hidden in a tiny space inside a record player, and authorities speculate that her mother may have been inflicting the overdoses on her own child. Such a condition is referred to an Munchausen-by-Proxy syndrome, and is characterized by a parents deliberately causing their children to become ill, (sometimes resulting in death,) in order to receive attention. By all accounts, Mary’s mother was always making attempts at martyrdom, and can be quoted as saying during the trial, “Jesus was only nailed to the cross, I am being hammered.” Her mother was also one for dramatics, and, bluntly, whored out her daughter’s story to the press during and after the trial.

  • Titi

    Hey Bunny,should we tell a reson not to be evil?Hmmmm……. if you could,I would want you to send me a little note just for me.will YOU be good or EVIL?

  • Addie

    i should be up there

  • pinz

    mary bell lived with her mother in a one bedroomed flat her mother was a prostitute and was into S&M which mary was usualy in the room whilst her mother was with these men performing acts such as strangling and mary would have seen this thinking its normal because after the men would walk out unharmed what she did was unforgivable but it just shows why she did it

  • phil

    yeh, umm, I dont want kids

  • jessie

    it should have susan atkins, technically far from a kid now, but the way that she killed sharon tate with no repercussions still sickens me.

  • deviantmiss

    @phil you think kids do this because they are born evil? NO it is what they are exposed to. with your stupid attitude its a good job you dont want kids. many of these kids were victims themselves and whilst of course i dont condone their actions prehaps more needs to be done about the parents of such “evil” kids. i personally know women who would rather have another kid then work and these kids hang about on the street all day. one such person has 7 kids by 5 dads aged 21 (ish) to 5yrs old and nearly all of them have done prison time and one was arrested at aged 12 for drunk and disorderly. my son is 13 and it woundn`t enter his [email protected] i totally agree with you mary bell had a shitty life and was also abused you are right in saying thats why she thinks its the “norm”. and b.t.w since her release she has lived a crime free life.

  • Martin

    God Bless America, Man your so screwed up?

  • leXie

    If I were there I’ll ground them for life….


  • Harry

    The problem is these children have several items in common with each other. One major item is thier parents really did not want any children around. It was nice at first to show off the children. or to brag to friends my son or daughter does this or that. In reality they do not want children or they would have been active in thier childs life al of the time. I have 3 duaghters and 3 gradnsons and they have been raised to respect the weapons I have in my house. I have several and they are various kinds. Not one single time during thier lives have I had to worry about them trying to get ahold o them. They were taught to respect thier elders and to follow the golden rule. We are not a born again christian or a bible thumbing person. We are your average middle class hard working families that have made time for thier children. Now ours are not perfect but they will never step that far off the edge. My children also have friends who have started popping out a child every year and the goverment keeps paying for everything and she just keeps popping out a child every year. Now she has two housing units just for her. The goverment is paying for two care givers to be there 24 hrs 7 days a week 365 days a year to help out with her children she has so many now. Her children are already getting in trouble and getting kicked out of school. At least 3 of them will be in jail before they are 14 for murder or rape. They do not even know who thier dads are. The problem is our goverment for along it and the parents who did not do thier job properly. being a parent is not a part time job. It goes on and on for the entire life of your child no matter how old they are they always look towards you for guideance. The child is evil and was born to be evil. If the mother had sex in front of the child and it is proven the mother was a contributing factor then they should put mom in prison also. This would make some mothers stop being pairty animals and stay home with thier children.

  • gabros

    America is indeed a strange and wondrous place. Adult sentencing for children is regarded as the height of stupidity and barbarity in most countries in the world. Some of you scoff at the slackness of British laws that treat children as children and aim at rehabilitation rather than the throw away the key model. You say your way is the right way even as you acknowledge that your country is the world capital for school shooters and serial killers. You do not seem to realise that your country is a brutal puzzle to the rest of the world. Human life is so precious (except when you are off stomping another country for oil) that any one who kills should be killed by the state. Your system is sick. Having said that I know there are lots of intelligent and humane Americans who oppose the cultural and institutional violence that brews these opinions.

  • Mark

    149. gabros : Say what you will about the US and it’s poorly handled criminal justice system – I do agree with you on some points – but the ones that scare *me* the most on here are the two English cases. 10 years old and doing that crap, that makes me sick.

  • gabros

    Absolutely is is sickening,I had a toddler similar age to James Bolger when it happened and it was completely distressing. I am not sure about how those two are doing now, but is is pretty interesting that Mary Bell and the Heavenly Creatures girls have never again committed crimes of violence. You have to hope that rehabilitation is possible.

  • Mark

    151. gabros : “…You have to hope that rehabilitation is possible…”

    Given what they did, regardless of their ages I think, of course you do.

  • Summer Lee

    I believe most of these people have some kind of mental disorder to go off like this. I mean how can anyone in their right state of mind be able to kill these people with no bit of remorse or guilt. It is a very sickening thought to think about this or even read this. I think children of coarse are innocent but linked to these types of murders. They should have been put into the hospitals and been put threw many tests. What is this world coming to? This kindo f thing happens many times a day now. I think that most of these children might have went through a horrible childhood to make them do this…and if not….than rehabillitation might have been a good possibility to the sucess for a normal life…

  • Pily

    I wonder, at what age did these children learn right from wrong and that stealing someones life was bad? I’m not saying it is the parents fault, but where were they to tell them or help them?
    Even with school massacres, I wonder why they wish for blood, they seek pain, and love to be the torturer?
    (with the exception of Pomeroy who had a different lifestyle than what we do now)

  • Isayhello

    What a horrible disillusionment. Jeez.

  • Kyle

    I did time with Kip Kinkle at Oregon State Correctional Instatution. Its definitly kind of a weird feeling when you eat breakfast,lunh, and dinner with killers but in the same since its just onother killer thats how i look at it.

  • Lisa Marie

    Those of you who blame video games need to do some research. They play just as violent games in other countries, especially Japan, and yet they don’t have near the number of violent acts happening. Studies have even shown no correlation between violence and video games. I’ve been playing very violent games since I was a little kid, and would never consider doing something so terrible.

    Anyway, #4 should have been #1. That hit me most.

  • TB Tabby


  • TB Tabby

    (Sorry, my finger slipped.)

    I can sum up the primary cause of this violence in four words: “Boys will be boys.” Adults tend to blow off adolescent violence as part of the normal rough-and-tumble of growing up, even when it goes far beyond normal levels. Thus, they assume that kids will outgrow their behavior and leave them to their own devices. Without adult authority figures to physically stop them or explain why it’s wrong to do these things, is it really that big of a surprise that they eventually do it?

    Another factor is bias. Nobody wants to believe that children can be violent sociopaths, least of all their own children. That’s why we have people bending over backwards to make excuses for them. My own father swears by the “bullies all have low self-esteem and depressing home lives, so if we give them all love and hugs and herbal tea they’ll stop” canard. And, of course, if we can’t fins any evidence that they have low self-esteem, that just means it’s hidden deep down.

  • Billy Bob

    SocoSojo – Glasgow is in Scotland, not England (two separate countries).

  • The truth

    Seriously, if you make guns available to people, they WILL be used in the wrong way.
    Forget liberty, forget Freedom to own whatever you want. If someone has access to something that can kill as easily as a gun they will always go for that option.
    Kids act irrationally and don’t always think of the consequences instead they use gut reactions to there emotions. The only way to stop school shootings is to remove guns from the population.

    Very disturbing list.

  • Trekkerette

    I think you forgot the Virginia Tech shootings…

    And darn it, children are supposed to be innocent and pure, like you said. Maybe we SHOULD ban World of Warcraft…

  • SnowFlake

    uh…how about

    Melinda Loveless? o_O wasn’t she the person behind
    the Shanda Sharer murder? :x (from crimelibrary)
    shouldn’t she be more evil than Laurie Tackett x.x

    other than that i luv this list x3
    and most of your other lists! :D


    I’m late, but there is one non-American kid who was incredibly evil. El Petiso Orejudo o Cayetano Santos Godino: He started as a little kid with his acts and it’s a common belief here (Argentina, his country) that he is guilty of more crimes.

    By the way, great site, love it =D

  • lvnsdhg


  • appie

    bad words will be erased,

  • Skitty

    I know only a few from the school shootings were published, but you forgot the one that started the most recent “epidemic” of them.
    Luke Woodham- Pearl, Ms

  • Skitty

    In the VA tech shootings I do believe he was an adult. Especially it being a college and all

  • 14gotmyMANTRA

    I don’t believ in evil children. Just incredibly angry, hurt, scared and confused children. Same goes for adult, for that matter.

    The story about the baby makes me sick though.

  • CSPU:Australia

    RE: Mary Flora Bell B. 1957 N.U.T 12 Years Jail Manslaughter Of 2 Infant Males 1968. Paroled 1980 Alias.
    Daughter Joanne Lees B. 1973 Moor Court Open Prison later known as Girlfriend of Peter Falconio who was reported missing in th NT Australia July 14 2001.
    INVESTIGATION by CSPU:Australia uncovers new evidence that show Peter Falconio is Alive, had paid Murdoch $20K to aid in staging Peter’s death. Peter is currenly hiding out in Greenbank Queensland Australia, fears that he will be sent to BAXTER IMM. Centre if he comes forward to tell the truth. Proves Murdoch Innocent Of Murder.

  • natapillar

    when james bulger was killed by the two boys it shocked us so much. the sick boys who done it are grown up now and have been allowed new identities to protect them from all the people who want to see them dead…..i think thtas wrong. why allow them any protection when they killed a tiny two year old? thme being 10 years old at the time is absolutely no excuse.

    and yes,there is such a thing as an evil child.

  • natapillar

    excuse my bad spelling!!

  • boo

    tha boy from florida, he’s from my hometown.
    i was 5 years old when that happened.
    holy sheet.

  • jarek23

    Crazy…when I was that age I killed a mouse and felt terrible about it…now i just kill mosquitoes…and a racoon with my car by accident, lol

    its sad that so many children have no direction in life

  • teasmoker

    Thats sinster killing a 2 year old boy, and the bloke from 1800’s should of been hung from a rope until his eyes popped.

    I can’t beleive these people, if you were contemplating doing something like this- you seriously need to talk to someone before hand.

    I would kill all these F*****s – especially those ten year olds- i have a 3 year old brother…and i could just imagine the mental image …. i was that little boys age when that happened…

    All these people deserve to have petrol and a match jammed down their throats ….

  • sirMouse

    I can’t believe Nevada-tan isn’t included!

    An eleven-year-old schoolgirl murdered her classmate during lunch hour, then returned to class covered in blood.

    Here’s the Wiki article for your reading (dis)pleasure:

  • Felicity

    #5 = why you don’t give a kid a gun as a gift.

  • bloomfever2002

    This is BEYOND disturbing. That children taking the lives of others and children being murdered by children. It is so scary and sad.

  • nicoleredz3

    I think kids should be condemned as of adults; cuz they must have some knowledge of what they’re doing, meaning hurting others, plus some of these cases are PRE- MEDITATED!

  • brubbish223

    hmm forgot two of my cousins!
    ahah im kidding good list though
    havent heard of any of these although
    they are profound!

  • tylerdavasel

    So many people on this site are morons.

  • astraya

    There’s always room for one more. Welcome!

  • nicoleredz3

    Jesse Pomeroy looks sort of Robbie Williams… Hmmm… Welcome, tylerdavasel!

  • nicoleredz3

    Someone has this exact article in that link!

  • ayoo.

    eww. these kids aree sick&twisted especially…. Jon Venables and Robert Thompson. who would do that. &MaryBell. like seriously she was only 10 years OLD! like come on thats just grosssss..!D:

  • joyce

    it is truely horrifieing that these kids do things like that it seems that it hits a little too close to home for me considering the fact i have a two year old it makes me sick and i just feel so sad for the victims parents i and the picture of the boy holding the toddlers hand leaving the mall is just overwhelming it brings tears to my eyes to even think that someone could hurt a child and its children killing children non the less but it just goes to show keep your children on your hip and never look away even for a second they can be gone in a flash i think other parents would agree with me on that it scares me to death imagine if that was your child but trust me i know no one wants to think like that it makes it worse its sickening God bless those poor babies souls they didnt even have a chance to live and the other adult vitims as well i think the killers should get the death penalty once they have reached the age 18 no one deserves to live after committing such gruesome crimes against defensless children or adults as far as that goes im mean they did admit to the crimes

  • I

    i think they should not be jail for they action
    they should be burn alife


    Nicolered: I thought exactly the same when I saw that picture of Jesse Pomeroy, scary.

    News today John Venables one of the murderers of James bulger has been placed back in custody news just broke on that, apparently he has broken his licence conditions and no one will say what exactly he did.

  • steph

    I hope James Bulgers murderers rot in hell. And what the hell with the anonimity crap, I say we should let them get real justice- hand delivered from the people who hunt them down on the streets, just like what they did to that poor little boy.

  • negativevenice

    You know what’s more shocking than these murders themselves? The reactions of almost every poster here to them.

    The people on this list are children. Think about it. When you were a child, you behaved destructively as well–because you got angry and frustrated and upset. All of the people on this list felt those emotions at levels you and I, Mr. and Mrs. Down The Lane can’t even begin to comprehend. Take Jon Venables and Robert Thompson. One of them (I can’t recall which, although I think it was Robert) was horribly tortured at home–and I don’t mean mummy and daddy were mean, I mean he had several older brothers who physically and sexually abused him constantly. And Mary Bell’s mother suffered from Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome and also abused her physically and sexually. Combine circumstances like these with a hereditary element and a person starts to spiral out of control. Every time I see a story like these, it makes me sick to the core of my being with pity for the killer, not just the victims: What must they have gone through, to end up in the place where they did? Do they feel, even in fleeting glimpses, bone-crushing remorse? If one little thing had been done differently, could the violence the perpetrated have been diverted or stopped altogether?

    In my opinion, no sane person commits a heinous crime like murder. The more disturbing the crime, the more disturbed the criminal. Many of the commenters here have used the word “sick”; illness hurts the invalid as much as the people around them, and most importantly, illness can be treated. What does it say about our world that we would rather see sick people “rot in hell” rather than be at least put in an institution where not only would the people outside be safe, but they could start to learn a little bit of humanity, for the sake of everyone?

    And furthermore: When you say you hope these people are murdered with the same violence they displayed, you’re not only sinking to their level, you’re displaying the same shocking lack of empathy that they did. By dehumanizing them, you rationalize your own hatred–which is the same “strategy” many deeply disturbed people use to kill their victims. Mull THAT one over.

  • Brea

    I find it disgusting that not only did Jon Venables and Robert Thompson get away with murdering a two year old child – they we’re even given new identities so they would be safe! Jon Venables was actually imprisoned last year due to him being (I quote) ‘accused of child porn offences’!

    I do not know about the other evil children in this list, but mutilating and killing a young innocent child suddenly isn’t enough for someone to be imprisoned for.

  • Fish

    Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were both abused for years and were emotionally and psychologically unstable eleven year olds when they committed that murder. Can you imagine? When you were eleven, what was your biggest worry? I bet you it wasn’t “I hope my daddy doesn’t rape me again after dinner, if I GET dinner.” Any person who would imprison an obviously SICK CHILD is has a horrifying and dangerous lack of perspective. These kids were themselves “young innocent children”: They needed control over something, and acted out, like they were vandalizing a doll. I would bet you anything they didn’t know what they were doing.

    As for the new identities: would you prefer they be hunted down by vigilantes? Would that satisfy your perverted view of justice? Then you’re no better than the people who want them fried in the electric chair or burn in hell.

  • MChris

    A rather disturbing list. It’s sickening to think these attrocities were committed by kids. Especially those done by the kids under 12. It’s hard to believe but I feel the title has them labelled correctly… these kids are just pure evil.

  • Fats

    how can you call children evil? no matter what bad things children do at a young age u cannot label them as evil or wicked. children don’t have the capacity to do that kind of thinking at such young age, yes some do very bad thing like killing someone but it’s not through “evilness” but because they don’t know what the consequence of their action will be or because they don’t want 2 get into trouble. I’m not a believer in “people kill because they are insane” but when children do bad things it’s because they are acting out. society treats children who kill worse than adult killers,what these children need is our compassion…
    and what double standards, the grown adults talking about wanting these children dead, well all I can say is there is seriously something wrong with you if you talk about wanting children dead (no matter what a child has done).

  • Fish

    @Fats That is EXACTLY my point. :)

  • GTT

    @Fats [194]:

    Actually, there are some children who are born with sociopathic tendencies… The three main factors to look out for: torturing and killing small animals and showing no remorse, bedwetting till a late age and a fascination with fire…

    What I dont understand is how some people can be forgiving towards a sociopathic/severely abused child who commits these atrocities but have no love for the adults who survived these same abuses and traumas as children and only commit their crimes as adults. These are the same traumatized individuals who were not “taught right from wrong”… So, what´s the deal?

  • Fish

    Adults deserve just as much pity… almost more so, in fact, since they’re so much more demonized and so much more unwell. The fact that they’ve gone so long untreated and end up paying for the failings of the health/legal system themselves is just as tragic as a child misdirecting their anger.

  • magnumto

    IMHO, society has to see that there is a fitting punishment for murder, even when the murderer is a child. Wouldn’t the vast majority of the public be outraged if Venables and Thompson, or maybe Loveless, were let off with no more than a hug and a “We don’t do that” lecture, as some of these posters seem to suggest? What deterrent would there be to murder, or to any other crime, if we didn’t incarcerate the guilty?

    negativevenice, fats, and fish, y’all can live in lalaland if you want, but I think I’ll stick with the real world. And I’ll bet the real world is less violent as a result.

  • fish

    I never insinuated that the consequences of murder should be a hug and a lecture (and I don’t appreciate those words being put in my mouth), but punishment certainly isn’t the answer either. Our system, in which we put to death the psychologically ill and sentence the mentally retarded to life in prison, is flawed–these children and their adult counterparts should be placed in some sort of mental health hospital. Probably for the rest of their lives, yes, but at least there they could have a shot at some sort of wellness. I agree that protecting the rest of the population FROM them is priority number one, but protecting them from the rest of the population (and themselves) is priority number two.

  • Shade X

    I think we need to raise Melinda Loveless and thier other adorable angels to the status of gods for thier coroagoues acts against thier victims and thier wild will to live freely outside morality.All hail Melinda Loveless.

  • Ajaxkid

    Whilst doing my psychiatric nursing rotation, I had the displeasure of interacting with a young sociopath.
    He was all of 10 and had been sexually abusing his 2 year-old foster-sibling and he had threatened his foster mother with a knife… she had woken up to find him at her bedside… wow.
    I will tell you, right now, that I have worked with the mentally ill for over 5 years. I have dealt with furniture throwing, biting, hitting, homicidal delusions, etc…
    But this kid scared the living daylights out of me.
    He had a very penetrating and intrusive manner of looking at you. Everything he said or I said, was being carefully measured. His face would break into a slow smile, better described as a leer… and his eyes remained soulless.
    He told me he was going to "take me".
    I had fear, like I have never ever felt, shoot through my very being.
    Yes, he was only 10, but I have no doubt he could "get me".
    He was 10, but in my opinion, he was already wasted. No hope. No cure. He'll become one of "those bastards" who we will hear about in the news and wish him a horrible death.
    I wish I could describe my experience with him. There are no words.

  • pingping

    you somehow forgot the story of a Filipino-Australian family residing in Australia who all got killed by a murderer. The lone survivor of the massacred family was the teen-ager son who eventually got convicted as the culprit. It was a sensational story at that time (mid-80’s or early 90’s) Thought you might do some research on this.

  • archworf

    Loose-rhymes with goose-something not under control. Lose-rhymes with booze-something is lost, by a loser, as defined by losing something. Not a double O in sight! Spellcheck will never be truly useful until it can read your mind.

  • Melanie

    Number 3 should definitely be number 1.
    The Number 1 boys may have destroyed a lot of lives but they were disturbed, brutally bullied and harassed. Those things cause mental illnesses. I am not condoning what they did but what Jon Venables and Robert Thompson did wasn't something out of revenge or some kind of cry for help. What they did was truly an EVIL act. This list is for most EVIL children. Not most disturbed or fucked up.

    If you did any more research on what those punks did to that five year old boy at the ages of ten, you would have had no problem putting them at the number one spot.

  • sleepjerk

    number 9. Edmund Kemper’s doctors were the psychopaths, don’t you think?

  • MaiLuna

    Adding: He was a boy who was a serial killer that commited like all the crimes in this list :S

  • MaiLuna

    I really think Cayetano Santos Godino needs to be in this list.

  • 34E

    Number 1 makes me glad I was never a bully. I don't get how kids can be so mean as to actually actively tease like that. I took part in a mass "silent treatment" thing once and I regret the hell out of it even though we were only 10. You never know what that kid could end up being, especially since she was far from attractive.

  • pish

    i believe that parents should be subjected to a battery of psychological test before they have children because some of the incidence are due to not being raised properly by both your parents. childrens react differently to certain conditions but the fact that parent contribute almost 99% of what they become so they should be tested to see whether they fit or not

  • eam2468

    There was two 6 year old boys in sweden that killed another 5 year old boy by strangling him whit a stick. Then they tried to make it look like an accident by putting the body in the reed next to a nearby lake. The body was placed face down to make it look like if he had drowned. When the body was discovered one of the boys confessed that he and the other boy killed the 5 year old because they where jealous of his new bike. When he was interrogated he said "Det var liksom meningen att han skulle dö" (We kind of wanted to kill him). He also confessed that he and the other boy tried to make it look like an accident. They where sentenced to 4 years of prison when they turn 15.

  • willienicolson

    I don't know if you know this, but John Venebales who along with Robert Thompson murdered James Bulger (#4) has recently been charged with possesing child pornography, yet the British government are still protecting his identity

  • csasow

    I think the reason that most of those kids died at Columbine because of Patti Nielson (did I get that right?) telling all the students in the library to hide under the tables, when they may as well been jumping up and down with a sign on their head saying "Shoot Me!".

  • regs

    What about Jeffrey Dahmer,and RICHARD RAMIREZ.

  • danjoypron0
  • danjoypron0
  • charlie

    Am I the only one that thinks its crazy that the white kids got off a lot easier than the one black kid? Crazy, compared to the other incidents his crime looks like a cake walk.

  • phaze

    Desiree Rose Duigou should be on this list

  • Grassy Knoll

    Although I knew the Columbine kids would be number 1, shooting a bunch of kids seems like weak sauce compared to some of the other things on the list… at least in terms of evilness.

  • Davo

    a bullet in the head for each of the perpetrators on this list is/would have been the best thing to do.

  • Bee

    You need to give some credit to the author who wrote the James Bulger story that is directly copy and pasted onto this list. That's not cool.


  • djC

    I'm not racist or anything but really, why do most of the kids gone insane are from America? As I said I'm not being racist it's just what I observe.

  • PrincessK

    What about Jasmine Richards, the 12 year old girl in Medicine Hat Canada? She convinced her 23 year old lover to kill her parents while she killed her 8 year old brother? She is definately infamous enough to make it onto the next list.

  • Danimal

    I submit that you previously stated why school shootings are more noted. All of these cases involve kids killing people, some for no reason, some for fame, and some for some messed up reasons of revenge. It is unfair to label school shootings seperate from deranged kids who kill outside of school. They seem to have similar motives. Why put a general “School Shootings” as the top of a list of evil children? That doesn’t really answer or address who is troubled or why. Also, I might be able to deduct that the entire school shooting theory is created by the media from their hype of “evil children” and an inability of parents to explain why there exists such acts of horrible violence. It is excusable on the media and parents’ parts when such events are unheard of, but to continue the onstant public fear of these events after decades only provides confused children with more motive to be remembered as these messed up kids.

  • yourself

    liked it….

  • jukebox

    that Jesse Pomeroy dude looks like Robbie Williams !

  • phaze

    can I add another one??? desiree duigou is one – evil

  • Brandon M. H.

    While I’m not trying to excuse what he did, I don’t think I’d consider number eight Joshua Phillips “Evil”. I’ve seen things about his case and he didn’t bludgeon her to death, to my knowledge it was an accident and as a child he panicked. And they had an interview with him much older and still imprisoned, and he was very remorseful, which isn’t a characteristic of somebody “Evil”. On a side note, these are all pretty shocking, espicially number 4, wow that’s just crazy.

  • frogsoup

    Mary Bell looks just like Ellen Page. It’s creepy!

  • Cher

    You forgot Paula Baniszewski and Coy Hubbard; they helped torture Sylvia Likens to death.

  • gingershinobi

    in regards to the school massacres i wonder how many of these innocent people were actually bullies, serves them right.
    i find it hard to believe that people kill for no reason, it may not be justified but there´s reason.

  • listverselover

    I don’t think joshua phillips should be on here due to the fact of his extreme remorse I saw a show on his story. It was real deep…mary bell is out of jail and lives under an assumed name and and has a child of her own she shld have been #1…children are not born bad they are products or all types of abuse

  • Erik I

    “Children are supposed to be innocent and pure; without malice, contempt, sinister anger, or desires to kill…”

    Are you an idiot?

  • Dan

    what about Lionel Tate…12 years old when he killed a 6 year old…

  • Carolyn B.

    Willie Bosket is The Man in the Box.

    Solitary confinement for life.

  • Captain Carrot

    To the coddling of murderers, I say shut the hell up. That’s exactly why kids murder, because bleeding heart whiners come along and say “you can’t hold them responsible for their actions and make them take responsibility and punishment for them, they’re only kids!” Ignorance, ignorance, f’n ignorance.

    You hold them accountable and punish them accordingly, and yes, that means death penalty if necessary. Do you think that kids would commit these actions if they knew they wouldn’t see their next birthday? Hell, no. And I’m talking the extreme cases here. How many of them simply go on to commit more heinous actions, just as the ones they already committed? Exactly.

    If they can torture, or beat to death, or take a life w/no remorse, then they are not going to magically find that remorse/guilt/change of attitude. Sorry, but you people are not thinking of the entire picture. Open your minds. Imagine the screaming, the crying, the pleading of “that hurts, that hurts!”, the sickening crunch of the bat against the helpless 2 yr. old flesh and bones, the searing pain that little child must have been in, as well as the pain, crying, and screaming of all the other victims.

    Gruesome, yes, but the refusal of people to imagine those kinds of things in detail is the reason you want to stroke these monsters’ hair and say “Oh, it was just a mistake…”

    If a person, especially a child, can inflict, and continue to inflict, pain and torture such as murdering somebody causes and do so through the crying, the wailing, the screaming, and the verbalization of intense pain, then they deserve whatever harsh punishment they can get.

    If they can do it once, then they will do it again. Especially if society gives them an “easy out”. They will never be “reformed”, they cannot become “innocent” again, they’ve passed the point of no return. So don’t let them return.

    P.S. Shade X, you are a complete and utter idiot. Please rid the world of your stupidity also. Thank you.

    • Captain Carrot

      P.S.S. I almost forgot to add not to forget the pleas and cries for “Mommy” or “Daddy” who is nowhere around, and the utter feeling of loneliness and confusion and despair these child victims must feel. They are in a totally alien situation w/out the people that are usually there to provide comfort, support, and safety/security. Think about that, too, and think about them.

  • monica

    pomeroy looks like R.Williams

  • Just curious as to why the Menendez Brothers aren’t on here……

  • Alice

    As a side note, now that most schools have a “zero tolerance” policy on weapons, the school shooting rate is through the roof. The policy that we feel is making our schools safer is actually making it worse. Why? Now, the only people with weapons are the ones who don’t care about the rules. There’s nothing to stop them.

  • geral bassham

    could the evil in these children be there from birth?? I belive in reincarnation
    could the evil come from some evil enity say like hitler’s spirit just hanging
    around waiting for the birth of the new baby ? that really scares me. all of this could make a best selling movie . so-called science fiction becoming reality

  • geral bassham

    the truly evil , cannot be cured and released back to society . this may sound heartless it may be more humane to do a frontal lobotomy . at least there would be more freedom for the incurable evil children and they could go home to their families or some other care facility . also thi provides more jobs

  • Ace

    You forgot to mention MELINDA LOVELESS in #6. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for her ignorant jealousy. Loveless started it ALL. Loveless picture should be right next to Laurie Tackett. Both of them are the main murderer’s of Shanda Sharer with help of Hope Rippey and Toni Lawrence.

  • Pingback: 8-days of Halloween: Day 8, Creepy Children | FridayFunnyLoL()

  • Kimberly31

    I think a lot of the school shootings were preventable. I feel
    Awful for the other victims- especially that innocent
    Toddler- the kids that shot up the school, like at columbine?
    I’m not condoning what they did at all… But how many times
    Could a person kick a dog before they expect it to bite? I
    Was SEVERELY bullied in school- those who werent have
    No idea how much it damages u. So yeah, a little less
    Pity for them.

  • AnnMarie

    I dont believe that parents, siblings, movies the media are in anyway to blame for what these children did. I believe they are mentally ill (MAYBE hearing voices) or they are pure evil

  • Sillyfer

    Re #1 There would be far less of these school shootings (and all other gun related crimes) if the U.S.A would admit that allowing the general public to own and keep their firearms in the family home was a bad idea. I’m from the UK, and I’m so glad we didn’t go with that “right”.

    • Madeline

      I’m American and I agree. It’s become too easy for us to obtain firearms.

      • Johny

        Actually it won’t. If firearms would be illegal, then people who are normal and want to live in peace won’t have a way to defend themselves. Gangs will rule the blackmarket and supply illegal weapons as well so banning firearms won’t do any good. Most of these teens get their firearms from their own home/parents and from someone old enough to obtain one. Its up to them not to give these teens guns and lock them up and hide them anyways. I mean the Columbine shootings their older friend supplied all the weapons for those two without knowing what they were planning to do. Parents keep their guns on the damn kitchen table and places where its pretty much easy to reach. Yes its also possible that these teens can get guns from the blackmarket but reading from all these shootings, almost all of them got their guns from their own home or their parents.

  • chas

    Rest In Peace James Bulger only five day ago was the anniversry of his murder so sad… bless him.
    Born march 16th 1990 – Died february 10th 2012.

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  • book an ibiza hotel

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  • Jonny Brackney
  • Pingback: K es per Kevin, qui va irrompre al seu institut amb una ballesta – LLETRA PER A CAMALEONS – Anna Tomàs « Llibreria Proa Espais()

  • Beverly

    As far as the Westside Middle School shootings. 4 little girls and one teacher (who if I recall was pregnant at the time) were killed; 10 others were injured.

  • Kristy

    Wow, whole parts of this article were lifted from See James Bulger section for example:

  • Hunter

    #3 is easily the most evil child ever to exist.

  • RosalieOra

    What would happen nowadays if a child 12-15 year old murdered someone in new zealand? What are the visiting rules? Would they go to a adult jail? Is there even a kids jail in new zealand?

  • Carla Lamiao

    Oh God! They’re just kids, how did they do that? That was so bad. Perhaps they have huge problems… I would never want to be like them.

  • I’m not so sure that there is actually increased crime, even among youth. I think with today’s technology, both for hearing news and for determining murders and such. Way back when people outside of the vicinity of the crime probably would not have heard about the crimes, and it was also easier for a person to get away with committing a crime. It also would have been easier to commit a crime and have nobody know that a crime was committed because it would have been easier for people to just disappear without any way of tracing them if the killer knew where to dump the body.

  • Tina

    The Dnepropetrovsk maniacs should be on this list. I know they were 19 but JESUS CHRIST!!! Want to talk about EVIL!! These boys should have been put to death, not sentenced to life in prison. Read the story and I think you’ll agree.

  • gay traveling

    You could certainly see your skills in the work you write. The arena hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. Always go after your heart.

  • deathtohaters4ever

    Monsters, huh? I say different. I say they were just stupid getting caught. Long live the Nazis, eh? Sounds great to me!!! Aryans Forever!!!!!

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  • charlotte

    You cannot blame the children for any of this. You don’t know what kind of early childhood they had.

    Look closer before you judge.

  • Nish4x

    School shootout guys r awesome…

  • jordan

    Horrible, prison sentences do not help these situations, if you take away a life you do not deserve your own. We are so politically correct we’re stupid, execute them as they are a plague that will only spread. Lets not water down the gene pool anymore then it already is

  • Ass

    I’m surprised that the 3 guys and a hammer maniacs aren’t on here. That really disturbed me a lot.

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